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Here are reasons why we think this letter written from Jabalpur, here are words of Dilip:

"Reasons: in the PS of letter of 26 May written from Gadarwara, Osho says: "I will be at Gadarwara till 5 June......." , one.
Second, he acknowledges the letter from Ma and also the invitation received from Parakh Ji (to visit Canada) in PS of this letter of 6 June and seeks his pardon as he was away whole of May - the heat has not been good for his health. (May is very hot summer in India) - "hence planning to stay here itself in June." - here means Jabalpur.
Third, the colleges reopen normally after the summer vacation in June - so Osho would stay at Jabalpur only."

--DhyanAntar 04:41, 11 March 2020 (UTC)