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| 45/ काम-वृत्ति पर ध्यान || Ms Jayantilal, Bhavnagar, Gujarat || 16 Feb 1970 ||
| 45/ काम-वृत्ति पर ध्यान || Ms Jayantilal, Bhavnagar, Gujarat || 16 Feb 1970 ||
| 46/ जीओ उन्मुक्त, पल-पल || Ms Jayant Bhat, Nargol, dist. Balasar, Gujarat || 17 Feb 1970 || addressed, unusually, as Mere Mitr, "my friend"
| 46/ जियो उन्मुक्त, पल-पल || Ms Jayant Bhat, Nargol, dist. Balasar, Gujarat || 17 Feb 1970 || addressed, unusually, as Mere Mitr, "my friend"
| 47/ बिल्कुल ही टूट जा, मिट जा || Ms Anusuya Bahan, Bombay || 16 Feb 1970 || **
| 47/ बिल्कुल ही टूट जा, मिट जा || Ms Anusuya Bahan, Bombay || 16 Feb 1970 || **

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Misc Notes

About the dates for the letters, the final date is not Jun 24 1971. That date belongs to the English letter on the back of Flowers of Love, which is not part of Prem Ke Phool. Neeten's Osho Source Book (Bibliography section) has Nov 26 1970 as the last date, which may be authoritative but i have gone with Dec 7 1970, as that is the last entry for Prem Ke Phool in the Osho Timeline 1970 page. I have no idea of the source of that but it could well be the book itself or Flowers or A Cup of Tea.

Dec 7 1970 is indeed the last date that is mentioned in the book, ch.44. (Sarlo, see that spreadsheet I sent you 2014-11-17.) --Sugit (talk) 02:40, 7 December 2014 (PST)

And about the subtitle in the Hind Pocket edition, it is not right but will need a higher-res image to make out what it actually is. Best guess at this point is: "Vibhinn mitron va premiyon ko Osho dvaara something gae 150 amrit patron ka sankalan." -- doofus-9 (talk) 23:49, 6 December 2014 (PST)

And now narrowing it down with the final "something" word, likhe, with the remaining ambiguities just normal transliteration variations, eg gaye/gae, dwara/dvaara, etc. So: विभिन्न मित्रों व प्रेमियों को ओशो द्वारा लिखे गए 150 अमृत पत्रों का संकलन. -- doofus-9 16:13, 24 March 2018 (UTC)

Dates and Addressees

(Source: mainly is 1970 JJK edition, see also "notes" after the table.)

