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Concerning its possible relation to Mera Swarnim Bharat:

Old, largely obsolete:

Reference was made to one or more other books called Mera Swarnim Bharat (मेरा स्वर्णिम भारत) with which this book should not be confused. The traces that have been found which give rise to this idea are these:

1. In several places, book lists have been found in the backs of other books in which MSB has been not only listed but categorized with Osho's books on Upanishads, and having in parentheses after the title, "विविध उपनिषद", meaning various Upanishads. Similar references have been found in blogs. The "various" hints at a compilation also, rather than an original, organic series, which this Swarnim Bharat does rather seem to be. In fact, MSB is listed as a compilation in Hindi titles to be added, though the source for that is not stated or known.

2. Hints have been found that MSB may also be a translation or Hindi equivalent of India My Love, a compilation of the many things Osho has said about India, especially its unique heritage as a Mecca (pardon the expression) for seekers.

It is not inevitable that these two are different books, but the approach taken to describing them is quite different, and it seems more likely than not that they are different, with different themes but using the same title.

And this Swarnim Bharat book seems also quite different from either of these themes, ie it is not just that Diamond has altered the title of one of the putative MSB's above. In a bookseller's page on the book,, is the material taken from the book for the wiki's description section. The evident theme of this book puts it unambiguously in the category of Politics and Society; Osho talks about how India the country can become a Golden land with the application of just a little wisdom and change of priorities. Social prescription, a very different theme than India's history of being the (not necessarily geographical) center of the seeker's universe. And different again from a collection of Upanishad commentaries.

One last, unrelated item is the dating of this series. The "≤ 1970" is deduced from the salutation Osho uses to begin the talk, "मेरे प्रिय आत्मन", mere priya atman, or my beloved self, or my beloved souls, his unique -- dare we say it? -- trademark way of addressing his listeners which he used extensively before his birthday in 1970, when it changed. See Talk:Mati Kahai Kumhar Sun (माटी कहै कुम्हार सूं) for the story on that. -- doofus-9 08:18, 2 February 2017 (UTC)

Update May 2017:

Since the actual MSB has shown up, it has replaced the traces referred to above. What can be said now is that its classification in old booklists as "Upanishad" is misleading at best. But it is indeed an India My Love-themed book, with its own "unique" content, inasmuch as a compilation can be said to have unique content. -- doofus-9 16:44, 21 May 2017 (UTC)


(source - google books)

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