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This page is the central ("master") page for an amazing collection of letters from people all over the world attesting to Osho's superlative qualities as a religious teacher. An impressive number of them were from non-sannyasins, writing in their professional capacities as academics or even officials of nominally "competing" religions, from Catholic theologians to Zen teachers. The letters were used to help with Osho's attempt to get permanent resident status in the US at the time of the Oregon ranch.

By Jul 2023, pages were created for all the letters where they can be read in their entirety, with links to each from this page. Searchable / editable text transcriptions were completed by Feb 2024**, with the substantial exception of almost a thousand of the handwritten ones, which will not be transcribed unless people come forward to do this. Some thirty of these are handwritten in languages other than English, which adds a further challenge but on the other hand, their typed translations HAVE been transcribed. Enjoy!

the story

Osho arrived in the US Jun 1 1981 and stayed in "Kip's Castle", part of Chidvilas Rajneesh Meditation Center, Montclair, in New Jersey. The Ranch was purchased in early Jul but Osho did not move there until Aug 31. (Source for dates in this account is Roshani's Chronology of Events Relating to Rajneeshpuram, Oregon (source document), unless otherwise noted.)

He first arrived on a visitor's visa. On Oct 23 1981, he applied for an extension of that until Mar 1 1982, based on the need for medical treatment. On Nov 24 1981 he applied for permanent US resident status as a religious leader and teacher.

After Osho's visitor visa expired in Jun 1982, he was allowed to stay in the country while his religious leader status was being considered. The decision came on Dec 21 1982; the US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) denied Osho's application for permanent resident status. He was given one month to launch an appeal, or else be deported.

Two days later, Osho's lawyers announced they would appeal the INS' decision within 15 days, contesting every aspect. They said that the INS was looking for reasons to reject Osho's applications, noting especially the rudeness and hostility of INS officials at their Dec 22 press conference.

On Jan 5 1983, sannyasins filed their appeal in the INS' regional office in Minneapolis, mentioning five specific grounds:
1. Osho met all requirements as a religious leader
2. the INS misinterpreted and misapplied relevant statutes
3. the INS overstepped their authority in defining a religious worker, eg in saying that Osho could not teach or lead if he was in public silence
4. the INS failed to provide Osho's attorneys with various findings, so they were unable to respond
5. the INS acted arbitrarily and out of prejudice, discriminating on the basis of their own religious beliefs and limited understanding.

request for testimonials

That filing was followed by months of legal wrangling, jostling and jockeying for position. It is not clear when in this process the idea arose and was implemented to collect the testimonial letters but, judging from the letters' dates, it was likely in early Jul of 1983. A (very) few letters are dated before Jul 10 but it seems likely that many of them are dated wrongly. Jul 10 is when they start to come en masse, and by the 15th, there is already a flood.

According to an email from Roshani, the process of soliciting letters went something like this: "People at the Ranch phoned people to ask them to write. Or they called centers to ask people to write". There were no instructions or fixed format. An immense outpouring came in response from all around the world.

An email from Niren, one of Osho's lawyers at the time, added that not all the letters were used: "The letters deemed most effective, most of which came from sannyasins and others who were accomplished in their chosen fields, were then submitted to the INS as exhibits to a Rebuttal to the INS denial of Osho's visa application.

"Because the INS withdrew the decisions, then later granted the visa petition, but not the application for adjustment of status, there was never a court context to attack the decisions. Hence, the Rebuttals are the most detailed response 'rebutting' the INS denials". He goes into much more detail in his book USA v. Osho.

Over 2650 letters were sent or forwarded to the INS from all over the world. The letters were kept by Osho's immigration lawyer, Jeffrey Noles of Portland, who eventually [when?] donated them to the Oregon Historical Society, based in Portland. See letter count in the footnotes regarding the actual number of letters.

The letters are only a small part of Noles' collection, comprising one box plus most of a second box of documents out of seven boxes in all. A correspondent, Sw Anand Sharma, contacted the OHS and, by Mar 2022, had obtained and shared pdfs of images of all of the letters with the wiki. They are all indexed below, and linked to individual pages with images and a searchable text version, except for the handwritten ones. Later we will try to get the same for the other files in Noles' collection.

Information on the whole Noles collection can be found at this page. "Series A", also called "Exhibit A", of that collection, by far the largest section, contains "documents used in the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh immigration case that were organized into folders based on the subject. Documents were used as evidence in an attempt to argue his importance and fame all over the world as a religious figure. Includes photocopies of letters, examples of published works, materials from various Rajneesh organizations and information about his religious beliefs and activities both in India and the United States. Includes a few color brochures and an introductory pamphlet". The section dealing with the letters is:

Subseries 1: Letters "attesting to His exceptional ability and international acclaim"
Individual letters of support from all over the world for Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh to gain citizenship in the United States.

The wiki is grateful to the OHS for making access available for these documents.

the letter-writers

Letters from those who identify clearly as sannyasins often cite their prior religious history in order to illustrate Osho's teaching and how it has profoundly improved their lives and understanding of religion. Links will lead to their letters, not their personal pages, which may not exist. The sorting criterion for the name column is the name they are most likely to have been known or be recognized by, usually their last name.

A curious item: There appear to be a more than "normal" number of sannyasins using only one name (not counting "Ma" or "Sw"), eg Sw X rather than Sw Prem or Deva X. Several are known to have omitted their "Devas" and "Anands', etc, though it may have little significance, even if common. Visitors are welcome to point to other examples. We will not be "outing" anyone here, but the phenomenon may be worthy of study.

Sorting criterion for non-sannyasins is their surname, usually but not always their last name, depending on their culture of origin. Note that there are a few cases with only legal names but the writers have unambiguously declared themselves to be sannyasins. Like non-sannyasins, they are sorted according to surnames.

Almost all the non-sannyasin letter-writers have stated some position, either religious or professional, of "expertise" in the non-sannyas world which is the basis of their commenting on Osho's attempt to get official status in the States. Most sannyasins writing do not have a long-standing "outside" position, though their background may have included such a position at one time.

Note that there are many writers whose sannyas status is not unambiguously declared one way or the other, as many as 720. A close reading of these unknowns' letters reveals a good quarter of them referring to a long history of visits to Poona and the Ranch, close association with sannyasins, personal meetings with Osho and using a more devotional, flowery, "non-professional" or "sannyas-metaphysical" language, with many of the others having some of these features. The wiki will not speculate on individual letter-writers but we observe this pattern.

It seems likely that many or even most of the writers with all or most of the above-mentioned "sannyas-oriented" features were in fact sannyasins, including some 27 whose legal names are known to wiki editors. Why would they decline to indicate that important fact while championing the superlative qualities of their beloved Master? One reason may have been a likely widespread belief that the INS would not accord their letters the same credibility as those from non-sannyasins; so, while not actively denying their disciplehood, some of their history and language might be toned down. There are no known cases of writers explicitly claiming not to be sannyasins who in fact were.

themes in the letters

We could say that there are as many themes in these letters as there are writers, and that would have a kind of truth, as the format and message were open to the writers to play with. Every letter was unique! But this would not be very satisfying to the categorizers and analysts among us, so ....

More than a few letter-writers refer to Osho's apparent application for permanent-resident status in another way besides as a religious leader, as a "person of exceptional ability in the arts and sciences". Precisely those words or a paraphrase come up regularly, so it seems likely that this wider approach was adopted around this time, to give the INS as many reasons as possible to say yes. When relating to this approach, even if only implicitly, the writers would "make it personal", ie connecting Osho's wisdom, guidance or just plain inspiration to their own field of study or expertise.

By far the largest contingent of that type -- and many writers did use that general approach -- were those practicing psychology and in related fields such as sociology, education and so on. Those writing on this aspect of Osho's contributions saw him as a master psychologist, whose innovations in understanding the human psyche left all others -- Freud, Jung, Adler, Maslow, Reich, Rogers and more are mentioned -- at the starting gate.

The preponderance of this theme was natural, given sannyasins' interest in going beyond the mind. Furthermore, many sannyasins were already in the field when they first came across him, looking for something more, and ... Wow! And even those who remained non-sannyasins wrote glowing tributes to his insight, wisdom and impact on their lives and on their clients. While some were careful to distance themselves from him, the vast majority endorsed him enthusiastically as a major force whose insights and methods would revolutionize psychology and whose presence would be of great benefit to the US.

Professionals in many other fields, including doctors (many specialists), nurses, teachers, lawyers, police, diplomats, etc, spoke of the impact he had had in their professional lives, and often their personal lives.

Creative people in all areas of the arts were another sizable contingent, saying how Osho's words on creativity in general or often very specifically in their own field -- poetry, music, painting, acting, whatever -- helped bring out the best in them, tapping into new depths and resources. And beyond the words, his silent presence, his meditations, his therapeutic processes, his love, all were mentioned as having brought about transformations in their work.

The environmental repair and restoration work at the Ranch was another big theme which elicited many comments, from urban planners, environmental managers, agriculturalists and laypeople. The angle here was that the planning and the work were superb, so that Osho, who was inspiring it, should be welcomed into the country, not spurned.

In fact, the work in general at the Ranch, twelve hours a day, seven days a week, was noteworthy for more than a few writers, as it showed clearly the dedication and love of those who had gathered around Osho. As only he (sometimes "He") could have inspired it, the logic was inescapable that he was a bona fide religious leader.

The INS' ridiculous claim that he could not be a religious leader because he was in silence was addressed in many ways by many writers. Leaders in nominally competing spiritual groups, even Catholics, pointed to silence as a long-revered tradition just about everywhere. And anyway, many pointed out, words conveying the conceptual aspect of his guidance were still available in hundreds of books. Parents of sannyasins saw their loved ones motivated, engaged and happy, and said, look, this is a religious leader.

America's self-image of freedom, especially religious freedom, came up often in the letters, both positively as celebrations of this great country's heritage and negatively as accusations of bigotry.


This section deals with several types of cases that might roughly be classified as duplication. The first type is straightforward, a bureaucratic or related slip in which letters seem to have got photographed and filed twice. Four such cases have been found so far, for which we have simply left out the second instances.

The second type is letters from people who have written more than once. The first three to have been noted were all ranch residents of moderate "importance", whose second letters all appeared in a batch filed in folder #2, A-97 to A-114, eighteen in a row ending with Sheela. Most of this batch of letters were written in a flurry around Sep 26, some of them a few days earlier, but all much later than 99% of the rest. The three duplicators were Ma Prem Divya, Ma Deva Waduda and Sw Anand Maitreya, who had each written more than two months earlier. They had all failed to mention their important positions, so this was likely the reason for the rewrite. ("Important" here refers to titled officials of the Academy of Rajneeshism: Acharyas, Arihantas and Siddhas, as well as some with supervisory educational positions in Rajneesh International Meditation University.)

Those first three can perhaps be thought of as a "sub-type", for those with classificatory tendencies. There are also at least nineteen more letter-writers who have ventured into writing twice who have nothing particular in common and perhaps may be thought of as akin to the "vote early and vote often" type of zealous participants in elections. Or perhaps they understood that not all letters would be submitted to the INS so they gave organizers two to choose from.

The third type is not a duplication in any usual sense, except that the names of the writers are duplicated. They are different people, from different countries, writing different letters about doing different things with their lives, but Osho has given them the same names.

And fwiw, there are two duplications for which it is impossible to tell whether the writers are two different people with the same name or just one who has written so carefully that there is neither overlap nor inconsistency between the two letters, but both in the first case are Ranch residents, in the second case not even that much commonality.

all the letters

The table below presents links to each of the letters plus something about each of the letter-writers. The table can be sorted by clicking on any of the column headers. The "notes" column is a bit of a catchall for several kinds of information for which separate columns seemed excessive: whether the letter was handwritten, written in a language other than English or featured an enclosure of some kind, the default empty cell indicating none of these. With each of the "noted" cases, a typed transcription or translation is included.

using the table

Clicking on any of the column headers in the table will sort the table according to the data in that column. Particular column info follows:

