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There may be some unclarity concerning the exact location of discourses for this period. Buddha Hall was not even built until 1975, we're not sure yet when exactly but apparently by May. Even Chuang Tzu Auditorium was said to have been completed only in late '74. Also unknown is whether Buddha Hall was used in an incomplete state. For now, location for English talks will be entered as Buddha Hall from May onward, and Chuang Tzu before that. Since Chuang Tzu was the primary venue for Hindi discourses in later years, we are assuming that to have been the case in '75, except for Buddha Hall around celebrations.

Some uncertainty exists about when Buddha Hall became operational for Osho's discourses, and, for that matter, how much Buddha Hall was ever used for his Hindi discourses in Pune One. As of this writing, no reliable source has been found for this information. Anecdotal sources and memory suggest different things, and the announcements (of dates and venues) at the beginnings of discourse tapes have been expunged by Pune authorities, citing (as they do) Osho's guidance.

The CD-ROM does state venues but only for English original talks and those Hindi talks that had been translated as of 1993 or so, only about thirty and most of them preceding Pune One. As of the CD-ROM's creation, the only Hindi series from 1975 that had been translated were Gunge Keri Sarkara (गूंगे केरी सरकरा) and Bhaj Govindam (भज गोविन्दम्). Not much help, and in any case we have to note that the CD-ROM has the very first Pune One discourses in both English and Hindi in Buddha Hall, though neither it nor even Chuang Tzu had been built, so the CD-ROM is not reliable either.

A more in-depth exploration of this theme can be found at the page on these venues.