Testimonial letter from MC Blackden

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This letter is one of a remarkable series of over 2700 letters amassed in 1983 to support Osho's attempt to get permanent resident status in the US at the time of the Oregon ranch. The image is reproduced here with the kind permission of The Oregon Historical Society. Information about their collection of these letters and other supporting material -- the "Jeffrey Noles Rajneesh Collection", named for Osho's immigration lawyer Jeffrey Noles, who compiled them in 1983 and donated them to the OHS -- can be found at this page. The wiki is grateful to the OHS for making access available for these documents. For more information and links to all the letters, see Testimonial letters.

This letter is from MC Blackden. It is "Exhibit A-56" in the Noles collection.

The text version below has been created by optical character recognition (OCR), from the images supplied by OHS. It has not been checked for errors but this process usually results in over 99% correct transcription. Most apparent "errors" are correct transcriptions of typos already in the original. The image on the right in the text box will link to a pdf file of the original letter when the pdf is created. It has one page.

Exhibit A-0056-01, Coll 621 box1 f01.jpg

100, Goldhurst Terrace
London N.W. 6, England
21st July 1983


I am a qualified teacher of religion in the United Kingdom, graduating with an honours degree in theology and education at the University of Leeds. I studied under Dr. Michael Williams, who is well known in his field both for his university lectures and published theological articles.

I heard about Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh some six years ago, and as a qualified teacher myself I can testify that His teachings are the most profound and brilliant that I have ever heard. I have read many of his religious books and listened to hundred of tapes of his discourses, and have gained many new insights and understandings into my profession as a result.

The depth of his ideas on a very wide variety of subjects and his clarity in communicating them, makes him the most brilliant holistic religious teacher of our time. His teachings in the area of human consciousness in particular are valuable to teachers like myself, as they help us to be aware of the real needs of those we educate.

His presence would be an invaluable asset to any country.

Yours faithfully
M. C. Blackden

(Please note: We assume that the above letter is still copyrighted, but we regard its historical interest to constitute a Fair Use exception for publication in this wiki.)