indicates the unique ID given each letter by Noles and/or the OHS
click on the header-arrows to sort according to legal surname or sannyas name
n = non-sannyasin
s = sannyasin
u = unknown if sannyasin or not
click on the arrows to sort by sannyasin/non-sannyasin; this will also sort by sannyas-name, where applicable.
date of the letter, also click-sortable
note that the few dates prior to Jul 10 1983 are likely incorrect
exhibit name n/s position / background date notes
A-1 Douglas V Steere n professor philosophy, Haverford College, Haverford PA 1983-07-16
A-2 Peter M Kuntz n scholar law & theology, Princeton University 1983-07-21
A-3 Daniel Matt n professor Judaic studies, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley CA 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-4 Douglas K Huneke n pastor, Westminster United Presbyterian Church, Tiburon CA 1983-07-13
A-5 Mitsuo Aoki n Dept of Religion, University of Hawaii 1983-07-12
A-6 Kazuyoshi Kino n research and mission work in Buddhism, 1983-07-14
A-7 Frederick Partington n Anglican priest, head of Counseling Courses, Middlesex Polytechnic, UK 1983-07-18
A-8 Joseph H Gelberman n rabbi, Tree of Life Synagogue, NYC 1983-07-26
A-9 Michael Ziegler n rabbi, Piedmont CA 1983-07-20
A-10 Ulrike Eichhoff u protestant vicar (F), Nörten-Hardenberg, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-11 Gregorio n Archimandrite of Turin (Russian Patriarchal Church), Italy 1983-07-18 Original in Italian.
A-12 Sw Deva Paritosh (J. Paul Campbell) s Catholic monk --> psychotherapist 1983-07-14
A-13 illegible (Orthodox Church of Italy) n National President of the Venerable Permanent Counsel, Orthodox Church of Italy in Florence 1983-07-10
A-14 Dr. Gabriel Looser n Dr of Theology, Catholic hospital ministry, Bern, Switzerland 1983-07-15 Original in German.
A-15 Diane Mintz n MA rabbinic literature and education, Kensington CA 1983-07-20
A-16 Reuho Yamada n head priest of Choshoji Temple, Beppu Japan 1983-07-15
A-17 Sw Deva Siddhartha (Mattheus Josephus Maria van Langen) s philosophy, theology, Catholic priest 1983-07-16
A-18 Klaus Bieger u Protestant theologian, Kiel, Germany 1983-07-20
A-19 Revd. Dr. Chad Varah n Prebendary of St Paul's Cathedral, London 1983-08-04
A-20 Ma Prem Samadhi (Matthews Selecki) s theology and psychology 1983-07-20
A-21 RC Gordon-McCutchan, PhD n professor American religious history, University of California, Santa Barbara 1983-07-23
A-22 Felicitas D Goodman, PhD n professor (ret'd) anthropology and linguistics, Denison University, Granville OH 1983-07-27
A-23 Rabbi Elihu Kestenbaum n Orthodox rabbi 1983-07-19
A-24 Ronald H D'Angelo n Catholic priest + certified psychoanalyst 1983-07-26
A-25 Rev Frank Stribling n minister of Sanctuary of Light Church, San Antonio TX 1983-07-15
A-26 Ma Prem Hamido (Gertrudis Maria Houben) s Catholic nun, secular teacher 1983-07-19
A-27 Eva-Maria Debes s religion teacher 1983-07-17 Original in German.
A-28 Rev JC Whight n Anglican priest, Australia 1983-07-22
A-29 Ronald O Clarke n professor religious studies, Oregon State University 1983-07-26
A-30 Sw Devananda (Roger Walton Day) s stock trader --> metaphysics, religious studies 1983-07-28
A-31 Sw Prem Gayano (Rudolf Steenstra) s psychology of religion 1983-07-19
A-32 Ted A Nordquist, Fil.dr. n researcher history of religion, Uppsala University Sweden 1983-07-15
A-33 DJ Michalka u psychologist, Perth, Australia 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-34 Sw Deva Ojas (Theo CC de Ronde) s Catholic monk, priest --> adult education 1983-07-18
A-35 Ma Deva Pyari (Renate Mayas) s teacher of German and religion 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-36 Robert Lazeres s Carmelite monk, philosophy 1983-07-23
A-37 Robert John Egan n Jesuit priest, teacher, philosophy, theology, Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley CA 1983-07-18
A-38 Ülo Johannes Luuka s protestant priest --> professor social work 1983-07-17
A-39 Sw Antar Dhiren (Friedemann Howorka) s protestant minister, BA theology 1983-08-22
A-40 Kathryn J Raban n theology, "special needs" teacher, Loughborough UK 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-41 Sw Veet Sangharsh (James R Agee) s Lutheran minister --> Quakers + Zen studies 1983-07-21
A-42 Dr Hermann Steinkamp n Dean of theology, Münster University, Germany 1983-07-20
A-43 Dr Agnete Kutar n PhD, lecturer Indology, Free University of Berlin, Germany 1983-07-25
A-44 Ma Sambodhi (Jill R Gerhard) s radio + TV talk shows, screenwriter --> minister 1983-07-20
A-45 Zen Master Seung Sahn n Korean Zen master, Providence RI 1983-07-20
A-46 Alfred Bloom n professor religion University of Hawaii 1983-07-16
A-47 Ursel-Renata Krüsi u theology --> psychotherapy 1983-07-19 Original in German.
A-48 Rev Terry Cole-Whittaker n minister (live + TV), motivational speaker, author, San Diego CA 1983-07-15
A-49 Sabine Hindelang s theology, history of Lutheranism 1983-07-20
A-50 Dr Jim Garrison u writer, director, East-West Reach, London 1983-07-18
A-51 Rev Thomas D Cammack n Community Caring Project, San Francisco 1983-07-19
A-52 Masanori Oe u translator Tibetan Buddhism, Yamanashi-ken Japan 1983-07-21
A-53 Masaaki Monju u temple master Jitokuin, Kyoto Japan 1983-07-14
A-54 Koku Nishimura n Second Patriarch, Tani School, Fuke Zen Sect, Kumamoto-shi Japan 1983-07-19
A-55 Jorgen Thorndal Larsen u philosophy - religion - science intersection, Copenhagen undated
A-56 MC Blackden u teacher religion and theology 1983-07-21
A-57 Sw Bodhimitra (Dr. Henri Gerhard) s teacher, minister, United Church of Religious Science undated
A-58 Sw Dhyan Herbert (Prof. Dr. Herbert Muck) s professor, science of art and semiotics, Institute for Sacred Art, Vienna 1983-07-17 Original in German.
A-59 K Staub u theology, sociology, School for Social Work, Vienna 1983-07-15 Original in German.
A-60 Sister Ann McNeil n Tibetan Buddhist nun aka Ani Lobsang Dolma, Berkeley CA 1983-07-20
A-61 Rev James A Gattuso n founder, Center of New Thought, Philosophy Church and Education Society, Akron OH 1983-07-17
A-62 Sw Anand Alok (John Kwang-han Hsu) s immigrant from China to US, math, ethics, theology, counseling, minister 1983-07-19
A-63 A Durwood Foster n professor Christian Theology, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley CA 1983-07-15
A-64 Sw Anand Kamalesh s Jesuit --> clinical psychologist 1983-07-18
A-65 Rev Richard Douglas Cain n chaplain Churchill College, Cambridge UK 1983-07-20
A-66 Jean-Yves Leloup n doctorates in theology, philosophy and psychology, professor École de théologie, Toulouse FR 1983-07-24 Original in French.
A-67 CPA van Esch u studied theology and philosophy, Ubbergen NL 1983-07-17
A-68 Jörg Marxen u church counselor --> clinical psychologist, Braunschweig DE 1983-07-23
A-69 Ma Deva Anurago (Cornelia Wilhelmina Farrow) s minister Dutch Reformed Church --> journalist 1983-07-16
A-70 Christiane van der Spieren u teacher of Catholic religion, Mechelen BE undated
A-71 Christopher F Mooney n professor religious studies, Fairfield University, Fairfield CT 1983-08-11
A-72 Herbert Dale Long n professor religious studies, San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo CA 1983-07-13
A-73 Robert Aitken n Zen master, Diamond Sangha, Honolulu HI 1983-07-22
A-74 Drs Jan Bergers n Catholic priest, educator, Baak NL 1983-07-16
A-75 Michael Leger s Christian missionary --> ecology 1983-07-23
A-76 Lorraine Thomas u lecturer psychology, religious studies, runs mental health clinic, Palmerston North NZ 1983-08-22
A-77 Margareta Skog u researcher Stockholm Institute of the Sociology of Religion, Stockholm SE 1983-07-21
A-78 prof Vittorio Giavotto n president, Centro Ghe-Pel-Ling, Milano IT 1983-07-18
A-79 Dr Hans-Jürgen Greschat n professor history of religions University of Marburg, Marburg DE 1983-07-19
A-80 David Thomas Kyle PhD n college teacher philosophy and religion, writer, counselor, Woodside CA 1983-08-01
A-81 Ma Deva Sadhana s philosophy, comparative religion 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-82 Gianni Vanonni n researcher, Interdisciplinary Research Center, University of Florence, IT 1983-07-23 Handwritten in Italian.
A-83 Robert S Ellwood n professor Oriental studies, University of Southern California, Los Angeles 1983-07-19 Has enclosure.
A-84 Prof Dr theol Gerhard Marcel Martin n professor practical theology, University of Marburg, Marburg DE 1983-07-22
A-85 Leonard A Voegtle, AMS n Provincial Superior, Marist Brothers (a Catholic order), Wheeling WV 1983-07-15
A-86 Dr Warren J Stagg, ND, DD, PhD n assoc. with HELP Unlimited (non-profit religious, scientific and educational foundation) Hollywood CA 1983-07-14
A-87 illegible (Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa) n three officials of the Lama Tzong Khapa Institute, Pomaia IT 1983-07-27
A-88 Roger Abelson n executive director, National Jewish Chamber of Commerce, San Francisco CA 1983-07-10
A-89 Diane Choquette n head of New Religious Movements research, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley CA 1983-07-19
A-90 Rev Ken H Hills n priest, Church of England, Birmingham UK 1983-07-29
A-91 Carol Voisin n president, Berkeley Area Interfaith Council, Berkeley CA 1983-07-20
A-92 Shinkai Tanaka n Zen temple master, Kameoka-shi Japan 1983-07-12
A-93 Sun Bear n Medicine Chief, Bear Tribe Medicine Society, Spokane WA 1983-08-02
A-94 Kou Sugawara u head priest Goseiji Temple Foundation, Japan undated
A-95 Paul F Knitter n professor theology Xavier University, Cincinnati OH 1983-08-10
A-96 Edvard D Vogt n assoc professor sociology of religion, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, Bergen 1983-08-22
A-97 Sw Prem Amitabh, PhD s professor psychology --> Acharya, Academy of Rajneeshism 1983-09-25
A-98 Ma Prem Arup s Acharya, Academy of Rajneeshism 1983-09-26
A-99 Ma Prem Divya s primal therapist --> director Rajneesh Institute of Alchemy 1983-09-26
A-100 Ma Prem Isabel s Acharya, Academy of Rajneeshism 1983-09-26
A-101 Ma Prem Karuna s Acharya, Academy of Rajneeshism 1983-09-26
A-102 Sw Anand Maitreya (Mathura Prasad Mishra) s Member of Parliament in India --> Acharya, Academy of Rajneeshism 1983-09-27
A-103 Sw Anand Niketana (Hubertus Gerardus Gertrudis Beckers) s chairman De Stad Rajneesh Foundation, Heerde NL; Acharya, Academy of Rajneeshism 1983-09-20
A-104 Ma Dhyan Rosalie s ass’t director Rajneesh Institute of Nature Living 1983-09-26
A-105 Sw Anand Santosh s dean, Rajneesh International Meditation University; director, Rajneesh Institute for Dehypnotherapy 1983-09-26
A-106 Sw Prem Siddha, MD s psychiatrist; Acharya, Academy of Rajneeshism 1983-09-26
A-107 Ma Prem Sunshine s Arihanta (Minister of Rajneeshism) 1983-09-26
A-108 Sw Ananda Teertha s Acharya; director, Rajneesh Institute for Meditation and Self-Transformation 1983-09-13
A-109 Sw Santosh Toby s Arihanta (Minister of Rajneeshism); director, Rajneesh Insitute of Music and Dance 1983-09-26
A-110 Sw Satya Vedant, PhD s Asian studies --> Chancelllor, Rajneesh International Meditation University; Acharya, Academy of Rajneeshism 1983-09-26
A-111 Ma Deva Waduda s Siddha (Minister of Rajneeshism) 1983-09-26
A-112 Ma Latifa (Gertrud Cordes) s Acharya, Academy of Rajneeshism 1983-09-20
A-113 Sw Ananda Siddhartha s Acharya 1983-09-18
A-114 Ma Anand Sheela s Acharya 1983-09-27
A-115 Sw Prem Amido (Christoph Radlmair) s severely handicapped sannyasin in wheelchair 1983-09-11
A-116 Sw Prem Gunjan (Wolfgang Boronowsky) s Amido’s (above) caretaker undated
A-117 Marie Schwab, Julius K. Peter Schwab n parents of sannyasin who died of leukemia 1983-07-18 Handwritten in German.
A-118 James Broughton u poet, playwright, author 1983-09-16
A-119 Ralf Dantscher u social therapist 1983-07-18 Original in German.
A-120 Maurice R. Stein n professor of sociology, Brandeis University 1983-07-14
A-121 Richard M. Brooks n clinical psychologist, Sacramento CA 1983-07-22
A-122 J. Ch. Simopoulos n senior philosophy tutor, St. Catherine's College, Oxford undated
A-123 James E. Baum n osteopathic physician 1983-07-26
A-124 Nigel D. W. Armistead s lecturer in Social Psychology, Sheffield University, English; B.A. in psychology, Cambridge University; B. Phil. in sociology, Oxford University 1983-07-25
A-125 Leo Cohen u clinical psychologist, Amsterdam 1983-07-25
A-126 J. Donald Ball MD u medical doctor undated
A-127 Dr. Richard Schechner n professor of Performance Studies, New York University 1983-07-23
A-128 Henry L. Judy n lawyer, corporate and financial institutions 1983-07-23
A-129 Isi Beller n professor, the University Paris VII 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-130 James S. Gordon MD u psychiatrist, clinical associate professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Community and Family Medicine, Georgetown University Medical School, Washington D.C. 1983-07-24
A-131 M. Visser u obstetrician and gynecologist, St. Elisabeth's Hospital, Haarlem, Holland 1983-07-11
A-132 Leo and Diane Horowitz u aerospace scientist + fine arts teacher undated
A-133 Dr. Ulrich Welzbacher u chief of Department for hazardous materials, German Union of Professional Associations, Bonn 1983-07-22
A-134 Silvia Cazoll s industrial engineer --> market research undated
A-135 Raju Ramanathan u aerospace engineer, quality control 1983-07-21
A-136 Robert Michael March u professor of International Business, School of International Politics, Economics and Business, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan; crosscultural communications and negotiation skills trainer, psychologist undated
A-137 Filos M. Graf PhD u biochemistry, cancer research 1983-07-15
A-138 Søren Thiesen u medical doctor 1983-07-27
A-139 Mallory Ball u clinical psychologist 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-140 Riccardo Zerbetto u psychiatrist, psychotherapist, professor of Adolescent psychiatry in the University of Siena, Vice-President of the Italian Association for Humanistic Psychology, consultant of the Ministry of Health, Rome, Italy 1983-07-17
A-141 Avgustin Tuzhilin u professor of Computer science, City University of New York 1983-07-20
A-142 Sw Dhyan Vinaya (William A. Shonerd) s U.S. Naval officer, math teacher 1983-07-27
A-143 Ma Prem Nirupo (Silvia Sanchez Reinoso) s physician, psychiatrist, assistant professor of child psychology, Argentina 1983-07-24
A-144 Vincenzo Ruggiero u psychiatrist 1983-07-20 Original in Italian.
A-145 John M. Taurek n teacher of philosophy, University of California, Davis CA 1983-07-18
A-146 Dr. D. W. Rowntree n psychiatrist 1983-07-18
A-147 J. R. Newbrough n professor of psychology and education, Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN undated
A-148 Rosemary Hamilton u director of Social Research for the United Way, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada undated
A-149 Laura Baron u natural resource development 1982-07-26 date sic
A-150 Sven-Erik Åhström n psychiatrist; chief (senior) physician at Beckomberga, Stockholm 1983-07-15
A-151 Sw Sambodh Ulrich (Dr Ulrich Klaubert) s ENT specialist 1983-07-18 Handwritten in German.
A-152 Dr. Heiner Klaus u psychiatrist and psychologist 1983-07-19
A-153 Matthias Oesterheld u social worker 1983-07-21
A-154 Lana D. Clark PhD u psychotherapist; dean, School of Licensed Counseling Practitioners, Columbia Pacific University, Mill Valley CA 1983-07-20
A-155 Ma Veetgyan (Ingrid Bingisser) s teacher 1983-07-20
A-156 Dr. Penelope A. Jones u dental surgeon, endodontist 1983-07-19
A-157 Dr. Roswitha Seibt u medical doctor undated
A-158 Sw Anand Nirgrantha (Gerald M. Emmet MD) s psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, teacher 1983-07-18
A-159 T. L. Shay n professor, Political Science, Willamette University, Salem OR 1983-07-15
A-160 Lyn Goswell u senior educational psychologist, Avon UK 1983-07-14
