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For the 2013 Rebel edition, publisher status is also attributed to Osho Media International

Information connecting Sapna with Pustak Mahal's five efforts has come from Shailendra. Comparing titles here, we find a decent correlation between two of Pustak Mahal's five titles, and chapter titles. These are ch #3 and #14, aligning with Samarpan Ki Anjuli (समर्पण की अंजुली) and Vartaman Dharm Ki Bhasha (वर्तमान धर्म की भाषा) respectively. The others will have to remain total guesswork.

The possibility that the five books' sequential ISBNs might be in an order that aligns with the resonance of chapter titles was investigated and found not to yield anything useful. For any significant alignment, Anjuli would have to be the first and Vartaman fourth in the ISBN parade, and they are not. Curiously, the reverse is the case, but one cannot make anything out of that. FWIW, in order of their ISBN, they are:

Vartaman Dharm Ki Bhasha (वर्तमान धर्म की भाषा) -- 0707
Param Upalabdhi Ke Sopan (परम उपलब्धि के सोपान) -- 0708
Sadhana Ka Param Lakshya (साधना का परम लक्ष्य) -- 0709
Samarpan Ki Anjuli (समर्पण की अंजुली) -- 0710
Prem Ka Jharokha (प्रेम का झरोखा) -- 0711

-- doofus-9 23:07, 11 October 2017 (UTC)