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CD-ROM says about ch. 18: "There was no darshan on March 8th. Chapter 18 contains interviews with people about how they experienced groups."

Can anyone check that? If March 8 was no darshan, then Timeline should be correct.--DhyanAntar 10:35, 7 January 2018 (UTC)

This I gather from the book: From March 2 - 7, there was no darshan. Then on March 8, (ch.18) there was darshan, but silent, and not in the usual porch of Lao Tzu House, but in Chuang Tzu auditorium.
This means that 1) this is an error in the CD-ROM and 2) ch.18 must be counted as a normal event, as it is now in the timeline.

The book, pages 295 - 297 :

As Bhagwan had been a little unwell this week, until this evening there had been no darshan. Whether or when darshans would recommence was uncertain.
Because Bhagwan’s body is extremely sensitive, and it is possible for it to be affected by the presence of others, when people are coming to darshan they are instructed to take particular care about their hygiene and cleanliness.
His indisposition, and the sudden illness of a resident sannyasin, Vipassana, whose life was found to be in danger, affected the energy around the ashram. Though the morning discourses were happening as usual, the possibility of darshan not being available was felt by many people to be a great loss. The discourses are incredibly powerful and moving, but sitting informally with Bhagwan in the evening, having his attention directed at one’s own personal problems, or just watching him in dialogue with others, is quite unique.
When it was announced that darshan would be happening tonight -but in silence- feelings were mixed. To be able to sit with Bhagwan at all was cheering, but there was a feeling that this heralded the beginning of a new phase in which Bhagwan would withdraw more and more.
Nevertheless, the thirty or so people who attended the silent darshan seemed, on the whole, to feel positive about it.
Those present were conducted to the Chuang Tzu auditorium where the discourses are held, rather than to the porch of Lao Tzu house where darshan usually takes place. Minutes after they seated themselves Bhagwan arrived, and smilingly took his place in the chair before the group.
Those taking sannyas were motioned forward. Bhagwan placed the mala around the neck of the sannyasin waiting with head bowed, then handed him his sannyas name, gently touching his head in benediction. Those who were leaving were presented with small wooden boxes, and those who were new arrivals came to Bhagwan’s feet to greet him in silence.
At the sound of a gong, the group commenced an hour’s silent meditation ...
As the day gently lowered her eyelids, a stillness began to settle. The talking and chip-chipping of construction workers nearby, the laughter of a group of children playing in the street, the wailing of a singer on a record, slowly faded away ...
The light diminishing rapidly, the birds began to settle their protesting young into their nests, chirping cheerful goodnights to their neighbours .... Soon another level of silence and stillness settled so that all that was audible was the constant ccrrk ccrrk of the crickets, the intermittent croaking of frogs, and the hooting of a passing owl .... The fragrance that surrounds Bhagwan’s body wafted through the gentle evening breeze ... trees settled with a rustle of a sigh ... a night animal scuttled homewards ....
Bhagwan’s white shape could just be discerned through the darkness — his profile upturned and palely illuminated by the moon’s glow, his grey-white beard flowing down his chest, his hands folded delicately on his lap, legs crossed gracefully, completely unmoving. Surrounding him were the figures of sannyasins, orange-clad, heads lowered ... a slight movement of bodies where bone met marble floor ... as a mosquito alighted on a succulent arm or leg or nose. Breathing fell in with the rhythmic throbbing of the night’s stillness, of nature’s heartbeat ...
The following day, those who attended last night’s darshan were a asked how they felt about the experience ....

The book continues with 6 pages of small statements from sannyasins, and photos.

--Sugit (talk) 15:33, 7 January 2018 (UTC)

Thank you. And yet one more error on CD-ROM.--DhyanAntar 16:25, 7 January 2018 (UTC)

See also Talk:Hammer on the Rock for more on darshan venues, in March and beyond. -- doofus-9 19:38, 13 August 2020 (UTC)