A-161 Howard B. Johnston, Jr. u Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering, Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN 1983-07-18
A-162 Lowdon Wingo n professor Urban and Regional Planning, University of Southern California 1983-07-21
A-163 Hermann Wöhle n commissioner of police, Hamburg, West-Germany 1983-07-10
A-164 Sukhendu Das u engineer 1983-07-15
A-165 Walter E. Jessen Phd n clinical psychologist 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-166 Gordon D. Stott n father of sannyasin 1983-07-29
A-167 Peter Niggl u engineer, entrepreneur, Munich 1983-07-18
A-168 Larry Colton n professional baseball --> freelance writer undated
A-169 Sw Sat Samudaya s Jewish holocaust survivor --> teacher of graphic arts, graphic designer undated
A-170 Jason R. Doty PhD n founder and director, Center for Total Health, Laguna Beach CA 1983-07-19
A-171 Mrs Leon McCauley n mother of sannyasin 1983-07-29
A-172 Marilyn Jackson and Jack D. Jackson n Marilyn: librarian; Jack: architect 1983-07-23
A-173 Sw Deva Ullas (Arthur D. Totman) s psychotherapist, New York undated Handwritten.
A-174 William C. Ball u psychotherapist, San Diego, CA 1983-07-22
A-175 Leonard A. Licht PhD u clinical psychologist 1983-07-26
A-176 David K. Wheaton PhD n professor Criminal Justice, graduate coordinator, Tennessee State University, Nashville TN 1983-07-18
A-177 Carl Silver u psychotherapist, director of services, Brookhaven Institute of Psychotherapy, Patchogue NY 1983-07-18
A-178 Jack Sawyer PhD u social psychologist, Berkeley CA 1983-07-16
A-179 Guy L. Claxton D Phil u lecturer Psychology of Education, the University of London Chelsea College 1983-07-18
A-180 Laurence J. Horowitz PhD n professor of psychology, Sonoma State University, Santa Rosa CA 1983-07-21
A-181 Jayden Harman u managing director, Energy Research Group Pty. Ltd., Australia 1983-07-15
A-182 Richard D. Hendlin u Deputy Attorney General, California Department of Justice, San Diego CA 1983-07-21
A-183 Marva J. Mohr u international legal activist, Center for Women's Studies and Services, San Diego CA 1983-07-21
A-184 Robert Markman PhD u psychotherapist; director, The Resource Center, Morganton NC 1983-07-20
A-185 Lawrence J. Fitzpatrick PhD u behavioral scientist, student of Child Development and Psychology undated
A-186 Rufus P. Browning PhD n professor of Political Science, San Francisco State University, San Francisco CA 1983-07-19
A-187 William Pennell Rock PhD s psychotherapist, experimental theater, lecturer in multiple fields, universities and growth centers 1983-07-26
A-188 Dr. Arnold Schleger Phd u physics researcher, Institute of Technology, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland 1983-07-23
A-189 David George O'Neil PhD u clinical psychologist undated
A-190 Dr. Gokul R. Gokani u E.N.T. consultant surgeon, Kenya 1983-07-11
A-191 Dr. Wolfgang Karpa u medical doctor, Germany 1983-07-11
A-192 Dr. Robert S. Crocker u medical doctor, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney Australia 1983-07-20
A-193 Dr. John W. Harrison u medical doctor, specialty psychogenic illness, Australia 1983-07-18
A-194 Peter Didcott u social science research, University of Edinburgh 1983-07-19
A-195 Ursula Niklaus u physician and psychotherapist 1983-07-19
A-196 Michael J. Kidd s barrister and Solicitor, High Court of New Zealand 1983-07-17
A-197 Arthur Sherman MD u psychiatrist 1983-07-20
A-198 Michael Solonevich M Ed u educational psychologist 1983-07-17
A-199 Dr. Uli Bracher u lecturer in sociology, philosophy and education, Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main, Germany 1983-07-15
A-200 Laurie G. Sherman u psychotherapist, community education 1983-07-19
A-201 Anastas Harris M Ed n president Institute for New Education, Los Angeles CA 1983-07-22
A-202 Mary Ruth u professor Ensligh and business education 1983-07-19
A-203 Dr. Cari Shay n professor of Political Science, Western Oregon State College, Salem OR 1983-07-15
A-204 Sw Veet Chintan MA (Claude Vacheron) s agronomist undated
A-205 Charlotte W. Thomson u anthropologist undated Handwritten.
A-206 James Oldham MD u consultant psychiatrist, business consultant undated
A-207 Dr. Rudolf Wormser u experimental psychology 1983-07-19
A-208 Dr. Antony McCardell u ethnomusicology 1983-07-04
A-209 Darrel Harden u professor of Mechanical Engineering, the University of Oklahoma, Norman OK 1983-07-20
A-210 Dr. Takufumi Fujita u doctor 1983-07-14
A-211 Ma Prem Parigit (Victoria A. Thomas) s lecturer of English, University of Odessa, U.S.S.R. 1983-07-21
A-212 Dr Med Wolfgang Rönsberg n physician and psychotherapist; teacher General Medicine and Medical Sociology, the Freie Universität Berlin 1983-07-19
A-213 Richard J. Benfante PhD, MPH u public health scientist, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda MD 1983-07-18
A-214 Dr. Darrel Black Duke u clinical psychologist 1983-07-16
A-215 Dr. med Lydia Hektor u doctor (general practitioner) 1983-07-18 Original in German.
A-216 Sw Prem Gunnar (Gunnar Puhze) s high school teacher, psychotherapist undated
A-217 Michael T. Wall AIQS u architect, engineer undated Handwritten.
A-218 Gwendolyn J. Sereno MA u psychologist undated
A-219 Els Van Hoogenbemt u medical doctor, Belgium 1983-07-18
A-220 Thekla Clemens u psychology, education 1983-06-18
A-221 Patrick Mitchell u real estate 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-222 Carolyn Crane u psychology 1983-07-15
A-223 William C. Yeomans n consulting landscape architect, BC, Canada 1983-07-12
A-224 William W. Perrine u president United Hydrocarbon Corp, San Luis Obispo CA 1983-06-08
A-225 Martin Onken s electronic engineer, psychology, education 1983-07-19
A-226 Dr. rer pol Mario Montano u assoc professor political science 1983-07-19
A-227 Sue C. Steiner MA u applied biology 1983-07-18
A-228 Anny Burger n social worker 1983-07-18 Handwritten in German.
A-229 Dr. L. C. Gurny u pharmacist 1983-07-21
A-230 P. D. Croome MA u head of Mathematics, Furzedown Secondary School, London 1983-07-19
A-231 Brian Cooper n physicist undated Handwritten.
A-232 Ma Devam Madhu (Gertrud Båge PhD) s endocrinologist, teratologist 1983-07-19
A-233 Sw Satyam Lalit (Dr Günther Mevec PhD) s philosophy, student advisor, University of Munich, Germany 1983-07-19
A-234 Peter Farwer u technical engineer, town planner, Hamburg Germany 1983-07-19
A-235 Marcia A. Bell RN u nurse, midwife, Australia 1983-07-14
A-236 Ma Shanti Suhara (Suhara Ben Rahal) s medical technican 1983-07-19
A-237 Angelika Glöckner u psychotherapist 1983-07-16
A-238 Elisabeth L. M. Jungschleger s therapist and teacher 1983-07-20
A-239 Arwin R. Diwan and O.A. Bushnell u Diwan: associate professor Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology and Public Health.
Bushnell: Emeritus professor Medical Microbiology, Tropical Medicine and History of Medicine
A-240 Hannes Paul Bärtschi u member teachers' board of the Bernese Teachers Training Institute 1983-07-18 Original in German.
A-241 Genese Liebowitz MA s psychotherapist 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-242 A. Orchard MA u teacher, Sir William Collins School, London undated
A-243 Dr. Claude Olievenstein u psychiatrist, Head Doctor in Hospital Marmottan, Paris 1983-07-19
A-244 Sw Deva Praghosha (Andrew McConnell) s associate professor of Computer Science, Los Angeles Pierce College, Woodland Hills CA 1983-07-22
A-245 Bent von Linstow n lawyer, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Denmark 1983-07-20
A-246 John H. Crook PhD n psychotherapist, University of Bristol, Bristol UK 1983-07-15
A-247 Ken Anderson MD, PhD n psychotherapist 1983-07-22
A-248 Piet van 't Woud MD s medical doctor 1983-07-18
A-249 Ms. Jill P. Booth u water management research, ecological education 1983-07-19
A-250 Sw Deva Smito (Gerhard Böckler) s medical doctor 1983-07-17
A-251 J. W. Vervoort u medical doctor 1983-07-17
A-252 Barry Jerome Naster PhD u psychologist, University of South Florida 1983-07-19
A-253 Dr. Richard M. Selecki MBBS u medical doctor undated Handwritten.
A-254 George Gross u psychologist, consultant 1983-07-21
A-255 Dr. J. Paul van den Bergh u agronomist, journal editor 1983-07-19
A-256 Susana Weinstein MA u psychologist, psychotherapist 1983-07-22
A-257 Mr Hitoshi Kohara u engineering faculty, Kansai University, Osaka Japan 1983-07-13
A-258 Mr Yasumi Nagai u teacher history Kyoto Women’s College, Japan 1983-07-13
A-259 Dr. James J. Whelan PhD u clinical psychologist 1983-07-20
A-260 Jan Vintilescu u PR consultant --> bookstore owner 1983-07-16
A-261 Jay Inglis n irrigation consultant, San Diego CA 1983-07-21
A-262 George A. Harris BA u food company general manager 1983-06-18
A-263 Carol A. Coon MS u psychotherapist 1983-07-21
A-264 Sw Anand Ravi (Dr. Robert T. Jaffe) s medical doctor, Weiss Memorial Hospital, Chicago MI 1983-07-24
A-265 Samuel E. Press MD n psychiatrist, Albany 1983-07-22
A-266 Ma Prem Salamo (?) (Suzanne Graham MD) s anaesthesiologist 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-267 Dr Paolo Nepoti n town planner --> sociology --> psychoanalyst 1983-07-16
A-268 Thomas Schneider u agronomist 1983-07-17
A-269 Dr. J. B. Ball u psychiatry --> general medical practice 1983-07-17
A-270 Dr Mutsuo Majima u gynecologist, Osaka Saiseikai Noe Hospital, Osaka, Japan 1983-07-13
A-271 Gary S. Rogers u clinical psychologist 1983-07-20
A-272 Sw Prembuddha (Robert P. Kosak) s teacher, special needs children 1983-07-06
A-273 April Manganiello MS u professional counselor and trainer of counselors in family therapy and systems thinking 1983-07-19
A-274 Celia Teresita Freidenberg u professor and researcher, mathematics, Buenos Aires University, Argentina 1983-07-21
A-275 Audrey Soderburg MFA u art teacher, adult education 1983-07-22
A-276 Maria Chiara Zanolli u teacher of English for translators, Italy 1983-07-18
A-277 illegible (Nuova Vita) n director, Centro Nuova Vita (psychological training), Turin Italy 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-278 Andrew L. Zwerin u bureaucrat, Masters degree in Public Management 1983-07-14 Handwritten.
A-279 Claire E. Dicken u civil engineer 1983-07-14 Handwritten.
A-280 Ma Puja Nartana (Annemarie Becker) s medical technical assistant 1983-07-18
A-281 William S. Eidelman MD u psychiatrist 1983-07-20
A-282 Dr. Charlotte Hausmann s cardiologist, Wien, Austria 1983-07-30
A-283 A. J. Thomson-Tobey u professor --> psychotherapist 1983-07-19
A-284 Dr. Sigrid Marz MD u general practitioner + Gestalt, acupuncture 1983-07-12
A-285 Navin S. Pardanani MD u obstetrician and gynecologist 1983-07-18
A-286 Dr. med Günther Schleip u social medicine 1983-07-18
A-287 Ma Shanti Anatta (Rosemarie Bausen) s nurse undated
A-288 Helmut Kreissl u doctor 1983-07-19
A-289 Carol Cameron u anthropology, social work, PhD candidate studying sannyasins 1983-07-02
A-290 Dr. phil. Alfred Leder n lecturer, psychology, philosophy, Indology, University of Zürich, Switzerland 1983-07-17 Handwritten in German.
A-291 Kul Bhushan u journalist, Nairobi 1983-07-16
A-292 Sw Anand Premdharma s physics, philosophy, politics, Rhodes Scholar, computers 1983-07-19
A-293 Dr. Elizabeth Lynne Williams s consultant anaesthetist, Newcastle General Hospital UK 1983-07-15
A-294 Wolfgang Lebenheim u computer scientist 1983-07-12
A-295 Tyler Hutchison MA s psychologist undated Handwritten.
A-296 Suzette van Hauen u naturopath 1983-07-xx
A-297 Janice Berkowitz MSW u family counselor 1983-07-20
A-298 Dr. Philippe Dutruy u medical doctor, cellular therapy 1983-07-17
A-299 Pietro Somaini n medical doctor 1983-07-20
A-300 Ma Anand Prasada s ret’d ass’t professor, psychology 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-301 Jack W. Painter PhD u Philosophy --> postural integration bodywork, author 1983-07-20
A-302 George V. Reynoldson n builder, businessman, author of housing planbook "Let's Reach for the Sun" 1983-07-19
A-303 Jack W. Burnham u professor of Art 1983-07-19
A-304 Sol Lewis u director of Michigan Metaphysical Society for Psychical Research, Berkley MI 1983-07-19
A-305 Ma Anand Valann (Valann S. Valdason) s counseling psychology, natural foods wholesaler 1983-07-22
A-306 Kay Moorsteen u economics, communication, counseling, mother of sannyasin 1983-07-20
A-307 Claus Nüscheler n chairman, Liber Hegner Holding, father of sannyasin 1983-07-21
A-308 Dr. Louis Lambelet n psychiatrist 1983-07-19
A-309 Dr. Klaus-Roland Kiefer u dentist 1983-07-18
A-310 Stephen L. Gorad PhD n clinical psychologist 1983-07-18
A-311 Ma Advaita Inge (Inge Gök) s social worker 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-312 Christoph Wieser n District Attorney, Switzerland 1983-07-15 Original in German.
A-313 Howard Belone n lawyer --> psychology 1983-07-13 Handwritten.
A-314 Caroline C. Vincent u attorney at law 1983-07-19
A-315 Sw Premprabhu (Kaj Mulvad Jørgensen) s editor and body-therapist 1983-07-22
A-316 Sue McDevitt u civil rights activist, investigator 1983-07-26
A-317 Elizabeth J. Dennison M Ed u psychotherapist 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-318 Ma Samada s teacher undated Handwritten.
A-319 Ma Prem Idama (Ann Scambler) s psychology 1983-07-24
A-320 Sw Premesh (Alan A. Bassett) s teacher, director of graduate studies 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-321 Sw Satyam Azad s ecology, conservation 1983-07-24
A-322 Patricia J. Fickman MFA u writer, teacher, editor --> advertising undated Handwritten.
A-323 Sw Deva Panthi s ranch “industrial” worker 1983-07-25
A-324 Sw Devam Anupam s aeronautical engineer 1983-07-21
A-325 Richard Grunke u aeronautical and space engineering and research 1983-07-26
A-326 Ma Devagarbha (Ilene Kravetz MA) s philosophy, psychology 1983-07-23
A-327 Sw Ravidasa (R. H. Tew MD) s medical doctor 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-328 Ma Prem Ajita s antique store owner --> meditation teacher undated Handwritten.
A-329 Daim Batangtaris n chairman Dutch National Committee, UN University for Peace; Originator and writer of "Hand Dynamics… A Method for Developing Dexterity, Sensitivity and Psychophysical Balance" 1983-07-21
A-330 Patricia Lichtenstein Bisch MA u psychotherapy, counseling 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-331 Dr.med. Michael Th. Alschibaja u urologist, Munich 1983-07-19 Original in German.
A-332 Godelieve Welleman-Leonard u ass’t professor, Brussels 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-333 Hermanus Jozef Klijnman PhD s astronomer, the Netherlands 1983-07-17
A-334 Leendert Jacobus de Jong u physiotherapist 1983-07-17
A-335 S. A. Reynolds Bsc u geographer, surveyor 1983-07-18
A-336 Ma Deva Mayo (Gerda E. de Oude) s teacher, school counsellor 1983-07-13
A-337 Marion Christina de Munnik s educational psychology 1983-07-21
A-338 Ma Vimal Suriya (Janet Day) s research chemist 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-339 Alberta R. Montgomery RN u critical care and psychiatric nurse 1983-07-21
A-340 Ma Satyam Zina (Zina Voltis Gruzman) s psychiatry 1983-07-20 Handwritten in Portuguese.
A-341 Candace Cunningham u teacher, secretary 1983-07-21
A-342 Eileen Meredith n lawyer 1983-07-25
A-343 D. E. Brown u teacher 1983-07-20
A-344 Ma Prem Vismaya (Anne Geraghty) s psychologist, Medina co-ordinator, UK 1983-08-01
A-345 Christopher Kirk Scott MA u solicitor of the Supreme Court of England undated
A-346 Dr. David W. Kidner u psychology lecturer at Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham, England; visiting professor of Educational Psychology at Lyndon State College, Vermont, USA 1983-08-09
A-347 Sw Veet Samayo s graphic designer, Art director, Graphic Art teacher 1983-08-08
A-348 Gary W. Bickel PhD n economist, professor --> US Department of Agriculture 1983-07-18
A-349 Robert N. Bellah n Ford professor of Sociology and Comparative Studies, University of California, Berkeley CA 1983-07-15
