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As it says on the front page, Jainism is the religion Osho was born into. Of course he rebelled against it, and criticizes it and Mahaveer when it suits his purpose, but it remains close to his heart. His first published discourse, in 1955, is about a Jain saint, Taran Taran. His first dedicated series about a particular Indian mystic is Mahaveer: Meri Drishti Mein (महावीर : मेरी दृष्टि में) (Mahaveer in My Vision). And his first enthusiasts and lovers are Jains. And long after they withdrew their sponsorship of his talks after Sambhog Se Samadhi Ki Or (संभोग से समाधि की ओर), they continue to be interested in him and value anything he says about Mahaveer. Thus it came to be that a Jain org has preserved this obscure book.

The following Osho titles, mostly Mahaveer-related, are in e-book form at Jain E-Library (search for Osho Rajnish):

Jin-Sutra, Bhag 1 (जिन-सूत्र, भाग एक) (2 volume set)
Jin-Sutra, Bhag 2 (जिन-सूत्र, भाग दो) (2 volume set)
Mahaveer-Vani, Bhag 1 (महावीर-वाणी, भाग 1)
Mahaveer-Vani, Bhag 2 (महावीर-वाणी, भाग 2)
Jyon Ki Tyon Dhari Dinhi Chadariya (ज्यों की त्यों धरि दीन्हीं चदरिया)
Jyun Tha Tyun Thaharaya (ज्यूं था त्यूं ठहराया) (Q&A from late Pune 1, not Mahaveer-themed)
Mahaveer: Parichaya Aur Vani (महावीर: परिचय और वाणी) (U R here)
Mahaveer Ya Mahavinash (महावीर या महाविनाश)
Mahaveer: Meri Drishti Mein (महावीर : मेरी दृष्टि में)
Bharat Ka Bhavishya (भारत का भविष्य) (Politics and Society theme, not Mahaveer)
Naye Bharat Ki Khoj (नये भारत की खोज) (Politics and Society theme, not Mahaveer)

अनुक्रम (TOC):
Pratham Khand
Adhyaya १ Mahaveer Ki Jeevandhara     Mahaveer Ki Marga
Adhyaya २ Mahaveer Ki 'Tyaga'     Pichhale Janme Ki Sadhana
Adhyaya ३ Muk Jagat Se Tadatmya Aur Sapekshavad (Syadvad)
Adhyaya ४ Samayik, Pratikmana Aur Charin
Adhyaya ५ Karmvad
Adhyaya ६ Mahaveer Ke Vyavitatva Ke Nae Ayam
Adhyaya ७ Astitva Aur Ahimsa
Adhyaya ८ Nigoda Aur Antaryatra
Adhyaya ९ Mahaveer Ki Bhapa
Adhyaya १० Goshalik Ki Kaya Ka Mahattav
Adhyaya ११ Mahaveer Ki Drishti     Mahaveer Ka Bhog
Adhyaya १२ Upasahar
Dvitiya Khand
Adhyaya १ Ahimsa
Adhyaya २ Aparigraha
Adhyaya ३ Achaurya
Adhyaya ४ Akam
Adhyaya ५ Apramada
Tritiya Khand
Adhyaya १ Panch Namavar Sutra
Adhyaya २ Dhammo Logutamo
Adhyaya ३ Karna Ki Svikriti
Adhyaya ४ Dharm Ka Param Sutra: Ahimsa Aur Svabhav
Adhyaya ५ Jivepana Aur Mahaveer Ki Ahimsa
Adhyaya ६ Samasvarata Aur Samyagajiv
Adhyaya ७ Sayam Ki Jivayak Drishti
Adhyaya ८ Tapascharya
Adhyaya ९ Tapa Ki Pennanika Prakiya
Adhyaya १० Mahaveer Ki Drishti Anaran
Adhyaya ११ Anodari Adi Repa Vahcha Tapa
Adhyaya १२ Antar-Tapa

Above info was in a pdf image format which could not be rendered directly as text, so i have done it this way as an interim step before converting back to Devanagari text. (May stay this way for a while.) There are undoubtedly errors, especially in the underlined portions, so feedback is welcome.

Most of the chapter titles have been got from the text itself, which, though it has errors and unclarities, pieces of letters missing etc, is in much better shape than the separately offered TOC, which is unreadable in many places. However, the title page of the 1st chapter of the third section (p221) is just missing, but is fortuitously saved by a more or less legible title in the TOC.

And about the second section of the book, "Dvitiya Khand," its five short chapters have titles identical to the first five chapters of Jyon Ki Tyon. Thus, there may be some more focused and wholesale compiling there than the rest of it. -- Sarlo (talk) 19:13, 28 July 2014 (PDT)

Here is damaged pub info page:

Mahaveer Parichay Aur Vani 1974 pub-info.jpg

There is no important info: white quadrangle removed a library stamp.

Ok, i checked each paragraph for a source of text and my results are in TOC table. There are three books are sources of this compilation. Text looks much edited.--DhyanAntar 08:57, 12 February 2021 (UTC)