chapter / title sent to date notes
Preface by Sw Yoga Chinmaya
Unannounced before letter #1, comes this: आचार्यश्री रजनीश द्वारा प्रदत्त दस जीवन-सूत्र ("Ten life-sutras given by Acharya Shree Rajneesh"): Das Jeevan-Sutra (दस जीवन-सूत्र). Then Osho's photo with "प्रेम के अतिरिक्त और कोई प्रार्थना नहीं है" ("There is no prayer other than love") at the bottom. Then, finally:
1/ प्रेम के फूल Ms Sohan Bafna, Poona 12 Mar 1965 letter title = book title
2/ प्रेम है प्रार्थना Ms Sohan Bafna, Poona 3 Feb 1965
3/ प्रेम का मंदिर--निर्दोष, सरल हृदय Ms Sohan Bafna, Poona 9 Jun 1965 om
4/ प्रेम की सुवास Ms Sohan Bafna, Poona 14 Jun 1965 om
5/ प्रेम के आंसू Ms Sohan Bafna, Poona 17 Feb 1965 pm
6/ प्रेम की पूर्णता में अहं-विसर्जित Ms Sohan Bafna, Poona 3 Mar 1965 xm
7/ प्रेम--एक से सर्व की ओर Ms Sohan, Poona 17 Apr 1965 in pdf this letter is missing, pdf index title agrees
8/ प्रेम संगीत है, सौंदर्य है अतः धर्म है Ms Sohan Bafna, Poona 5 Dec 1964
9/ प्रेम की मिठास Ms Sohan Bafna, Poona 16 Mar 1965
10/ ढाई आखर प्रेम का..... Ms Sohan Bafna, Poona 22 Mar 1965 xm note resonance of letter title with Dhai Aakhar Prem Ka (ढ़ाई आखर प्रेम का), another book of letters
11/ प्यासी प्रतीक्षा--प्रेम की Ms Sohan, Poona 24 Apr 1965 om
12/ जीवन की अखण्डता Mr M.T. Kamdar, Mr Suresh B. Joshi, Mr Nanubhai and Mr Karelia, Bhavnagar (Gujarat) 27 Mar 1969 no addressee indicated in pdf. **
** = After addressee there is note: "(आचार्यश्री ने जब जीवन के विविध पहलुओं पर बोलना शुरू किया तो भावनगर के कुछ मित्रों ने निवेदन किया कि आप तो सिर्फ धर्म और अध्यात्म पर ही बोलें, तत्सम्बन्ध में आचार्यश्री द्वारा उपरोक्त उत्तर दिया गया। )".
Flowers of Love gives translation: "(When Bhagwan began to speak on the various aspects of life, some friends from Bhavnagar requested that he speak only on religion and metaphysics. The above letter is a reply to this.)"
13/ तैरें नहीं, बहें Mr Om Prakash Agrawal, Jalandhar, Punjab 10 Sep 1968
14/ कूद पड़ो--शून्य में Mr Omprakash Agrawal, Jalandhar, Punjab 18 Jun 1968 am **
** = Unusually, date given at top of letter instead of usual bottom. Also note "Om" and "Prakash" rolled together, if it matters
15/ जीवन : जल पर खींची रेखा-सा Mr Anoop Babu, Surendranagar 12 Dec 1968 **
** = Addressee is not given as such but his name appears in an explanatory parenthetical paragraph at the bottom added by the editor, reproduced here with a translation:
(ऊपर एक पत्र प्रस्तुत है आचार्यश्री का जो श्री अनूप बाबू, सुरेंद्रनगर को लिखा गया है। श्री अनूप बाबू ने आचार्यश्री से आचार्यश्री की जन्म तारीख और समय बताने का आग्रह किया था किसी ज्योतिषी मित्र के परामर्श से --- उसी संदर्म का है यह पत्र)
Above is a letter from Acharyashree written to Mr. Anoop Babu, Surendranagar, who had asked Acharyashree for his date and time of birth, for a reading with an astrologer friend. This letter flowed from that context.
16/ प्रतीक्षा Mrs Jayavanti Shukla, Junagarh, Gujarat 29 Sep 1968 am
17/ स्वयं डूब कर सत्य जाना जाता है Lala Shree Sundarlal, Bangalo Road, Jawahar Nagar, Delhi-7 13 Aug 1962 am
18/ योग-अनुसंधान Lala Sundarlal, Delhi 1 Oct 1962 date differs with other sources,
see a table of comparisons below.
19/ नीति नहीं, योग-साधना Lala Sundarlal, Delhi 12 Feb 1963 xm
20/ प्रयोग करें, परिणाम की चिंता नहीं Lala Sundarlal, Delhi 3 Jun 1963
21/ दर्शन का जागरण Lala Sundarlal, Delhi 17 Jun 1964 in the pdf date stated just "64"
