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This is a test-page for a Rajneeshpuram Timeline.

The aim is to provide contextual information for that period, aimed at a public of, say, people that watched Wild Wild Country (2018), and are also interested in what happened on the inside, what happened for the people that were part of the experiment.

The basis for this timeline's left column has been boiled down from the exhaustive timeline found in A Passage to America, reproduced whole at Rajneeshpuram news summary 1981-1986 (source document). Entries with shortened dates have been processed, with many entries deemed inconsequential left out.

The main thing is that both the left and the right column should be concise, correctly dated, and balanced in their presentation of what happened.

A wish-list for further work on this timeline
  • Farming on the Ranch: when, where, what? Vegetables, animals and products? Who were in charge? Stories of people that worked there
  • The Hotel: rooms, service, when did it start?
  • Firearms on the Ranch. When did that start. What were the regulations. Peace Force. When did that start and how did it develop?
  • Buddha Hall: Photos of exterior and interior. When built? When did it start being used as Buddha Hall?
  • The RIMU: same as above, plus courses offered? Directors? I think Devageet was the last Vice Chancellor.
  • Meditating on the Ranch... not so much... but what did happen?
  • Photos, photos of all buildings, preferably dated, at least 'around'. Photos of vehicles. Photos of structures and roads, preferably with a name and date.
  • Go through videos of the Ranch and make stills: see Category:Filmography and look at "Ranch" and "Rajneeshpuram" and "Antelope".

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date events 1 / external events / news (*1) events 2 / internal events / experiences of the sannyasins (*1)
10 Jan 1981 The Los Angeles Times feature on Shannon Ryan, Ma Amrita Pritam, daughter of Leo Ryan, the American congressman murdered in Nov 1978, while investigating Jonestown. The press makes that link to Jonestown,after which USA consular officials were orderd to visit Poona Ashram for investigations.

Again on Feb 16, 1981 there is a feature on her in People || (Shannon Ryan had taken sannyas on 21 Oct 1980, takes the name Ma Amrita Pritam. She was a prominent symbolic figure at the Ranch and in that era, being the daughter of Leo Ryan.)

12 - 18 Jan 1981 Ma Anand Sheela (Sheela Patel Silverman at the time) visits Chidvilas Meditation Center in Montclair, NJ, where Ma Amrita Pritam and Sw Samir are resident. It has been in operation about a year. In the 1970's Sheela had lived in Montclair with her first husband, American Mark Silverman and taken some courses at Montclair State College.
14-15 Mar 1981 Meanwhile, after Osho left India, many sannyasins went back to Europe. In the UK, The March Event celebration, in The Café Royal shook up London.
21 Mar 1981 Meanwhile, after Osho left India, many sannyasins went back to Europe. In the UK, the "New Man New World" celebration was held in the De La Warr Pavilion Main Theatre, Bexhill-on-Sea (see last illustration here).
30 Apr 1981 Sannyasins buy the 30-room Rhine-style "Kip's Castle" for $370,000. Depending on source, castle has 7.2 acres or 15. According to The Oregonian series, "For Love and Money", the castle was purchased Apr 21. Photo of Kip's Castle
1 May 1981 In the ashram in Poona, India, Osho has not been coming out for discourse or darshan since Mar 24, originally because of a chicken pox quarantine. But now his period of public silence officially begins, with " Satsangs" as the format for his public appearances, consisting of live music alternating with short readings from Kahlil Gibran and others, Gachchhamis and periods of "silent commentary".
1 Jun 1981 Osho leaves India on Pan Am Flight 1 to the USA. His departure shocks everyone, save the few people in the know.
1 Jun 1981 Osho arrives in USA at Kennedy Airport and goes to Kip's Castle The Castle Diary
9 Jun 1981 ? Ma Yoga Laxmi arrives in USA at Kip's Castle
12 Jun 1981 According to July 6, 1985 The Oregonian article from the "For Love and Money" series, the search for American land, which was decided in November 1980 and in high gear in mid-May 1981 comes to fruition on this day as Sheela and Jayananda (John Shelfer) visit the Big Muddy for the first time and decided almost immediately to buy it.
19 Jun 1981 Neue Revue, a German magazine, writes that the ashram in Poona is protected by machine guns and accuses Osho to escape India from an 18 million tax evasion
19 Jun 1981 A German tv reporter calls the mayor of Antelope to "get them out of there".
12 Jul 1981 Deal on Big Muddy Ranch closed for $ 5.75 million
17 Jul 1981 Meanwhile, after Osho left India, many sannyasins went back to Europe. In The Netherlands a big "Orange Full Moon Affair" celebration was held in the Frans Otten Stadion.