A-350 Thomas T. K. Zung n president of Buckminster Fuller, Sadao & Zung Architects, Inc. 1983-08-11
A-351 Josipovici Jean n philosopher, author 1983-07-18 Original in French.
A-352 Rose Marie Muraro n Brazilian feminist author undated Handwritten in Portuguese.
A-353 Lanfranco Binni u art history writer and editor 1983-07-18 Original in Italian.
A-354 Ma Sat Prabodhi s 1983-07-27
A-355 John S. Crandall u American international entrepreneur 1983-06-18
A-356 Roger R. C. New u tropical disease researcher 1983-07-11
A-357 Craig S. Vassel AICP n community and environmental planner with US gov’t undated
A-358 Debra A. Kirkpatrick n horticulturist 1983-07-19
A-359 Guido Martinotti n professor sociology University of Pavia 1983-07-20
A-360 Edgar M. Miller DMD s dentist 1983-07-20
A-361 Sw Prem Leeladhar (Kurt Eugen Schneider) s plastic surgeon 1983-08-19 Has enclosure.
A-362 I. C. R. Lampe u physiotherapist undated Handwritten.
A-363 Robert T Oskam u literary agent, editor, consultant 1983-07-16
A-364 Ma Shunyam Manohara s artist, gallery owner 1983-07-24
A-365 Margarita Sahagun u artist, president in garment industry undated
A-366 Rainer Artenfels u actor and director undated
A-367 A. J. Aitken D Litt u editor of Scottish dictionary, husband and father of sannyasins 1983-07-18
A-368 Magda Herber u housewife, mother and grandmother of sannyasins 1983-07-20 Handwritten in German.
A-369 Alexander Turnbull Yarwood n professor of history, father of sannyasins 1983-07-20
A-370 Sw Premraj (Wolfgang Hanssen) s student of theoretical physics and electronic engineering 1983-07-21
A-371 Ma Prabodh Mukti s paralegal undated Handwritten.
A-372 Ma Deva Padma (Susan Morgan) s artist, designer 1983-08-10
A-373 Ma Anand Yoganidra s undated
A-374 Sw Anand Narendra (Ian P. Ross) s psychologist undated
A-375 Colin Robert Hayes n managing director of Harmony Health Village, Australia undated
A-376 Patricia Hayden B Ed n school principal 1983-07-27
A-377 Lars A. Henriksen n teacher psychology and communication, Aalborg Universitetscenter DK 1983-05
A-378 this exhibit number was not found so far in the raw pdfs supplied by OHS.
A-379 Sw Anand Unmada s farmer with National Certificate of Agriculture 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-380 Mrs. E. P. Nestmann u physiotherapist undated
A-381 Barrett Mandel u assoc. professor 1983-08-05
A-382 Sw Anand Nityamo s anthropologist undated
A-383 Christopher. J. Chitty u ESL teacher and researcher 1983-07-27
A-384 Ma Deva Nisango (Margaret R. Heyer) s clinical psychologist 1983-07-23
A-385 Ma Deva Mangalam s mental health worker in psychiatric group home undated
A-386 Sw Gyandharma s oral surgeon 1983-07-27
A-387 Sw Sudhiro (Michael L. Donovan) s poet, professor of English literature 1983-07-22
A-388 Ma Prem Sharira s social work, children’s psychiatry, adult education 1983-07-26
A-389 Ma Deva Saguna s architecture, urban planning, environmental design 1983-07-18
A-390 Sw Deva Prashantam MA s political science, mass communication, fluent in seven languages, flute player, shiatsu, ass’t professor at Sorbonne, etc 1983-07-23
A-391 Sw Anand Maitreya (Mathura Prasad Mishra MA) s literature, journalist, MP in Indian Parliament (see also affidavit A-102) 1983-07-20
A-392 Ma Yoga Sudha (Linda Valdes) s philosophy, psychology, therapy work with addicts 1983-07-29
A-393 Ma Sanghamitra s Montessori teacher 1983-07-28
A-394 Sw Anand Vedanta (Larry Cohen) s cultural sociology, ethnomusicology, teacher from Spanish Harlem to Kathmandu undated
A-395 LeeAnne Wilson u teacher 1983-07-20
A-396 Ma Deva Gambhira (S. T. Neale) s child psychology 1983-07-21
A-397 Sw Toshi Hiro (Toshihiro Hagimori) s community development 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-398 Hugh Montgomery Smith u philosophy, high school teacher 1983-07-20
A-399 Robert W. Armstead PhD u psychologist 1983-07-27
A-400 Teresa A. Booze u nurse midwife undated
A-401 Ma Veet Gyano (Rosalind N. Pendleton) s family therapist, group leader 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-402 Sw Anand Rakesh s Hungarian refugee 1983-07-30 Handwritten.
A-403 Marianne Steinlin u psychiatric nurse undated
A-404 Sw Anand Chaitanya (H Kindler) s lawyer candidate 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-405 Ma Prem Nirmala (Mary McGowran) s teacher 1983-07-15
A-406 Marie Tassé u special and experimental education, University of Ottawa, Canada 1983-07-20
A-407 Michael A. Parsons u dental surgeon, orthodontics undated
A-408 Ma Prem Gulamo (Brenda A. Rose MA) s speech pathologist 1983-07-12
A-409 Ma Anand Veetena (Colleen Cavin) s occupational therapist 1983-07-16
A-410 Rosciano Vincenzo u doctor 1983-07-20
A-411 Dr. Heidi Derendinger u veterinarian 1983-07-15
A-412 Prof. Irmgard Rauch u mathematics teacher 1983-07-13
A-413 P. Ann Keaton MSW u teacher --> social worker 1983-07-20
A-414 Sw Rammurti s psychiatric social worker, juvenile consultant 1983-07-26
A-415 Ma Prem Sujato s philosophy 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-416 Margaret Brody Strauss n special needs educator 1983-07-21
A-417 Susan H. Hains u nurse 1983-07-20
A-418 Sw Gurusharan (Steve Granek) s teacher undated Handwritten.
A-419 Ma Deva Bhasha s educator, counselor 1983-07-23
A-420 B. C. Menzies MSW s social work, counseling, therapy 1983-07-21
A-421 Sw Satyam Simon (Simon McLean) s laboratory technical analyst undated
A-422 Ma Peggy s environmental science, farm co-ordinator 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-423 Sw Deva Tapodhana (P. A. Watson) s 1983-07-xx Handwritten.
A-424 Ma Bodhitaru s psychology, 3-year post-grad study of Osho’s meditation methods undated Handwritten.
A-425 K. A. Aitken u pharmacology, psychology, Postural Integration 1983-07-20
A-426 Ma Prem Amrit (Ute Nerreter) s psychology undated
A-427 Ma Prem Smita (Elaine Caulker) s ESL teacher, teacher trainer 1983-07-25 Handwritten.
A-428 Ma Anand Geho s nursing undated Handwritten.
A-429 Ma Deva Nandan (Cornelia Chaitanya Schlüter) s teacher 1983-07-28
A-430 Ma Anand Vedika (Elaine Dietrich) s therapist, counselor 1983-07-24
A-431 Sw Mahasatva s sociology, photography 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-432 Sw Chinmayananda s American studies, ESL teacher 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-433 Sw Prem Nirdosh s electrical engineering, teaching undated Handwritten.
A-434 Sw Deva Riktam s civil engineer 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-435 Roland Staud MD u gastroenterologist 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-436 Ma Anand Gitika (Susan Ulz) s English literature, sociology --> librarian 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-437 Sw Deva Terry s psychology, education 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-438 Ma Gayano s food co-ordinator undated Handwritten.
A-439 Ma Dharma Taru s English literature undated Handwritten.
A-440 Ma Anurag(?) Siddha (Toni Schnell) s education and social work 1983-07-xx Handwritten.
A-441 Sw Anand Sugeet (Jonathan B Poz) s broadcaster, information officer 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-442 Jennifer Hill s 14 years old 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-443 Ma Prem Vanya s legal secretary undated
A-444 Hal Duggan u BSc in math and physics 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-445 Sw Nirdosh Yogi s landscape gardener undated Handwritten.
A-446 Stephen John Ardron s computer science 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-447 Sw Prem Samarpan s construction 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-448 Sw Akasha (Alfred R. Brulisauer Msc) s agricultural science 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-449 Sw Nirmal (Peter J. Rengel MA) s family and child counselor 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-450 Ma Anand Sudha (Barbara I. Scott) s family and child counselor 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-451 Sw Nirdosh Sumaran s social worker 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-452 Ma Anand Rupa s sociologist undated
A-453 Elizabeth Fleming BDS s dentist undated Handwritten.
A-454 Ma Prem Vasumati s sociologist -->massage and psychotherapy undated
A-455 Sw Dhyan Vadan (Dr. med. Hellmuth Abarbanell) s ophthalmologist 1983-07-16 Original in German.
A-456 Sw Anand Moses (Howard H. Moses Msc) s hospital administrator 1983-07-20
A-457 M. Scheideler u urban planner 1983-07-10 Handwritten.
A-458 Sw Anand Svarup s clinical psychologist, social worker, psychotherapist 1983-07-23
A-459 Stephen H. Kaufman MD u medical doctor and psychologist 1983-07-23
A-460 Sw Devopama s university teacher, author re historical communes 1983-07-24
A-461 Ma Anand Ammy s nurse + alternative medicine 1983-07-2x Handwritten.
A-462 Dr. phil. Oskar Ruf u group psychotherapist 1983-07-17 Original in German.
A-463 Sw Deva Ruparahi s “Human Sciences” 1983-07-11
A-464 Julie Connaghan u psychology, all aspects of Human Potential movement 1983-07-23
A-465 Ma Prem Taranga s psychology, social work undated
A-466 Sw Veet Rob (R. H. J. Bunnik MD) s general practitioner 1983-07-20
A-467 Ma Prem Ira (Karen L. Polcyn MSSA) s psychology, social work undated
A-468 Karin Gramminger u production engineer --> general medical practitioner 1983-07-19 Original in German.
A-469 Sw Anand Heeren (David L. Barratt) s civil engineering + business administration undated
A-470 Luz Marie Brooks MA u psychologist 1983-07-23
A-471 Sw Anutosh Giten s dentist undated Handwritten.
A-472 Kay Lorraine Eggan u reform school teacher undated
A-473 Sw Anand Richard s business administration, builder, land developer undated
A-474 Jurgen Koch s professor psychology and education 1983-07-23
A-475 Ma Prem Mukur (Elaine Christianson) s ESL teacher --> singer --> script writer and radio host 1983-07-14
A-476 Ma Deva Ashu (Louise Cochlin) s dental assistant 1983-07-19
A-477 Marion Fayer del Re u teacher, linguist 1983-07-12
A-478 Ma Prem Prarthana (Mrs. Laura Ainsley Sarkin) s teacher and educational administrator undated Handwritten.
A-479 Ma Anand Katyayani (Judith Rice) s Actress --> occupational therapist --> graphic designer 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-480 Steven White u lecturer of Communications, Liberal Studies and Social and Life Skills in Stockport College of Technology 1983-07-12
A-481 D. A. Cunningham u research sociology --> adult education 1983-07-24
A-482 Augusto Sabbadini PhD u president Miasto cooperativa agricola, Siena Italy 1983-07-10
A-483 Dr. Gregory B. Press n chiropractor 1983-07-20
A-484 Dr. Pascal Grellety-Bosviel u doctor of medicine of the Medical School of Paris 1983-07-15 Handwritten.
A-485 Guy C. Lamunyon u psychiatric nursing supervisor 1983-07-20
A-486 Michael Bendix u head of Division (Human Rights' Desk), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen, Denmark 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-487 Gayle J. Early u critical care nurse 1983-07-19
A-488 Mrs. Ina Calvey u senior lecturer, developmental psychology 1983-07-18
A-489 Shirley Hervatin RN u nurse 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-490 Mr Sadao Tsutsui u lawyer 1983-07-12
A-491 Hugh Ruttledge s lecturer in computer science, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh UK 1983-07-18
A-492 Darena Bailey PhD u clinical psychologist 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-493 Ute Johanna Seekatz u educator 1983-07-15
A-494 Byron James LaChance u religion, psychology, counseling, philosophy 1983-07-19
A-495 this letter has been removed. It is a precise duplicate of A-185, seems to have got photographed and filed twice
A-496 Palden Gareth Jenkins n astrological and psychological counsellor and teacher 1983-07-18
A-497 D. P. Cronin n CEO in US Defence industry 1983-07-21
A-498 Paul Guistolise MS u psychotherapist 1983-07-19
A-499 Christopher P. Caroll Bsc u agricultural scientist 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-500 Timothy J. Smith MD n psychiatrist, founder and president of the International Institute of Chinese Medicine, Berkeley CA 1983-07-22
A-501 Ekkart Stodte u psychologist, psychotherapist undated
A-502 Mrs. Susan Dalton u linguistics text author, ecology, psychology 1983-07-14
A-503 Sw Satyam Thomas and Ma Prem Mouni (Thomas Leske, Birgitt Lösch) s he: neurologist + psychiatrist; she: clinical psychologist 1983-07-19
A-504 Stephen M. Read u teacher, writer and researcher in biology, Cambridge University UK 1983-07-xx
A-505 Leo Berlips n chief-psychologist, Institutet for Psykoterapi and Psychodrama, Götebprg, Sweden undated
A-506 Leonard J. Okonski u major, U.S. Army; professor, Golden Gate University; big business exec 1983-07-24
A-507 Sw Prem Kiran (William S. Rudell) s architect 1983-07-27
A-508 Sw Prem Asheesh s doctor in electronic engineering undated
A-509 Michael Sargent u environmental restoration 1983-07-21
A-510 Dr. Thomas C. Todd u clinical psychologist 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-511 Ma Prema Veena s fashion design --> psychology and education 1983-07-24
A-512 Sw Anand Praphulla (Dr. Peter Rohde) s psychotherapist 1983-07-18
A-513 Sylvia Peters n librarian, mother of sannyasin 1983-07-22
A-514 Dr. Mario Mander u emergency room physician 1983-07-17
A-515 Dr. Wilhelm Kempf s professor of Psychological Methodology and Statistics, Universität Konstanz 1983-07-22
A-516 Wim Gijsen n novelist, gadfly, philosopher 1983-07-21
A-517 Ma Gyan Gitena (Monika Faller-Schwandt) s physiotherapist 1983-07-21
A-518 Ma Anand Vedana s psychotherapy, bodywork, groupleader 1983-07-23
A-519 Ma Prem Sushma (Christie L. Solman) s legal assistant 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-520 Dr. Josef Bachleitner u physician 1983-07-07
A-521 Gabriele Pauls u sociology, psychology 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-522 Alfred M. Wiedemann PhD n biologist, teacher, researcher 1983-07-27
A-523 Joseph Downing MD u physician, “psychosomatic medicine” 1983-07-27
A-524 S. G. Eaman u assistant professor of psychiatry, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 1983-07-21
A-525 Lenore H. Gay n alcoholism counselor, sister of sannyasin undated
A-526 Saul Greenberg MD u psychiatry, orthomolecular medicine 1983-07-25
A-527 Jena Bruer-McKay u clinical psychologist 1983-07-25
A-528 Ruth Shanor u mother, emigrant 1983-07-20
A-529 Eugene E. Graciano u assistant Librarian, University of California, Santa Barbara 1983-07-27
A-530 Tor V. Raknes n patent attorney 1983-07-20
A-531 John William u singer 1983-07-17
A-532 Sw Deva Sugito (Guy Richard PhD) s historian of philosophy and religion 1983-07-21
A-533 Sw Christ Chaitanya s general BA --> meditation leader 1983-07-24
A-534 Sw Anand Rahasya (Mogens Rasmussen) s clinical psychologist 1983-07-18
A-535 Sw Deva Purnam s ethnologist 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-536 Ma Yoga Astha (Andrea Geiger) s interpreter 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-537 Thomas L. Grunden u high IQ, multi-expert 1983-07-18
A-538 Shinichi Yoshifuku u music, philosophy --> translating spiritual literature 1983-07-16
A-539 Ma Yoga Taru s aristocratic family --> “lead singer in the religious incantation of Rajneeshism” 1983-08-01
A-540 Babu Ram Gupta u Ex-chairrnan, Poona Contractors Coop, India undated
A-541 Nalinkant B. Chitalia u partner in metal knick-knack business 1983-08-02
A-542 Devshankar K Thakar u coconut merchant 1983-08-02
A-543 Dr. P. N. Sharma MLC n principal, Vanuya Mahavidyalay, Patna, India undated
A-544 Brij u Bollywood motion picture producer and director, Dynamo International undated
A-545 G X Pungaliya s owner, Maharashtra Electrical and Metal Industries, Poona 1983-07-23
A-546 Iqbal M. Lukmani u managing director, Dynacraft Machine Company Limited 1983-08-02
A-547 Manmohan Bhatnagar u income tax officer, New Delhi 1983-07-19
