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It could be said that Prartho's swan painting featured in No Mind could have been based on Osho's original design, leaving no conflict with the account from That would be one way to go but it does not fit with anecdotal evidence heard around that time, which had it that Osho did not design the logo himself but asked the commune's artists to submit designs, with Prartho's design becoming the winning one. One of the commune's well-known artists (whose design had not been chosen) referred to it as "that goose". Such a comment would not have been even contemplated if Osho had made the original design, it seems to me. Thus, the claim by that it is Osho's design may not be the case, and may be only there to further OIF's trademark claims.

It would also be good to know where the swan logo was actually used. So far all that is known is the short-term usage on Osho Times, possibly less than a year, and a few videos of the White Swan Brotherhood meetings possibly never commercially available. Anywhere else? Likely there is nothing being produced currently or even within the last twenty years with the swan logo on it, so one might wonder why the trademark is an active one. Perhaps to maintain as wide a variety as possible of tools to control other sannyasins' use of Osho-branded material? -- doofus-9 01:01, 27 February 2016 (UTC)