12 Aug 1981 35 people attend a meeting at Antelope School and worry about what's going to happen on the Big Muddy. "An Antelope woman, [named], said she was concerned that the Ranch owners would begin selling printed material now distributed through the New Jersey center. She said she considers the material pornographic. Jefferson County District Attorney Michael Sullivan said he would like her to furnish him with the materials she considers pornographic to see if it meets with the criteria for pornographic material under Oregon law. Mayor Margaret Hill [who came to teach at Antelope school in 1966], who had a brochure advertising sale of items from the Montclair center, said if not pornographic the material was 'at least far out.'" -- reported by Bend Bulletin
13 Aug 1981 Some are worried about property values going up and others are worried about property values going down.
29 Aug 1981 Osho flies on rented Learjet 35 (cost $15,500) to Redmond (OR) and arrives at Rancho Rajneesh.
30 Aug 1981 A German magazine falsely spreads the rumor that Osho has been married to a Greek-American sannyasin, Ma Yoga Mukta. NBC television subsequently brings this as 'news'.
30 Aug 1981 An Oregonian article says the local people haven't seen "so much excitement since the sheepherders and the cattlemen were feuding decades ago. 'This town is so conservative, the women stand in one group and the men stand in another,' said Ray Reynolds, 57. 'That's the type of community it is, and we like it.'"
4 Sep 1981 Wolfgang Dobrowolny's 1978 documentary, Ashram, highest grossing Germany documentary of 1980, opens in San Francisco.
16 Sep 1981 CULT IN CASTLE TROUBLING MONTCLAIR - NY Times article Wild Wild Guru, p.185: "Pellets from a BB gun smashed the window of our office in the commercial area, a "cherry bomb" exploding firework was detonated at 2:00am outside our mansion, and an old lady complained to a local television news station that she'd seen a sannyasin couple "rolling around" on the lawn behind our office. ... I got my own initiation when a rattle of small stones, hurled against my window, announced the arrival of a local gang or youths at approximately 11:30 one night. Other sannyasins got the finger and jeering insults from passing cars. The New York Times, which until that moment I had revered as a lighthouse of good journalism, responded to these incidents with the headline "Cult Causing Trouble in Montclair." As far as I could see, it was exactly the other way around. Montclair was causing trouble for the cult."
6 Oct 1981 Sheela addresses 80-85 ps at Madras Kiwanis Club
14 Oct 1981 Rajneeshees submit petition in The Dalles to incorporate their own city. "'It is sort of a foregone conclusion that the petition will be approved,' said Sue Profitt, Wasco County clerk. Judge Richard C. Cantrell said, 'There are no problems as far as the court is concerned. As long as they are legal, they have just as much right as any other citizen.' Although new towns may seem rare, according to the Oregon Blue Book, 11 cities were incorporated in Oregon during the 1970s." Bend Bulletin.
19 Oct 1981 Sheela addresses 140 ps in Madras at Jefferson Country Chamber of Commerce
23 Oct 1981 Osho applies for extension of stay in US to March 1, 1982, based on medical reasons.
27 Oct 1981 Sheela addresses a capacity crowd of officials and businessmen at Riverhouse Motor Inn (Bend Bulletin, October 28th)
1 Nov 1981 The Oregonian editorial. "Rajneeshpuram would not be the first Oregon community settled by a religious, ethnic or cultural group, but all others were opened to settlement by outsiders long before revenue sharing. The community of interest in Rajneeshpuram is understandable: a group of people sharing one religion, a common lifestyle, and seeking to cultivate agricultural land that, until their settlement, was only marginally productive. In fact, that sounds like the way many cities throughout the United States got their start. In addition, many company towns have become cities. Before 1906, the Oregon Legislature incorporated cities. In 1941, the law was changed to allow formation of cities by 150 persons if they so desired."
4 Nov 1981 About 250 people, including 26 Rajneesh disciples, crowded into the Wasco County Court House for 2 hour public hearing. By a vote of 2-1, The Wasco County Board of Commissioners voted to allow an incorporation election of Rajneeshpuram. The Oregonian, November 6. The Bend Bulletin described it as "the biggest crowd the second-floor circuit court room has seen in quite some time."
23-29 Nov 1981 Meanwhile, after Osho left India, many sannyasins went back to Europe. In the ICC Berlin, Germany, the Orange Connection-event was held. Photos here.