A-548 Mrs Kanta Advani u lawyer 1983-07-20
A-549 Muhammad Farooq Khan n senior official at Jamat-e-Islami Hind, Delhi 1983-07-20
A-550 Dr K. B. Goel BDS u dentist 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-551 Dr. Kirpal Singh Bakshi u homeopathic physician 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-552 N. H. Atthreya PhD u management consultant 1983-07-15
A-553 S. L. Chopra n photography shop owner 1983-07-24
A-554 Pandit Jasraj u charity trustee 1983-07-14
A-555 K. C. Lohia u magistrate 1983-07-20
A-556 Meghjibhai V. Patel u mechanical engineer, textile machinery designer and manufacturer undated
A-557 K. K. Kapoor u senior administrative secretary, World Health Org, Delhi 1983-07-15
A-558 this exhibit number was not found so far in the raw pdfs supplied by OHS.
A-559 Ma Chetan Amida (Terezinha de Jesus Guimaraes) s Brazilian gov’t development economist 1983-07-14
A-560 Alan Silow MPA u professor economics Armstrong College, Berkeley CA 1983-07-20
A-561 Dr. Ottfried R. Weise u professor of physical geography and geo-ecology 1983-07-19
A-562 Andrew I. Uehara n partner, Heliotrope Natural Foods, Salem OR 1983-07-21
A-563 Richard S. Brumm u mechanical engineer, CA 1983-07-23
A-564 Sw Deva Allen s research and work co-ordinator for heating and AC, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-25
A-565 Hannu Hirvilammi u agronomist 1983-07-17
A-566 Sw Anand Paul (Paul Sansone) s president of Solar Resource Service, Forest Grove, OR 1983-07-22 Has enclosure.
A-567 Michael Karagosian u electronic engineer 1983-07-19
A-568 Marsha Ross n filmmaker, journalist and artist 1983-07-14
A-569 Eurycles A. F. L. Pereira u senior economist, Infrastructure Department Head, Brazilian Bank for Economic & Social Development. 1983-07-11
A-570 Sw Anubhava (Jorg Dauscher) s shoe import and export business 1983-07-20
A-571 Ronald C. P. Wypkema PhD u wildlife biology, ecology 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-572 Ann Palm PhD s physics + physical chemistry 1983-07-22
A-573 Dr. Harde Klaus Henkel u doctor of legal sciences. University of Hamburg 1983-07-23
A-574 A. W. Dugan u president of Texon Energy Corporation 1983-07-22
A-575 Ma Anand Susan (Susan Vosburg) s tax consultant, Forest Grove, OR 1983-07-22
A-576 Peter Georgi n president of Unity Communications, Santa Monica CA 1983-07-15
A-577 John G. Southward s industrial engineer, New Zealand Forest Products 1983-07-17
A-578 Bengt Eggemar u entrepreneur developing international sport and leisure facilities, Projekt & Produkt Innovations 1983-07-15
A-579 Holm Tippner n industrial lawyer, Munich 1983-07-19 Original in German.
A-580 Sw Dhyano Darpano (Rolf Schaut) s industrial engineer, economic management 1983-07-20 Original in German.
A-581 John Dickinson Adams PhD u “a reasonable prominence” in publishing 1983-07-18
A-582 Irvine Robbins n founder, chairman of the Board, Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream, father of Ma Prem Maitri 1983-07-17
A-583 Stella Andrassy u president, Princeton Int Solar Institute 1983-07-12
A-584 Dr. Fritz Tanner u marriage counsellor and general psychological practitioner 1983-07-16 Original in German.
A-585 Enrique Iranzo u consul general of Spain 1983-07-15
A-586 Ellen Burstyn n famous actress 1983-08-01
A-587 James Coburn n famous actor 1983-07-17
A-588 Darwin Rush James, IV u director of the Young Men's Christian Association of Greater New York 1983-07-01
A-589 Santos Nestor Martinez n Minister Plenipotentiary, ex-Deputy Permanent Representative of Argentina to the UN undated
A-590 Anthony J. Wiener n professor of management and public policy, Polytechnic Institute of New York 1983-07-23
A-591 William Brunson n electronic music composer 1983-07-15
A-592 Sw Chidananda (Jorge Camillo de Abranches) s film producer and director 1983-07-25 Handwritten in Portuguese.
A-593 Daniel Bell n music director of the Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden 1983-07-15
A-594 Marilyn Katz n writer/artist, consultant 1983-07-20
A-595 Angela R. Novak PhD u special education, Health and Social Sservices, Wisconsin 1983-08-01
A-596 Patrick W. Dugan u corporate and immigration attorney 1983-07-21
A-597 Dot Bardarson n artist, sister of sannyasin 1983-07-14
A-598 Albert Mol n famous actor, dancer, author 1983-07-19
A-599 John Leckie n record producer 1983-07-20
A-600 Joel Edelman u attorney 1983-07-19
A-601 Lucy Lonsdale s author 1983-07-18
A-602 Sw Prem Sudheer (Vincenro de Gregorio) s Italian aristocrat undated
A-603 Nicholas Guppy MA u author and editor of many books and magazine articles on botanical subjects, travel and anthropology 1983-07-17
A-604 Christopher George u entertainer 1983-07-20
A-605 Thomas Segerström u actor, comedian director and writer 1983-07-18
A-606 Jeff Gorman u advertising creative 1983-07-19
A-607 Sw Satyam Puratana (Peter Lustig) s famous German TV presenter, children’s author 1983-07-15
A-608 Perinchery Bhaskaran Unny u actor and filmmaker undated
A-609 Richard Beymer u film actor and director undated
A-610 Charles Williamson u Black male model 1983-07-22
A-611 Lee Perry u vice-president of the Samadhi Tank Co., Inc., Los Angeles CA 1983-07-13
A-612 Josette Wingo u writer 1983-07-20
A-613 Jos Geiser u painter 1983-07-19
A-614 Eva Mazucco u sculptor 1983-07-19
A-615 Samuel Schapiro u film producer 1983-07-20
A-616 Jean-Noël Reichel u art-advertising photography 1983-07-26
A-617 Donald Freedman u artist, president of Interlude, September Woods and Ombay 1983-07-18
A-618 Janet Perry n operatic diva 1983-07-16
A-619 Dr. Gunther Wolf u philosophy and history 1983-07-15
A-620 Ric Schachtebeck u theater set designer and director, acting and dance trainer 1983-07-xx Handwritten.
A-621 Sw Nirdosh Albrecht (Albrecht Demitz) s painter, graphic designer 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-622 Christoph J. Keyserlingk s German aristocrat, real estate magnate undated
A-623 Alexander Malta n opera singer 1983-07-14
A-624 Herbert A. Otto PhD n author, therapist and marrige and family counselor 1983-07-13
A-625 Dr. Charles E. Memusi Johnson u president of Divakar Associates, Inc. (management consultants) 1983-07-23
A-626 Carol Augustus and Stewart Emery n founders of Actualizations, self-help seminars 1983-07-21
A-627 Leonard Orr n Rebirthing founder 1983-07-13
A-628 Lawrence J. Weitz PhD u psychologist 1983-07-21
A-629 Knut-Rainer Pflughaupt n program-director and conference-coord., Forum International 1983-07-19
A-630 Alan John Byron n psychiatrist 1983-07-17
A-631 John C. Pierrakos n psychiatrist 1983-07-18
A-632 Paul Reps n author, “Zen Flesh, Zen Bones” 1983-07-23
A-633 Haro Senft n independent film producer and director 1983-07-19 Original in German.
A-634 Ma Prem Nirati (Andrea Gräfin von Keyserlingk) s orthoptist, aristocrat 1983-07-22
A-635 Ma Prem Pantho (Karin Petersen) s author 1983-07-16
A-636 Georg Deuter u composer and musician undated Handwritten.
A-637 Philip Dennis u actor, singer undated Handwritten.
A-638 Nancy Palmer u TV talk show hostess --> counselor, breath therapist 1983-07-15 Handwritten.
A-639 Udana Power u actress/writer/singer 1983-07-14
A-640 Christian Mey u actor (theatre) 1983-07-11
A-641 Ariel Kalma u electronic and New Age music composer 1983-07-17
A-642 Ma Deva Tanmayo (Tana Kaleya) s none given 1983-08-01
A-643 Pascal Sacher u hotelier 1983-07-19 Original in German.
A-644 Rui Faquini u photographer undated Handwritten in Portuguese.
A-645 the Hon. Sir Davis Hughes n teacher, politician, father of sannyasin 1983-07-19
A-646 Marquis Livio Ruffo n aristocrat, father of sannyasin 1983-07-15
A-647 Ma Yoga Mukta (Catherine M. Venizelos) s shipping heiress, very early sannyasin undated Handwritten.
A-648 Manfred Martin u magazine publishing 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-649 Bruno DeMattio s writer and painter 1983-07-12
A-650 Nathaniel Shafer MD u medical doctor 1983-07-14
A-651 Sw Anand Nimbija (Peter Fuchs) s air force officer --> political science studies --> freelance film-maker undated
A-652 Basil J. Goulandris u shipping heir, 1983-07-08
A-653 Sw Anubhava (Dr. Peter Isler) s attorney at law undated
A-654 Thornton Rockwell u fine arts conservator 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-655 Cyril Glynn u theatre stage director, father of sannyasin 1983-07-15 Handwritten.
A-656 Warren Robertson u acting trainer 1983-07-22
A-657 Sw Prem Avinash (Jack Katz) s architecture, city planning, all aspects of design 1983-07-2x
A-658 Sw Deva Bhavito (Bruno Ruggeri) s architect, Italy 1983-07-19
A-659 Sw Deva Florian (Florian Schuller-Edelman) s painter 1983-07-31
A-660 Sw Das Anudas (David J. Burrows) s literature professor (ret) Rutgers University NJ 1983-07-22
A-661 Joe Sonneman n photography, political science, economics, taxi driver, etc 1983-07-21
A-662 Sw Dhyan Nirvesh (Tom Utne) s writer, editor 1983-08-02
A-663 Ma Prem Gayan (Sylvie Winter) s artist, model, actress, author undated
A-664 John Steward s translator undated
A-665 Sw Prem Sarito s architect, writer, teacher undated Handwritten.
A-666 Ma Veera (Sophie Wibaux) s mime artist 1983-07-22 Has enclosure.
A-667 Sw Anand Yuri s carpenter 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-668 Letty Kleipool u musician, music professor 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-669 Ms. Akiko Hyuga u author, art critic 1983-07-15
A-670 Sietze Broekema u architect 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-671 Ma Prem Pravira (Heide Sibley) s violinist 1983-07-23
A-672 Ma Prem Arti s orchestral bassist 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-673 Sw Govinddas (Werner Monka) s Multi-instrumentalist undated
A-674 Sw Parambodhi (Patti Giuseppe) s architect, Italy undated
A-675 Ma Prem Maneesha s dancer undated
A-676 Sw Anand Sangeet (Martin Gellhorn) s composer and musician 1983-07-21
A-677 Sw Prem Kavi s artist, sculptor 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-678 Sw Anand Bodhi s actor, playwright undated
A-679 Ma Prem Carolina (Carolina Tempelaar) s TV producer/director 1983-07-20
A-680 Ma Anand Jen s art, philosophy, language synthesis undated
A-681 Sw Prem Deekshant s artist, teacher 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-682 Ma Prem Mangla s psychology --> journalist, editor undated Handwritten.
A-683 Sw Veeten (Robert Coleman MFA) s playwright undated Handwritten.
A-684 Ma Devaprem s poet 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-685 Ma Jivan Sugatha s designer, architect, engineer 1983-07-xx
A-686 Ma Deva Arpita s ceramics artist and teacher 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-687 Ma Deva Magno (Miss Marcia L. Cross) s sculpture, photography 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-688 Fiorella Pachner u artist 1983-07-18
A-689 Ma Ananda Sarita s dancer 1983-07-22 Handwritten. Has enclosure.
A-690 Ma Deva Ruth (Ruth Wohlschlegel) s actress, acting trainer 1983-07-22
A-691 Ma Puja Apurvo s musician 1983-07-22
A-692 Ma Prem Udbodhi s dance, acting, varied arts 1983-07-29
A-693 Thomas Wirtel u musician, teacher, composer 1983-07-30
A-694 Birgit Burkhardt u advertising, alternative education, group therapy and dynamics 1983-07-19
A-695 Christoph Riemer u TV moderator and game show host, author, impresario 1983-07-20 Original in German.
A-696 Ma Prem Ida (Ida Hasselbalch) s mimer and classical balletdancer 1983-07-17
A-697 Sw Amano Maurizio (Giorgio Baiardi) s designer 1983-07-18
A-698 Hauspeter Huber u musician and composer 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-699 Prof. Claudia Jesi u architect, designer, teacher 1983-07-21
A-700 Judith Arisman u special projects designer undated
A-701 Motohiko Fuma u writer 1983-07-11
A-702 Sw Prem Abhinav (Patrice Gauthier) s architect 1983-07-20
A-703 Sw Anand Joost and Ma Anand Marga (Sir Joost Vanhecke and Mrs. Simonne Blanche) s language and literature teacher + botanist 1983-07-18
A-704 Sw Prem Chris (Van de Velde Chris) s artist undated
A-705 Mark A. Burnett u architect, designer, bookstore manager, artist undated
A-706 K. D. Francis u executive film producer, Quantum International Productions 1983-07-21
A-707 Dr. Claudio Trapani n medical doctor 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-708 Ma Prem Els (Els J. van der Kooi) s artist and teacher 1983-07-11
A-709 Ma Deva Dwabha (Maggie Wynn) s actress, director in theater and film, therapist, etc 1983-07-30
A-710 Hans Mangei u environmental project manager, architect, urban planner 1983-07-21
A-711 Iasos n new age music pioneer 1983-07-21
A-712 Ma Alima s actress 1983-07-20
A-713 Alexandro Jodorowsky n film director, actor, writer 1983-07-20 Original in French.
A-714 Ma Nirjara (Ulla Borup) s artist, poet undated
A-715 Kennet Williamsson u potter, Sweden 1983-07-20
A-716 Suzanne Brøgger n author, Denmark 1983-07-20
A-717 Eva Larseń n pedagogue in creative dramatics 1983-07-13
A-718 Sw Vinod Bharti (Vinod Khanna) s major Bollywood film star 1983-07-23
A-719 Lane Lind s actress and teacher 1983-07-22
A-720 Sw Prem Vartul (Wolfram Maria Greitz) s archaeology, history of architecture 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-721 this exhibit number was not found so far in the raw pdfs supplied by OHS.
A-722 Per Nørgård u composer of symphonies and operas 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-723 Ma Dhyan Nora (Nora Scheibelmaisser) s Austrian television 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-724 Eva Englund u glass designer 1983-07-20
A-725 Katherine Reeder u music teacher 1983-07-19
A-726 Adela Gil de Sagredo u fashion designer 1983-07-20
A-727 Ma Kavisho s PR, all aspects of performing arts 1983-07-15
A-728 this exhibit number was not found so far in the raw pdfs supplied by OHS.
A-729 Ma Veet Asmi (Persephone Arbour) s music + teaching --> psychotherapy undated
A-730 Dr. Hans-Joachim Heiner n German literature , language and education 1983-07-18
A-731 Kim Anderzon n actress, Sweden 1983-07-15
A-732 Michael Gough n actor, father of sannyasin 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-733 Sw Satyam Bhavyo (John MacLean) s actor, mason 1983-07-20
A-734 Leith Taylor u Australian actress, drama therapist undated
A-735 Robert A. Raines PhD u author, musician and humanities educator 1983-07-21
A-736 Margaret Kunzle n writer, editor, publisher 1983-07-27
A-737 Mario Giollo u artist, painter, sculptor 1983-07-22
A-738 Ma Yoga Rabiya (Rebecca M. Jackson) s musician and teacher of music, librarian 1983-07-24
A-739 Michael Aisenpreis u martial arts teacher, University of Heidelberg, West Germany 1983-07-15
A-740 Dr. Egidio Vecchio s professor of psychology, clinical and educational 1983-07-15
A-741 Dr. Francesco R. Borella u medical doctor, Switzerland, specializing in psychosomatic medicine 1983-07-02
A-742 Fred Rohé u author of health books 1983-07-22
A-743 Patricia A. H. Champness n pianist, teacher, artist, writer, gardener 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-744 Joseph Eger n president of Symphony for United Nations 1983-07-27 Has enclosure.
A-745 Anselmo Francesconi n artist and sculptor undated
A-746 Sw Prem Praveera (Ken Adams) s philosophy,psychology --> sculpture, teaching art 1983-07-26
A-747 Bert Houle n mime, dancer 1983-08-15 Handwritten.
A-748 Jagjit Singh n Famous Indian singer and composer undated
A-749 Vladimir Asriev n underground, now expat Russian musical artist undated
A-750 Barry Primus n actor, director and writer 1983-07-20
A-751 Randall Sullivan n journalist 1983-07-17
A-752 William Pat Patterson n consumer journalist undated
A-753 Peter Sandblad n editor and publisher of Nexus magazine (wholeness and growth), Stockholm, Sweden undated
A-754 Bob van Leer n editor and publisher of Curry County Reporter (OR) 1983-07-31 Has enclosure.
A-755 Ma Punito (Margaret F. Bier) s artist, journalist undated
