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A starter for a timeline for the Ranch-period and related facts before and after.

wish-list for a timeline

  • What was the timing of Osho's requests to Laxmi for her to find land, both in Poona 1 and during the Ranch
  • Timing of the incorporation of the city / dis-incorporation / lawsuits. Plus the role of Antelope in this.
  • Timing of the public school
  • Celebrations --> see the Category:Albums : music that was performed on celebration dates have been named starting with the date
  • Rajneeshism, when did it start, when was the booklet Rajneeshism burned etc.
  • Adoption stories, see Talk:Glimpses of a Golden Childhood#About the Missing Session 29
  • Timing of Osho starting to speak again, also to journalists (all in Osho's timeline). Plus reactions of Sheela (according to observers around). Plus, these talks were at first for a small group, "Special talks for a group called THE CHOSEN FEW who are going to be the messengers of Rajneeshism for the world at large." When did it start and stop? Who were these people?
    • Talks started with From Unconsciousness to Consciousness, Oct 30 1984. The "Chosen Few" were Ranch residents who were chosen by Sheela, but they did rotate. It is not clear what the basis of choosing was other than official Ranch Gold bead residents. They were a small group, perhaps 20 or so, to fit in the small room in Lao Tzu Grove where the talks happened, but talks were video'd and shown later in the Mandir for everyone.
    • The "Chosen Few" shtick ended when talks moved to the Mandir. The last talk in Lao Tzu Grove was Apr 2 1985, the second talk in From the False to the Truth. The most mysterious item in this "Talks timeline" is the big gap in talks from Apr 2 to Jun 30, when talks resumed in the Mandir. Why so big a gap?
    • And talks with journalists start, somewhat sporadically, on Jul 17 1985.
  • Osho declares a group enlightened, bodhisattvas etc etc. When? Who? Many names are in the books, with full qualifications, like "Published by: Bodhisattvaa Ma Anand Sheela M.M., D.Phil.M., D.Litt.M.(RIMU), Acharya".
  • Crimes committed by Sheela & gang: a summary of what & who knew what. Convictions & time served.
  • Key comments from Osho on the developments
  • Safety on the Ranch, "safe haven", threats from the outside. Police department. Guns on the Ranch, from what date?
  • "Worship", meaning and experiences
  • Nature coming alive again on the Big Muddy
  • The magic of Rajneeshpuram: "Magical experiences" on the Ranch
  • Dropping the red clothes and mala, why and when?
  • Dropping sannyas with the events of 1985... experiences
  • The The City of Rajneeshpuram was incorporated in 1982. When exactly? And from when did sannyasins call the Ranch "Rajneeshpuram" ?

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