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This page is the central ("master") page for an amazing collection of letters from people all over the world attesting to Osho's superlative qualities as a religious teacher. An impressive number of them were from non-sannyasins, writing in their professional capacities as academics or even officials of nominally "competing" religions, from Catholic theologians to Zen teachers. The letters were used to help with Osho's attempt to get permanent resident status in the US at the time of the Oregon ranch.

the story

Osho arrived in the US Jun 1 1981 and stayed in "Kip's Castle", part of Chidvilas Rajneesh Meditation Center, Montclair, in New Jersey. The Ranch was purchased in early Jul but Osho did not move there until Aug 31. (Source for dates in this account is Roshani's Chronology of Events Relating to Rajneeshpuram, Oregon (source document), unless otherwise noted.)

He first arrived on a visitor's visa. On Oct 23 1981, he applied for an extension of that until Mar 1 1982, based on the need for medical treatment. On Nov 24 1981 he applied for permanent US resident status as a religious leader and teacher.

After Osho's visitor visa expired in Jun 1982, he was allowed to stay in the country while his religious leader status was being considered. The decision came on Dec 21 1982; the US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) denied Osho's application for permanent resident status. He was given one month to launch an appeal, or else be deported.

Two days later, Osho's lawyers announced they would appeal the INS' decision within 15 days, contesting every aspect. They said that the INS was looking for reasons to reject Osho's applications, noting especially the rudeness and hostility of INS officials at their Dec 22 press conference.

On Jan 5 1983, sannyasins filed their appeal in the INS' regional office in Minneapolis, mentioning five specific grounds:
1. Osho met all requirements as a religious leader
2. the INS misinterpreted and misapplied relevant statutes
3. the INS overstepped their authority in defining a religious worker, eg in saying that Osho could not teach or lead if he was in public silence
4. the INS failed to provide Osho's attorneys with various findings, so they were unable to respond
5. the INS acted arbitrarily and out of prejudice, discriminating on the basis of their own religious beliefs and limited understanding.

request for testimonials

That filing was followed by months of legal wrangling, jostling and jockeying for position. It is not clear when in this process the idea arose and was implemented to collect the testimonial letters but, judging from the letters' dates, it was likely in early Jul of 1983. A (very) few letters are dated before Jul 10 but it seems likely that they are dated wrongly. Jul 10 is when they start to come en masse, and by the 15th, there is already a flood.

According to an email from Roshani, the process of soliciting letters went something like this: "People at the Ranch phoned people to ask them to write. Or they called centers to ask people to write". There were no instructions or fixed format. An immense outpouring came in response from all around the world.

An email from Niren, one of Osho's lawyers at the time, added that not all the letters were used: "The letters deemed most effective, most of which came from sannyasins and others who were accomplished in their chosen fields, were then submitted to the INS as exhibits to a Rebuttal to the INS denial of Osho's visa application.

"Because the INS withdrew the decisions, then later granted the visa petition, but not the application for adjustment of status, there was never a court context to attack the decisions. Hence, the Rebuttals are the most detailed response 'rebutting' the INS denials". He goes into much more detail in his book USA v. Osho.

Over 2700 letters were sent or forwarded to the INS from all over the world. The letters were kept by Osho's immigration lawyer, Jeffrey Noles of Portland, who eventually [when?] donated them to the Oregon Historical Society, based in Portland.

The letters are only a small part of Noles' collection, comprising one box plus most of a second box of documents out of seven boxes in all. A correspondent, Sw Anand Sharma, contacted the OHS and, as of Mar 2022, has obtained and shared pdfs of images of all of the letters with the wiki. We will index them here, and link them eventually to individual pages with images and a searchable text version. Later we will try to get the same for the other files in Noles' collection.

Information on the whole Noles collection can be found at this page. "Series A", also called "Exhibit A", of that collection, by far the largest section, contains "documents used in the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh immigration case that were organized into folders based on the subject. Documents were used as evidence in an attempt to argue his importance and fame all over the world as a religious figure. Includes photocopies of letters, examples of published works, materials from various Rajneesh organizations and information about his religious beliefs and activities both in India and the United States. Includes a few color brochures and an introductory pamphlet". The section dealing with the letters is:

Subseries 1: Letters "attesting to His exceptional ability and international acclaim"
Individual letters of support from all over the world for Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh to gain citizenship in the United States.

The wiki is grateful to the OHS for making access available for these documents.

Uploading the letter images and creating searchable text versions will take some time but will be automated as much as possible after a smooth system is set up. For information about the templates used, see Discussion. Meanwhile, patience please ....

the letter-writers

Letters from those who identify clearly as sannyasins often cite their prior religious history in order to illustrate Osho's teaching and how it has profoundly improved their lives and understanding of religion. Links will lead to their letters, not their personal pages, which may not exist. The sorting criterion for the name column is the name they are most likely to have been known or be recognized by, usually their last name.

Sorting criterion for non-sannyasins is their surname, usually but not always their last name, depending on their culture of origin. Note that there are a few cases with only legal names but the writers have unambiguously declared themselves to be sannyasins. Like non-sannyasins, they are sorted according to surnames.

Almost all the non-sannyasin letter-writers have stated some position of "expertise" in the non-sannyas world which is the basis of their commenting on Osho's attempt to get official status in the States. Most sannyasins writing do not have a long-standing "outside" position, though their background may have included such a position at one time.

Note that there are many writers whose sannyas status is not clearly indicated one way or the other. A close reading of these unknowns' letters reveals more than a few referring to a long history of visits to Poona and the Ranch, close association with sannyasins, personal meetings with Osho and using a more devotional, flowery, "non-professional" or "sannyas-metaphysical" language, with most of the others having some of these features. The wiki will not speculate on individual letter-writers but we observe this pattern.

It seems likely that many or even most of these undeclared writers are in fact sannyasins, including a few whose legal names are known to wiki editors. Why would they decline to indicate that important fact while championing the superlative qualities of their beloved Master? One reason may have been a likely widespread belief that the INS would not accord their letters the same credibility as those from non-sannyasins; so, while not actively denying their disciplehood, some of their history and language might be toned down.

themes in the letters

We could say that there are as many themes in these letters as there are writers, and that would have a kind of truth, as the format and message were open to the writers to play with. Every letter was unique! But this would not be very satisfying to the categorizers and analysts among us, so ....

More than a few letter-writers refer to Osho's apparent application for permanent-resident status in another way besides as a religious leader, as a "person of exceptional ability in the arts and sciences". Precisely those words or a paraphrase come up regularly, so it seems likely that this wider approach was adopted around this time, to give the INS as many reasons as possible to say yes. When relating to this approach, even if only implicitly, the writers would "make it personal", ie connecting Osho's wisdom, guidance or just plain inspiration to their own field of study or expertise.

By far the largest contingent of that type -- and many writers did use that general approach -- were those practicing psychology and in related fields such as sociology, education and so on. Those writing on this aspect of Osho's contributions saw him as a master psychologist, whose innovations in understanding the human psyche left all others -- Freud, Jung, Adler, Maslow, Reich, Rogers and more are mentioned -- at the starting gate.

The preponderance of this theme was natural, given sannyasins' interest in going beyond the mind. Furthermore, many sannyasins were already in the field when they first came across him, looking for something more, and ... Wow! And even those who remained non-sannyasins wrote glowing tributes to his insight, wisdom and impact on their lives and on their clients. While some were careful to distance themselves from him, the vast majority endorsed him enthusiastically as a major force whose insights and methods would revolutionize psychology and whose presence would be of great benefit to the US.

Professionals in many other fields, including doctors (many specialists), nurses, teachers, lawyers, police, diplomats, etc, spoke of the impact he had had in their professional lives, and often their personal lives.

Creative people in all areas of the arts were another sizable contingent, saying how Osho's words on creativity in general or often very specifically in their own field -- poetry, music, painting, acting, whatever -- helped bring out the best in them, tapping into new depths and resources. And beyond the words, his silent presence, his meditations, his therapeutic processes, his love, all were mentioned as having brought about transformations in their work.

The environmental repair and restoration work at the Ranch was another big theme which elicited many comments, from urban planners, environmental managers, agriculturalists and laypeople. The angle here was that the planning and the work were superb, so that Osho, who was inspiring it, should be welcomed into the country, not spurned.

In fact, the work in general at the Ranch, twelve hours a day, seven days a week, was noteworthy for more than a few writers, as it showed clearly the dedication and love of those who had gathered around Osho. As only he (sometimes "He") could have inspired it, the logic was inescapable that he was a bona fide religious leader.

The INS' ridiculous claim that he could not be a religious leader because he was in silence was addressed in many ways by many writers. Leaders in nominally competing spiritual groups, even Catholics, pointed to silence as a long-revered tradition just about everywhere. And anyway, many pointed out, words conveying the conceptual aspect of his guidance were still available in hundreds of books. Parents of sannyasins saw their loved ones motivated, engaged and happy, and said, look, this is a religious leader.

