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59 or 60 chapters?

Shailendra's notes: "This book contained 59 stories in previous editions (1966). Recent edition (2003) has 60 stories. Previously there was a mistake- 2 stories (ch. 22 and 23) got joined as one."

The same goes for the 59 chapters of the translation The Earthen Lamps (1968) and Earthen Lamps (2012), versus Earthen Lamps (2016) with 60 chapters.

In chapter 22, the text:

"A rich man gave a party to his friends on a special occasion. The king of that town was also present in that party."

is in fact the start of the 23rd story. --DhyanAntar 13:11, 22 July 2018 (UTC), updated 23 Oct 2018.

Differences in the title-spelling

Cover (Sheet 1 - Recto)
Back of Cover (Sheet 1 - Verso)

Today Shailendra stated about differences in the title:

"Both Are Correct: मिट्टी के दीए / (मिट्टी के दीये)
To create more confusion- osho wrote in Manuscript: मिट्टी के दिये (see Cover on image on the right)
And He Cancelled what he wrote previously (see Back Cover on image on the right):
मर्त्य दीप
अमृत ज्योति
In my opinion best is- मिट्टी के दीए
Let us avoid- दिये because it also means GIVEN, GAVE
Google translate gives meanings as below-
मिट्टी के दीए Clay Dia (Earthen Lamp)
मिट्टी के दिये Soil
मिट्टी के दीये Soil Light
Dia is accepted word in English dictionary, but this is singular, Deeye is plural."

--DhyanAntar 13:36, 24 July 2018 (UTC)


Sheets 1-2 are written not Osho? At least it seems text of sheet 2 (in the book as Preface) states on this fact:

We are delighted to present you this collection of Buddhist stories compiled from his discourses, discussions and letters with these nectar words of Acharya Shri Rajneesh. May God make his voice such a desire in you, which becomes an innovative inspiration and change for the awakening of the soul from the life of the mind. This is our prayer and wish to God.
This collection was prof. Sri Aurobindo has prepared with utmost devotion and labor. We are indebted and thankful to him from his heart." (Google translate)

--DhyanAntar 10:48, 25 September 2019 (UTC)