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Current Understanding

event audio,
Shailendra's PDF library Oshoganga Dates & Places
Man Ka Darpan ~ 01 Ek Naya Dwar #3 1. महत्वाकांक्षा 1. एक नया द्वार 1. महत्वाकांक्षा 1. एक नया द्वार 7 May 1967 pm?, Lions Club, Indore (MP)? (*1)
Man Ka Darpan ~ 02 Ek Naya Dwar #4 2. मैं कौन हूं? 2. स्वयं को जानना सरलता है 2. मैं कौन हूं? 2. स्वयं को जानना सरलता है 1967?
Man Ka Darpan ~ 03 Ek Naya Dwar #5 3. असंग की खोज 3. असंग की खोज 3. असंग की खोज 3. असंग की खोज 1967?
Man Ka Darpan ~ 04 (*2) Jeevan Kranti Ke Sutra #9 4. जीवन यानी परमात्मा (*3) 4. प्रभु तो द्वार पर ही खड़ा है 4. जीवन यानी परमात्मा 4. प्रभु तो द्वार पर ही खड़ा है 8 Sep 1967 am, Birla Kreeda Kendra, Bombay
(*1) It seems 'quotes' stated in Manuscripts ~ Reports related with ch.1. Reports gives 7 May 1967 pm, Lions Club, Indore. It needs a confirmation. On the same night Panth Prem Ko Atpato ~ 05 talk is, which date is from a book edition.
(*2) This event is titled in Hindi series of talks with dates 2 (source document) list as "जागरण के द्वार की तीन कुंजी" (Jagaran Ke Dwar Ki Tin Kunji).
(*3) Previously this audio in Khajana collection ( audio bought before 2012) had title Satya Ka Darshan #4 जीवन यानी परमात्मा (of 6 audios). In the current (2020) version of the Satya Ka Darshan-series on this audio has been removed and now there are only 5 audios.


In the end of ch.4 of the text of book from Shailendra stated: "बिड़ला क्रीड़ा केंद्र, बंबई. दिनांक 8 सितंबर, 1969" ~"Birla Sports Center, Bombay Dated September 8, 1969". (The date is incorrect as Osho in that time was in Jabalpur.)--DhyanAntar 05:50, 24 July 2018 (UTC)-Update--DhyanAntar 16:50, 18 June 2020 (UTC)

E-book gives 1969 year of talks in Copyrights.

Source of correct date for 4th event is Jagdish, see Talk:Satya Ka Darshan (सत्य का दर्शन): 8 Sep 1967 am, Birla Kreeda Kendra, Bombay. It marked as "Jeevan" there which means first word of chapter title (Jeevan Yani Paramatma). --DhyanAntar 16:47, 18 June 2020 (UTC)

Clues from text:

ch.1: it is named "एक नया द्वार" (this is title of other series Ek Naya Dwar (एक नया द्वार) and it can be reason why this and next two audio talks are in that series on OW.). Osho talking on ambitions. In the end: "So I asked for a small experiment: for a small experiment of non-ambition, non-ambition. Try it out for a fifteen days. Leave fifteen days nothing has to happen. And you will find that a new door opened in life which was closed. Winds will come from that door, light will come from that door, life will rain from that door. There will be something that is impossible to say in words."

ch.2: theme of the talk "Who am I?"

ch.3: q/a which looks as interview, place of talk is Indore. "And I said the same thing, do the night work. The words are the same, the mother mind is different. The method that I will talk about will also do the same, but it is going to be different with you."

ch.4: "The door of awakening should open on the heart. How will that gate open? And whatsoever we try to open the door, it is often that the door is closed and closed. Often the door is further closed, not opened. Our effort is very confused. I will discuss three sources, so that it can open the door to life. First sutra - Only those people, only those people can wake up and fill themselves with self-remembrance, who free themselves from blind faith and beliefs." "Second thing: the idea is not conjecture that we are sitting and thinking how God is?... For truth, it is not a mind that does not guess and reason, but a mind free from imagination and inference." "So that curtains are removed from the eyes and life is a direct match. What's the idea then? In the last sutra I would like to tell you, the exact meaning of the idea is: Awareness, Awareness."

As Osho ended his talk in ch.4 of Ek Naya Dwar (एक नया द्वार) by story and talking about "Who am I" and ch.2 of current series dedicated only this theme and no one other talk of the two series do not mention it, we can suggest that ch.2 was given after ch.4 of Ek Naya Dwar. Osho also starts talk of ch.5 of Ek Naya Dwar on "I am" theme.--DhyanAntar 12:16, 19 June 2020 (UTC)