22/ बूंद सागर है ही Mr Pushkar Gokaani, Dwarka, Gujarat 24 Apr 1969 **
** = letter is short, with a parenthetical explanation at end after date explaining what question Osho was addressing. See also letter #15.
23/ निद्रा में जागरण की विधि : जागृति में जागना Mr Ghanashyamdas Janmejai, Gwalior (MP) 9 Sep 1969 "Janmejai" is taken from Eng translation,
which also has first name as Ghanashyamdas
24/ प्रज्ज्वलित अभीप्सा Mr Rohit Kumar Mittal, Khandwa (MP) 2 Dec 1963 date differs with other sources,
see a table of comparisons below.
25/ साधना में धैर्य Lala Sundarlal, Delhi 1 Nov 1963 **
** = Date appears at top, under the words "कटनी प्रवास से", apparently indicating letter is written in transit from Katni (MP)
26/ प्रेम की वर्षा Ms Jayavanti, Junagarh 18 Aug 1969
27/ जहां प्यास है वहां मार्ग भी है Ms Shireesh Pai, Bombay 11 Mar 1966
28/ साधना के लिए श्रम और संकल्प Ms Shireesh Pai, Bombay 26 Mar 1966
29/ प्रगाढ़ संकल्प Ms Shireesh Pai, Bombay 2 Apr 1966
30/ शांति और अशांति सब हमारे सृजन हैं Ms Shireesh Pai, Bombay no date Apr-May 1966 reasonable
31/ सेक्स-ऊर्जा का रूपांतरण Ms Shireesh Pai, Bombay 4 Jun 1966
32/ स्वयं की कील Ms Shireesh Pai, Bombay no date Jun-Dec 1966 reasonable
33/ वर्तमान में अशेष भाव से जीना Ms Shireesh Pai, Bombay 19 Dec 1966 date differs with other sources,
see a table of comparisons below. **
** = This letter has a PS, which reads: "I shall probably go to Ahmedabad in January. Can you come with me? It will be good if you journey with me for 2 to 4 days." And in fact, he was in Ahmedabad 15-17 Jan, 1967. This suggests that the pdf of the 1970 JJK Hindi edition was right, even though both the Eng translation and Shailendra's PDF have the date as 19 Feb 1966. DhyanAntar makes the case below that "It is unlikely that he planned his trip 11 months ahead. It is possible that during preparing of Eng book for print, first number of month was lost", which seems very sound. And after a while we got phisical Hindi book (1970 edition), which has date 19 Dec 1966.
34/ प्रेम के स्वर Ms Shireesh Pai, Bombay 5 Apr 1967 **
** = letter title is also the title of a book of letters, Prem Ke Swar (प्रेम के स्वर)
35/ अन्तर्मिलन Kavivar Bachchan, Delhi 8 Sep 1969 letter has a PS
36/ मौन अभिव्यक्ति Mrs Kusum, Ludhiana, Punjab 3 Nov 1969 addressee is left out in the pdf
37/ प्रार्थना और प्रतीक्षापूर्ण समर्पण Ms Kusum, Ludhiana 19 Nov 1969 more complete ID, parts of letter nearly illegible in the pdf
38/ जीवन के अनंत रूपों का स्वागत Ms Anasuya, Bombay 3 Nov 1969
39/ जहां प्रेम है, वहीं प्रार्थना है Ms Dolly Deedee, Poona, Maharashtra 3 Nov 1969 **
** = Dolly Diddee is one of Osho's early translators, and in fact he dedicates this book of letters to her, but the last name in this letter, which is surely addressed to her, is दीदी, which transliterates as Deedee. If it matters.
40/ अनंत प्रतीक्षा ही साधना है Ms Kanchan Bahan, Balsar, Gujarat 2 Oct 1968
41/ प्रार्थनापूर्ण प्रतीक्षा ही प्रेम है Mr Ramkrishna Dikshit 'Vishva', Jabalpur (MP) 7 Dec 1969 letter has a PS.
42/ ‘मैं’--एक स्वप्न--एक निद्रा Ms Kanchan Bahan, Balsar, Gujarat 18 Jul 1968
43/ अनलिखा पत्र Ms Darshan Valia, Bombay 7 Dec 1969
44/ चिंताओं का अतिक्रमण Mr Ishwarbhai Shah, Jeevan Jagruti Kendra, Bombay 7 Dec 1970
45/ काम-वृत्ति पर ध्यान Ms Jayantilal, Bhavnagar, Gujarat 16 Feb 1970