A-756 W. Kirk Braun n journalist, author of ‘’Rajneeshpuram: The Unwelcome Society’’ 1983-08-23
A-757 Sw Chaitanya Sagar s journalist, Sunday Times 1983-08-10
A-758 Mrs. Grethe Friis n Danish author 1983-07-19
A-759 Sylvie Messinger n journalist, editor, publisher, founder of Éditions Sylvie Messinger, 1983-07-15
A-760 Gail E. Hartman n bookseller 1983-07-23
A-761 Ma Prabhati (Andrea Verburg) s journalist 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-762 Sw Anandesh (Helmut Klein) s journalist 1983-06-15
A-763 Maria Marcus n journalist, author 1983-07-18
A-764 Thomas W. Paegel n journalist, editor 1983-07-18
A-765 Sw Prem Narayana (Rolf Steinberg) s journalist, author 1982-07-23 date sic
A-766 Anthony C. Tugwell s journalist undated Handwritten.
A-767 Helgard F. Kroonbergs-Knof s journalist 1983-07-22
A-768 Donal O'Farrell s journalist undated Handwritten.
A-769 Sw Jivan Prabhakar (Charles E. Wright) s journalist, editor, The Australian 1983-07-17
A-770 Dr. Inoszka Ines Prehm u journalist, psychologist 1983-07-20
A-771 Sw Svadesh (William Alvis) s musician, music journalist 1983-08-08
A-772 Gianni Pennacchi u journalist of the newspaper "La Stampa" 1983-07-19 Original in Italian
A-773 Stephen Knight u author and journalist 1983-07-20
A-774 Cesare Medail n chied editor of Corriere della Sera’s literature and culture section 1983-08-01 Original in Italian
A-775 Liu Saraz u editor, head of translations for Garzanti Editore 1983-07-18 Original in Italian
A-776 Albert Falzon u photographer, publisher, film producer undated
A-777 Gopinath Talwalkar n poet, publisher, translator of Osho into Marathi undated Handwritten.
A-778 Navin Suri n editor of Daily Milap, New Delhi, India 1983-07-19
A-779 Sageer Kirmani n editor of Madhupriya 1983-07-18
A-780 Dieter Duhm n adult education, writer-journalist, professor of cultural research 1983-07-18
A-781 Tom Crane n an interested observer of the scene in Nashville TN undated
A-782 Sw Anand Ragen (Pieter Cornelis van Steenwijk) s journalist, scriptwriter, producer 1983-07-18
A-783 Guido Sofia u architect 1983-07-21
A-784 Liane Aukin n BBC writer and producer 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-785 Joachim-Ernst Berendt s major mover and shaker in German entertainment business +author 1983-07-15
A-786 Olof Willgren n director at Swedish Broadcasting Corporation 1983-07-18
A-787 Ma Arihanto (Wilhelmina Hoedeman) s TV producer/director for many different national networks 1983-07-30
A-788 Ma Anand Diane (Diane Broeckhoven) s journalist, author of children’s books 1983-07-21
A-789 Peggy Taylor n editorial director of New Age Journal 1983-08-25
A-790 Sw Veet Sandeha (James Grant Henningham) s accountant 1983-07-18
A-791 Sw Prem Dinesh s accountant 1983-07-30
A-792 Sw Anand Sangito (Michael Anthony Willoughby) s accountant 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-793 Sw Anand Rama s bookseller 1983-08-01
A-794 Robert Abrahamson u acupuncturist 1983-07-22
A-795 Sw Prem Kabir s Psychologist / astrologer undated Handwritten.
A-796 Sw Veet Manas (Paul Graves) s anthropologist, IRS auditor undated
A-797 Sw Deva Jayapal s investment banker, Wall St arbnitrageur 1983-07-27
A-798 Sw Devasindhu s computer programmer 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-799 Sw Devaprem s construction coordinator of Chuang Tzu Temple 1983-07-18
A-800 Sw Deva Wadud s city planner, community development director of Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-27
A-801 Sw Anand Devam MD s physician, professor of psychiatry, etc 1983-07-20
A-802 Sw Dhyan Tarshito MD (Earle R. Sloan) s physician, professor of pediatrics, etc undated
A-803 Sw Anand Divyo (Robert J. Leonard PhD) s medical researcher, teacher of anatomy 1983-07-21
A-804 K. C. Marwick u farm management, agricultural economics 1983-07-20
A-805 Sw Bodhi Dharmam (Glenn Viana) s economist undated
A-806 Sw Jayanta (Fritz Rohloff) s machine shop, design, fabrication 1983-07-28
A-807 Sw Paritosh Yogena (Douglas J. Matteson) s civil engineer 1983-07-17
A-808 Sw Prabhu Mark (Mark Harris) s electrical engineer 1983-07-22
A-809 Sw Anand Veeren s electronics, computers, telecommunication 1983-07-27
A-810 Sw Anand Sarvo s surveyor undated
A-811 Sw Veet Charlie (Carl A. Hospach) s technical engineer 1983-07-18
A-812 Harald Drewes s psychologist → video engineer 1983-07-26
A-813 Sw Anand Videh (Jack W. Lampl III) s environmental studies, research, pianist, etc undated
A-814 Sw Nijananda (Robert J. Dunham PhD) s geologist 1983-07-11
A-815 Sw Anand Hasyo (David A. Yates) s ecology, forestry 1983-07-21
A-816 Sw Deva Navino (Gary David Schalman PhD) s planning, urban ecology, architecture 1983-07-23
A-817 Sw Sangeet s Rajneeshpuram Fire Chief 1983-07-24
A-818 Ma Prem Tushita (F. C. Strider) s graphic designer 1983-07-26
A-819 Ma Anand Zeno (Diane L. Coleman) s artist, designer, photographer 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-820 Sw Anand Deben (Albert M. Tobias) s economist, finance operator, educator 1983-07-19
A-821 Ma Deva Barkha s teacher, Rajneeshpuram Peace Force Chief 1983-07-21
A-822 Sw Prartho Subhan s attorney at law 1983-07-29
A-823 Sw Anand Satyartha (Joseph T. Richards, Jr.) s attorney at law 1983-07-26
A-824 Ma Prem Karuna s laboratory and radiological technician, Germany undated
A-825 Ma Prem Savita s medical technologist, Boston 1983-07-19
A-826 Sw Deva Michael s plumber, Antelope Fire Chief 1983-07-24
A-827 Sw Prem Doug s musician 1983-07-25 Handwritten.
A-828 this exhibit number was not found so far in the raw pdfs supplied by OHS.
A-829 Ma Prem Anudiksha s therapist undated Handwritten.
A-830 Ma Prem Debal s nurse undated
A-831 Ma Prem Sadhano s practical nurse undated
A-832 Sw Krishna Veetraga (Cedric Sarkin) s pilot undated
A-833 Sw Krishna Deva s psychology → Mayor of Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-27
A-834 Ma Mary Catherine (Mary Catherine Pederson) s political sciencce → Rajneesh Times co-ordinator 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-835 Sw Antar Samira (Harry Mark St. John II PhD) s physics, mathematics, psychology, aerospace engineering undated
A-836 Sw Anand Omkar (Omkar Main-Maupin) s Insurance → surveyor, etc undated
A-837 Ma Prem Anubodhi (Emily Spalding) s executive secretary, teacher 1983-07-26
A-838 Sw Anand Suraj (Peter Langhoff) s therapist, teacher, counselor, social work undated
A-839 Sw Sarvananda (Donald M. Bluestone) s associate professor of Humanities, the State University of New York undated
A-840 Sw Anand Rajen (Alan R Lowen BSc) s Teacher → psychotherapist undated
A-841 Sw Prem Prasad s sociologist and psychologist 1983-07-24
A-842 Ma Prem Divya (Zulma R. Velie) s primal therapist 1983-07-23
A-843 Ma Deva Waduda s nothing about career or training, all personal testimonial 1983-07-26
A-844 Ma Deva Aneesha (Laura Dillon) s Neo-Reichian therapist 1983-07-22
A-845 William F. Nikiel (?) u therapist undated Handwritten.
A-846 Sw Deva Satyarthi s dancer, bodyworker, co-developed Rebalancing 1983-07-23
A-847 Sw Prem Anubuddha s psychology, yoga, co-developed Rebalancing 1983-07-23
A-848 Sw Anand Ashika (Kjell Nilson) s doctor of naprapathy, Sweden undated
A-849 Ma Prem Maitri (Erin Robbjns M Ed) s art therapist 1983-07-24
A-850 Ma Prem Mala (Jeri Keilback) s gives seminars on left-brain-right-brain interpersonal and management techniques 1983-07-30
A-851 Ma Anand Mallika (Penelope Matthews) s T’ai Chi teacher 1983-07-25
A-852 Sw Ned (Ned Romano) s fencing entrepreneur, ecological land developer, quit-smoking therapist, etc 1983-07-25
A-853 Sw Yoga Nishant s religious studies, practitioner of Alexander Technique 1983-07-26
A-854 Sw Anand Rafia (John Arthur Hancock) s economics → therapist 1983-07-25
A-855 Ma Sagarpriya (Roberta Ann Lowe) s therapist 1983-07-22
A-856 Ma Prem Turiya (Prinzessin Wirke von Hannover/Trobe) s Princess of Hannover / therapist undated
A-857 Ma Prem Amiyo s dance teacher undated
A-858 Sw Prem Niket (Stuart M. Jones) s veterinarian 1983-07-24
A-859 Sw Kranti Eike (Eike Bargheer) s German army officer, Oberstleutnant, equivalent to Lieutenant Colonel 1983-07-18 Handwritten in German.
A-860 Michael H. D. Vodden n WWII infantry captain → teacher in India undated
A-861 Max Morelli P Eng n chemical engineer, public health engineer, environmental engineer, etc 1983-07-19
A-862 Greg Bunker n Vietnam War veteran, expert in Hate, War, Suffering and Misery 1983-07-19
A-863 Charles C. Ervin, Jr. n US citizen 1983-07-15
A-864 Mr Narutaka Moriyama s postmaster in Japan, post office as an outpost of love 1983-07-13
A-865 Hans-Rudolf Binz u Swiss civil engineer, researching into human impact on nature in Alps undated
A-866 Mary Houston u community radio host 1983-07-16
A-867 Anthony Martin n musician, teacher 1983-07-25
A-868 Bennett Lee Hoffman u humanistic psychology 1983-07-20
A-869 Jan W. Frijling n market research 1983-07-22
A-870 Dr. W. J. Walker n psychiatrist, professor 1983-07-14 Handwritten.
A-871 Ma Prem Saddha s hotel management, tour guide undated Handwritten.
A-872 Ma Prem Upachara s philosophy, psychology undated
A-873 Sw Bodhi Samma s devotee undated
A-874 Sw Shantiprem s sheet metal worker undated
A-875 Sw Vinit s musician undated Handwritten.
A-876 Sw Deva Tarshita s TV advertising producer 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-877 Eldine Francoise van Limburg Stirum u Dutch aristocracy 1983-07-24
A-878 Sw Deva Pritam (Sylvain Trudeau) s surveyor 1983-07-12 Handwritten.
A-879 Sw Harideva (William Heiligmann) s yoga teacher, art teacher, radio D.J./music engineer 1983-07-25
A-880 Ma Prem Samvida (Patricia A. Nave) s dance teacher, psychology 1983-07-22
A-881 Joyce Brandt u singer, mother of sannyasin undated Handwritten.
A-882 Michel Chauvet u history and French immersion teacher 1983-07-18
A-883 Dr. Graham G. Farrant u psychiatrist 1983-07-15
A-884 Claudio Chiarini u designer undated
A-885 A. J. Coppes s rural sociologist 1983.07.xx
A-886 Harold K. Lonsdale n president of Bend Research, Inc. 1983-07-20
A-887 Nancy Browder n Princeton Development Associates 1983-07-13 Handwritten.
A-888 Adolf Muschg PhD n writer and professor of German literature 1983.07.xx
A-889 Peter Sterling n neuroscientist, professor, University of Pennsylvania 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-890 Giulio Confalonieri u designer, architect 1983-07-21
A-891 John W. Tevake u clinical psychologist 1983-07-18
A-892 Dr. Reinhard Peterwerth u lawyer 1983-07-17
A-893 Ma Prem Punita s teacher, music studies, instrument maker, mother 1983-07-22
A-894 Kirk Vincent Gale n attorney at law, jazz pianist 1983-07-15
A-895 Gesine Schaffer n psychology student 1983-07-18
A-896 Dr. Ir. C. J. Hoedeman n scientist, degreers in engineering, computer science and nuclear physics 1983-07-11
A-897 Roger W. Abernathy u humanistic psychology 1983-07-19
A-898 Stephen Proskauer MD n child psychiatrist 1983-07-19
A-899 Sw Anand Veetkam (Robert D. Schenck) s clinical psychologist, teacher 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-900 Ma Gyan Arpan (Patricia Austin) s clinical psychologist, children and families 1983-07-18
A-901 Sw Prem Amita (Keith Milton Offer) s applied chemistry 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-902 Reinhard Kuchenmüller n architect, urban planner 1983-07-11
A-903 A. P. J. Judge s medical doctor, psychiatrist 1983-07-03
A-904 Ma Anand Pratimo s “had it all”, marriage, wealth, career in education, etc 1983-07-21
A-905 Sw Gyan Pathik (Andreas Hage) s pianist 1983-07-15
A-906 Sw Narayanadeva s psychology and sociology 1983-07-23
A-907 Robert A. S. Fox u philosophy of education 1983-07-10
A-908 Susan Suhadolnik u librarian, Vanderbilt University 1983-07-19
A-909 William B. Collinge u mental health professional, clinical social worker, CA 1983-07-19
A-910 Victoria Q. Schomer s interior design undated Handwritten.
A-911 R. J. Burrows u president of Childbirth Education Association 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-912 Lothar Reschke u computer scientist 1983-07-17
A-913 Sw Sundram (Hans-Peter Posavac) s electrical engineer undated
A-914 Dr. Maria Rosaria de Maria u psychologist 1983-07-19
A-915 Josefa Schlegel s electronic engineer 1983-07-19
A-916 CE.I.TUR. Viaggi (anonymous) n Italian travel agency 1983-07-20
A-917 Dr. Robert Gurny PhD n head of pharmaceutical research at Université de Genève 1983-07-18
A-918 Carla Conrotto u psychologist undated Handwritten.
A-919 Dr. Jole Carla Ballarini u psychiatrist 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-920 Fulvio Colangelo u stage designer undated Handwritten.
A-921 Joseph Sassoon u researcher of Instituto di Sociologia "Angelo Pagani", Milan, Italy 1983-07-20
A-922 Prof. Bernardino del Boca n diplomat, author and anthropologist 1983-07-19
A-923 Edoardo Bresci n editor at Edizione L'Eta dell'Acquario" 1983-07-19
A-924 Peter R. J. Richardson s social worker 1983-07-17
A-925 Sw Prem Jayesh (Johannes Klaas Gerrit Viel) s sociology, political science, teacher 1983-07-20
A-926 Len Goodman s teacher 1983-07-14
A-927 Valerie Wyss u lecturer in English at the University of Hanover, West Germany 1983-07-15
A-928 James B. Rule u travel service manager in Arkansas 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-929 Sharad N. Mehta u advocate in Kenya 1983-07-14
A-930 Mr. N. M. Khataw u manager of Savings & Loan Kenya Ltd., chairman of Bhatia Community Mombase 1983-07-14
A-931 Hortense Gruber n wife of retired MD, California 1983-07-14 Handwritten.
A-932 Larry Hanes n university student in Texas undated Handwritten.
A-933 David Kapralik u onion farmer 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-934 Sw Prabhu Chaitnya (VD Kothari) s accountant, Kenya 1983-07-15
A-935 Sw Amrit Gerhard (Gerhard Wolf) s psychologist (bio-energetics) undated
A-936 Anne-Marie Allen PhD s clinical psychologist 1983-07-15
A-937 Sw Anand Stefan (Stefan Schanze) s army → psychology 1983-07-17
A-938 Ma Prem Sadguni (SN Thacker) s teacher, Kenya 1983-07-13 Handwritten.
A-939 Ma Anand Sureya s teacher, Kenya 1983-07-14 Handwritten.
A-940 Dr. Hannes Vogel u general practitioner, Austria 1983-07-20 Original in German.
A-941 Eva Oswald u psychologist, Switzerland 1983-07-14
A-942 Ma Prem Dipta s psychology student, Germany 1983-07-14 Handwritten.
A-943 Ulrike Pusch u clinical psychologist, Germany 1983-07-13
A-944 Elliot H. Libman u psychiatric social worker 1983-07-19
A-945 Iris Eisen u psychologist 1983-07-20
A-946 Gabriele Trommer u psychologist 1983-07-13
A-947 J. A. Coventry u clinical psychologist 1983-07-18
A-948 Jeffrey Major u social work, psychology 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-949 Ma Deva Homa (Godelieve Delvaux de Fenffe) s psychologist 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-950 Linda Odom u clinical psychologist 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-951 Mathilde Niemeyer u psychologist 1983-07-19
A-952 this exhibit number was not found so far in the raw pdfs supplied by OHS.
A-953 Ma Anand Gala (Victoria Zinovieff) s Jungian psychotherapist 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-954 Brigitte de Westelinck u ergotherapist 1983-07-19
A-955 Dr. Norbert S. Relenberg u professor of sociology 1983-07-18
A-956 Simone Kempeneers s housewife, administrator 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-957 Sw Satyam Ananto (Philippe Jourdain) s lawyer, banker 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-958 Vera Masek u development economist, Switzerland 1983-07-19
A-959 Sw Vedant (Thomas von Salomon) s photographer 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-960 Sw Veet Samayo (Baron Jean-Claude de BonHome) s loser nerd --> business owner 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-961 Robin Orr n emeritus professor of music, University of Cambridge 1983-07-17
