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About the title's transliteration, it is fairly straightforward except for the last word, करैं. There are two candidates, Kare and Karain, scattered around the net in approx equal proportion. If anything, there may be more Kare's. But a couple of things tip the balance. Searching for Karain finds instances of Kare more than the reverse and, when you get down to it, Karain is correct and Kare is not. So there ya go.

And a bit about pub dates: 1981 derives from an OIF © claim found in the G**gle Books inside-the-book thingie for the 2003 edition. Also found there was a 1996 © claim, so there may be a lost Rebel edition of that vintage as well. -- Sarlo (talk) 08:53, 18 June 2014 (PDT)

विषय सूची (TOC):
1. फैलाओ—ध्यान, संन्यास, प्रेम
2. जीवित सद्गुरु—जीवंत धर्म
3. भविष्य है धार्मिकता का
4. संन्यास की आग
5. मैं स्वयं साक्षी हूं
6. जीवन भी खेल​, मृत्यु भी खेल​
7. परमात्मा प्रकाश है—और अंधकार भी
8. सत्य की आंधी
9. धर्म ​: आत्यंतिक जिज्ञासा​
10. जहां प्रेम है वहां सूर्योदय है
11. वासना दुख​ है

TOC above was compared to the Contents page image from the 1980 Rajneesh Foundation edition. Its source was unknown but likely the 2003 Diamond edition. The comparison turned up twelve differences in eight chapter titles, not counting punctuation, and the TOC has been updated to reflect the RF edition.

Revisiting the 2003 Diamond edition, the likely source, as depicted by G**gle Books' peek inside the book, i found that eleven of these twelve perceived differences were not different at all. It has been concluded that the original TOC here was likely the victim of multiple transcription errors by the wiki editor, ie me (so to speak), at an earlier stage of my Hindi education, still ongoing.

The one that was different was the "दुख​" in ch 11, represented by Diamond as "दुःख", ie with a visarga diacritic (ः) added. As it happens, this is G**gle Translate's preferred version of the word, so that may be a Diamond correction of an RF error. -- doofus-9 08:51, 16 March 2018 (UTC)