46/ जियो उन्मुक्त, पल-पल Ms Jayant Bhat, Nargol, dist. Balasar, Gujarat 17 Feb 1970 addressed, unusually, as Mere Mitr, "my friend"
47/ बिल्कुल ही टूट जा, मिट जा Ms Anusuya Bahan, Bombay 16 Feb 1970 **
** = Letter #38 is addressed to Anasuya, Bombay, probably the same person and more likely the correct spelling
48/ प्रभु की प्यास Ms Kusum Bahin, Ludhiana 16 Feb 1970 Bahin = sister = Bahan (above)
49/ जीवन-दृष्टि Mr Yashwant Mehta, 21/22 Pritamnagar, Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad 2 Jan 1970 long
50/ जीवन निष्प्रयोजन है Mr Mathura Babu, Patna 2 Jan 1970
51/ शून्य ही द्वार है, मार्ग है, मंजिल है Mr Ramakant Upadhyay, Kathmandu, Nepal 13 May 1970 poetic form
52/ प्राणों की आतुरता Ms Kusum Bahan, Ludhiana 13 May 1970 here "bahan" confirms above observation
53/ युवक क्रांति दल Mr Dinesh Shahi, Indore (MP) 22 Nov 1970 **
** = Letter title is the name of Osho's org for young people, literally "youth revolution group"
54/ जीवन है असुरक्षा--अव्यवस्था Ms Jayavanti, Junagarh 17 Feb 1970
55/ प्रेम के दो रूप : काम और करुणा Dr M.R. Gautam, principal: Music Department, Hindu University, Banaras (UP) 15 Feb 1970
56/ सर्व स्वीकार है द्वार प्रभु का Dr M.R. Gautam, Banaras 16 Feb 1970
57/ सोचना नहीं। देखना--बस देखना Swami Mohan Chaitanya, Moga, Punjab no date poetic form, long. Addressee not stated in PDF
58/ विरह, प्यास, पुकार और आंसू Mr Sardarilal Sahagal, Amritsar, Punjab no date surname not found by G**gle, they suggest Sehgal fwiw.
Eng translation has him as Sundarlal Sehgal.
59/ दस जीवन सूत्र Dr. Ramchandra Prasad, Patna University, Patna 8 Apr 1970 **
** = These are the Das Jeevan-Sutra (दस जीवन-सूत्र) found in the beginning of this book before the letters. They are playful substitutes for the Ten Commandments, in response to a query apparently from Osho's old friend Dr Ramchandra Prasad, a professor of English at Patna University. No recipient in the pdf
60/ सत्य को जीतने की कला : सब भांति हार जाना Mr Babubhai Shah, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat 11 Apr 1970
61/ मृत्यु का बोध Mr Mathuraprasad Mishra, Patna, Bihar 11 Apr 1970
62/ अर्थ (meaning) की खोज Mr Pushparaj Sharma, Shimla 8 Apr 1970 **
** = Another of the unfortunate Devanagari substitutions for English words in parentheses in the pdf's letter title. This time, the English word was "Meaning", and it was entirely appropriate, emphasizing the meaning of the Hindi word preceding, "अर्थ", meaning "meaning", if that's not too feedback-loopy. And a question about the search for meaning was apparently what Osho was responding to. Now we have "उमंदपदह" in Shailendra's PDF, meaning "Hopeful". At least it is a real word.
63/ जागकर देखें--‘मैं’ है ही नहीं Mrs Mayadevi Jain, Chandigarh, Punjab 8 Apr 1970
64/ खोज--खोज--और खोज Ms Kusum, Ludhiana 8 Apr 1970 short
65/ अन्तर्वीणा Mr Jayantilal P. Vyas, Udaipur (RJ) 8 Apr 1970 **
** = letter title is the same as the title of another book of collected letters, Antarveena (अंतर्वीणा)
66/ सपने : बंद व खुली आंखों के Ms Guna Shah, Bombay 8 Apr 1970
67/ समाधान की खोज Kumari Rekha Giradhardas, Rajkot, Gujarat 8 Apr 1970
68/ सत्य है सदा सूली पर Ms Jayavanti, Junagarh 10 Jun 1970
69/ अटूट संकल्प Lala Sundarlal, Delhi 10 Jun 1970
70/ मुक्ति का संगीत Ms Jayati Shukla, per Dr. Hemant P. Shukla, Anavar Street, Kathiyawad, Junagarh, Gujarat 25 Oct 1970 **