America's self-image of freedom, especially religious freedom, came up often in the letters, both positively as celebrations of this great country's heritage and negatively as accusations of bigotry.


all the letters

The table below presents links to each of the letters plus something about each of the letter-writers. The table can be sorted by clicking on any of the column headers. The "notes" column is a bit of a catchall for several kinds of information for which separate columns seemed excessive: whether the letter was handwritten, written in a language other than English or featured an enclosure of some kind, the default empty cell indicating none of these. With each of the "noted" cases, a typed transcription or translation is included.

using the table

Clicking on any of the column headers in the table will sort the table according to the data in that column. Particular column info follows:

indicates the unique ID given each letter by Noles and/or the OHS
click on the header-arrows to sort according to legal surname or sannyas name
n = non-sannyasin
s = sannyasin
u = unknown if sannyasin or not
click on the arrows to sort by sannyasin/non-sannyasin; this will also sort by sannyas-name, where applicable.
date of the letter, also click-sortable
note that the few dates prior to Jul 10 1983 are likely incorrect
exhibit name n/s position / background date notes
A-1 Douglas V Steere n professor philosophy, Haverford College, Haverford PA 1983-07-16
A-2 Peter M Kuntz n scholar law & theology, Princeton University 1983-07-21
A-3 Daniel Matt n professor Judaic studies, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley CA 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-4 Douglas K Huneke n pastor, Westminster United Presbyterian Church, Tiburon CA 1983-07-13
A-5 Mitsuo Aoki n Dept of Religion, University of Hawaii 1983-07-12
A-6 Kazuyoshi Kino n research and mission work in Buddhism, 1983-07-14
A-7 Frederick Partington n Anglican priest, head of Counseling Courses, Middlesex Polytechnic, UK 1983-07-18
A-8 Joseph H Gelberman n rabbi, Tree of Life Synagogue, NYC 1983-07-26
A-9 Michael Ziegler n rabbi, Piedmont CA 1983-07-20
A-10 Ulrike Eichhoff u protestant vicar (F), Nörten-Hardenberg, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-11 Gregorio n Archimandrite of Turin (Russian Patriarchal Church), Italy 1983-07-18 Original in Italian.
A-12 Sw Deva Paritosh (J. Paul Campbell) s Catholic monk --> psychotherapist 1983-07-14
A-13 illegible (Orthodox Church of Italy) n National President of the Venerable Permanent Counsel, Orthodox Church of Italy in Florence 1983-07-10
A-14 Dr. Gabriel Looser n Dr of Theology, Catholic hospital ministry, Bern, Switzerland 1983-07-15 Original in German.
A-15 Diane Mintz n MA rabbinic literature and education, Kensington CA 1983-07-20
A-16 Reuho Yamada n head priest of Choshoji Temple, Beppu Japan 1983-07-15
A-17 Sw Deva Siddhartha (Mattheus Josephus Maria van Langen) s philosophy, theology, Catholic priest 1983-07-16
A-18 Klaus Bieger u Protestant theologian, Kiel, Germany 1983-07-20
A-19 Revd. Dr. Chad Varah n Prebendary of St Paul's Cathedral, London 1983-08-04
A-20 Ma Prem Samadhi (Matthews Selecki) s theology and psychology 1983-07-20
A-21 RC Gordon-McCutchan, PhD n professor American religious history, University of California, Santa Barbara 1983-07-23
A-22 Felicitas D Goodman, PhD n professor (ret'd) anthropology and linguistics, Denison University, Granville OH 1983-07-27
A-23 Rabbi Elihu Kestenbaum n Orthodox rabbi 1983-07-19
A-24 Ronald H D'Angelo n Catholic priest + certified psychoanalyst 1983-07-26
A-25 Rev Frank Stribling n minister of Sanctuary of Light Church, San Antonio TX 1983-07-15
A-26 Ma Prem Hamido (Gertrudis Maria Houben) s Catholic nun, secular teacher 1983-07-19
A-27 Eva-Maria Debes s religion teacher 1983-07-17 Original in German.
A-28 Rev JC Whight n Anglican priest, Australia 1983-07-22
A-29 Ronald O Clarke n professor religious studies, Oregon State University 1983-07-26
A-30 Sw Devananda (Roger Walton Day) s stock trader --> metaphysics, religious studies 1983-07-28
A-31 Sw Prem Gayano (Rudolf Steenstra) s psychology of religion 1983-07-19
A-32 Ted A Nordquist, Fil.dr. n researcher history of religion, Uppsala University Sweden 1983-07-15
A-33 DJ Michalka u psychologist, Perth, Australia 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-34 Sw Deva Ojas (Theo CC de Ronde) s Catholic monk, priest --> adult education 1983-07-18
A-35 Ma Deva Pyari (Renate Mayas) s teacher of German and religion 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-36 Robert Lazeres s Carmelite monk, philosophy 1983-07-23
A-37 Robert John Egan n Jesuit priest, teacher, philosophy, theology, Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley CA 1983-07-18
A-38 Ülo Johannes Luuka s protestant priest --> professor social work 1983-07-17
A-39 Sw Antar Dhiren (Friedemann Howorka) s protestant minister, BA theology 1983-08-22
A-40 Kathryn J Raban n theology, "special needs" teacher, Loughborough UK 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-41 Sw Veet Sangharsh (James R Agee) s Lutheran minister --> Quakers + Zen studies 1983-07-21
A-42 Dr Hermann Steinkamp n Dean of theology, Münster University, Germany 1983-07-20
A-43 Dr Agnete Kutar n PhD, lecturer Indology, Free University of Berlin, Germany 1983-07-25
A-44 Ma Sambodhi (Jill R Gerhard) s radio + TV talk shows, screenwriter --> minister 1983-07-20
A-45 Zen Master Seung Sahn n Korean Zen master, Providence RI 1983-07-20
A-46 Alfred Bloom n professor religion University of Hawaii 1983-07-16
A-47 Ursel-Renata Krüsi u theology --> psychotherapy 1983-07-19 Original in German.
A-48 Rev Terry Cole-Whittaker n minister (live + TV), motivational speaker, author, San Diego CA 1983-07-15
A-49 Sabine Hindelang s theology, history of Lutheranism 1983-07-20
A-50 Dr Jim Garrison u writer, director, East-West Reach, London 1983-07-18
A-51 Rev Thomas D Cammack n Community Caring Project, San Francisco 1983-07-19
A-52 Masanori Oe u translator Tibetan Buddhism, Yamanashi-ken Japan 1983-07-21
A-53 Masaaki Monju u temple master Jitokuin, Kyoto Japan 1983-07-14
A-54 Koku Nishimura n Second Patriarch, Tani School, Fuke Zen Sect, Kumamoto-shi Japan 1983-07-19
A-55 Jorgen Thorndal Larsen u philosophy - religion - science intersection, Copenhagen undated
A-56 MC Blackden u teacher religion and theology 1983-07-21
A-57 Sw Bodhimitra (Dr. Henri Gerhard) s teacher, minister, United Church of Religious Science undated
A-58 Sw Dhyan Herbert (Prof. Dr. Herbert Muck) s professor, science of art and semiotics, Institute for Sacred Art, Vienna 1983-07-17 Original in German.
A-59 K Staub u theology, sociology, School for Social Work, Vienna 1983-07-15 Original in German.
A-60 Sister Ann McNeil n Tibetan Buddhist nun aka Ani Lobsang Dolma, Berkeley CA 1983-07-20
A-61 Rev James A Gattuso n founder, Center of New Thought, Philosophy Church and Education Society, Akron OH 1983-07-17
A-62 Sw Anand Alok (John Kwang-han Hsu) s immigrant from China to US, math, ethics, theology, counseling, minister 1983-07-19
A-63 A Durwood Foster n professor Christian Theology, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley CA 1983-07-15
A-64 Sw Anand Kamalesh s Jesuit --> clinical psychologist 1983-07-18
A-65 Rev Richard Douglas Cain n chaplain Churchill College, Cambridge UK 1983-07-20
A-66 Jean-Yves Leloup n doctorates in theology, philosophy and psychology, professor École de théologie, Toulouse FR 1983-07-24 Original in French.
A-67 CPA van Esch u studied theology and philosophy, Ubbergen NL 1983-07-17
A-68 Jörg Marxen u church counselor --> clinical psychologist, Braunschweig DE 1983-07-23
A-69 Ma Deva Anurago (Cornelia Wilhelmina Farrow) s minister Dutch Reformed Church --> journalist 1983-07-16
A-70 Christiane van der Spieren u teacher of Catholic religion, Mechelen BE undated
A-71 Christopher F Mooney n professor religious studies, Fairfield University, Fairfield CT 1983-08-11
A-72 Herbert Dale Long n professor religious studies, San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo CA 1983-07-13
A-73 Robert Aitken n Zen master, Diamond Sangha, Honolulu HI 1983-07-22
A-74 Drs Jan Bergers n Catholic priest, educator, Baak NL 1983-07-16
A-75 Michael Leger s Christian missionary --> ecology 1983-07-23
A-76 Lorraine Thomas u lecturer psychology, religious studies, runs mental health clinic, Palmerston North NZ 1983-08-22
A-77 Margareta Skog u researcher Stockholm Institute of the Sociology of Religion, Stockholm SE 1983-07-21
A-78 prof Vittorio Giavotto n president, Centro Ghe-Pel-Ling, Milano IT 1983-07-18
A-79 Dr Hans-Jürgen Greschat n professor history of religions University of Marburg, Marburg DE 1983-07-19
A-80 David Thomas Kyle PhD n college teacher philosophy and religion, writer, counselor, Woodside CA 1983-08-01
A-81 Ma Deva Sadhana s philosophy, comparative religion 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-82 Gianni Vanonni n researcher, Interdisciplinary Research Center, University of Florence, IT 1983-07-23 Original in Italian, handwritten.
A-83 Robert S Ellwood n professor Oriental studies, University of Southern California, Los Angeles 1983-07-19 Has enclosure.
A-84 Prof Dr theol Gerhard Marcel Martin n professor practical theology, University of Marburg, Marburg DE 1983-07-22
A-85 Leonard A Voegtle, AMS n Provincial Superior, Marist Brothers (a Catholic order), Wheeling WV 1983-07-15
A-86 Dr Warren J Stagg, ND, DD, PhD n assoc. with HELP Unlimited (non-profit religious, scientific and educational foundation) Hollywood CA 1983-07-14
