Tao Upanishad Bhag 1 ~ 15

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ताओ उपनिषद, भाग एक ~ 15

event type discourse
date & time 25 Jul 1971 pm
location Woodlands, Bombay
language Hindi
audio Available, duration 1h 24min. Quality: good (under revision).
online audio
video Not available
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shorttitle WAY115
(Translated as in The Way of Tao, Vol 1 on CD-ROM)
Question 1
Why is it that no revolution takes place even after understanding? If we practise non-action, what will happen to labour? How is perfection in emptiness attained? If the vessel is empty, it will also disintegrate? What is the way to empty the mind?
Lao Tzu says that understanding is enough and that transformation takes place together with understanding. We feel that we have understood well but feel no transformation within us. What is the reason? Kindly explain.
Question 2
If Lao Tzu says do nothing then what happens to effort and labour?
Question 3
You say nothing is complete, then how can the void be complete?
Question 4
If the vessel becomes empty, will it not be destroyed?
Question 5
Mind alone is the barrier on account of which we cannot stand face to face with the self. How is this mind to be emptied?

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