Teaching Tracks from Sarlo and Amiyo

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This is not really an Album, but a collection to remember and teach sannyas songs of which we have no other known recordings.

These recordings have been made by Sarlo and Amiyo for the Osho Music Archive and placed in the public domain.

Once upon a time, Amiyo and Sarlo were the co-ordinators of an Osho center in Vancouver, which put on celebrations several times a year. For music, they would make tapes of a few songs for the musicians to learn from. Out of that grew a printed songbook, out of that the online Songs in the Key of Osho, and now that the Archive is afloat, more teaching tracks :-) Full circle.

These teaching tracks are only for educational purposes, for keeping these songs alive. If there are other sannyas songs not found in the Archive YOU would like to keep alive, go for it, make your own audio version and send it to Sugit (OshoMusicArchive666.gifgmail.com). There is no need, as you can tell from listening to Sarlo and Amiyo, to be professional or polished, just on-key enough that others can learn the song. NB: for those listening to learn how the song goes, the main melody line in all the songs so far is sung by Amiyo, with Sarlo singing harmony. We will point out any variations from that if and when.

Sw Deva Sarlo
Ma Dhyan Amiyo
Mar 9, 2013 to Apr 28, 2013

Tracks - full length

01 Here in My Heart 2:23
02 Talking To My Inner Lover 2:17
03 Asalaam Aleikum 2:04
04 Your Love Osho 1:59
05 Namaste 2:47
06 Listen Listen 2:15
07 With You Osho 3:13
08 Listen to the Man of Love 1:39



OMA Catalog No : TV00,372
Format : WMA recording, converted to MP3