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Many events and would-be events have been pointed to by one source or another, itineraries, Osho's letters, all the manuscript Notebooks, Reports and whatnot. A lot of them deal with future events and as such cannot be said to testify reliably to an event having happened.

Our sources thus far pointing to these discourses in Mumbai are four of Osho's letters to Ma Anandmayee, two mentioning or alluding to these events in Mumbai in the future and two in the past. They are:

Letter written on 12 Dec 1962: gives a long, detailed upcoming itinerary, complete with all the names of the trains, and asks Anandmayee and if possible her husband Rekhchand Parakh to join him on this tour, especially in Mumbai. Most of the letter is devoted to these plans.
Letter written on 15 Dec 1962: the PS confirms the first engagement in Satna has happened on 14 Dec pm -- that can be added too -- and he is writing from the place of the second and third dates, Chhatarpur, and again, "Meet me in Bhusawal to go together to Nandurbar and Bombay".
Letter written on 4 Jan 1963 pm: the PS confirms that the journey with her has happened and hopes it was good for her.
Letter written on 16 Jan 1963: the PS has lots more information about upcoming events and also refers to people wanting to "listen the lectures of Bombay, so it would be nice if you send them too, for 15 days".

This last is the first ever (known) reference to his discourses having been taped, and refers also explicitly to those dates in Bombay. So bring it on!

Unfortunately, we do not know even how many talks there were at this time, never mind their distribution over the three days. The only event we can be reasonably sure of, regarding its timing, is thus the first one, so Unknown discourses Bombay Dec 1962 ~ 01 can be created. Other events (two or more) will have to wait for their times to be known. -- doofus-9 19:03, 7 April 2020 (UTC)