22 Nov 1981 Governor of Oregon Vic Atiyeh invited to Rancho Rajneesh. He was invited several times, but actually never came.
24 Nov 1981 Osho applies for permanent resident status as a religious leader and teacher.
11 Dec 1981 Golden Birthday Celebration
20 Dec 1981 Yule celebration given by Sheela and Jayananda for 200 ps.
22 Dec 1981 Census: 200 persons living on the Ranch (Bend Bulletin)
1 Jan 1982 Bend Bulletin lists Rajneeshpuram as the number 2 story of 1981.
Mar 1982 Ma Anand Sheela tells Ma Yoga Laxmi to leave the Ranch
11 - 17 Mar 1982 Governor Vic Atiyeh, campaigning in Central Oregon, various negative comments reported, see A Passage to America for details.
15 Mar 1982 Radio interview with governor Vic Atiyeh: 'Followers of BhagwanShree Rajneesh should leave'.
21 Mar 1982 am Enlightenment Day 1982 ~ 01 Satsang
21 Mar 1982 pm Enlightenment Day 1982 ~ 02 Darshan
27 Mar 1982 Shots fired by four Prineville men at a sannyasin in Antelope, " an attack at the minority religion", according to the victim. (Source: Bend Bulletin March 28th 1982)
8 Apr 1982 Mrs Donna Quick Smith of Rotary Club Redmond, says that governor Atiyeh should call out the National Guard to protect the Antelope residents during the First Annual World Celebration
13 Apr 1982 "Better dead than red" bumper stickers are pictured in the Bend Bulletin.
15 Apr 1982 Over 100 media representatives present for Antelope disincorporation election, fails by a vote of 55-42. More media than voters. Bend Bulletin editorial says "vote was an outrage to Oregon."
1 May 1982 Three sannyasins involved in a boating accident in John Day River, one dead, Sw Prem Ambara, (age 29, see work group shot here).
18 May 1982 Rajneeshpuram incorporation election held. The vote is a resounding 154-0 in favor.
18 Jun 1982 300 National Guardsmen have been placed on call for the First Annual World Celebration according to memorandum by assistent governor Bob Oliver
24 Jun 1982 Interview of Sheela and Rosemary Greer on Merv Griffin tv show
2 Jul 1982 Group of women from the Light of Life Ministry shout curses and block road during Osho's afternoon drive.
3 Jul 1982 First Annual World Celebration ~ 01 Satsang
See also Rajneeshpuram: The First Annual World Celebration (brochure).
3 Jul 1982 - 1800 tents are up and $3 million spent to host 6,000 people from around the world for the First Annual World Celebration. Also mentioned are stories of Christians starting to get obsessed with Osho. (Lots of such stories in Max's timeline.)
4 Jul 1982 First Annual World Celebration ~ 02 Satsang
5 Jul 1982 First Annual World Celebration ~ 03 Satsang
6 Jul 1982 First Annual World Celebration ~ 04 Satsang
6 Jul 1982 Master's Day Darshan
7 Jul 1982 First Annual World Celebration ~ 06 Satsang
24 Jul &
30 Aug 1982
Jul 24, Aug 30 Two stories of sannyasin firefighters assisting locals with summer wildfires.
6 Sep 1982 Osho gives an interview with Kirk Braun, Silent Period ~ 03 published in The Rajneesh Times (USA) 19th August 1983
7 Sep 1982 The planning department publishes City of Rajneeshpuram Comprehensive Plan, a big document that will play an important role in the development of Rajneeshpuram, the legal battles with the state of Oregon, the conflict with the 1000 Friends of Oregon etc.
8 Sep 1982 Mahaparinirvana Day 1982 ~ 01 Satsang and/or Darshan
14 Oct 1982 Osho travels to Portland for an interview with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service, Silent Period ~ 02, published in The Rajneesh Times (USA) 26th August 1983
11 Dec 1982 Birthday Celebration 1982 ~ 01 Satsang
17 Dec 1982 Census: Rajneeshpuram 600, Antelope 70. Ranch residents outside city, 100.
21 Dec 1982 INS denies Osho's application for status as permanent US resident, on the grounds that he cannot be a religious leader since he is not speaking in public.
2 Jan 1983 Rajneeshpuram reports 700 residents.
UPI mentions Rajneeshee story as one of the major events of 1982.
The Bend Bulletin selects it again as the second biggest story of the year.