A-87 illegible (Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa) n three officials of the Lama Tzong Khapa Institute, Pomaia IT 1983-07-27
A-88 Roger Abelson n executive director, National Jewish Chamber of Commerce, San Francisco CA 1983-07-10
A-89 Diane Choquette n head of New Religious Movements research, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley CA 1983-07-19
A-90 Rev Ken H Hills n priest, Church of England, Birmingham UK 1983-07-29
A-91 Carol Voisin n president, Berkeley Area Interfaith Council, Berkeley CA 1983-07-20
A-92 Shinkai Tanaka n Zen temple master, Kameoka-shi Japan 1983-07-12
A-93 Sun Bear n Medicine Chief, Bear Tribe Medicine Society, Spokane WA 1983-08-02
A-94 Kou Sugawara u head priest Goseiji Temple Foundation, Japan undated
A-95 Paul F Knitter n professor theology Xavier University, Cincinnati OH 1983-08-10
A-96 Edvard D Vogt n assoc professor sociology of religion, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, Bergen 1983-08-22
A-97 Sw Prem Amitabh, PhD s professor psychology --> Acharya, Academy of Rajneeshism 1983-07-25
A-98 Ma Prem Arup s Acharya, Academy of Rajneeshism 1983-07-26
A-99 Ma Prem Divya s primal therapist --> director Rajneesh Institute of Alchemy 1983-07-26
A-100 Ma Prem Isabel s Acharya, Academy of Rajneeshism 1983-07-26
A-101 Ma Prem Karuna s Acharya, Academy of Rajneeshism 1983-07-26
A-102 Sw Anand Maitreya (Mathura Prasad Mishra) s Member of Parliament in India --> Acharya, Academy of Rajneeshism 1983-07-27
A-103 Sw Anand Niketana (Hubertus Gerardus Gertrudis Beckers) s chairman De Stad Rajneesh Foundation, Heerde NL; Acharya, Academy of Rajneeshism 1983-07-20
A-104 Ma Dhyan Rosalie s ass’t director Rajneesh Institute of Nature Living 1983-07-26
A-105 Sw Anand Santosh s dean, Rajneesh International Meditation University; director, Rajneesh Institute for Dehypnotherapy 1983-07-26
A-106 Sw Prem Siddha, MD s psychiatrist; Acharya, Academy of Rajneeshism 1983-07-26
A-107 Ma Prem Sunshine s Arihanta (Minister of Rajneeshism) 1983-07-26
A-108 Sw Ananda Teertha s Acharya; director, Rajneesh Institute for Meditation and Self-Transformation 1983-07-13
A-109 Sw Santosh Toby s Arihanta (Minister of Rajneeshism); director, Rajneesh Insitute of Music and Dance 1983-07-26
A-110 Sw Satya Vedant, PhD s Asian studies --> Chancelllor, Rajneesh International Meditation University; Acharya, Academy of Rajneeshism 1983-07-26
A-111 Ma Deva Waduda s Siddha (Minister of Rajneeshism) 1983-07-26
A-112 Ma Latifa (Gertrud Cordes) s Acharya, Academy of Rajneeshism 1983-07-20
A-113 Sw Ananda Siddhartha s Acharya 1983-09-18
A-114 Ma Anand Sheela s Acharya 1983-09-27
A-115 Sw Prem Amido (Christoph Radlmair) s severely handicapped sannyasin in wheelchair 1983-09-11
A-116 Sw Prem Gunjan (Wolfgang Boronowsky) s Amido’s (above) caretaker undated
A-117 Marie Schwab, Julius K. Peter Schwab n parents of sannyasin who died of leukemia 1983-07-18 Original in German, handwritten.
A-118 James Broughton u poet, playwright, author 1983-09-16
A-119 Ralf Dantscher u social therapist 1983-07-18 Original in German.
A-120 Maurice R. Stein n professor of sociology, Brandeis University 1983-07-14
A-121 Richard M. Brooks n clinical psychologist, Sacramento CA 1983-07-22
A-122 J. Ch. Simopoulos n senior philosophy tutor, St. Catherine's College, Oxford undated
A-123 James E. Baum n osteopathic physician 1983-07-26
A-124 Nigel D. W. Armistead s lecturer in Social Psychology, Sheffield University, English; B.A. in psychology, Cambridge University; B. Phil. in sociology, Oxford University 1983-07-25
A-125 Leo Cohen u clinical psychologist, Amsterdam 1983-07-25
A-126 J. Donald Ball MD u medical doctor undated
A-127 Dr. Richard Schechner n professor of Performance Studies, New York University 1983-07-23
A-128 Henry L. Judy n lawyer, corporate and financial institutions 1983-07-23
A-129 Isi Beller n professor, the University Paris VII 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-130 James S. Gordon MD u psychiatrist, clinical associate professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Community and Family Medicine, Georgetown University Medical School, Washington D.C. 1983-07-24
A-131 M. Visser u obstetrician and gynecologist, St. Elisabeth's Hospital, Haarlem, Holland 1983-07-11
A-132 Leo and Diane Horowitz u aerospace scientist + fine arts teacher undated
A-133 Dr. Ulrich Welzbacher u chief of Department for hazardous materials, German Union of Professional Associations, Bonn 1983-07-22
A-134 Silvia Cazoll s industrial engineer --> market research undated
A-135 Raju Ramanathan u aerospace engineer, quality control 1983-07-21
A-136 Robert Michael March u professor of International Business, School of International Politics, Economics and Business, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan; crosscultural communications and negotiation skills trainer, psychologist undated
A-137 Filos M. Graf PhD u biochemistry, cancer research 1983-07-15
A-138 Søren Thiesen u medical doctor 1983-07-27
A-139 Mallory Ball u clinical psychologist 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-140 Riccardo Zerbetto u psychiatrist, psychotherapist, professor of Adolescent psychiatry in the University of Siena, Vice-President of the Italian Association for Humanistic Psychology, consultant of the Ministry of Health, Rome, Italy 1983-07-17
A-141 Avgustin Tuzhilin u professor of Computer science, City University of New York 1983-07-20
A-142 Sw Dhyan Vinaya (William A. Shonerd) s U.S. Naval officer, math teacher 1983-07-27
A-143 Ma Prem Nirupo (Silvia Sanchez Reinoso) s physician, psychiatrist, assistant professor of child psychology, Argentina 1983-07-24
A-144 Vincenzo Ruggiero u psychiatrist 1983-07-20 Original in Italian.
A-145 John M. Taurek n teacher of philosophy, University of California, Davis CA 1983-07-18
A-146 Dr. D. W. Rowntree n psychiatrist 1983-07-18
A-147 J. R. Newbrough n professor of psychology and education, Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN undated
A-148 Rosemary Hamilton u director of Social Research for the United Way, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada undated
A-149 Laura Baron u natural resource development 1983-07-26 stated year is 1982. We assume it should be 1983
A-150 Sven-Erik Åhström n psychiatrist; chief (senior) physician at Beckomberga, Stockholm 1983-07-15
A-151 Sw Sambodh Ulrich (Dr Ulrich Klaubert) s ENT specialist 1983-07-18 Original in German, handwritten.
A-152 Dr. Heiner Klaus u psychiatrist and psychologist 1983-07-19
A-153 Matthias Oesterheld u social worker 1983-07-21
A-154 Lana D. Clark PhD u psychotherapist; dean, School of Licensed Counseling Practitioners, Columbia Pacific University, Mill Valley CA 1983-07-20
A-155 Ma Veetgyan (Ingrid Bingisser) s teacher 1983-07-20
A-156 Dr. Penelope A. Jones u dental surgeon, endodontist 1983-07-19
A-157 Dr. Roswitha Seibt u medical doctor undated
A-158 Sw Anand Nirgrantha (Gerald M. Emmet MD) s psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, teacher 1983-07-18
A-159 T. L. Shay n professor, Political Science, Willamette University, Salem OR 1983-07-15
A-160 Lyn Goswell u senior educational psychologist, Avon UK 1983-07-14
A-161 Howard B. Johnston, Jr. u Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering, Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN 1983-07-18
A-162 Lowdon Wingo n professor Urban and Regional Planning, University of Southern California 1983-07-21
A-163 Hermann Wöhle n commissioner of police, Hamburg, West-Germany 1983-07-10
A-164 Sukhendu Das u engineer 1983-07-15
A-165 Walter E. Jessen Phd n clinical psychologist 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-166 Gordon D. Stott n father of sannyasin 1983-07-29
A-167 Peter Niggl u engineer, entrepreneur, Munich 1983-07-18
A-168 Larry Colton n professional baseball --> freelance writer undated
A-169 Sw Sat Samudaya s Jewish holocaust survivor --> teacher of graphic arts, graphic designer undated
A-170 Jason R. Doty PhD n founder and director, Center for Total Health, Laguna Beach CA 1983-07-19
A-171 Mrs. Leon McCauley n mother of sannyasin 1983-07-29
A-172 Marilyn Jackson and Jack D. Jackson n Marilyn: librarian; Jack: architect 1983-07-23
A-173 Sw Deva Ullas (Arthur D. Totman) s psychotherapist, New York undated Handwritten.
A-174 William C. Ball u psychotherapist, San Diego, CA 1983-07-22
A-175 Leonard A. Licht PhD u clinical psychologist 1983-07-26
A-176 David K. Wheaton PhD n professor Criminal Justice, graduate coordinator, Tennessee State University, Nashville TN 1983-07-18
A-177 Carl Silver u psychotherapist, director of services, Brookhaven Institute of Psychotherapy, Patchogue NY 1983-07-18
A-178 Jack Sawyer PhD u social psychologist, Berkeley CA 1983-07-16
A-179 Guy L. Claxton D Phil u lecturer Psychology of Education, the University of London Chelsea College 1983-07-18
A-180 Laurence J. Horowitz PhD n professor of psychology, Sonoma State University, Santa Rosa CA 1983-07-21
A-181 Jayden Harman u managing director, Energy Research Group Pty. Ltd., Australia 1983-07-15
A-182 Richard D. Hendlin u Deputy Attorney General, California Department of Justice, San Diego CA 1983-07-21
A-183 Marva J. Mohr u international legal activist, Center for Women's Studies and Services, San Diego CA 1983-07-21
A-184 Robert Markman PhD u psychotherapist; director, The Resource Center, Morganton NC 1983-07-20
A-185 Lawrence J. Fitzpatrick PhD u behavioral scientist, student of Child Development and Psychology undated
