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Letter written on 29 Nov 1960 has a blue mark (४) (4) in a circle in the top right corner and this letter has similar mark as (५) (5) – so it seems logical to place this after 29 Nov but it’s not correct because:

  • In this letter (29 Nov) Osho informs his travel-plan for his first visit to Chanda – “I will be reaching Chanda in the evening of 3 Dec by Grand Trunk Express. This train reaches there in the evening at 7:23. I will start in the morning by bus from here for Nagpur and will catch G. T. at 4 (pm), there.”
  • Also in the Letter written on 8 Dec 1960, which also as duplication has the same mark as (५) (5), Osho says: ‘कल रात्रि १० बजे यहां पहुँच गया। - reached here yeaterday night at 10 o’clock.’ That means this ‘Undated Letter written to Anandmayee 002’ can be ruled out to have been written between 3-8 Dec. (Osho's travel to Chanda, staying and back travel - Osho Timeline before 1964.)
  • And there is no point in writing such letter on 30 Nov or 1-2 Dec; as Osho would be just travelling and reaching on 3 Dec to Chanda.
  • This could not have been written even before 15 Dec as in the first line of this letter Osho writes: “आपका पत्र मिला। - Received your letter.” This is not possible because Osho can’t write in the Letter written on 15 Dec 1960 pm that: “तुम्हारा पत्र आज मिला – कितनी राह दिखाई? मैं हूँ पागल – आया और पत्र की बाट देखने लगा। एक दिन – दो दिन – तीन दिन........ और आज पूरे आठ दिन बाद तुम्हारा पत्र मिला है। - Your letter is received today – how much you made me wait? I am mad – just returned and started waiting for the letter. One day – two days – three days and after complete eight days, your letter is received today.”
  • “श्री फड़के गुरूजी का पत्र भी मिला। उन्हें मेरे प्रणाम कहें। प्रिय शारदा बहिन को बहुत बहुत स्नेह। - Received letter of Shree Phadke Guruji. Convey my pranam to him. Lots of love to dear Sharda Bahin.” This is last line of this ‘Undated Letter written to Anandmayee 002’ – which could only have been written after intoductions of family and friends, having come in their contact during his first stay with Ma’s family from 3-7 Dec at Chanda.

So in all probability this could have been written in between 15 to 27 Dec 1960.


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