** = may be the same person as Jayavanti above; same town and Osho addresses both as Jayati
71/ प्रेम की आग Mrs Jayavanti Shukla, Junagarh, Gujarat 13 Nov 1970 no date in pdf
72/ विचारों की चरम सीमा Mr Premshankar Pande, Manmad, Maharashtra no date
73/ खोजो मत--खाओ Yogi Satyanand, Tikamgarh (MP) 12 Nov 1970 **
** = last word in the title in the pdf version has an "extra" diacritic: खोओ doesn't seem right but . . . see Footnote #1 below
74/ वाणी-रहित, मांग-रहित स्वयं का समर्पण Kumari Lalita Rathor, Chandravatiganj, Fatehabad (MP) 12 Nov 1970
75/ प्राणों के गीत Mr Rajendra R. Anjariya, Bombay Blocks, Maninagar, Ahmedabad 16 Nov 1970
76/ पहले खोजो प्रभु का राज्य
First Ye Seek The Kingdom Of God [sic]
Mr Kedar Sinhal, Mr Ramkrishna Seva Mishan, 319, Ghanta Ghar, Neemuch (MP) 16 Nov 1970 chapter title also has English translation, but on contents page it is left out
77/ जीवन को नृत्य बना Ms Neelam Amarjeet, 12-R, Model Town, Ludhiana 16 Nov 1970
78/ जहां शिकायत नहीं है, वहीं प्रार्थना है Mr Sardari Lal Sahagal, New Mishri Bazar, Amritsar, Punjab 16 Nov 1970
79/ आंखें खोलो और देखो Ms Kusum, per Mr Kapil Mohan Chandhok, 90-e, Industrial Area, Kwalty Ice Cream company, Oswal Road, Ludhiana, Punjab 17 Nov 1970
80/ समर्पण--समर्पण--समर्पण Dr. Savitri C. Patel, Mohanlal D. nursing house, Post-Killa Pardi, Bulsar, Gujarat 17 Nov 1970
81/ जीवन में इतना दुख क्यों है? Mr Shiv, Jabalpur 1 May 1970
82/ संदेह नहीं तो खोज कैसे होगी? Mr Shiv, Jabalpur 15 Sep 1970 short
83/ मिटो ताकि हो सको Mr Shiv, Jabalpur 25 Oct 1969
84/ प्रज्ञा पर ज्ञान की धूलि Mr Narendra, Jabalpur 3 Nov 1969
85/ तैरें नहीं, डूबें Mr Arvind Kumar, Jabalpur 7 May 1970 poetic form, short
86/ आंखों का खुला होना ही द्वार है Ms Jayavanti Shukla, Junagarh, Gujarat 20 Aug 1969
87/ सत्य की खोज Ms Jayavanti Shukla, Junagarh, Gujarat 15 Nov 1969 title also a book title, Satya Ki Khoj (सत्य की खोज)
88/ प्रतिपल मर जाओ Ms Bhagavati Advani, Bombay 1 Jul 1969 this letter is missing in pdf
89/ अभय आता है साधना से Ms Advani, Bombay 19 Aug 1969
90/ आस्तिकता--स्वीकार है, समर्पण है Ma Yoga Bhagavati, Bombay 14 Oct 1970
91/ परमात्मा ही हमारी सम्पदा है Ma Yoga Bhagavati, Bombay 6 Nov 1970
92/ अमृत के साथ विष भी मेरा है Ms Laxmi, Bombay 20 Dec 1969
93/ सत्य शब्दातीत है Ma Yoga Laxmi, Bombay 5 Sep 1970 **
** = date not in pdf. See Footnote #2 below (may also apply to #94)
94/ मनुष्य भी बीज है Ma Yoga Laxmi, Bombay 22 Sep 1970 this letter is missing in pdf
95/ न दमन, न निषेध, वरन् जागरण Ma Yoga Laxmi, Bombay 1 Oct 1970
96/ जिन खोया तिन पाइयाँ Swami Kriyananda, Bombay 1 Aug 1969 **
** = another case of letter title = a book title, Jin Khoja Tin Paiyan (जिन खोजा तिन पाइयां)
97/ जीवन को ही निर्वाण बनाओ Swami Kriyananda, Bombay 15 Aug 1969
98/ स्वप्नों से मुक्ति सत्य का द्वार है Swami Yoga Chinmaya, Bombay 20 Oct 1970
99/ स्वभाव में जीना साधना है Swami Yoga Chinmaya, Bombay 3 Nov 1970
100/ आत्म-निष्ठा Ma Krishna Karuna, Bombay 15 Oct 1970
101/ अनंत आशा ही पाथेय है Ma Krishna Karuna, Bombay 20 Nov 1970
102/ संकल्प के पीछे-पीछे आती है साधना Ms Mounu (Kranti), Jabalpur 1 Nov 1970 First page of letter missing in pdf
103/ अनासक्ति Ms Mounu (Kranti), Jabalpur (MP) 11 Sep 1970
104/ बस, परिवर्तन ही एक शाश्वतता है Ms Mounu (Kranti), Jabalpur 13 Nov 1970 in fact the date shown "13-11-19790"
