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"{{Ma as a known social worker running a 'Balseva Mandir (orphanage)' at Chanda, was invited to a session organized at Bajaj Wadi (WARDHA) by "Akhil Bhartiya Jain Mahamandal" - in 1960. Osho was specially invited to give a lecture and express his unique views at the meet. She was spell bound and felt whole blood rushing to her heart when incidentally Osho came face to face while she was entering Bajajwadi on her arrival from Chanda in the morning by a passenger train. At that time, Bhikamachand Ji Deshalhara introduced Osho to Ma as Acharya Rajneesh Ji a learned professor in Philosophy Robertson College (Mahakaushal Mahavidyalay), Jabalpur and Ma to Osho as Shreemati Madan Kunvar Parakh - a Social Worker from Chanda. While staying at Bajajwadi she conversed with Osho to know what's behind this saintly looking dadhiwale baba. She was more anxious to find her lost son (it was a long cherished desire over many years of her life then). After returning to Chanda she was very much disturbed that why Osho didn't call her Ma when she had the strong feeling of it as soon as she saw him for the 1st time and had a chat with him. Why she was flying away in the cyclone of thoughts and feelings on return at Chanda - desiring to reconnect with this unknown person, a letter from Rajneesh's father Shri Babulal Ji came expressing desire to see the mother of Rajneesh - how is that fortunate mother? - who is she? - when I will touch the feet of this virtuous mother? On receiving this letter Ma felt as she found everything and oblivion of all surrounding sounds she became enchanted.}} The bracketed text is small excerpt from the dialogues between Ma and Vikal Ji published in BKBPO - through P 13 to 59. We don't have Ma's 1st letter written to Osho but from this letter dated 5th Oct 1960 it's clear that she invited him to Chanda. Osho informs in this 1st letter to her that he is also very eager to visit Chanda and receive her love - he will visit during the holidays in December." (Dilip)--DhyanAntar 10:32, 13 February 2020 (UTC)