A-186 Rufus P. Browning PhD n professor of Political Science, San Francisco State University, San Francisco CA 1983-07-19
A-187 William Pennell Rock PhD s psychotherapist, experimental theater, lecturer in multiple fields, universities and growth centers 1983-07-26
A-188 Dr. Arnold Schleger Phd u physics researcher, Institute of Technology, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland 1983-07-23
A-189 David George O'Neil PhD u clinical psychologist undated
A-190 Dr. Gokul R. Gokani u E.N.T. consultant surgeon, Kenya 1983-07-11
A-191 Dr. Wolfgang Karpa u medical doctor, Germany 1983-07-11
A-192 Dr. Robert S. Crocker u medical doctor, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney Australia 1983-07-20
A-193 Dr. John W. Harrison u medical doctor, specialty psychogenic illness, Australia 1983-07-18
A-194 Peter Didcott u social science research, University of Edinburgh 1983-07-19
A-195 Ursula Niklaus u physician and psychotherapist 1983-07-19
A-196 Michael J. Kidd s barrister and Solicitor, High Court of New Zealand 1983-07-17
A-197 Arthur Sherman MD u psychiatrist 1983-07-20
A-198 Michael Solonevich M Ed u educational psychologist 1983-07-17
A-199 Dr. Uli Bracher u lecturer in sociology, philosophy and education, Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main, Germany 1983-07-15
A-200 Laurie G. Sherman u psychotherapist, community education 1983-07-19
A-201 Anastas Harris M Ed n president Institute for New Education, Los Angeles CA 1983-07-22
A-202 Mary Ruth u professor Ensligh and business education 1983-07-19
A-203 Dr. Cari Shay n professor of Political Science, Western Oregon State College, Salem OR 1983-07-15
A-204 Sw Veet Chintan MA (Claude Vacheron) s agronomist undated
A-205 Charlotte W. Thomson u anthropologist undated Handwritten.
A-206 James Oldham MD u consultant psychiatrist, business consultant undated
A-207 Dr. Rudolf Wormser u experimental psychology 1983-07-19
A-208 Dr. Antony McCardell u ethnomusicology 1983-07-04
A-209 Darrel Harden u professor of Mechanical Engineering, the University of Oklahoma, Norman OK 1983-07-20
A-210 Dr. Takufumi Fujita u doctor 1983-07-14
A-211 Ma Prem Parigit (Victoria A. Thomas) s lecturer of English, University of Odessa, U.S.S.R. 1983-07-21
A-212 Dr Med Wolfgang Rönsberg n physician and psychotherapist; teacher General Medicine and Medical Sociology, the Freie Universität Berlin 1983-07-19
A-213 Richard J. Benfante PhD, MPH u public health scientist, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda MD 1983-07-18
A-214 Dr. Darrel Black Duke u clinical psychologist 1983-07-16
A-215 Dr.med Lydia Hektor u doctor (general practitioner) 1983-07-18 Original in German.
A-216 Se Prem Gunnar (Gunnar Puhze) s high school teacher, psychotherapist undated
A-217 Michael T. Wall AIQS u architect, engineer undated Handwritten.
A-218 Gwendolyn J. Sereno MA u psychologist undated
A-219 Els Van Hoogenbemt u medical doctor, Belgium 1983-07-18
A-220 Thekla Clemens u psychology, education 1983-06-18
A-221 Patrick Mitchell u real estate 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-222 Carolyn Crane u psychology 1983-07-15
A-223 William C. Yeomans n consulting landscape architect, BC, Canada 1983-07-12
A-224 William W. Perrine u president United Hydrocarbon Corp, San Luis Obispo CA 1983-06-08
A-225 Martin Onken s electronic engineer, psychology, education 1983-07-19
A-226 Dr. rer pol Mario Montano u assoc professor political science 1983-07-19
A-227 Sue C. Steiner MA u applied biology 1983-07-18
A-228 Anny Burger n social worker 1983-07-18 Original in German, handwritten.
A-229 Dr. L. C. Gurny u pharmacist 1983-07-21
A-230 P. D. Croome MA u head of Mathematics, Furzedown Secondary School, London 1983-07-19
A-231 Brian Cooper n physicist undated Handwritten.
A-232 Ma Devam Madhu (Gertrud Båge PhD) s endocrinologist, teratologist 1983-07-19
A-233 Sw Satyam Lalit (Dr Günther Mevec PhD) s philosophy, student advisor, University of Munich, Germany 1983-07-19
A-234 Peter Farwer u technical engineer, town planner, Hamburg Germany 1983-07-19
A-235 Marcia A. Bell RN u nurse, midwife, Australia 1983-07-14
A-236 Ma Shanti Suhara (Suhara Ben Rahal) s medical technican 1983-07-19
A-237 Angelika Glöckner u psychotherapist 1983-07-16
A-238 Elisabeth L. M. Jungschleger s therapist and teacher 1983-07-20
A-239 Arwin R. Diwan and O.A. Bushnell u Diwan: associate professor Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology and Public Health.
Bushnell: Emeritus professor Medical Microbiology, Tropical Medicine and History of Medicine
A-240 Hannes Paul Bärtschi u member teachers' board of the Bernese Teachers Training Institute 1983-07-18 Original in German.
A-241 Genese Liebowitz MA s psychotherapist 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-242 A. Orchard MA u teacher, Sir William Collins School, London undated
A-243 Dr. Claude Olievenstein u psychiatrist, Head Doctor in Hospital Marmottan, Paris 1983-07-19
A-244 Sw Deva Praghosha (Andrew McConnell) s associate professor of Computer Science, Los Angeles Pierce College, Woodland Hills CA 1983-07-22
A-245 Bent von Linstow n lawyer, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Denmark 1983-07-20
A-246 John H. Crook PhD n psychotherapist, University of Bristol, Bristol UK 1983-07-15
A-247 Ken Anderson MD, PhD n psychotherapist 1983-07-22
A-248 Piet van 't Woud MD s medical doctor 1983-07-18
A-249 Ms. Jill P. Booth u water management research, ecological education 1983-07-19
A-250 Sw Deva Smito (Gerhard Böckler) s medical doctor 1983-07-17
A-251 J. W. Vervoort u medical doctor 1983-07-17
A-252 Barry Jerome Naster PhD u psychologist, University of South Florida 1983-07-19
A-253 Dr. Richard M. Selecki MBBS u medical doctor undated Handwritten.
A-254 George Gross u psychologist, consultant 1983-07-21
A-255 Dr. J. Paul van den Bergh u agronomist, journal editor 1983-07-19
A-256 Susana Weinstein MA u psychologist, psychotherapist 1983-07-22
A-257 Mr Hitoshi Kohara u engineering faculty, Kansai University, Osaka Japan 1983-07-13
A-258 Mr Yasumi Nagai u teacher history Kyoto Women’s College, Japan 1983-07-13
A-259 Dr. James J. Whelan PhD u clinical psychologist 1983-07-20
A-260 Jan Vintilescu u PR consultant --> bookstore owner 1983-07-16
A-261 Jay Inglis n irrigation consultant, San Diego CA 1983-07-21
A-262 George A. Harris BA u food company general manager 1983-06-18
A-263 Carol A. Coon MS u psychotherapist 1983-07-21
A-264 Sw Anand Ravi (Dr. Robert T. Jaffe) s medical doctor, Weiss Memorial Hospital, Chicago MI 1983-07-24
A-265 Samuel E. Press MD n psychiatrist, Albany 1983-07-22
A-266 Ma Prem Salamo (?) (Suzanne Graham MD) s anaesthesiologist 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-267 Dr Paolo Nepoti n town planner --> sociology --> psychoanalyst 1983-07-16
A-268 Thomas Schneider u agronomist 1983-07-17
A-269 Dr. J. B. Ball u psychiatry --> general medical practice 1983-07-17
A-270 Dr Mutsuo Majima u gynecologist, Osaka Saiseikai Noe Hospital, Osaka, Japan 1983-07-13
A-271 Gary S. Rogers u clinical psychologist 1983-07-20
A-272 Sw Prembuddha (Robert P. Kosak) s teacher, special needs children 1983-07-06
A-273 April Manganiello MS u professional counselor and trainer of counselors in family therapy and systems thinking 1983-07-19
A-274 Celia Teresita Freidenberg u professor and researcher, mathematics, Buenos Aires University, Argentina 1983-07-21
A-275 Audrey Soderburg MFA u art teacher, adult education 1983-07-22
A-276 Maria Chiara Zanolli u teacher of English for translators, Italy 1983-07-18
A-277 (illegible) n director, Centro Nuova Vita (psychological training), Turin Italy 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-278 Andrew L. Zwerin u bureaucrat, Masters degree in Public Management 1983-07-14 Handwritten.
A-279 Claire E. Dicken u civil engineer 1983-07-14 Handwritten.
A-280 Ma Puja Nartana (Annemarie Becker) s medical technical assistant 1983-07-18
A-281 William S. Eidelman MD u psychiatrist 1983-07-20 Has enclosure.
A-282 Dr. Charlotte Hausmann s cardiologist, Wien, Austria 1983-07-30
A-283 A. J. Thomson-Tobey u professor --> psychotherapist 1983-07-19
A-284 Dr. Sigrid Marz MD u general practitioner + Gestalt, acupuncture 1983-07-12
A-285 Navin S. Pardanani MD u obstetrician and gynecologist 1983-07-18
A-286 Dr. med Günther Schleip u social medicine 1983-07-18
A-287 Ma Shanti Anatta (Rosemarie Bausen) s nurse undated
A-288 Helmut Kreissl u doctor 1983-07-19
A-289 Carol Cameron u anthropology, social work, PhD candidate studying sannyasins 1983-07-02
A-290 Dr. phil. Alfred Leder n lecturer, psychology, philosophy, Indology, University of Zürich, Switzerland 1983-07-17 Original in German, handwritten.
A-291 Kul Bhushan u journalist, Nairobi 1983-07-16
A-292 Sw Anand Premdharma s physics, philosophy, politics, Rhodes Scholar, computers 1983-07-19
A-293 Dr. Elizabeth Lynne Williams s consultant anaesthetist, Newcastle General Hospital UK 1983-07-15
A-294 Wolfgang Lebenheim u computer scientist 1983-07-12
A-295 Tyler Hutchison MA s psychologist undated Handwritten.
A-296 Suzette van Hauen u naturopath 1983-07-xx
A-297 Janice Berkowitz MSW u family counselor 1983-07-20
A-298 Dr. Philippe Dutruy u medical doctor, cellular therapy 1983-07-17
A-299 Pietro Somaini n medical doctor 1983-07-20
A-300 Ma Anand Prasada s ret’d ass’t professor, psychology 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-301 Jack W. Painter PhD u Philosophy --> postural integration bodywork, author 1983-07-20