16 Feb 1983 Jefferson County District Attorney Michael C Sullivan falls seriously ill, after allegedly being poisoned by Rajneeshees
27 Feb 1983 Sannyasins file one of many freedom of information act (FOIA) requests, which is delayed for 1.5 years and then denied.
15 Mar 1983 Klamath Falls State Senator Fred Heard defended freedom of religion before a group of Bend Senior Citizens. "'I'm arguing a very unpopular stand,' said Heard. 'I'm arguing for freedom of religion.'" Bend Bulletin, March 16, 1983
21 Mar 1983 am Enlightenment Day 1983 ~ 01
21 Mar 1983 pm Enlightenment Day 1983 ~ 02
14 Apr 1983 Bill Driver article in The Dalles Weekly Reminder [https:/exhibits.lib.pacificu.edu] 'More and more people are saying it's time to quit talking,'
27 Apr 1983 Horse belonging to the head of Rajneeshpuram's Peace Force is wounded by an unknown gunman.
18 May 1983 Attorneys for Osho file rebuttal with INS, consisting of 3 videotapes, 51 photographs, 48 pages of brief, and 628 pages of evidence. "Rebuttal" of what is not 100% clear, presumed to be the last relevant INS entry, in Dec 1982.
23 May 1983 750-1000 "Concerned Oregonians" attend anti-Rajneesh rally in The Dalles
26 May 1983 Preliminary initiative petition filed with the Secretary of State's office to expel the Rajneesh cult from Oregon.
10 - 23 Jun 1983 Stories on an Oregon ballot initiative to "expel Rajneeshees", its ups and downs and ins and outs.
14 Jun 1983 Thirty people protest in favor of deporting Rajneesh in front of Portland INS
23 Jun 1983 Anti-Rajneesh petition given an approved ballot title
23 Jun 1983 Sheela invites Governor Vic Atiyeh to Rajneeshpuram The Rajneesh Times (USA) June 24 1983 after his speech at the Greater Portland Convention and Visitor's Association in Portland
24 Jun 1983 The Oregonian guest editorial by Dr. Ted L. Shay, professor of political science at Willamette University and father of Ma Amrit Roshani-to-be, recounts some of prejudices against Rajneeshees going beyond a legitimate fear of Jonestown.
2 Jul 1983 Second Annual World Celebration ~ 01 Satsang
3 Jul 1983 Second Annual World Celebration ~ 02 Satsang
4 Jul 1983 Second Annual World Celebration ~ 03 Satsang
4 Jul 1983 Thirteen non-Rajneeshee residents remain in Antelope.
5 Jul 1983 Second Annual World Celebration ~ 04 Satsang
6 Jul 1983 Second Annual World Celebration ~ 05 Satsang
6 Jul 1983 Second Annual World Celebration ~ 06 Master's Day Darshan
7 Jul 1983 Second Annual World Celebration ~ 07 Satsang
8 Jul 1983 Second Annual World Celebration ~ 08 Satsang
23 Jul 1983 New anti-Rajneesh group, Americans for Constitutional Rights (AFCR), attracts about 700 people to its first meeting in The Dalles.
29 Jul 1983 Three bomb blasts, one at 1:22 a.m. and two at 2:57 a.m., in the Hotel Rajneesh in Portland. One of the culprits, Stephen Paul Paster, age 34, from Los Angeles, is caught red handed with hands blown off, released on $20.000 bail (see 10 Nov 1985)
3 Aug 1983 Rajneesh Portland Hotel receives a call from Seattle stating that someone has discussed hiring a person to kill Rajneesh.
2 Sep 1983 Message/dictation by Osho from Sheela,published in The Rajneesh Times (USA), September 2nd 1983, Silent Period ~ 04
7 Sep 1983 Sannyasin Disco "Far Out" in Berlin firebombed. $70,000 in damages, but reopened 10 days later.
8 Sep 1983 Mahaparinirvana Day 1983 ~ 01
8 Sep 1983 Mahaparinirvana Day 1983 ~ 02
6 Oct 1983 Oregon Attorney General Dave Frohnmayer files his church-state case against Rajneeshpuram and calls a press conference.
9 Oct 1983 Editorials in The Oregonian "Legal issues about the incorporation of Rajneeshpuram", taking Dave Frohnmayer to task for a mediocre and possibly biased case against the incorporation of Rajneeshpuram.