A-962 Lady Caroline M. Maitland s teacher, counselor 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-963 A. C. Tickle n barrister at law & judge 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-964 Margit Johansen u publishing marketing consultant 1983-07-11 Handwritten.
A-965 M. Craig Fuller n actor 1983-07-14 Handwritten.
A-966 Tjark Voigts u architect, urban planning, ecological housing 1983-07-10
A-967 JF Benetti u lecturer in sociology of religion, Kinston Polytechnic, UK 1983-07-15 Handwritten.
A-968 Ma Jivan Leela s daughter of Sw Prem Niren undated Handwritten.
A-969 Kevin F. Grenfell n lecturer social sciences/history, WA College of Advanced Education, Australia 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-970 Gisela Böhm u teacher of languages and literature, Germany 1983-07-17
A-971 Ma Anand Friederike (Friederike Restetzki) s teacher of chemistry and biology 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-972 Sw Deva Namito (Pieters Hendrik) s teacher of phys-ed and dance, Belgium undated
A-973 George Mitchell n WW2 vet, teacher 1983-07-17
A-974 Alastair Park-Ross n entrepreneur, teacher 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-975 Carole Mason n support teacher 1983-07-19
A-976 Linda van der Auwera n teacher of ethics and Dutch language 1983-07-19
A-977 Ma Archan Rupo (Clopterop Thora) s ethics teacher undated Handwritten.
A-978 Erwin Jürgensen n senior assistant master, Hesse Police Academy, Germany 1983-07-15
A-979 Helga Jürgensen-Oetling n senior assistant master, Hesse, Germany 1983-07-15
A-980 Lieve Vlaminckx n language teacher, Belgium 1983-07-19
A-981 Arthur W. Biddle PhD n English literature teacher, University of Vermont, US 1983-07-19
A-982 Ma Dhyan Alka (Monica Agri) s midwife, teacher and mother, Sweden undated
A-983 Austin Arnold n career official in UNCTAD/GATT (international trade org) in Switzerland 1983-07-19
A-984 Benjamin T. Ford PhD n professor of history, Pace University NYC 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-985 Shirley K. Helma n health care technician in psychiatric hospital 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-986 Ms. Mason Boyd n executive producer for television advertising company, US 1983-07-26
A-987 seven Italians u Giuseppe Magno(?), Proff Auma(?) Dende(?), Giovanni Sarto, Mauro Bear, Susanne Anam(?), Gundula Ots(?)-Neuweiler, Gosi(?) Maurizio 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-988 Ma Prem Nirmala (Jean Sherlock Watt) s teacher --> restaurant owner, England 1983-07-17
A-989 Michael Mollett n artist and gardener, Los Angeles CA 1983-07-12
A-990 Eleodoro Ortiz de Zárate Jaraquemada u develops university courses on psychology, psychotherapy, postgrad seminars etc in Chile 1983-07-13
A-991 Ma Prem Mary (Mary Cunningham) s a passionate disciple undated Handwritten.
A-992 Barbara Sammeth u religion, history, fine arts 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-993 Zara Grigillo u accountant, Italy 1983-07-18
A-994 Virginia Gray n Aquarian Age Bookshelf owner, Houston 1983-07-18
A-995 Wesley van Linda n owner of Aum Books 1983-07-19
A-996 Rolf Skoglund n actor at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden 1983-07-19
A-997 Y Tormezi(?) n editor at French self-improvement book publisher, EPI editeurs, Paris 1983-07-19
A-998 Christl Seiderer u "theater modelist", m to European Space Agency official 1983-07-18
A-999 Odile Bingisser-Pannewitz s sociologist, educator and designer 1983-07-17
A-1000 Stuart William Elliott u mathematician, Australia 1983-07-06
A-1001 Marvin H. Lincoln u writer-photographer for software company 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1002 Jim Terry n independent film and television producer 1983-07-20
A-1003 Ma Dhyan Ida (Ida Linse) s drama-therapist, Amsterdam 1983-07-16
A-1004 Jens Gabe n doctor of law, judge of the city of Slagelse, Denmark 1983-07-1x
A-1005 this exhibit number was not found so far in the raw pdfs supplied by OHS.
A-1006 Sw Devaraj (Marc de Doming) s founder of Bodhi Tea 1983-07-19
A-1007 Tchekof Minosa u Scorpio Films, multimedia, Paris 1983-07-20 Original in French.
A-1008 Charles A. Hillig u marriage, family and child therapist 1983-07-24
A-1009 Bruce M. Glassner n associate creative director & group supervisor, Pinné, Garvin & Hock, Inc., LA 1983-07-23
A-1010 Dorri Adamson n teacher, radio interviewer, mother of sannyasin, CA 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-1011 Daniel Weber u director for East West Centre for Body, Mind and Spirit, Sydney Australia undated
A-1012 Sw Prem Sambodh (Rudi Militzer) s social worker, Germany 1983-07-17
A-1013 Carol Alelyunas u social worker, Oregon 1983-07-19
A-1014 Sw Ramses Shaffy (Ramses Shaffy) s actor, singer, songwriter and composer, well known in Holland 1983-07-18
A-1015 Sw Vadano (Peter Frans Rep) s teacher, artist, painter, poet, Holland 1983-07-16
A-1016 Andrew M. Junker n US Air Force brain scientist, Ohio 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-1017 Helmut Debes u candle manufacturer, Germany 1983-07-18 Original in German.
A-1018 Geoffrey C. L. Hadden n headmaster of Wrekin College, Shropshire, UK 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-1019 Himanshu Joshi s devotee, Delhi undated
A-1020 Marie-Luise Niemeyer n medical doctor, mother of sannyasin, Germany 1983-07-17 Original in German.
A-1021 Dr. Wilhelm Niemeyer n medical specialist for Internal Diseases and Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Bremen-Oberneuland, West-Germany, father of sannyasin 1983-07-17 Original in German.
A-1022 Thomas Gayda n retired art teacher, Richmond VA, father of sannyasin 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-1023 Len Pitkowsky u architect 1983-07-15
A-1024 Ms. L. Kroutchinina u chief cytotechnologist, Jewish General Hospital, Montreal 1983-07-20
A-1025 Sheryl Pope u clinical psychologist, Royal Perth Hospital, Australia 1983-07-xx Handwritten.
A-1026 Mrs. Christine Glaus u pianist, music teacher, Zurich 1983-07-19
A-1027 Ma Anand Udeepta (Gunilla Olsson) s stage, TV and movie actress, Stockholm 1983-07-19
A-1028 Barbara Kunz u psychologist, Switzerland 1983-07-17
A-1029 Dr. Ing. Barazzetti Stefano u superintendent general for water , Gov't Transport dep't, Firenze, Italy 1983-07-13 Handwritten in Italian.
A-1030 Mary Stansbury Ruiz u author, artist, art history teacher, LA 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-1031 Ro Lange n founder and executive director of the Elysium Institute, Topanga CA 1983-07-22
A-1032 Marie Bergman u musician and composer, Sweden 1983-07-18 stated year is 1984, corrected here
A-1033 Nancy F. Basham u real estate, Santa Barbara CA 1983-07-20
A-1034 Robert Moore n professor, Pulitzer-nominated author (as Red Hawk) 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-1035 W. Howard Jones n adult education, University of Southampton, UK undated
A-1036 Doris Ludwig u teacher trainer, Dusseldorf Germany 1983-07-17
A-1037 Ma Prem Nilamo (Betty Frisch) s math teacher, Belgium 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-1038 Willy Ranson n civil engineer --> "Relational and Sexual Sciences", lives next door to center in Belgium undated
A-1039 Joseph P. O'Sullivan n film and TV consultant, Australia 1983-07-18
A-1040 Ma Anurag Parawa and Sw Anand Punyam (Beatrix Thomas-Gundi and Bernhard Fleig) s harpsichordist and harpsichord maker, Switzerland undated
A-1041 Horst Wehowsky n psychiatrist, neurologist, kids are exploring sannyas, Germany 1983-07-17
A-1042 Sw Anand Vasudeva (Dr. Kroll) s medical doctor, Berlin 1983-07-18
A-1043 Ma Devapriti (Susan E. Coles) s singer, actress, opera 1983-07-13
A-1044 Arlette Grybow PhD u stress management consultant, California 1983-07-20
A-1045 Kirsten Nørregaard u medical doctor, Norway 1983-07-18
A-1046 Sw Bodhi Heeren (Mikael J. Hermann) s HS teacher, Copenhagen 1983-07-18
A-1047 Kjeld Andersen n research scientist, inventor, Copenhagen 1983-07-19
A-1048 Sw Premdip (Kim Erik Norager Olsen) s theatre, film production, Copenhagen 1983-07-19
A-1049 N. M. Edinburg u engineer, Johannesburg 1983-07-20
A-1050 M. Abramson u director of Plate Glass & Shatterprufe Industries Limited, Johannesburg 1983-07-20
A-1051 Myriam Dornier u therapist, Zurich 1983-07-20
A-1052 B. Rijnhout u social psychology, fashion trade labour specialist, Amsterdam 1983-07-19
A-1053 H. J. M. Van Schie n art history, art education, teacher trainer, Netherlands 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-1054 Ma Dhyan Illegible (Maria illegible Gonzalez) s actress, drama teacher, Puerto Rico 1983-07-14 Handwritten.
A-1055 Johannes Leendert Mol n applied mathematics, computer programmer, systems analyst, etc, Netherlands 1983-07-19
A-1056 Michael Maardt u sociology student --> author, Copenhagen 1983-07-20
A-1057 Tudor Banus u artist (painter, drawer, illustrator and engraver), France 1983-07-17
A-1058 Mr Hideaki Takaki n acupunturist, Osaka, Japan 1983-07-13
A-1059 Jorge Palomino u musician, Madrid 1983-07-19
A-1060 Jan Kraal s sociological research, Netherlands 1983-07-17
A-1061 Matthias Hartmann u social worker with young drig-addicted people 1983-07-15
A-1062 Gabriella Klainguti n mother of a doctor, long-time seeker, Switzerland 1983-07-20 Original in Italian.
A-1063 Ada (Alida Katharina) Vroegindeweij n librarian, Netherlands 1983-07-18
A-1064 Ma Amrit Sadhana s social work, dance therapy, movement education, Australia, London 1983-07-25
A-1065 Dr. agr. Klaus Thurner n agricultural microbiology and engineering, Germany 1983-07-15
A-1066 Ma Prem Mani (Mrs M. Partington) s pharmacist, teacher, mother, musician 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-1067 Sidney A. Copilow n attorney at law 1983-07-18
A-1068 Dr. Florian Wuehrer u medical general practitioner, Berlin 1983-07-13
A-1069 Dr. Dierk Hennings u dentist, Germany 1983-07-14
A-1070 Christine Müller u physiotherapist, Germany 1983-07-19
A-1071 Ma Prem Sami (Ingeborg Wenning) s stage designer, art teacher, advertising, audio-viual graphic arts, Germany 1983-07-19
A-1072 F. A. Schaepers u recording engineer, Germany undated
A-1073 Ma Atit Maria (Maria Francesca di Chiara) s architect, Palermo, Italy undated
A-1074 Lars Göran Berggren u architect, Malmö, Sweden 1983-07-13
A-1075 Robert Nourse n corporate executive, Milwaukee WI 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-1076 Lady (Jill?) Elliott n mother of sannyasin 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-1077 Sw Premyog (Erich Keller) s pharmacy, engineering, insurance, graphic design, advertising, etc, Germany 1983-07-19
A-1078 Beatrijs de Vos u classical singer, teacher, Belgium undated
A-1079 Eray Boertecene n fashion design, painting 1983-07-17
A-1080 Maryan Beams s sociology, Australia 1983-07-17
A-1081 Sw Prem Dhyano (Klaus Heidtke) s artist, lecturer in design, Berlin 1983-07-18
A-1082 Christiane Hallpatch u sociology --> psychology 1983-07-19
A-1083 Judy Bruce u teacher in Catholic school, Reading UK 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-1084 Ian Bale n architect and illustrator, UK 1983-07-15
A-1085 Sw Dhyan John s artist 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-1086 Peter Good n teacher, technical school officer, Australia 1983-07-15
A-1087 Ma Prem Nivedita s former "typical depressed Hindu woman" undated Handwritten.
A-1088 Ma Deva Nartano (Christine Grasemann) s psychologist, body worker, breath therapist, Germany 1983-07-18
A-1089 J Thomas Trimble PhD n Christian Psychological and Family Services, St Louis MO 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-1090 Jürg D. Ueberwasser u psychotherapist, Basel, Switzerland 1983-07-17
A-1091 Ronald Jones s social worker 1983-07-17
A-1092 Ma Anand Gyana (Drs. A. Roovers) s psychologist, therapist, Rotterdam NL 1983-07-18
A-1093 Barbara A. Thompson n counselor, Salem OR 1983-07-19
A-1094 Ross Colliver u management consultant, Australia 1983-07-15 Handwritten.
A-1095 Sw Bodhi Willy (Willy Alvarenga Lacerda) s civil engineer, soil mechanics, Rio 1983-07-15
A-1096 Karl Gerz u psychologist, Germany 1983-07-15
A-1097 Nancy Dobson u music and massage therapist, professor of clinical philosophy, counselor, Santa Cruz CA 1983-07-20
A-1098 Dr. G. E. Bayer u clinical psychologist, teacher, Munich 1983-07-12 Handwritten.
A-1099 Esther Marjorie Johnson n educationalist, Adelaide, Australia undated
A-1100 Boje-Heino Lipphardt u teacher, Hamburg 1983-07-10 Handwritten.
A-1101 Helen M. Jambov PhD u marriage, family and child counseling, Mill Valley CA 1983-07-18
A-1102 Dr. D. L. van der Waerden n developmental psychology 1983-07-19
A-1103 Ma Anand Sindhu (Monica T. Rushforth) s sociological research, gestalt therapist, counselor, Scotland 1983-07-12
A-1104 Ma Amano Astha s psychology, London 1983-07-20
A-1105 Jürg Wahlen u German language and literature teacher, teacher trainer, Zurich 1983-07-18
A-1106 Mme. Guivarc'h Marie-Cattherine u pediatrician, France 1983-07-02
A-1107 J. Kolff u economist, NZ 1983-07-14
A-1108 Christiane Köhler u languages, philosophy, teacher, Cologne 1983-07-15
A-1109 Baron Jean Paul de Crombrugghe de Looringh u physiotherapist, Brussels 1983-07-19 Handwritten in French.
A-1110 Ma Prem Goldie s special ed teacher, LA 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1111 William D. Shattls n psychiatric social worker, lecturer at City University of New York 1983-07-18
A-1112 P. O. Baguley n management consultant, counselor, UK 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-1113 Connie Ellis M Ed u marketing coordinator for mental health center, Nashville TN undated
A-1114 Jeremy B. Norman u psychology --> woodworking 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-1115 Cilly Fisher u clinical psychologist, Johannesburg ZA 1983-07-18
A-1116 Belle C. Gendler u edducator, Homestead FL 1983-07-18
A-1117 Ray Willbanks n associate professor of English, Memphis State University, Memphis TN 1983-07-15
A-1118 Bonnie Garson u personal growth and management workshops, Atlanta GA 1983-07-16
A-1119 Ms Kuniko Uemura u ass't professor, Konan Univerrsity, Kobe Japan 1983-07-16
A-1120 Ma Anand Yatra (Andrea Renk) s teacher for sports and fine arts of children 6-10 years old 1983-07-18
A-1121 Dr. Götz S. Hindelang u professor linguistics, Univerrsity of Munster, Germany 1983-07-20
A-1122 P. Katie Stone n skin and beauty clinic in Fremantle, Australia 1983-07-18
A-1123 Kurt Fischer n no vocation or job stated, Brug Switzerland 1983-07-19
A-1124 Rüdiger Kukula n math and physics college teacher, Germany 1983-07-16
A-1125 Andrew S. Ferber MD n assoc professor of psychiatry, Albert Einstein Medical School NY 1983-07-26
A-1126 Ma Shanti Eka s educationalist, family therapy, child psychiatry, Germany 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-1127 Prof. M. Jacobs PhD n professor in unstated field, Tokyo undated
A-1128 Susan M. Freidfer s grade school teacher, unspecified location undated
A-1129 Dr. Manohar L. Nene n anaesthesiologist, acupunturist, Mombasa Kenya 1983-07-11 Handwritten.
A-1130 Bruce F. Stone n dentist, Western Australia 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-1131 M. L. Berson n ophthalmic optician, Leeds UK 1983-07-xx
A-1132 Anthony Thomas n musician, Basel, Switzerland (US expat) 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-1133 Rolf Hannes u publisher (Lotos Editions, Osho books translated into German) Freiburg Germany 1983-07-16
A-1134 Roland Matter MD n psychiatrist, Basel Switzerland 1983-07-18
A-1135 Mr Ramsay Burt n mural artist, dance writer, UK 1983-07-18
A-1136 Ma Veet Tanha (Renate Heinemann) s architect + teacher of architecture, Munich 1983-06-21
A-1137 Peter Egloff s musician and teacher of music, Zurich 1983-07-20
A-1138 Sw Vedam (Anthony Roché) s flautist and flute teacher, Switzerland (US expat) 1983-07-17