A-302 George V. Reynoldson n builder, businessman, author of housing planbook "Let's Reach for the Sun" 1983-07-19
A-303 Jack W. Burnham u professor of Art 1983-07-19
A-304 Sol Lewis u director of Michigan Metaphysical Society for Psychical Research, Berkley MI 1983-07-19
A-305 Ma Anand Valann (Valann S. Valdason) s counseling psychology, natural foods wholesaler 1983-07-22
A-306 Kay Moorsteen u economics, communication, counseling, mother of sannyasin 1983-07-20
A-307 Claus Nüscheler n chairman, Liber Hegner Holding, father of sannyasin 1983-07-21
A-308 Dr. Louis Lambelet n psychiatrist 1983-07-19
A-309 Dr. Klaus-Roland Kiefer u dentist 1983-07-18
A-310 Stephen L. Gorad PhD n clinical psychologist 1983-07-18
A-311 Ma Advaita Inge (Inge Gök) s social worker 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-312 Christoph Wieser n District Attorney, Switzerland 1983-07-15 Original in German.
A-313 Howard Belone n lawyer --> psychology 1983-07-13 Handwritten.
A-314 Caroline C. Vincent u attorney at law 1983-07-19
A-315 Sw Premprabhu (Kaj Mulvad Jørgensen) s editor and body-therapist 1983-07-22
A-316 Sue McDevitt u civil rights activist, investigator 1983-07-26
A-317 Elizabeth J. Dennison M Ed u psychotherapist 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-318 Ma Samada s teacher undated Handwritten.
A-319 Ma Prem Idama (Ann Scambler) s psychology 1983-07-24
A-320 Sw Premesh (Alan A. Bassett) s teacher, director of graduate studies 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-321 Sw Satyam Azad s ecology, conservation 1983-07-24
A-322 Patricia J. Fickman MFA u writer, teacher, editor --> advertising undated Handwritten.
A-323 Sw Deva Panthi s ranch “industrial” worker 1983-07-25
A-324 Sw Devam Anupam s aeronautical engineer 1983-07-21
A-325 Richard Grunke u aeronautical and space engineering and research 1983-07-26
A-326 Ma Devagarbha (Ilene Kravetz MA) s philosophy, psychology 1983-07-23
A-327 Sw Ravidasa (R. H. Tew MD) s medical doctor 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-328 Ma Prem Ajita s antique store owner --> meditation teacher undated Handwritten.
A-329 Daim Batangtaris n chairman Dutch National Committee, UN University for Peace; Originator and writer of "Hand Dynamics… A Method for Developing Dexterity, Sensitivity and Psychophysical Balance" 1983-07-21
A-330 Patricia Lichtenstein Bisch MA u psychotherapy, counseling 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-331 Dr.med. Michael Th. Alschibaja u urologist, Munich 1983-07-19 Original in German.
A-332 Godelieve Welleman-Leonard u ass’t professor, Brussels 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-333 Hermanus Jozef Klijnman PhD s astronomer, the Netherlands 1983-07-17
A-334 Leendert Jacobus de Jong u physiotherapist 1983-07-17
A-335 S. A. Reynolds Bsc u geographer, surveyor 1983-07-18
A-336 Ma Deva Mayo (Gerda E. de Oude) s teacher, school counsellor 1983-07-13
A-337 Marion Christina de Munnik s educational psychology 1983-07-21
A-338 Ma Vimal Suriya (Janet Day) s research chemist 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-339 Alberta R. Montgomery RN u critical care and psychiatric nurse 1983-07-21
A-340 Ma Satyam Zina (Zina Voltis Gruzman) s psychiatry 1983-07-20 Original in Portuguese, handwritten.
A-341 Candace Cunningham u teacher, secretary 1983-07-21
A-342 Eileen Meredith n lawyer 1983-07-25
A-343 D. E. Brown u teacher 1983-07-20
A-344 Ma Prem Vismaya (Anne Geraghty) s psychologist 1983-08-01
A-345 Christopher Kirk Scott MA u solicitor of the Supreme Court of England undated
A-346 Dr. David W. Kidner u psychology lecturer at Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham, England; visiting professor of Educational Psychology at Lyndon State College, Vermont, USA 1983-08-09
A-347 Sw Veet Samayo s graphic designer, Art director, Graphic Art teacher 1983-08-08
A-348 Gary W. Bickel PhD n economist, professor --> US Department of Agriculture 1983-07-18
A-349 Robert N. Bellah n Ford professor of Sociology and Comparative Studies, University of California, Berkeley CA 1983-07-15
A-350 Thomas T. K. Zung n president of Buckminster Fuller, Sadao & Zung Architects, Inc. 1983-08-11
A-351 Josipovici Jean n philosopher, author 1983-07-18 Original in French.
A-352 Rose Marie Muraro n Brazilian feminist author undated Original in Portuguese, handwritten.
A-353 Lanfranco Binni u art history writer and editor 1983-07-18 Original in Italian.
A-354 Ma Sat Prabodhi s 1983-07-27
A-355 John S. Crandall u American international entrepreneur 1983-06-18
A-356 Roger R. C. New u tropical disease researcher 1983-07-11
A-357 Craig S. Vassel AICP n community and environmental planner with US gov’t undated
A-358 Debra A. Kirkpatrick n horticulturist 1983-07-19
A-359 Guido Martinotti n professor sociology University of Pavia 1983-07-20
A-360 Edgar M. Miller DMD s dentist 1983-07-20
A-361 Sw Prem Leeladhar (Kurt Eugen Schneider) s plastic surgeon 1983-08-19 Has enclosure.
A-362 I. C. R. Lampe u physiotherapist undated Handwritten.
A-363 Robert T Oskam u literary agent, editor, consultant 1983-07-16
A-364 Ma Shunyam Manohara s artist, gallery owner 1983-07-24
A-365 Margarita Sahagun u artist, president in garment industry undated
A-366 Rainer Artenfels u actor and director undated
A-367 A. J. Aitken D Litt u editor of Scottish dictionary, husband and father of sannyasins 1983-07-18
A-368 Magda Herber u housewife, mother and grandmother of sannyasins 1983-07-20 Original in German, handwritten.
A-369 Alexander Turnbull Yarwood n professor of history, father of sannyasins 1983-07-20
A-370 Sw Premraj (Wolfgang Hanssen) s student of theoretical physics and electronic engineering 1983-07-21
A-371 Ma Prabodh Mukti s paralegal undated Handwritten.
A-372 Ma Deva Padma (Susan Morgan) s artist, designer 1983-08-10
A-373 Ma Anand Yoganidra s undated
A-374 Sw Anand Narendra (Ian P. Ross) s psychologist undated
A-375 Colin Robert Hayes n managing director of Harmony Health Village, Australia undated
A-376 Patricia Hayden B Ed n school principal 1983-07-27
A-377 Lars A. Henriksen n teacher psychology and communication, Aalborg Universitetscenter DK 1983-05
A-379 Sw Anand Unmada s farmer with National Certificate of Agriculture 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-380 Mrs. E. P. Nestmann u physiotherapist undated
A-381 Barrett Mandel u assoc. professor 1983-08-05
A-382 Sw Anand Nityamo s anthropologist undated
A-383 Christopher. J. Chitty u ESL teacher and researcher 1983-07-27
A-384 Ma Deva Nisango (Margaret R. Heyer) s clinical psychologist 1983-07-23
A-385 Ma Deva Mangalam s mental health worker in psychiatric group home undated
A-386 Sw Gyandharma s oral surgeon 1983-07-27
A-387 Sw Sudhiro (Michael L. Donovan) s poet, professor of English literature 1983-07-22
A-388 Ma Prem Sharira s social work, children’s psychiatry, adult education 1983-07-26
A-389 Ma Deva Saguna s architecture, urban planning, environmental design 1983-07-18
A-390 Sw Deva Prashantam MA s political science, mass communication, fluent in seven languages, flute player, shiatsu, ass’t professor at Sorbonne, etc 1983-07-23
A-391 Sw Anand Maitreya (Mathura Prasad Mishra MA) s literature, journalist, MP in Indian Parliament (see also affidavit A-102) 1983-07-20
A-392 Ma Yoga Sudha (Linda Valdes) s philosophy, psychology, therapy work with addicts 1983-07-29
A-393 Ma Sanghmitra s Montessori teacher 1983-07-28
A-394 Sw Anand Vedanta (Larry Cohen) s cultural sociology, ethnomusicology, teacher from Spanish Harlem to Kathmandu undated
A-395 LeeAnne Wilson u teacher 1983-07-20
A-396 Ma Deva Gambhira (S. T. Neale) s child psychology 1983-07-21
A-397 Sw Toshi Hiro (Toshihiro Hagimori) s community development 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-398 Hugh Montgomery Smith u philosophy, high school teacher 1983-07-20
A-399 Robert W. Armstead PhD u psychologist 1983-07-27
A-400 Teresa A. Booze u nurse midwife undated
A-401 Ma Veet Gyano (Rosalind N. Pendleton) s family therapist, group leader 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-402 Sw Anand Rakesh s Hungarian refugee 1983-07-30 Handwritten.
A-403 Marianne Steinlin u psychiatric nurse undated
A-404 Sw Anand Chaitamya (H Kindler) s lawyer candidate 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-405 Ma Prem Nirmala (Mary McGowran) s teacher 1983-07-15
A-406 Marie Tassé u special and experimental education, University of Ottawa, Canada 1983-07-20
A-407 Michael A. Parsons u dental surgeon, orthodontics undated
A-408 Ma Prem Gulamo (Brenda A. Rose MA) s speech pathologist 1983-07-12
A-409 Ma Anand Veetena (Colleen Cavin) s occupational therapist 1983-07-16
A-410 Rosciano Vincenzo u doctor 1983-07-20
A-411 Dr. Heidi Derendinger u veterinarian 1983-07-15
A-412 Prof. Irmgard Rauch u mathematics teacher 1983-07-13
A-413 P. Ann Keaton MSW u teacher --> social worker 1983-07-20
A-414 Sw Rammurti s psychiatric social worker, juvenile consultant 1983-07-26
A-415 Ma Prem Sujato s philosophy 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-416 Margaret Brody Strauss n special needs educator 1983-07-21
A-417 Susan H. Hains u nurse 1983-07-20
A-418 Sw Gurusharan (Steve Granek) s teacher undated Handwritten.
A-419 Ma Deva Bhasha s educator, counselor 1983-07-23
A-420 B. C. Menzies MSW s social work, counseling, therapy 1983-07-21
A-421 Sw Satyam Simon (Simon McLean) s laboratory technical analyst undated
A-422 Ma Peggy s environmental science, farm co-ordinator 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-423 Sw Deva Tapodhana (P. A. Watson) s 1983-07-xx Handwritten.
