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Ma Prem Aja
Ma Deva Alice -- ran RBG (Raj Buddhafield Garage)
Sw Deva Allen
Sw Anand Alok
Ma Prem Amrito
Ma Prem Anama
Sw Anandadas
Sw Prem Anbuddha
Sw Anugiten -- (Richard Kevin Langford)
Ma Anand Anupa
Ma Prem Archan -- Amer, ran Post Office
Sw Dhyan Arjuna -- Amer (John Hogue); it's necessary to use and state that info: pest control walla
Sw Anand Arup
Ma Prem Arup -- Dutch, ran RIMU (now Prem Garimo)
Ma Yoga Asha
Ma Yoga Astha
Ma Ava -- (Ava Kay Avalos) Amer.
Ma Deva Barkha -- Amer, Peace Force Chief
Ma Shanti Bhadra -- (Catherine Jane Stork, a.k.a. Catherine Jane Stubbs, "Shanti B"), Australian, attempted a.o. to murder Devaraj/Amrito
Ma Yoga Bhakti
Ma Aruna Bharti
Ma Satya Bharti
Sw Anand Bhavo
Sw Bodhigarbha
Ma Mary Catherine -- Amer, Rajneesh Times editor, city planner, became Ranjana later
Sw Christ Chaitanya
Sw Prem Christo
Ma Deva Connie
Ma Prem Dassano
Ma Prem Debal
Sw Devageet -- Osho's dentist; it's necessary to use and state that info: Vice Chancellor, Rajneesh International Meditation University
Sw Anand Devalaya
Sw Devananda
Sw Devaraj -- Osho's doctor (now Sw Prem Amrito)
Ma Dipam
Ma Dolma -- Amer, ran Chuang Tzu (construction)?
Ma Anand Durga
Sw Dhyan Earle
Ma Prem Garima
Ma Anand Gayan -- German, Osho's seamstress in the USA
Ma Anand Gayatri
Ma Prem Geeta -- secretary of Rajneesh Foundation International, director of Rajneesh Foundation Europe
Sw Geet Govind
Ma Prem Gulamo
Ma Gyanpriya
Sw Anand Hari
Ma Prem Hasya -- Amer, ran everything after Sheela left
Sw Anand Hasyo
Ma Prem Homa -- Amer, various positions of authority incl municipal judge
Ma Nirvan Hope
Sw Antar Hugh
Ma Prem Idama
Ma Prem Isabel -- Chilean, ran Twinkies, PR
Ma Deva Jayamala -- clerk of the court
Sw Prem Jayananda -- Sheela's Amer husband
Sw Jayanta
Sw Dhyan John -- Amer, President of Rajneesh Corporation, trustee of the Rajneesh Modern Car Collection Trust, later known as Sw Dhyan Yogi
Sw Anand Julian -- English, eavesdropping walla
Sw Prem Kabir
Ma Anand Kali
Ma Prem Karuna -- Amer, mayor of Rajneesh / Antelope
Ma Prem Kavido
Ma Kavisho -- French, one of Osho's librarians
Ma Prem Kavita
Sw Prem Kensho
Ma Anand Kevala
Ma Prem Komala
Ma Kranto -- Amer, ran Surdas (truck farm)
Sw Krishna Deva -- (David Berry Knapp), Amer, Mayor of R'puram
Sw Krishnananda
Ma Yoga Laxmi -- Osho asked her to look for land for a commune in India, even several times during the Ranch. Instead, she preferred to stay with Osho on the Ranch.
Sw Prem Leeladhar
Sw Prem Madhav
Ma Prem Madir
Sw Anand Mahakavi
Ma Deva Mamta
Sw Anand Masta
Ma Yoga Mukta
Sw Narayanadeva
Ma Deva Naveena
Sw Neehar -- Ozzie farmer, next in command at Dadu
Ma Nirada
Ma Prem Nirav
Sw Prem Niren -- Amer, R'puram and Osho's lawyer
Ma Anand Nirgun -- Cdn, one of Osho's cooks
Ma Yoga Nirmal -- Cdn, ran Dadu (farm)
Ma Nirupam
Sw Veet Nirvana
Ma Deva Niseema
Sw Nityanando
Ma Prema Nivedita
Ma Prem Padma
Ma Yoga Padma -- Amer, ran Raidas (cleaning)
Ma Prem Panna
Ma Prem Patipada -- Amer, trustee, director of this and that, many hats
Sw Deva Peter -- Osho's car painter, author of 93 Rolls-Royces.