23 Oct 1983 Census: 1202 residents in Rajneeshpuram.
28 Oct 1983 Message/dictation by Osho from Sheela, The Rajneesh Times(Rajneeshpuram newspaper), October 28th 1983, Silent Period ~ 05
1 Nov 1983 Editorial in The Oregonian against Attorney General Dave Frohnmayer's church-state case by Roy S. Haber, formerly deputy chief in Civil Rights Division of the US Justice Department,
25 Nov 1983 Two telephone bomb threats, one from Tuesday, November 15 1983 and another from Friday, November 18 1983, are reported.
1 Dec 1983 Lead pellet fired through second storey window and into room of Hotel Rajneesh in Portland
2 Dec 1983 Rock thrown through window in Zorba the Buddha disco in Portland
11 Dec 1983 Birthday Celebration 1983 ~ 01
18 Dec 1983 1000 Friends' Rajneeshpuram Alert has been mailed to 500,000 households since September. Director Henry Richmond says the mailing has produced membership or donations from 3250 households and the membership is now 8,500.
20 Jan 1984 An FBI agent in Portland states that his agency will block Rajneesh Peace Force from using the National Crime Information Center
Feb 1984 INS General Counsel Mike Inman comes to Portland and asks CharlesTurner's office to make Rajneesh case criminal and take it before a Grand Jury.
Feb 1984 Ko Hsuan School (pictures JPLaffont) Antelope in action
2 Feb 1984 Sheela's father, a naturalized US citizen, announces that he adopted Rajneesh on January 12, 1936.
15 Feb 1984 Robert Krueger, district director of INS approves Rajneesh's request to be classified as a religious teacher
17 Feb 1984 Rick Norton, deputy assistant commissioner for INS investigations in Washington, DC, asks Joe Greene in Miami to move to Portland and coordinate the Rajneeshee investigation.
21 Mar 1984 Satsang
21 Mar 1984 Darshan
15 Apr 1984 Wamic man coordinates and leads a nearly 200-strong protest march through Antelope
15 Apr 1984 Attorney General Dave Frohnmayer entertains Republican Party of Oregon by singing The Guru in the Sky
8 Jun 1984 Ranchers between Rajneeshpuram and Antelope have been hanging coyote carcasses on their fences.
30 Jun 1984 Third Annual World Celebration ~ 01 Satsang
1 Jul 1984 Third Annual World Celebration ~ 02 Satsang
2 Jul 1984 Third Annual World Celebration ~ 03 Satsang
3 Jul 1984 Third Annual World Celebration ~ 04 Satsang
4 Jul 1984 Third Annual World Celebration ~ 05 Satsang
5 Jul 1984 Third Annual World Celebration ~ 06 Satsang
1-6 Jul 1984

Photos by Ma Puja Subodhi. For more, see Rajneeshpuram photos by Subodhi.

6 Jul 1984 Master's Day Darshan
6 Jul 1984 Third Annual World Celebration ~ 08 Satsang
14 Aug 1984 Rajneesh breaks silence
19 Aug 1984 Deposition with mr Mr McMurray, Silent Period ~ 06, published inThe Rajneesh Times (USA), 24th August 1984
8 Sep 1984 Satsang
8 Sep 1984 Darshan
18 Sep 1984 Antelope is renamed 'City of Rajneesh'.
26 Oct 1984 Silent Period ~ 07, published in The Rajneesh Times (USA), 26th October 1984 (on religion)
30 Oct 1984 Osho starts talking again after a long period of silence. This is in Lao Tzu Grove, in a small, very refrigerated room, for a small group of people called "The chosen few" : The Rajneesh Bible, Vol 1 / From Unconsciousness to Consciousness, 30/10 - 28/11
11 Dec 1984 Birthday Celebration 1984 ~ 01 Satsang
14 Jan 1985 A fire causes extensive damage to the planning office in The Dalles
29 Jan 1985 Discourses to a small group of people in Lao Tzu Grove: The Rajneesh Bible, Vol 4 / From Misery to Enlightenment
28 Feb 1985 Discourse series Rajneesh Bible #5/From Darkness to Light 28/02-31/03
21 Mar 1985 Enlightenment Day 1985 ~ 01
1 Apr 1985 Discourse series Rajneesh Bible #6/From the False to the Truth 01/04-01/08
13 May 1985 Bomb dropped by helicopter on [wikipedia: MOVE] black religious community, Osage street, Philadelphia, after many violent attacks.(documentary 'Let the fire burn' [1]
3 Jun 1985 Rajneesh Foundation International and 12 Rajneeshees file a class action suit against Edwin Meese III, the State Department, Secretary of State George Schultz, and INS officials Sheela says the suit is being filed because she has received a confidential call from the US Attorney's office in Portland saying an indictment and arrest warrants for her and Rajneesh are coming down.
