Tantra-Sutra (तंत्र-सूत्र) (series)

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A Hindi mega-series semi-unique among such in that the original discourses were given in English and translated into Hindi. ("Semi-unique" signifying that one other such series exists, Patanjali Yog-Sutra (पतंजलि योग-सूत्र) (series).) These discourses consist of elucidations on Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, the 112 meditation techniques of Shiva, as passed on in the Kashmir Shaivism tradition and translated and brought to the West by Paul Reps as part of his book, Zen Flesh, Zen Bones. The science of Tantra is more or less founded on these techniques. Osho's talks were given in Mumbai in the early 70s.
translated from
English : Vigyan Bhairav Tantra / Book of the Secrets
Publication of this series in English has come in a variety of formats, information on which is available at the pages linked above. The first Book of the Secrets was presented as five volumes of 16 discourses each and Hindi publication has followed by the separation of 10 volumes with 8 discourses each, but there are traces of a three-volume presentation to be found as well. See discussion for details on this and other publishing obscurities.
The 10-volume set was titled very simply (volumes 9, 10 have no data yet, maybe not published at all):
Unclear if vol 7-10 of Rajneesj Foundation exist as well as first 6 vols of Rajneeshdham Prakashan.
Later were published as 5-volume set:
Then later they were published under new titles by Hind Pocket Books, respectively:
10-vol set published under new titles by Hind Pocket Books too:
1) Tantra-Vigyan (तंत्र-विज्ञान)
2) Kamvasana Aur Rupantaran (कामवासना और रूपांतरण) (?)
3) Tantra Aur Antas-Sharir (तंत्र और अंतस-शरीर)
4) Bhog Aur Daman Ke Paar (भोग और दमन के पार)
5) ...
6) Tantra Aushadhi Hai (तंत्र औषधि है) (?)
7) Andhakar Ki Sadhana (अंधकार की साधना)
8) Asim Ki Anubhooti (असीम की अनुभूति) (?)
9) Rahasya Mein Pravesh (रहस्य में प्रवेश)
10) Param Anand Ke Sutra (परम आनंद के सूत्र) (?)
time period of Osho's original discourses/talks/letters
Oct 1, 1972 to Nov 8, 1973
number of discourses/chapters