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The booklet appears to be without a cover, likely from the beginning. Its 31 pages of discourse and one end-page give it a nice round number, 32, divisible by four and with its obvious low production values, the absence of a cover is easily imaginable.

The location for this discourse is stated clearly on page one, and that's about all there is for discourse or pub info, no date, publisher, pub date, etc. However, we do have a decent clue about the approximate vintage from the end page, a list of book(let)s for sale by Acharya Rajneesh. In particular, at the bottom there is a small list of three cheap booklets published by Youthforce. This short list plus the other regulars above can be compared with similar lists with known dates found in abundance at Hindi Books in Print Lists.

There we find only one list mentioning Youthforce but it is instructive. That one is from a book published in Mar 1970, and has a longer Youthforce list, eight booklets, including the three from Nari's end page. One detail is different: the word "Nargol --" is missing from the Mar '70 title. That missing detail is just the location of the talk, likely removed as inappropriate.

As it is, "Nargol's" presence pinpoints THAT talk to the afternoon of Oct 31 1968 in Nargol, explicitly a talk to youth. What is more to the point here is that the "correction", the removal of "Nargol" from the title, dates Nari's list as prior to Mar 1970, although one might expect the Nari booklet to be on the Mar 1970 list if that were so. Perhaps it sold out quickly, perhaps its omission was unintended, who knows, but the similarity between this list and that from Mar 1970 and this list's primitiveness suggest strongly a pub date not long before, say Sep 1969 to Feb 1970, placing the actual discourse anywhere from a month to a year before that.

So we can say tentatively that it was between Jan 1969 and Jan 1970, allowing some space for the Nargol youth talk to have been published and listed here. We could do worse that just say it was in 1969. -- doofus-9 18:28, 19 March 2020 (UTC)

Hindi series of talks with dates 2 (source document) gives the info: "नारी एक अभिन्न अंग (नारी और क्रांति)" (= Nari Ek Abhinn Ang (Nari Aur Kranti)), "1 talk, 22 Jan 1968". Maybe this is our talk?--DhyanAntar 12:31, 2 September 2020 (UTC)

List of published books (last image) can give some clues:

1) "Acharya Rajneesh" name used before May 1971.
2) It is very close to format as in 1968 editions of Sadhana Path (साधना पथ) and Amrit Kan (अमृत कण).
3) Judging by price, what edition stated in the list:
- Sinhanad (सिंहनाद), 1967.09 or 1969.09 editions.
- Ahinsa Darshan (अहिंसा दर्शन), 1966.08 ed.
- price cannot be checked for Kuchh Jyotirmaya Kshan (कुछ ज्योतिर्मय क्षण), but as it is not reprint Aug 1969, then should be meant first edition (1967.03).
- again: not second edition of Naye Manushya Ke Janma Ki Disha (नये मनुष्य के जन्म की दिशा) (Jul 1969), then 1967.03.
- Surya Ki Or Udan (सूर्य की ओर उड़ान), edition published before or in Feb 1968.
- Prem Ke Pankh (प्रेम के पंख), published before or in Feb 1968.
- Satya Ke Agyat Sagar Ka Amantran (सत्य के अज्ञात सागर का आमंत्रण), edition published before or in Feb 1968.
- Kranti Ke Beech Sabse Badi Diwar? (क्रांति के बीच सबसे बड़ी दीवार?), 1970.03 or earlier editions.

I want to say it is 1968, year of publishing. But ok-ok let it be 1968~1969.--DhyanAntar 13:46, 11 November 2020 (UTC)