105/ सहज निवृत्ति--प्रवृत्ति में जागने से Ms Jaya Bahin Shah, Bombay 13 Jul 1962 om
106/ ध्यान--अप्रयास, अनभ्यास से Ms Jaya Bahin Shah, Bombay 5 Oct 1962 om
107/ साक्षी की आँखें Ms Jaya Shah, Bombay 20 Oct 1962
108/ अन्तः ज्योति Ms Jaya Shah, Bombay 21 Nov 1962 am date differs with other sources,
see a table of comparisons below.
109/ स्वप्निल मूर्च्छा-ग्रंथि Ms Jaya Shah, Bombay 14 Dec 1962
110/ शून्य है द्वार प्रभु का Ms Jaya Ben Shah, Bombay 12 Jan 1963
111/ योग साधना है सम्यक् धर्म Ms Jaya Shah, Bombay 10 Feb 1963 am letter is missing in pdf
112/ प्यास, प्रार्थना, प्रयास और प्रतीक्षा Mr Jayanti Bhai, Bombay 30 Aug 1966
113/ जीवन-शृंखला की समझ Kumari Hasumati H Dalal, Lad residence, 3 Ra Mala, room no.26, Ardhashwar Dadi street, Bombay-4 19 Nov 1970
114/ जीवन-संगीत C. Sangeeta Khabiya, Khabiya house, Chomukhi Pul, Ratlam (MP) 14 Nov 1970
115/ छोड़ो स्वयं को और मिटो Mr Sardarilal Sahagal, New Misri Bazar, Amritsar 25 Oct 1970 Eng translation has last name as Sehgal
116/ प्रेम--अनंतता है Mr Mahipal, Bombay 30 Jun 1968
117/ संकल्प और समर्पणरत साधना Sohan Bafna, Poona 11 Nov 1964 letter is missing in pdf
118/ अन्तस् में छिपे खजाने की खुदाई Ms Sohan Bafna, Poona 23 Nov 1964
119/ अन्तर्यात्रा--स्वयं में, सत्य में Ms Sohan Bafna, Poona 4 Jan 1965 letter is missing in pdf
120/ प्रेम के दिये Ms Sohan Bafna, Poona 25 Oct 1965
121/ प्रेम ही सेवा है Ms Sohan, Poona 29 Apr 1965 am letter is missing in pdf
122/ प्रेम-शून्य हृदय की दरिद्रता Ms Sohan, Poona 1 Jun 1965 am
123/ गागर में प्रेम का सागर Ms Sohan, Poona 7 Jun 1965 xm letter is missing in pdf
124/ प्रेम की सम्पदा Ms Sohan Bafna, Poona 2 Nov 1964 letter is missing in pdf
125/ परमात्मा है असीम प्रेम Ms Sohan Bafna, Poona 26 Oct 1964 letter is missing in pdf
126/ अँसुअन-जल सींचि-सींचि प्रेम-बेलि बोई Ms Sohan, Poona 9 May 1965 letter is missing in pdf
127/ प्रभु के लिए पागल हो Ma Anand Madhu, Vishvanid, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat 26 Nov 1970 recipient is missing in pdf
128/ समय न खोओ Swami Krishna Chaitanya, Vishvanid, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, Gijarat 26 Nov 1970 (Madhu's husband)
129/ द्वैत का अतिक्रमण--साक्षी-भाव से Ma Yoga Prem, Vishvanid, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat 25 Nov 1970 original letter gives this date (25th of Nov), but in Eng translation as well as Hindi first edition give incorrect date 26 Nov 1970
130/ जो मिले अभिनय उसे पूरा कर Ma Yoga Priya, Vishvanid, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat 26 Nov 1970
131/ ध्यान है भीतर झाँकना Ma Yoga Yasha, Vishvanid, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat 26 Nov 1970 letter is missing in pdf
132/ समर्पण और साक्षी Swami Pragyananand Saraswati, sadhana house, Kankhal, Haridwar 26 Nov 1970
133/ जो घर बारै आपना Mr Chandrakant N. Patel, Asothalav, opposite of Bank of Baroda, Raopura, Baroda, Gujarat 26 Nov 1970 date differs with other sources,
see a table of comparisons below. **
** = letter title matches book title Jo Ghar Bare Aapna (जो घर बारे आपना), pdf version has small, insignificant diff
134/ नास्तिकता में और गहरे उतरें Mr Bhavanisinh, post of village - Trahel, via - Alhilal, dist. Kangra, Himachal Pradesh 26 Nov 1970
135/ विचारों के पतझड़ Mr Labhshankar Pandya, Pandya Brothers, optician, Gandhi Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 26 Nov 1970
