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वाराणसी प्रवचनों, the title of the page and possible "book" on which it is based, is provisional. Osho World's e-book is called simply वाराणसी (Varanasi), and Shailendra's info, posted at Shifting content in Hindi books (source document), calls each of the five talks simply वाराणसी प्रवचन, or Varanasi Pravachan (ie discourse singular). That source doc is where we learn that five talks were later published in Jeevan Ki Kala (जीवन की कला).

Nothing is known directly about the original collection. There may be more than five talks, but there are no direct indications of that. The e-book is the source of dates and times, but only has the first four chapters. They are not in precise chronological order. Info such as it is is translated below, page numbers are those of the e-book:

The last page ends with सबको प्रणाम, "salutations to all", which suggests the fourth talk is complete, though it is different from his usual मेरा प्रणाम स्वीकार करें of that era, "please accept my salutation".

Varanasi's five discourses have been entered into the 1968 Timeline but it should be noted that all are uncertain regarding how their times and venues correlate with chapter number, except ch 1 and 3. They have been entered in the way that makes the most sense, but things do not always work out that way. -- doofus-9 07:54, 14 July 2018 (UTC)


(*1) 13 Aug 1968 evening, Theosophical Society - see below for a source. It needs a confirmation.
(*2) Correct place for the event: Annie Besant School, Rajghat, Varanasi (Google Maps + Anuragi). Date and place are confirmed by Osho's Appointment Diary 1967-1970 (translated source document) with addition: morning.
(*3) Date and place are confirmed by Osho's Appointment Diary 1967-1970 (translated source document). The source adds "morning".
(*4) Osho's Appointment Diary 1967-1970 (translated source document) agrees.

Shailendra states that "it is not a book", so we can suppose that it never been published in book form. --DhyanAntar 07:22, 22 August 2018 (UTC)

Varanasi Pravachanon ~ 06 entered as 6th event, which based on Osho's Itinerary#1968 info. As last three chapters are not in choronological order, ch.2 of e-book can be either this 6 event or Varanasi Pravachanon ~ 02 or maybe other event?--DhyanAntar 06:52, 26 April 2020 (UTC)

The 6th is confirmed by Osho's Appointment Diary 1967-1970 (translated source document).--DhyanAntar 05:37, 24 September 2022 (UTC)

Clues from text (from Shailendra's PDF):

Jeevan Ki Kala ch10 (= ~ 02): "Therefore neither the ego is to be dropped, nor held, nor filled, nor emptied. The ego is to know. The ego is to be recognized. Life is to be filled with the understanding of ego. I am telling you this second sutra. Knowing the ego dissolves. The knowledge of the ego is the death of the ego. He is dead. There is never life in it, we are holding that death. That's why we die, live, we know. If the ego is gone, death becomes a lie, it becomes a lie. Then what is known is nectar. Then what is known is life. But how can we be fully awake to this ego? I am going to discuss it tomorrow in the third thread."

So this is the talk on second sutra and third sutra will be discussed on next day. The check of other 4 chapters on sutras showed that the four chapters are not part of 3-session series on sutras, it means they are not related with event ~ 02.

The event ~ 02 is second talk of total three (one talk one sutra). As it is part of Varanasi series, then place should be correct. According to Osho's Appointment Diary 1967-1970 (translated source document) there was only one place where Osho was talking 3 times, it is Theosophical Society. I will add the event on 13 Aug 1968 evening, it is good to get a confirmation.--DhyanAntar 05:10, 24 September 2022 (UTC)