30 Jun 1985 The Oregonian: series of articles in 6 parts, "For Love and Money", begins.LINK
6 Jul 1985 Fourth Annual World Celebration ~ 01 - Satsang
See also Rajneeshpuram: The Fourth Annual World Celebration (brochure) and The Fourth Annual World Celebration (leaflet).
6 Jul 1985 Fourth Annual World Celebration ~ 02 - Master's Day Darshan
Ma Shantam Lani interviewed on life in Rajneeshpuram on YouTube / Israeli i24NEWS.
Also see OshoNews.
16 Jul -- 26 Oct 1985 Interviews with the world press. The Last Testament (Vol 1) , (Vol 2) , (Vol 3) , and (Vol 4).
1 Aug 1985 Interview with Christopher Reed, the Guardian, London
4 Aug 1985 Interview with Mike Wolfe, KBND Radio, Bend, Oregon
22 Aug 1985 Interview for Cjor radio, Vancouver, Canada
14 Sep 1985 Ma Anand Sheela leaves Rajneeshpuram
15 Sep 1985 Mayor of Rajneeshpuram Sw Krishna Deva leaves Rajneeshpuram. He later becomes a prosecution witness.
16 Sep 1985 Osho starts talking in Rajneesh Mandir for all sannyasins: The Rajneesh Bible 7+8 / From Bondage to Freedom 15/09-27/10
16 Sep 1985 Rajneesh accuses Sheela and other departed officials of assorted crimes and invites police to investigate. #1 Press conference.
19 Sep 1985 State and federal law enforcement agencies create a joint task force to investigate Rajneesh’s allegations [wikipedia: Rajneeshee Assassination Plot] and set up an office in Rajneeshpuram.
23 Sep 1985 "There are no Rajneeshees and there is no Rajneeshism". From Bondage to Freedom #9 Q3
26 Sep 1985 Sannyasins no longer are called Rajneeshees and no longer have to wear red clothes nor the mala, From Bondage to Freedom #12 Q5
30 Sep 1985 Burning of Rajneeshism books and Sheela's 'high priestess clothes'.
23 Oct 1985 A federal grand jury in Portland secretly indicts Rajneesh and seven others in a 35-count indictment charging them with immigration fraud.
25 Oct 1985 A Wasco County grand jury secretly indicts Ma Anand Sheela and Ma Shanti Bhadra on charges that they tried to kill Rajneesh’s personal doctor Sw Prem Amrito
27 Oct 1985 Last discourse in Rajneeshpuram From Bondage to Freedom #43
27 Oct 1985 Rajneesh leaves Rancho Rajneesh
28 Oct 1985 Rajneesh arrested at Charlotte airport
6 Nov 1985 Original residents and remaining Rajneeshees vote to rename the "City of Rajneesh" back to "Antelope" 34-0 (name restored in 1986)
8 Nov 1985 Rajneesh is released on $500,000 bail after being returned to Portland from Charlotte, North Carolina
10 Nov 1985 Stephen Paster who placed three pipe bombs in Hotel Rajneesh in Portland in 1983 was sentenced to 20 years in prison, released after 4 years.
14 Nov 1985 Rajneesh pleads guilty to two federal felonies, pays $400,000 in fines and prosecution costs and promptly leaves the USA
10 Dec 1985 U.S. District Court Judge Helen J. Frye voids the incorporation of Rajneeshpuram, deciding that its creation violated constitutional provisions separating church and state
1987 wikipedia:Rajneeshpuram: In the church/state suit, Federal Judge Helen J. Frye (had) ruled against Rajneeshpuram in late 1985, a decision that was not contested, since it came too late to be of practical significance. The Oregon courts, however, eventually found in favor of the city, with the Court of Appeals determining in 1986 that incorporation had not violated the state planning system's agricultural land goals. The Oregon Supreme Court ended litigation in 1987, leaving Rajneeshpuram empty and bankrupt, but legal within Oregon law.
16 Mar 2018 Netflix Original documentary series Wild Wild Country (2018) screened at wikipedia: Sundance Film Festival. The 3 part documentary focuses on the conflict between Ma Anand Sheela and executives of Rajneeshpuam versus the American locals and state of Oregon. The series causes lots of discussion in the sannyas community, expecially about the responsibility that the (largely unknowing) sannyasins had, and about the omission of the story of Osho and the reason the sannyasins were there in the first place.
(*1) Please suggest good headers for these two columns!