A-424 Ma Bodhitaru s psychology, 3-year post-grad study of Osho’s meditation methods undated Handwritten.
A-425 K. A. Aitken u pharmacology, psychology, Postural Integration 1983-07-20
A-426 Ma Prem Amrit (Ute Nerreter) s psychology undated
A-427 Ma Prem Smita (Elaine Caulker) s ESL teacher, teacher trainer 1983-07-25 Handwritten.
A-428 Ma Anand Geho s nursing undated Handwritten.
A-429 Ma Deva Nandan (Cornelia Chaitanya Schlüter) s teacher 1983-07-28
A-430 Ma Anand Vedika (Elaine Dietrich) s therapist, counselor 1983-07-24
A-431 Sw Mahasatva s sociology, photography 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-432 Sw Chinmayananda s American studies, ESL teacher 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-433 Sw Prem Nirdosh s electrical engineering, teaching undated Handwritten.
A-434 Sw Deva Riktam s civil engineer 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-435 Roland Staud MD u gastroenterologist 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-436 Ma Anand Girika (Susan Ulz) s English literature, sociology --> librarian 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-437 Sw Deva Terry s psychology, education 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-438 Ma Gayano s food co-ordinator undated Handwritten.
A-439 Ma Dharma Taru s English literature undated Handwritten.
A-440 Ma Anurag(?) Siddha (Toni Schnell) s education and social work 1983-07-xx Handwritten.
A-441 Sw Anand Sugeet (Jonathan B Poz) s broadcaster, information officer 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-442 Jennifer Hill s 14 years old 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-443 Ma Prem Vanya s legal secretary undated
A-444 Hal Duggan u 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-445 Sw Nirdosh Yogi s landscape gardener undated Handwritten.
A-446 Stephen John Ardron s computer science 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-447 Sw Prem Samarpan s construction 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-448 Sw Akasha (Alfred R. Brulisauer Msc) s agricultural science 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-449 Sw Nirmal (Peter J. Rengel MA) s family and child counselor 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-450 Ma Anand Sudha (Barbara I. Scott) s family and child counselor 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-451 Sw Nirdosh Sumaran s social worker 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-452 Ma Anand Rupa s sociologist undated
A-453 Elizabeth Fleming BDS s dentist undated Handwritten.
A-454 Ma Prem Vasumati s sociologist -->massage and psychotherapy undated
A-455 Sw Dhyan Vadan (Dr. med. Hellmuth Abarbanell) s ophthalmologist 1983-07-16 Original in German.
A-456 Sw Anand Moses (Howard H. Moses Msc) s hospital administrator 1983-07-20
A-457 M. Scheideler u urban planner 1983-07-10 Handwritten.
A-458 Sw Anand Svarup s clinical psychologist, social worker, psychotherapist 1983-07-23
A-459 Stephen H. Kaufman MD u medical doctor and psychologist 1983-07-23
A-460 Sw Devopama s university teacher, author re historical communes 1983-07-24
A-461 Ma Anand Ammy s nurse + alternative medicine 1983-07-2x Handwritten.
A-462 Dr. phil. Oskar Ruf u group psychotherapist 1983-07-17 Original in German.
A-463 Sw Deva Ruparahi s “Human Sciences” 1983-07-11
A-464 Julie Connaghan u psychology, all aspects of Human Potential movement 1983-07-23
A-465 Ma Prem Taranga s psychology, social work undated
A-466 Sw Veet Rob (R. H. J. Bunnik MD) s general practitioner 1983-07-20
A-467 Ma Prem Ira (Karen L. Polcyn MSSA) s psychology, social work undated
A-468 Karin Gramminger u production engineer --> general medical practitioner 1983-07-19 Original in German.
A-469 Sw Anand Heeren (David L. Barratt) s civil engineering + business administration undated
A-470 Luz Marie Brooks MA u psychologist 1983-07-23
A-471 Sw Anutosh Giten s dentist undated Handwritten.
A-472 Kay Lorraine Eggan u reform school teacher undated
A-473 Sw Anand Richard s business administration, builder, land developer undated
A-474 Jurgen Koch s professor psychology and education 1983-07-23
A-475 Ma Prem Mukur (Elaine Christianson) s ESL teacher --> singer --> script writer and radio host 1983-07-14
A-476 Ma Deva Ashu (Louise Cochlin) s dental assistant 1983-07-19
A-477 Marion Fayer del Re u teacher, linguist 1983-07-12
A-478 Ma Prem Prarthana (Mrs. Laura Ainsley Sarkin) s teacher and educational administrator undated Handwritten.
A-479 Ma Anand Katyayani (Judith Rice) s Actress --> occupational therapist --> graphic designer 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-480 Steven White u lecturer of Communications, Liberal Studies and Social and Life Skills in Stockport College of Technology 1983-07-12
A-481 D. A. Cunningham u research sociology --> adult education 1983-07-24
A-482 Augusto Sabbadini PhD u president Miasto cooperativa agricola, Siena Italy 1983-07-10
A-483 Dr. Gregory B. Press n chiropractor 1983-07-20
A-484 Dr. Pascal Grellety-Bosviel u doctor of medicine of the Medical School of Paris 1983-07-15 Handwritten.
A-485 Guy C. Lamunyon u psychiatric nursing supervisor 1983-07-20
A-486 Michael Bendix u head of Division (Human Rights' Desk), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen, Denmark 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-487 Gayle J. Early u critical care nurse 1983-07-19
A-488 Mrs. Ina Calvey u senior lecturer, developmental psychology 1983-07-18
A-489 Shirley Hervatin RN u nurse 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-490 Mr Sadao Tsutsui u lawyer 1983-07-12
A-491 Hugh Ruttledge s lecturer in computer science, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh UK 1983-07-18
A-492 Darena Bailey PhD u clinical psychologist 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-493 Ute Johanna Seekatz u educator 1983-07-15
A-494 Byron James LaChance u religion, psychology, counseling, philosophy 1983-07-19
A-495 Lawrence J. Fitzpatrick PhD u academic psychology undated
A-496 Palden Gareth Jenkins n astrological and psychological counsellor and teacher 1983-07-18
A-497 D. P. Cronin n CEO in US Defence industry 1983-07-21
A-498 Paul Guistolise MS u psychotherapist 1983-07-19
A-499 Christopher P. Caroll Bsc u agricultural scientist 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-500 Timothy J. Smith MD n psychiatrist, founder and president of the International Institute of Chinese Medicine, Berkeley CA 1983-07-22
A-501 Ekkart Stodte u psychologist, psychotherapist undated
A-502 Mrs. Susan Dalton u linguistics text author, ecology, psychology 1983-07-14
A-503 Sw Satyam Thomas and Ma Prem Mouni (Dr. Thomas Leske and Birgitt Lösch) s he: neurologist + psychiatrist; she: clinical psycholoist 1983-07-19
A-504 Stephen M. Read u teacher, writer and researcher in biology, Cambridge University UK 1983-07-xx
A-505 Leo Berlips n chief-psychologist, Institutet for Psykoterapi and Psychodrama, Götebprg, Sweden undated
A-506 Leonard J. Okonski u major, U.S. Army; professor, Golden Gate University; big business exec 1983-07-24
A-507 Sw Prem Kiran (William S. Rudell) s architect 1983-07-27
A-508 Sw Prem Asheesh s doctor in electronic engineering undated
A-509 Michael Sargent u environmental restoration 1983-07-21
A-510 Dr. Thomas C. Todd u clinical psychologist 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-511 Ma Prema Veena s fashion design --> psychology and education 1983-07-24
A-512 Sw Anand Praphulla (Dr. Peter Rohde) s psychotherapist 1983-07-18
A-513 Sylvia Peters n librarian, mother of sannyasin 1983-07-22
A-514 Dr. Mario Mander u emergency room physician 1983-07-17
A-515 Dr. Wilhelm Kempf s professor of Psychological Methodology and Statistics, Universität Konstanz 1983-07-22
A-516 Wim Gijsen n novelist, gadfly, philosopher 1983-07-21
A-517 Ma Gyan Gitena (Monika Faller-Schwandt) s physiotherapist 1983-07-21
A-518 Ma Anand Vedana s psychotherapy, bodywork, groupleader 1983-07-23
A-519 Ma Prem Sushma (Christie L. Solman) s legal assistant 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-520 Dr. Josef Bachleitner u physician 1983-07-07
A-521 Gabriele Pauls u sociology, psychology 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-522 Alfred M. Wiedemann PhD n biologist, teacher, researcher 1983-07-27
A-523 Joseph Downing MD u physician, “psychosomatic medicine” 1983-07-27
A-524 S. G. Eaman u assistant professor of psychiatry, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 1983-07-21
A-525 Lenore H. Gay n alcoholism counselor, sister of sannyasin undated
A-526 Saul Greenberg MD u psychiatry, orthomolecular medicine 1983-07-25
A-527 Jena Bruer-McKay u clinical psychologist 1983-07-25
A-528 Ruth Shanor u mother, emigrant 1983-07-20
A-529 Eugene E. Graciano u assistant Librarian, University of California, Santa Barbara 1983-07-27
A-530 Tor V. Raknes n patent attorney 1983-07-20
A-531 John William u singer 1983-07-17
A-532 Sw Deva Sugito (Guy Richard PhD) s historian of philosophy and religion 1983-07-21
A-533 Sw Christ Chaitanya s general BA --> meditation leader 1983-07-24
A-534 Sw Anand Rahasya (Mogens Rasmussen) s clinical psychologist 1983-07-18
A-535 Sw Deva Purnam s ethnologist 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-536 Ma Yoga Astha (Andrea Geiger) s interpreter 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-537 Thomas L. Grunden u high IQ, multi-expert 1983-07-18
A-538 Shinichi Yoshifuku u music, philosophy --> translating spiritual literature 1983-07-16
