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Neeten's Osho Source Book is the source of the current info on Pragatisheel, as well as the cover image shown. He asserts that Who Is Progressive? is not to be found in the Indian National Library (NL) nor in the Indian National Bibliography (INB), the two most authoritative sources of what has been published in India since 1950.

Nothing is infallible but this also has to be taken with info from the "CD-ROM," aka "Silver Platter" or "Osho Books Database," the excellent searchable 100 MB database of all of Osho's books available in 1992 or so in English, including some thirty or so translations from Hindi. Who Is Progressive? is listed there in one of the appendices, as a known Hindi translation, but its text is specifically not included. OTOH, it also says that many early book(let)s not included directly (as themselves) MAY be included via inclusion in a different book, eg they may have started life as a pamphlet, then got compiled into something else which got translated and put into the CD-ROM.

So whatever. It looks reasonably likely that this translation never got published as such, especially not as late as the time of Rajneesh Foundation, so that opinion will get put into the discussion page there. Maybe someday an earlier published translation will surface, or . . .

And a little squib about categories: Pragatisheel has been put, somewhat arbitrarily, into the category of "Politics and Society," not because it is known but just because it seems a good bet. Anyone knowing better is welcome to change it. -- Sarlo (talk) 21:21, 31 August 2014 (PDT)

Earlier discussion above is somewhat quaint and archaic, but okay. The latest cover image acquisition does not supply date info, but it is likely older than Neeten's image mentioned above, judging by the more primitive production values. It might be sufficient to push Pragatisheel's presumed lecture date back into 1970, given that there will be both a lag time to first publication after the talk and then some space between the two editions. -- doofus-9 08:39, 26 November 2018 (UTC)