Ma Deva Prabha
Ma Prem Prabodhi
Ma Sat Prabodhi -- city recorder, treasurer, trustee of this and that, fled in middle of night with her partner Sw Prem Siddha
Sw Satya Pradip
Sw Anand Pragitam
Ma Yoga Pragya
Sw Anand Prasthan
Ma Yoga Pratima -- Australian, big in Socrates (HQ office)
Ma Premgyan
Ma Premrup
Ma Amrita Pritam -- Shannon Ryan, daughter of Leo Ryan, American congressman murdered in Nov 1978 while investigating Jonestown
Sw Deva Pritam
Ma Anand Puja -- Filipina, ran Mohammed, the medical dept
Ma Prem Punita
Sw Deva Rajendra
Sw Prem Rajesh -- Amer, worked in Edison under Julian, also involved in eavesdropping
Sw Ramananda -- Amer, worked in Chuang Tzu
Sw Rama Prem
Ma Anand Raphaelle
Ma Deva Rikta -- (Phyllis Caldwell) Amer manager of this and that, many hats
Ma Prem Rikta
Sw Deva Ron
Ma Prem Sadhano
Ma Prem Sadhya
Sw Shanti Sagar
Sw Anand Sagaro
Ma Dhyan Sahaja
Ma Prem Sahaja
Ma Saki
Ma Prem Samadhi (American) -- (Carol Matthews, a.k.a. Samadhi Selecki, Carol Longo, Samadhi Longo-Disse Ph.D.)
Sw Prem Samarpan
Sw Antar Samira
Ma Deva Samya
Sw Deva Sandesh
Ma Prem Sangeet -- Amer, City of Rajneesh (Antelope) lawyer
Sw Veet Sangharsh
Sw Anand Sangito
Sw Dhyan Santosh
Ma Ananda Sarita
Sw Sarvananda
Sw Satchidananda
Sw Satsang
Ma Prem Savita -- (Sally-Anne Croft), Chief Financial Officer (not to be confused with Ma Anand Savita). See Independent: WHAT A LONG, STRANGE TRIP IT'S BEEN.
Sw Shantparv
Ma Prem Sharda
Ma Anand Sheela -- (Sheela Silverman, a.k.a. Sheela Birnstiel), Osho's secretary from Jan 1981, some months before the move to the US, until Sep 14, 1985
Sw Shunyo
Ma Anand Su -- (Susan Hagan, a.k.a. Susan Strock, Susan Lissanevitch), Rajneeshpuram head of security. See Independent: WHAT A LONG, STRANGE TRIP IT'S BEEN.
Sw Prartho Subhan
Ma Prem Sujato
Ma Prem Suman
Ma Prem Sunshine -- Amer, commune spokesperson
Sw Anand Suraj
Sw Suryadas
Sw Ananda Teertha -- Brit, gave sannyas, led groups, did counseling
Sw Santosh Toby -- on the Ranch from November ’81 until December ’85, where he worshipped at Edison
Sw Deva Vadan
Sw Prem Vardo
Sw Anand Vedam
Sw Prem Veeresh
Sw Anand Videh
Ma Yoga Vidya -- (Ann Phyllis McCarthy), SA, big in Socrates (HQ office) and ran Ramakrishna (human resources), "fourth-in-command of Rajneeshpuram"
Ma Prem Viraj
Ma Yoga Vivek -- Brit, Osho's lover
Ma Deva Waduda -- Amer aka Ma Prem Leela Lovegarden, now deceased
Sw Prem Yashen
Sw Prem Yatren
Ma Anand Yoganidra
Sw Paritosh Yogena
Ma Dhyan Yogini -- (Alma Potter, a.k.a. Alma Peralta) big in Magdalena (kitchen)

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