A-539 Ma Yoga Taru s aristocratic family --> “lead singer in the religious incantation of Rajneeshism” 1983-08-01
A-540 Babu Ram Gupta u Ex-chairrnan, Poona Contractors Coop, India undated
A-541 Nalinkant B. Chitalia u partner in metal knick-knack business 1983-08-02
A-542 Devshankar K Thakar u coconut merchant 1983-08-02
A-543 Dr. P. N. Sharma MLC n principal, Vanuya Mahavidyalay, Patna, India undated
A-544 Brij u Bollywood motion picture producer and director, Dynamo International undated
A-545 G X Pungaliya s owner, Maharashtra Electrical and Metal Industries, Poona 1983-07-23
A-546 Iqbal M. Lukmani u managing director, Dynacraft Machine Company Limited 1983-08-02
A-547 Manmohan Bhatnagar u income tax officer, New Delhi 1983-07-19
A-548 Mrs Kanta Advani u lawyer 1983-07-20
A-549 Mohammad Farooq Khan n senior official at Jamat-e-Islami Hind, Delhi 1983-07-20
A-550 Dr K. B. Goel BDS u dentist 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-551 Dr. Kirpal Singh Bakshi u homeopathic physician 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-552 N. H. Atthreya PhD u management consultant 1983-07-15
A-553 S. L. Chopra n photography shop owner 1983-07-24
A-554 Pandit Jasraj u charity trustee 1983-07-14
A-555 K. C. Lohia u magistrate 1983-07-20
A-556 Meghjibhai V. Patel u mechanical engineer, textile machinery designer and manufacturer undated
A-557 K. K. Kapoor u senior administrative secretary, World Health Org, Delhi 1983-07-15
A-559 Ma Chetan Amida (Terezinha de Jesus Guimaraes) s Brazilian gov’t development economist 1983-07-14
A-560 Alan Silow MPA u professor economics Armstrong College, Berkeley CA 1983-07-20
A-561 Dr. Ottfried R. Weise u professor of physical geography and geo-ecology 1983-07-19
A-562 Andrew I. Uehara n partner, Heliotrope Natural Foods, Salem OR 1983-07-21
A-563 Richard S. Brumm u mechanical engineer, CA 1983-07-23
A-564 Sw Deva Allen s research and work co-ordinator for heating and AC, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-25
A-565 Hannu Hirvilammi u agronomist 1983-07-17
A-566 Sw Anand Paul (Paul Sansone) s president of Solar Resource Service, Forest Grove, OR 1983-07-22 Has enclosure.
A-567 Michael Karagosian u electronic engineer 1983-07-19
A-568 Marsha Ross n filmmaker, journalist and artist 1983-07-14
A-569 Eurycles A. F. L. Pereira u senior economist, Infrastructure Department Head, Brazilian Bank for Economic & Social Development. 1983-07-11
A-570 Sw Anubhava (Jorg Dauscher) s shoe import and export business 1983-07-20
A-571 Ronald C. P. Wypkema PhD u wildlife biology, ecology 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-572 Ann Palm PhD s physics + physical chemistry 1983-07-22
A-573 Dr. Harde Klaus Henkel u doctor of legal sciences. University of Hamburg 1983-07-23
A-574 S. W. Dugan u president of Texon Energy Corporation 1983-07-22
A-575 Ma Anand Susan (Susan Vosburg) s tax consultant, Forest Grove, OR 1983-07-22
A-576 Peter Georgi n president of Unity Communications, Santa Monica CA 1983-07-15
A-577 John G. Southward s industrial engineer, New Zealand Forest Products 1983-07-17
A-578 Bengt Eggemar u entrepreneur developing international sport and leisure facilities, Projekt & Produkt Innovations 1983-07-15
A-579 Holm Tippner n industrial lawyer, Munich 1983-07-19 Original in German.
A-580 Sw Dhyano Darpano (Rolf Schaut) s industrial engineer, economic management 1983-07-20 Original in German.
A-581 John Dickinson Adams PhD u “a reasonable prominence” in publishing 1983-07-18
A-582 Irvine Robbins n founder, chairman of the Board, Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream, father of Ma Prem Maitri 1983-07-17
A-583 Stella Andrassy u president, Princeton Int Solar Institute 1983-07-12
A-584 Dr. Fritz Tanner u marriage counsellor and general psychological practitioner 1983-07-16 Original in German.
A-585 Enrique Iranzo u consul general of Spain 1983-07-15
A-586 Ellen Burstyn n famous actress 1983-08-01
A-587 James Coburn n famous actor 1983-07-17
A-588 Darwin Rush James, IV u director of the Young Men's Christian Association of Greater New York 1983-07-01
A-589 Santos Nestor Martinez n Minister Plenipotentiary, ex-Deputy Permanent Representative of Argentina to the UN undated
A-590 Anthony J. Wiener n professor of management and public policy, Polytechnic Institute of New York 1983-07-23
A-591 William Brunson n electronic music composer 1983-07-15
A-592 Sw Chidananda (Jorge Camillo de Abranches) s film producer and director 1983-07-25 Original in Portuguese.Handwritten.
A-593 Daniel Bell n music director of the Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden 1983-07-15
A-594 Marilyn Katz n writer/artist, consultant 1983-07-20
A-595 Angela R. Novak PhD u special education, Health and Social Sservices, Wisconsin 1983-08-01
A-596 Patrick W. Dugan u corporate and immigration attorney 1983-07-21
A-597 Dot Bardarson n artist, sister of sannyasin 1983-07-14
A-598 Albert Mol n famous actor, dancer, author 1983-07-19
A-599 John Leckie n record producer 1983-07-20
A-600 Joel Edelman u attorney 1983-07-19
A-601 Lucy Lonsdale s author 1983-07-18
A-602 Sw Prem Sudheer (Vincenro de Gregorio) s Italian aristocrat undated
A-603 Nicholas Guppy MA u author and editor of many books and magazine articles on botanical subjects, travel and anthropology 1983-07-17
A-604 Christopher George u entertainer 1983-07-20
A-605 Thomas Segerström u actor, comedian director and writer 1983-07-18
A-606 Jeff Gorman u advertising creative 1983-07-19
A-607 Sw Satyam Puratana (Peter Lustig) s famous German TV presenter, children’s author 1983-07-15
A-608 Bhaskaran Unny Perinchery u actor and filmmaker undated
A-609 Richard Beymer u film actor and director undated
A-610 Charles Williamson u Black male model 1983-07-22
A-611 Lee Perry u vice-president of the Samadhi Tank Co., Inc., Los Angeles CA 1983-07-13
A-612 Josette Wingo u writer 1983-07-20
A-613 Jos Geiser u painter 1983-07-19
A-614 Eva Mazucco u sculptor 1983-07-19
A-615 Samuel Schapiro u film producer 1983-07-20
A-616 Jean-Noël Reichel u art-advertising photography 1983-07-26
A-617 Donald Freedman u artist, president of Interlude, September Woods and Ombay 1983-07-18
A-618 Janet Perry n operatic diva 1983-07-16
A-619 Dr. Gunther Wolf u philosophy and history 1983-07-15
A-620 Ric Schachtebeck u theater set designer and director, acting and dance trainer 1983-07-xx Handwritten.
A-621 Sw Nirdosh Albrecht (Albrecht Demitz) s painter, graphic designer 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-622 Christoph J. Keyserlingk s German aristocrat, real estate magnate undated
A-623 Alexander Malta n opera singer 1983-07-14
A-624 Herbert A. Otto PhD n author, therapist and marrige and family counselor 1983-07-13
A-625 Dr. Charles E. Memusi Johnson u president of Divakar Associates, Inc. (management consultants) 1983-07-23
A-626 Carol Augustus and Stewart Emery n founders of Actualizations, self-help seminars 1983-07-21
A-627 Leonard Orr n Rebirthing founder 1983-07-13
A-628 Lawrence J. Weitz PhD u psychologist 1983-07-21
A-629 Knut-Rainer Pflughaupt n program-director and conference-coord., Forum International 1983-07-19
A-630 Alan John Byron n psychiatrist 1983-07-17
A-631 John C. Pierrakos n psychiatrist 1983-07-18
A-632 Paul Reps n author, “Zen Flesh, Zen Bones” 1983-07-23
A-633 Haro Senft n independent film producer and director 1983-07-19 Original in German.
A-634 Ma Prem Nirati (Andrea Grafin von Keyserlingk) s orthoptist, aristocrat 1983-07-22
A-635 Ma Prem Pantho (Karin Petersen) s author 1983-07-16
A-636 Georg Deuter u composer and musician undated Handwritten.
A-637 Philip Dennis u actor, singer undated Handwritten.
A-638 Nancy Palmer u TV talk show hostess --> counselor, breath therapist 1983-07-15 Handwritten.
A-639 Udana Power u actress/writer/singer 1983-07-14
A-640 Christian Mey u actor (theatre) 1983-07-11
A-641 Ariel Kalma u electronic and New Age music composer 1983-07-17
A-642 Ma Deva Tanmayo (Tana Kaleya) s none given 1983-08-01
A-643 Pascal Sacher u hotelier 1983-07-19 Original in German.
A-644 Rui Faquini u photographer undated Original in Portuguese.Handwritten.
A-645 the Hon. Sir Davis Hughes n teacher, politician, father of sannyasin 1983-07-19
A-646 Marquis Livio Ruffo n aristocrat, father of sannyasin 1983-07-15
A-647 Ma Yoga Mukta (Catherine M. Venizelos) s shipping heiress, very early sannyasin undated Handwritten.
A-648 Manfred Martin u magazine publishing 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-649 Bruno DeMattio s writer and painter 1983-07-12
A-650 Nathaniel Shafer MD u medical doctor 1983-07-14
A-651 Sw Anand Nimbija (Peter Fuchs) s air force officer --> political science studies --> freelance film-maker undated
A-652 Basil J. Goulandris u shipping heir, 1983-07-08
A-653 Sw Anubhava (Dr. Peter Isler) s attorney at law undated
A-654 Thornton Rockwell u fine arts conservator 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-655 Cyril Glynn u theatre stage director, father of sannyasin 1983-07-15 Handwritten.
A-656 Warren Robertson u acting trainer 1983-07-22
A-657 Sw Prem Avinash (Jack Katz) s architecture, city planning, all aspects of design 1983-07-2x
A-658 Sw Deva Bhavito (Bruno Ruggeri) s architect, Italy 1983-07-19
A-659 Sw Deva Florian (Florian Schuller-Edelman) s painter 1983-07-31
A-660 Sw Das Anudas (David J. Burrows) s literature professor (ret) Rutgers University NJ 1983-07-22
A-661 Joe Sonneman n photography, political science, economics, taxi driver, etc 1983-07-21
A-662 Sw Dhyan Nirvesh (Tom Utne) s writer, editor 1983-08-02