136/ समर्पण--एक अनसोची छलाँग Dr. Savitri C. Patel, Mohanlal D. nursing house, P. Killa Pardi, dist. Bulsar, Gujarat 26 Nov 1970 poetic form
137/ परमात्मा है--अभी और यहीं Ms Jayati Shukla, per Dr. Hemant Shukla, Kathiyawad, Junagarh, Gujarat 26 Nov 1970 letter has a small PS; Jayati known elsewhere as Jayavanti
138/ नेति, नेति.... की साधना Ms Kusum, Ludhiana, Punjab 26 Nov 1970
139/ स्वयं को पूर्णतया शून्य कर ले Ma Anand Madhu, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat 15 Oct 1970
140/ संघर्ष, संकल्प और संन्यास Ma Anand Madhu, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat 25 Oct 1970
141/ स्वयं को जन्म देने की प्रसव पीड़ा Babubhai (now Swami Krishna Chaitanya, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat 27 Mar 1970
142/ अनंत की यात्रा पर निकलो Swami Krishna Chaitanya, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat 15 Oct 1970
143/ शक्ति स्वयं के भीतर है Swami Krishna Chaitanya, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat 27 Oct 1970 date differs with other sources,
see a table of comparisons below.
144/ मिट और जान... खो और पा Kumari Jasu (now Ma Yoga Prem, Rajkot, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat 11 Apr 1970 "Rajkot" is incorrect place and superfluous: a) in other places there used Ajol with Ma Yoga Prem, which presents here too; and b) Sanskar Teerth or Sanskar Tirth is school in Ajol
145/ स्वांस-स्वांस में प्रेम हो Ma Yoga Prem, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat 15 Oct 1970 **
** = The date is given in the pdf and book (1970 edition) as 25 Oct. As there hasn't been an issue noted with that before this writing, likely all versions agree on the 25th. (Un)fortunately, an image of the actual letter shows that to be in error, wrong. The date there is clearly 15 Oct. Wider implications of this dealt with in the notes below. 18:41, 26 December 2019 (UTC)
146/ संन्यास जीवन का परम-भोग है Ma Yoga Priya, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat 15 Oct 1970
147/ संन्यास नया जन्म है Ma Yoga Yasha, Vishvanid, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat 11 Nov 1970
148/ संसार में संन्यास का प्रवेश Swami Prem Krishna, Vishvanid, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat 12 Nov 1970
149/ संन्यासी बेटे का गौरव Swami Anandmurti, Ahmedabad 15 Oct 1970
150/ संन्यास की आत्मा है : अडिग, अचल और अभय होना Ma Yoga Samadhi, Rajkot, Gujarat 15 Oct 1970
About om and xm see Glossary.
Notes: Info above is extracted from a pdf of the entire book (with lapses) at epustakalay.com, based on the 1970 JJK edition. Lots more material at that site for intrepid net-wanderers looking into Osho's Hindi sahitya. Titles are derived from the list above and verified only partially. Some info has been taken from the English translation, Flowers of Love. Major changes noted, some minor changes may escape notice. Some names and dates are partially illegible, noted with ?-marks. -- doofus-9 02:42, 19 August 2019 (UTC)
I updated and checked data with phisical book and made corrections according to it.
Above the pdf i can say that it is not so good: missing pages, sometimes missing recipient, missing Osho's picture above "There is no prayer other than love" (page after 10 life-sutras of Osho in beginning of book).--DhyanAntar 12:23, 10 January 2020 (UTC)

