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Dates for talks and letters in this book are not known but letters at least appear to be in the period from September 1970, when Osho first gave sannyas "officially", to 1972. Source for the info on the 1972 edition is Neeten's Osho Source Book (Bibliography section).

In fact, there are a number of entries in Neeten's Biblio and Appendix sections that merit attention. Not all will be correct, since he has gathered material uncritically from many sources and at this point it is still largely unprocessed. But his sources for the Biblio are reasonably solid. Included are citations for variations on the title, which mean the same and have a good chance of being related. They are reproduced here:

≤ 1965, Jabalpur: Naye Sannyas (Neo-Sannyas)
1972: Naira-sannyasa kya? Bombay, Jevan Jagruti Kendra, 1972. 269 p. 21½ cm. Rs. 7.00. (NL Hindi card cat.; INB 1973: Nav-sannyas kya? comp. by Ma Yog Kranti; ed. by Svami Yog Cinmay. Bombay, Jivan jagriti kendra, 1972. 7.00. (H-73) 294.54 [1])

This second, more complicated entry indicates "'Naira'-sannyasa kya?" derives from the 1972 Nav-Sannyas Kya?, though naira is a word not encountered elsewhere, likely a transliteration problem or perhaps a non-Hindi word. Taking it at face value, since it is from the national library database, we have used its data for the article page here.

Also from Neeten in his Appendix, an individual discourse citation:

Nav Sannyas Kya. 23.12.1969pm. Lonavala.

There are two versions of TOC here, one from the G**gle Books peek inside the Diamond edition, one from the e-book, with a few notes below.

Preface by Sw Chaitanya Keerti
1. नव-संन्यास का सूत्रपात (corresponds to Diamond # 1)  
2. संन्यास : नयी दिशा, नया बोध (Diamond # 7)
3. संन्यास और सार (Diamond # 2)
4. संन्यास के फूल : संसार की भूमि में (Diamond # 3)
5. आनंद व अहोभाव में डूबा हुआ नव-संन्यास (Diamond # 8)
6. संन्यास का एक नया अभियान (Diamond # 4)
7. सावधिक संन्यास की धरना (Diamond # 5)
8. पत्र-पाथेय (Diamond # 10)


    Diamond 2007
1. नव-संन्यास का सूत्रपात
2. संन्यास और सार
3. संन्यास के फूल : संसार की भूमि में
4. संन्यास का एक नया अभियान
5. सावधिक संन्यास की धरना
6. संन्यास का निर्णय और ध्यान में छलांग
7. संन्यास : नयी दिशा, नया बोध
8. आनंद व अहोभाव में डूबा हुआ नव-संन्यास  
9. पुरव की श्रेष्ठतम देन : संन्यास
10. पत्र-पाथेय

The last chapter of each is a collection of some 39 letters on the subject to various early sannyasins and other seekers. All but seven have named addressees but none are dated. Some may have appeared elsewhere. The name of the chapter may be of interest: transliterated, it reads Patra-Patheya. Patra is simple enough, meaning letter(s), but Patheya seems to be a fairly uncommon word, not known by all dictionaries, meaning roughly "provisions for the journey."

The note in the e-book about Chaitanya Keerti (author of the preface) states that he is editor of Osho Times International, which dates it after sometime in 1989, which suggests an edition in between the 1972 and 2007 ones. Possibly. It is not known whether this or another preface appears in the Diamond edition, as the pages in that part of the book are not shown.

There were two chapters in the Diamond edition not found in the e-book, 6 & 9. And at end of ch 1 in the Diamond edition is a note. Transliterated, it reads:

Nav-Sannyas Kya? :
Krishna Smriti pravachan 22 /
Main Kahta Aankhan Dekhi pravachan 34.

Pravachan means discourse. This clearly makes this book out to be a compilation, with a complication, namely that the MKAD discourse #34 mentioned has the same title as ch 1 in both TOC's above, so it's all a bit self-referential, with which one being a part of the other a bit unclear.

Meanwhile, it does not necessarily mean the whole book is a compilation. In fact, there are three audio discourses being offered for Nav-Sannyas in's audiobook section, and their titles correspond to #2 & 5 in the e-book (#7 & 8 in the Diamond book), and one not in the e-book (#9 in Diamond).

So the latest picture is part compilation of bits that may appear elsewhere, part original and unique talks, part letters and perhaps other material. -- updated doofus-9 21:45, 26 February 2017 (UTC)

Mysteriously, or perhaps just coincidentally, the title of one of these audio discourses also turns up as a chapter title (#29) in Shiksha Mein Kranti (शिक्षा में क्रांति), a book of social commentary on the theme of education. The title, #7 in the Diamond book version, drops its "संन्यास" before the colon and uses an alternative spelling of "नयी" but is otherwise the same.

This of course may mean very little, since titles do get re-used from time to time and the two chapters may be totally unrelated. But if they are related, it will be good to note that possible connection. Ya never know. And the chapter before this one in Shiksha is कम्यून-जीवन, or "Commune life", for more of this kind of resonance. If these two chapters are the same (and Shiksha came first) then it will increase the possibility that Nav-Sannyas is wholly a compilation. -- doofus-9 06:05, 12 March 2017 (UTC)

It seems this series is from Manali camp, which published as Krishna: Meri Drishti Mein (कृष्ण : मेरी दृष्टि में): dates od Nav-Sannyas Kya stated in introduction match with this camp. To be researched.--DhyanAntar 06:52, 22 April 2020 (UTC)

The e-book on is called नव संन्यास क्या – Nav Sannyas Kya and has 5 chapters:

#1: संन्यासः नई दिशा, नया बोध
#2: आनंद व अहोभाव में डूबा हुआ नव-संन्यास
#3: पूरब की श्रेष्ठतम देन
#4: संन्यास और संसार
#5: संन्यास का निर्णय और ध्यान में छलांग

Correspondence of ch.7 from Shailendra's PDF:

OW also has e-book.--DhyanAntar 16:08, 17 July 2020 (UTC)

media status

OshoWorld does not have this title among it's audio-offering. mentions 5 audios, and has 3 or maybe 2 available (the Khajana collection has 2):
#1: संन्यासः नई दिशा, नया बोध
No beginning, no ending, sound dropouts, 26min
#2: आनंद व अहोभाव में डूबा हुआ नव-संन्यास # 3, पूरब की श्रेष्ठतम देन
Talks #2, #3, 64min
#3: Talk 3
#4: Audio Not Available
#5: Audio Not Available
What's up with that #2 (which includes #3) and then #3 ?
Anyway, they need to be checked, and also the question of what are the appropriate eventNames. --Sugit (talk) 07:29, 24 May 2020 (UTC)