A-663 Ma Prem Gayan (Sylvie Winter) s artist, model, actress, author undated
A-664 John Steward s translator undated
A-665 Sw Prem Sarito s architect, writer, teacher undated Handwritten.
A-666 Ma Veera (Sophie Wibaux) s mime artist 1983-07-22
A-667 Sw Anand Yuri s carpenter 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-668 Letty Kleipool u musician, music professor 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-669 Ms. Akiko Hyuga u author, art critic 1983-07-15
A-670 Sietze Broekema u architect 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-671 Ma Prem Pravira (Heide Sibley) s violinist 1983-07-23
A-672 Ma Prem Arti s orchestral bassist 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-673 Sw Govinddas (Werner Monka) s Multi-instrumentalist undated
A-674 Sw Parambodhi (Patti Giuseppe) s architect, Italy undated
A-675 Ma Prem Maneesha s dancer undated
A-676 Sw Anand Sangeet (Martin Gellhorn) s composer and musician 1983-07-21
A-677 Sw Prem Kavi s artist, sculptor 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-678 Sw Anand Bodhi s actor, playwright undated
A-679 Ma Prem Carolina (Carolina Tempelaar) s TV producer/director 1983-07-20
A-680 Ma Anand Jen s art, philosophy, language synthesis undated
A-681 Sw Prem Deekshant s artist, teacher 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-682 Ma Prem Mangla s psychology --> journalist, editor undated Handwritten.
A-683 Sw Veeten (Robert Coleman MFA) s playwright undated Handwritten.
A-684 Ma Devaprem s poet 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-685 Ma Jivan Sugatha s designer, architect, engineer 1983-07-xx
A-686 Ma Deva Arpita s ceramics artist and teacher 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-687 Ma Deva Magno (Miss Marcia L. Cross) s sculpture, photography 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-688 Fiorella Pachner u artist 1983-07-18
A-689 Ma Ananda Sarita s dancer 1983-07-22 Handwritten. Has enclosure.
A-690 Ma Deva Ruth (Ruth Wohlschlegel) s actress, acting trainer 1983-07-22
A-691 Ma Puja Apurvo s musician 1983-07-22
A-692 Ma Prem Udbodhi s dance, acting, varied arts 1983-07-29
A-693 Thomas Wirtel u musician, teacher, composer 1983-07-30
A-694 Birgit Burkhardt u advertising, alternative education, group therapy and dynamics 1983-07-19
A-695 Christoph Riemer u TV moderator and game show host, author, impresario 1983-07-20 Original in German.
A-696 Ma Prem Ida (Ida Hasselbalch) s mimer and classical balletdancer 1983-07-17
A-697 Sw Amano Maurizio (Giorgio Baiardi) s designer 1983-07-18
A-698 Hauspeter Huber u musician and composer 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-699 Prof. Claudia Jesi u architect, designer, teacher 1983-07-21
A-700 Judith Arisman u special projects designer undated
A-701 Motohiko Fuma u writer 1983-07-11
A-702 Sw Prem Abhinav (Patrice Gauthier) s architect 1983-07-20
A-703 Sw Anand Joost and Ma Anand Marga (Sir Joost Vanhecke and Mrs. Simonne Blanche) s language and literature teacher + botanist 1983-07-18
A-704 Sw Prem Chris (Van de Velde Chris) s artist undated
A-705 Mark A. Burnett u architect, designer, bookstore manager, artist undated
A-706 K. D. Francis u executive film producer, Quantum International Productions 1983-07-21
A-707 Dr. Claudio Trapani n medical doctor 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-708 Ma Prem Els (Els J. van der Kooi) s artist and teacher 1983-07-11
A-709 Ma Deva Dwabha (Moggie Wynn) s actress, director in theater and film, therapist, etc 1983-07-30
A-710 Hans Mangei u environmental project manager, architect, urban planner 1983-07-21
A-711 Iasos n new age music pioneer 1983-07-21
A-712 Ma Alima s actress 1983-07-20
A-713 Alexandro Jodorowsky n film director, actor, writer 1983-07-20 Original in French.
A-714 Ma Nirjiara (Ulla Borup) s artist, poet undated
A-715 Kennet Williamsson u potter, Sweden 1983-07-20
A-716 Suzanne Brøgger n author, Denmark 1983-07-20
A-717 Eva Larsen n pedagogue in creative dramatics 1983-07-13
A-718 Sw Vinod Bharti (Vinod Khanna) s major Bollywood film star 1983-07-23
A-719 Lane Lind s actress and teacher 1983-07-22
A-720 Sw Prem Vartul (Wolfram Maria Greitz) s archaeology, history of architecture 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-722 Per Nørgård u composer of symphonies and operas 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-723 Ma Dhyan Nora (Nora Scheibelmaisser) s Austrian television 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-724 Eva Englund u glass designer 1983-07-20
A-725 Katherine Reeder u music teacher 1983-07-19
A-726 Adela Gil de Sagredo u fashion designer 1983-07-20
A-727 Ma Kavisho s PR, all aspects of performing arts 1983-07-15
A-729 Ma Veet Asmi (Persephone Arbour) s music + teaching --> psychotherapy undated
A-730 Dr. Hans-Joachim Heiner n German literature , language and education 1983-07-18
A-731 Kim Anderzon n actress, Sweden 1983-07-15
A-732 Michael Gough n actor, father of sannyasin 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-733 Sw Satyam Bhavyo (John MacLean) s actor, mason 1983-07-20
A-734 Leith Taylor u Australian actress, drama therapist undated
A-735 Robert A. Raines PhD u author, musician and humanities educator 1983-07-21
A-736 Margaret Kunzle n writer, editor, publisher 1983-07-27
A-737 Mario Giollo u artist, painter, sculptor 1983-07-22
A-738 Ma Yoga Rabiya (Rebecca M. Jackson) s musician and teacher of music, librarian 1983-07-24
A-739 Michael Aisenpreis u martial arts teacher, University of Heidelberg, West Germany 1983-07-15
A-740 Dr. Egidio Vecchio s professor of psychology, clinical and educational 1983-07-15
A-741 Dr. Francesco R. Borella u medical doctor, Switzerland, specializing in psychosomatic medicine 1983-07-02
A-742 Fred Rohé u author of health books 1983-07-22
A-743 Patricia A. H. Champness n pianist, teacher, artist, writer, gardener 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-744 Joseph Eger n president of Symphony for United Nations 1983-07-27 Has enclosure.
A-745 Anselmo Francesconi n artist and sculptor undated
A-746 Sw Prem Praveera (Ken Adams) s philosophy,psychology --> sculpture, teaching art 1983-07-26
A-747 Bert Houle n mime, dancer 1983-08-15 Handwritten.
A-748 Jagjit Singh n Famous Indian singer and composer undated
A-749 Vladimir Asriev n underground, now expat Russian musical artist undated
A-750 Barry Primus n actor, director and writer 1983-07-20
A-751 Randall Sullivan n journalist 1983-07-17
A-752 William Pat Patterson n consumer journalist undated
A-753 Peter Sandblad n editor and publisher of Nexus magazine (wholeness and growth), Stockholm, Sweden undated
A-754 Bob van Leer n editor and publisher of Curry County Reporter (OR) 1983-07-31 Has enclosure.
A-755 Ma Punito (Margaret F. Bier) s artist, journalist undated
A-756 W. Kirk Braun n journalist, author of ‘’Rajneeshpuram: The Unwelcome Society’’ 1983-08-23
A-757 Sw Chaitanya Sagar s journalist, Sunday Times 1983-08-10
A-758 Mrs. Grethe Friis n Danish author 1983-07-19
A-759 Sylvie Messinger n journalist, editor, publisher, founder of Éditions Sylvie Messinger, 1983-07-15
A-760 Gail E. Hartman n bookseller 1983-07-23
A-761 Ma Prabhati (Andrea Verburg) s journalist 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-762 Sw Anandesh (Helmut Klein) s journalist 1983-06-15
A-763 Maria Marcus n journalist, author 1983-07-18
A-764 Thomas W. Paegel n journalist, editor 1983-07-18
A-765 Sw Prem Narayana (Rolf Steinberg) s journalist, author 1983-07-23 stated year is 1982. We assume it should be 1983
A-766 Anthony C. Tugwell s journalist undated Handwritten.
A-767 Helgard F. Kroonbergs-Knof s journalist 1983-07-22
A-768 Donal O'Farrell s journalist undated Handwritten.
A-769 Sw Jivan Prabhakar (Charles E. Wright) s journalist, editor, The Australian 1983-07-17
A-770 Dr. Imoszka Ines Prehm u journalist, psychologist 1983-07-20
A-771 Sw Svadesh (William Alvis) s musician, music journalist 1983-08-08
A-772 Gianni Pennacchi u journalist of the newspaper "La Stampa" 1983-07-19 Original in Italian
A-773 Stephen Knight u author and journalist 1983-07-20
A-774 Cesare Medail n chied editor of Corriere della Sera’s literature and culture section 1983-08-01 Original in Italian
A-775 Liu Saraz u editor, head of translations for Garzanti Editore 1983-07-18 Original in Italian
A-776 Albert Falzon u photographer, publisher, film producer undated
A-777 Gopinath Talwalkar n poet, publisher, translator of Osho into Marathi undated Handwritten.
A-778 Navin Suri n editor of Daily Milap, New Delhi, India 1983-07-19
A-779 Sageer Kirmani n editor of Madhupriya 1983-07-18
A-780 Dieter Duhm n adult education, writer-journalist, professor of cultural research 1983-07-18
A-781 Tom Crane n an interested observer of the scene in Nashville TN undated
A-782 Sw Anand Ragen (Pieter Cornelis van Steenwijk) s journalist, scriptwriter, producer 1983-07-18
A-783 Guido Sofia u architect 1983-07-21
A-784 Liane Aukin n BBC writer and producer 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-785 Joachim-Ernst Berendt s major mover and shaker in German entertainment business +author 1983-07-15
A-786 Olof Willgren n director at Swedish Broadcasting Corporation 1983-07-18
A-787 Ma Arihanto (Wilhelmina Hoedeman) s TV producer/director for many different national networks 1983-07-30
A-788 Ma Anand Diane (Diane Broeckhoven) s journalist, author of children’s books 1983-07-21
A-789 Peggy Taylor n editorial director of New Age Journal 1983-08-25



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