Inconsistencies table

regarding dates found in Hindi and Eng. books:

Prem Ke Phool,
1970 JJK edition
Flowers of Love,
1974 RF edition
18/ 1 Oct 1962 1 Nov 1962
24/ 2 Dec 1963 12 Feb 1963
33/ 19 Dec 1966 19 Feb 1966
108/ 21 Nov 1962 am 2 Nov 1962
133/ 26 Nov 1970 25 Nov 1970
143/ 27 Oct 1970 22 Oct 1970

Our current Timeline uses most right column data.--DhyanAntar 04:55, 20 August 2019 (UTC)

Thanks Sarloji for two found my errors! It is the possibility for my grow and in the same time it is the reminder that i can make errors :-) So i am human )))--DhyanAntar 11:27, 21 August 2019 (UTC)

On letter #33: in PS Osho says "P. S. I shall probably go to Ahmedabad in January. Can you come with me? It will be good if you journey with me for 2 to 4 days."

It is indeed he was in Ahmedabad in at least 15-17 of January, 1967.

Shailendra's PDF also uses 19 Feb as well as Eng book "Flowers of Love." It is unlikely that he planed his trip on 11 months ahead. It is possible that during prapering of Eng book for print, first number of month was lost. May we use date "19 Dec 1966" for an event on the basis of this reasonings?--DhyanAntar 05:01, 31 October 2019 (UTC)

This seems pretty sound. In fact, we can go further, as this line of reasoning points the way to resolving all the date inconsistencies found between these two early editions. The basic situation is that Flowers 1974 is not a primary source compared to PKP 1970. Yes, "errors" might have been corrected in the translation, but we can see with this analysis of #33 that a new error having been made by the translation is actually more likely, never mind on the Flowers title page the proclamation that the book is a "compilation of 150 immortal lectures".

As you pointed out in an email, all these discrepancies can be seen as simple careless mistakes in the translation, eg day and month switched, 12/2 to 2/12 for #24, or dropping a number, 21/11 to 2/11 for #108, and so on. And the helpful PS in #33 points the way. I'd say that all these inconsistencies can be resolved in favour of the pdf of the 1970 PKP from JJK. Excellent work! -- doofus-9 18:12, 2 November 2019 (UTC)

All 6 dates were corrected according Hindi edition. I would like to add that letters now got more natural order in Timeline: letter 18 after 17th, letter 33 before 34, letter 108 after 107th and before 109th, letter 133 after 132nd and before 134th.--DhyanAntar 05:26, 3 November 2019 (UTC)

The error in the date for #145 has not appeared in the table above and does not need to now. There apparently has not been any "inconsistency" between editions. All agreed on Oct 25. Since the actual letter image shows it clearly to be 15 Oct, it appears that this is simply a first edition error that got repeated all the way down. Which shows the first edition not to be infallible, thus we may suspect that an inconsistency between editions may be the correction of an error sometimes. -- doofus-9 18:41, 26 December 2019 (UTC)


Footnote #1 (re letter #73): It's long and picky, and it goes like this: G**gle Translate would give me no options for khoo, the word in Roman characters, that would come close. So i "grafted" a ओ (o) onto खो (kho) to make खोओ, and suddenly it found a meaning for the finished product whose very existence it could not even consider previously. Suddenly, it means, "Get lost!" Well, maybe this is what Osho wanted to say. The context, the other words mean, "search not", so it's brilliant to end it with "get lost". As it is, "खाओ" is the imperative form of "eat", and as a completion to "search not", is kind of anemic. So though the process of getting there was awkward, it looks like a good place to arrive. This imperative verb form खोओ is also used in letter #128, though having a different meaning in a different context. -- doofus-9 18:05, 18 August 2019 (UTC)
Footnote #2 (re letter #93): Date for this letter, addressed to Ma Yoga Laxmi, ie in that name, not her pre-sannyas name, is not in the pdf version of Prem Ke Phool. The date, Sep 5 1970, derives from the Timeline, the source for that likely being Flowers of Love, its English translation and confirmed by 1970 Hindi phisical book. This date precedes the date Osho gave sannyas to anyone officially, ie during the Sep 26 - Oct 5 1970 camp in Manali.
A few other similar name-date combinations have leaked out from other books of Hindi letters where Osho has addressed people by their sannyas names before the blessed event, but they have been less prominent than Laxmi, and so perhaps because of their lower profile, this info has been available in their published letters. In the case of Laxmi and letter #93, this editor speculates that the date here has been suppressed so as to avoid raising questions about how much this first sannyas ceremony was pre-arranged. Or something like that. And this may apply to letter #94, which is missing entirely here, but between two letters written to Laxmi in that same era. The last one is mysteriously dated Oct 1, addressed to her in Bombay, still during the Manali camp but after the sannyas ceremony had happened.
Other letters written before the official sannyas event but addressed to sannyas names include letters to:
Ma Yoga Bhagavati dated 7 Sep 1970, published as Antarveena #22
Ma Anand Madhu dated 12 Jan 1970, published as Dhai Aakhar Prem Ka #31
Ma Anand Madhu dated 5 Feb 1970, published as Dhai Aakhar Prem Ka #32
Ma Dharm Jyoti dated 7 Sep 1970, published as Dhai Aakhar Prem Ka #33

-- doofus-9 19:28, 20 August 2019 (UTC)