A-1139 Jacob de Hoog s anthropology, sociology, teacher, author, Australia 1983-07-18
A-1140 Martha Stott Diener n "70-yr-old white Protestant Republican" mother of sannyasin, on boards of Polymer Corp, Wilkes College, Planned Parenthood, Pennsylvania 1983-07-25
A-1141 Ruth L. Candelaria n teacher, legal secretary, bank officer, business owner, US postmaster, mother of sannyasin, Colorado 1983-07-27
A-1142 Mr and Mrs Harry V. Gavin n parents of sannyasin, San Mateo CA 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-1143 Mrs. Matla Sarkin n mother and grandmother of sannyasins, Johannesburg 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-1144 Judy L. Chiara n mother of sannyasin, Westchester County NY 1983-07-14 Handwritten.
A-1145 Mrs. Dorothy H. Gay n mother of sannyasin, Richmond VA 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-1146 Ma Santosh Sneh (Marlies Traulsen) s teacher, artist, Hamburg 1983-07-21
A-1147 Sw Anand Yogi (Erik Möller) s teacher, Trondheim Norway 1983-07-19
A-1148 Cornelia Hertenstein s doctor, Munich 1983-07-19
A-1149 Mag. Ernst Schmid u high-school biology and Fine Arts teacher, Vienna 1983-07-18
A-1150 Gudrun Langner n teacher in a secondary technical school. Heidelberg, Germany 1983-07-17
A-1151 Ma Antar Claudia (Claudia Hahn) s elementary school teacher, Nurnberg, Germany 1983-07-19
A-1152 Dieter Becker u comprehensive school teacher of religion and music, Kiel, Germany 1983-07-21
A-1153 Barbara Blotzki n elementary school teacher, Nurnberg, Germany 1983-07-20
A-1154 Ma Prem Achinta (Theodora Cornelia Maria van Deuzen) s social worker, housewife, Groningen Netherlands 1983-07-15 Handwritten.
A-1155 John Sunderland u physics teaching techinician, LA 1983-07-21
A-1156 Henning Eberhagen u math teacher, Germany 1983-07-20
A-1157 Alejandro Celis H. u psychologist, teacher, translator, Santiago 1983-07-15
A-1158 Sw Anand Svadesh (Peter Matje) s design engineer, LA 1983-07-21
A-1159 Ib Planch Larsen n director of Holstebro music school, Denmark, father of sannyasin 1983-07-17
A-1160 Margaret M. Smith n counselor, volunteer, Nashville TN 1983-07-21
A-1161 Ma Anand Sagar (A. A. E. Denys-Klipp) s teacher of English and German, Netherlands, took sannyas after eldest son 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-1162 G. B. Weibgen s computer consultant, Australia undated
A-1163 Dr. Hermann Roesinger n medical doctor, Germany 1983-07-19
A-1164 this letter has been removed. It is a precise duplicate of A-243, seems to have got photographed and filed twice
A-1165 Dr. Barbara Wehrse u psychiatrist, Munich 1983-07-19
A-1166 Gregor Bitter u psychologist, drug-prevention specialist, Bremen Germany 1983-07-18
A-1167 Karl Stuff u medical doctor, Germany undated
A-1168 Sw Deva Prashanto (Aron Abend) s engineering, economy, math, physics, literacy activist, playwright, Reichian therapy, Brazil undated
A-1169 Harald Kempf n teacher, Kiel, Germany 1983-07-15
A-1170 Joachim Spohr s German and English teacher, translator, Bremen Germany 1983-07-20
A-1171 Heinz Schulz-Naue s Family Court judge, Hamburg 1983-07-18
A-1172 Richard Miller u electrical engineer, electrical building contractor, garbage trucki g entrepreneur, Salt Lake City UT 1983-07-08
A-1173 C. P. Mathews u American fisheries oceanographer, working worldwide 1983-07-10
A-1174 Dr. Madeleine Gränacher u psychiatrist, Zurich 1983-07-x6
A-1175 Jutta Breitenborn u mathematical linguistics, political science, journalist, Hamburg 1983-07-19
A-1176 Ma x Pramada (Pramada Allgöwer) s biology and chemistry teacher, Hannover 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-1177 C. I. Levene MD n experimental pathologist, teacher, Cambridge UK 1983-07-20
A-1178 Dr. W. Allan Last n vocational counselor, Open University of UK 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-1179 Dr. J. Maebe n medical doctor, Belgium 1983-07-19
A-1180 Ralf Liebermeister u psychologist, Munich 1983-07-17
A-1181 Paul J. Hulme u biochemist, argicultural research, UK 1983-07-20
A-1182 Edith Engelhar s high society --> nursing student, Brussels 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-1183 Gesine Hennings u design, boutique owner, Hamburg undated Handwritten.
A-1184 Happaerts Emiel s city councilor, Mechelen Belgium undated
A-1185 Harald Drobe u broker, financial consultant, Germany 1983-07-20
A-1186 Ma Anand Teresa (Teresa Bassols) s member of the Spanish Dlegation to the European Community, Brussels 1983-07-19
A-1187 Barry L. Hope BDS u oral surgeon, South Africa, Israel, UK 1983-07-20
A-1188 Helmut Goll u medical doctor, Vienna 1983-07-xx
A-1189 Mrs. Kumud Gokani s housewife (wife of ENT surgeon), Mombasa, Kenya, center leader 1983-07-11
A-1190 Brigitte Koch s textile artist, Germany 1983-07-18
A-1191 Patricia Kyle-Bennett s actress, secretary, LA 1983-07-21
A-1192 Ann Quartermaine u clinical psychologist, Australia 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-1193 Jeanette W Price u individual and family therapist, Australia (US expat) 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-1194 Roy William Townsend n mental health nurse, Australia (UK expat) 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-1195 Jan Marshall u social worker, Australia, son of sannyasin 1983-07-14
A-1196 Kaya Burden s family and addictions counselor, Oregon 1983-07-20
A-1197 Sw Dayal (Burkhard Kexel) s addiction counseling and prevention, Germany 1983-07-17
A-1198 Thomas Fistler u musician, teacher, Heidelberg Gerrmany 1983-07-15
A-1199 Karin Größ s action-painter, Berlin 1983-07-xx Handwritten.
A-1200 Brenda Mary Burkitt n principal lecturer in Social Work, Huddersfield Polytechnic, Yorkshire, England 1983-07-19
A-1201 Jan Barcikowski n lawyer for Swiss Re, Zurich 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-1202 J. Douglas Knott n lawyer, LA 1983-07-15
A-1203 Marilynn Pardee n clothing designer, LA undated
A-1204 Sw Anand Batohi (Rainer Quinet) s electronic engineer, Munich undated
A-1205 Sw Samvedo (Ernst Kobler) s teacher, psychologist, Munich 1983-07-13
A-1206 Marcy Goldstein MD u plastic surgeon, acupuncturist, St Louis MO 1983-07-25
A-1207 Arthur V. Hohmuth n associate professor of psychology, Trenton NJ 1983-07-22
A-1208 W. A. Galt n "Galt's International Management", La Jolla CA 1983-07-21
A-1209 Yolanda Lebarton u medical technical representative, UCLA undated Handwritten.
A-1210 Boyd Willat and Felice Willat n stationery business owners 1983-07-15
A-1211 Jules Buccieri n antique store owner, Beverly Hills CA 1983-07-15
A-1212 Tim Harris n furniture manufacturer, artist, musician, San Pedro CA 1983-07-13
A-1213 Joel Becker u political science, Luxemburg 1983-07-xx Handwritten.
A-1214 Simon Meyerson n psychologist, London 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-1215 Sandra K. Collins u psychotherapist, LA 1983-07-xx Handwritten.
A-1216 Maya Edwards u businesswoman, LA 1983-07-xx
A-1217 Donald Phillips u bodywork therapist, LA undated Handwritten.
A-1218 Gloria Ehrlich u real estate entrepreneur, Beverly Hills, CA 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-1219 Carmen G. Cummings u secretary/treasurer, Freedom from Fear of Flying, Inc., Coral Gables FL 1983-07-17
A-1220 Barry Samuels n bookstore owner, Woodstock NY 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-1221 Ron Wallach u stress management consultant for various gov't departments and educational institutions, etc, Oakland CA 1983-07-20
A-1222 Ma Deva Shabda (Renate Seidemann MD) s neurology and psychiatry, Berlin 1983-07-20
A-1223 Peter Den Haring u PR officer, journalist, youthworker trainer and supervisor, author, The Hague, Netherlands 1983-07-14
A-1224 D. I. Pullen n electrical engineer, Surrey UK 1983-07-15 Handwritten.
A-1225 Susan M. Rydalch n US dept of Labor employee, Arlington VA 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-1226 Joachim Godosar u chemical engineer, Giessen, Germany 1983-07-20 Handwritten, missing a page?
A-1227 Robert Mittelstaedt n psychologist, Munich 1983-07-16
A-1228 Sw Anand Hellmut (Hellmut Wolf) s filmmaker, musician, teacher, Heidelberg Germany 1983-07-19
A-1229 Ivonne Escarfail and Manuel Schoch n psychologists, Switzerland 1983-07-16
A-1230 M. A. Smallenburg s psychology student, Amsterdam 1983-07-19
A-1231 R. J. Sarkin n engineering consultant, Johannesburg 1983-07-18
A-1232 Engeline Harmina Dorothea Schuilenga MD u physician, Amsterdam 1983-07-20
A-1233 this exhibit number was not found so far in the raw pdfs supplied by OHS.
A-1234 Ma Anand Sugito (Cherie A. Hargis MD) s medical doctor in specialist studies, LA 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1235 R. Randall Harrison n attorney at law, Oregon City OR undated Handwritten.
A-1236 Raôul Duguay u singer, musician, author, playwright, Quebec 1983-07-18
A-1237 Drs Hein Auke Ate Kray s psychology librarian, Free University of Amsterdam 1983-07-19
A-1238 Stephen M. Fischer n musician, LA 1983-07-09
A-1239 Paul Bironneau n insurance, UAP, Paris 1983-07-15
A-1240 David E. Flaws n psychotherapist, Auckland NZ 1983-07-20
A-1241 M. G. J. Meester n high school teacher, Amstelveen Netherlands 1983-07-17
A-1242 Sw Prem Yogen (J. J. van der Laan) s astronomer, Utrecht, Netherlands 1983-07-20
A-1243 Donald G. Miller n teacher, family therapist, California 1983-07-19
A-1244 Carl P. Doty u therapist and counselor, LA 1983-07-21
A-1245 Klaus Gormsen n psychologist, Copenhagen 1983-07-17
A-1246 Dr. Franco Tarchini n doctor of economics and commerce, teacher, Mantua Italy --> management consultant, Lugano Switzerland 1983-07-20 Original in Italian.
A-1247 Isaac Vázquez Sedono u physician, Madrid 1983-07-20
A-1248 Sheryl Shahinian n dancer-musician, Ojai CA 1983-07-26
A-1249 Sw Neharaj s French teacher in bilingual experimental school, San Francisco CA undated Handwritten.
A-1250 William R. Esher n construction trades --> musician, Santa Rosa CA 1983-07-23
A-1251 Weldon Rogers u tennis instructor, Miami FL undated Handwritten.
A-1252 Terry P. Ammon-Hendlin MSW u high school teacher, San Diego CA 1983-07-20
A-1253 Roger W. Aldrich n mathematician, LA 1983-07-21
A-1254 Rosa Montero u violinist musician, Madrid 1983-07-18
A-1255 Philippe Bessieres n agronomist, Paris 1983-07-19 Handwritten in French.
A-1256 Josephus Ignatius Maria Jeuken s teacher, Amsterdam 1983-07-18
A-1257 Sw Prem Peter (Drs. Peter Hansson) s adult education, Amsterdam 1983-07-20
A-1258 L. Hanekroot n law practice and co-ordination of legal education, Netherlands 1983-07-19
A-1259 Robert Daniël van Harrewijn s lawyer, history of law, legal aid, Netherlands 1983-07-16
A-1260 Johanna Elisabeth Krajenbrink u child psychologist, Amsterdam 1983-07-21
A-1261 Prof. Margherita Guida u teacher of Italian and history, Switzerland 1983-07-20 Original in Italian.
A-1262 Ma Prem Vijaya (Tjipkje Petronella Faber) s medicine, developmental psychology, Groningen Netherlands 1983-07-xx
A-1263 Arthur Sundqvist u architect, Stockholm 1983-07-18
A-1264 Juan José Torregrosa u architect, Madrid 1983-07-20
A-1265 Joan Hotchkis n voter, freedom-lover, Santa Monica CA 1983-07-21
A-1266 Amjad Ali Khan n classical sarod player, New Delhi 1983-07-14
A-1267 Richard Moss MD n runs psychological, healing, transformational energetic and spiritual groups, Sky Hi Ranch, CA 1983-07-21
A-1268 Helena Jacoby de Hoffman MD n psychiatrist, translator, Santiago 1983-07-15
A-1269 Liberty Arnold s American, taxpayer and property owner 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1270 M. Maher n director, PG Group, Johannesburg 1983-07-20
A-1271 Sw Anand Vishramo (Stephen P. Ellis) s American citizen, attorney, Vietnam War veteran, LA 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-1272 E. Charlotte Eitel s social worker, Munich 1983-07-17
A-1273 Kornelia Krämer u teacher, Frankfurt 1983-07-14
A-1274 Ma Prem Nibbano (M. Drewes) s pianist, Amsterdam 1983-07-17
A-1275 Doug Cornell n co-owner, Sri Atman Books, Victoria Canada 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-1276 Robert Owen Rees n agricultural economist 1983-07-03
A-1277 Satish Sud u graphic designer, Delhi 1983-07-14
A-1278 Rebecca Conley n singer, dancer and actress, LA 1983-07-21
A-1279 Carolus Borromeus Jacobus Blankers n draftsman, surveyor, foreman, project manager, area manager with ever-bigger companies, Rotterdam 1983-07-21
A-1280 Sw Vedant Uwe (Dr. Uwe Rieke) s master in Natural Science, Electron Microscopy, Tubingen Germany 1983-07-16
A-1281 Ma Shantam Sono (Mertens Marie-Gabrielle) s Catholic high school teacher, Belgium undated
A-1282 Drs. M. Leenstra n associate professor of applied psychology, State University of Groningen Holland 1983-07-12
A-1283 Emilio Ambron n oriental philosophy academic, Miasto neighbour, Italy 1983-07-17
A-1284 Ma Prem Anamika (Christine Hett) s film production --> social work --> various healing modalities, various countries EU undated
A-1285 Gerhard Münnich n physicist, Hamburg 1983-07-15
A-1286 Dr. Hendrik Doing n agronomist, Netherlands 1983-07-16
A-1287 Ma Deva Sansargo (I. J. M. Sieverding) s librarian, Amsterdam 1983-07-22
A-1288 Jeffrey M. Dietrich n wilderness group arranger, US working in Switz, brother of sannyasin undated Handwritten.
A-1289 G. A. M. de Blecourt-Moons s medical doctor, Netherlands 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-1290 Alphonse Delnooz PhD s otrhopsychiatrist, Nijmegen Netherlands 1983-07-15
A-1291 Marcia Ryan MSW u clinical social worker, psychotherapist, Berkeley CA 1983-07-22
A-1292 Maureen Yeomans n editor, humanistic psycholgy journal, workshop facilitator, London 1983-07-20
A-1293 Donna Brander n growth center director, group leader, Newcastle UK, mother of sannyasins 1983-07-19
A-1294 J. Joseph s appliance sale and service, Surrey UK 1983-07-18
A-1295 Ma Prem Suvarna (Frederika R. Schreutelkamp) s biologist, The Hague, Netherlands 1983-07-17
A-1296 Gulika Postema u physiotherapist, Amsterdam 1983-07-17
A-1297 Sw Prem Devo (Johannes Gregorius Franciscus Steehouwer) s artist working with photos and objects, Rotterdam 1983-07-20
A-1298 Sw Prem Sujan (George Irvin) s lecturer in computer science, Cork, Ireland undated Handwritten.
A-1299 M. M. Khataw n reetired headmaster, Mombasa Kenya 1983-07-11 Handwritten.
A-1300 Sw Prem Richard (Dr. Richard Provasoli) s philosophy, chiropractic, Gloucester MA 1983-07-18
A-1301 Prof. Kay Huhnstock MD u head of internal medicine, Karlsbad Rehabilitation Hiospital, Germany undated
A-1302 Shinzen Young n director of Community Meditation Center, LA 1983-07-20
A-1303 Yvonne Pivont u "substitute senator", mother of 9, Brussels 1983-07-18
A-1304 Sw Dhyan Vartan (Thomas Wermund) s timber engineer, Switzerland 1983-07-14 Handwritten in German.
A-1305 Peter Thassilo Egmond von Tresckow u graphic artist, university lecturer, Germany 1983-07-17
A-1306 Judith M. Maselli u teacher, boutique manager, Denver 1983-07-19
A-1307 Koen Schurmans u artist, painter, sculptor and poet undated
A-1308 Mr Wolfgang Kleeb s actor, Switzerland 1983-07-19
A-1309 Arthur S. Harris n college teacher --> advertising, Vermont 1983-07-17
A-1310 Indravadan H. Vyas u architect, Mombasa 1983-07-11 Handwritten.
A-1311 R. A. Vyas u insurance agency manager, Mombasa 1983-07-14
A-1312 Ronald H. Rose n Air Force veteran, businessman, LA 1983-07-18
A-1313 Lucinda da Silva u population analyst, Rio 1983-07-x4
A-1314 Michael Schroeder u lawyer, Munich 1983-07-26
A-1315 Gerhard Lechleitner u psychology student, piano teacher, Zurich 1983-07-20
A-1316 Ma Sunder Avinasho (Elke Diekötter) s teacher, Mainz, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-1317 Lou Wills n actor, dancer, choreographer, stage and TV producer, undated Handwritten.
A-1318 Sw Deva Ben (Johan Bernard Scholte Albers) s Catholic priest candidate --> social work, Groningen, Netherlands 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1319 Djoeke Wolkers u writer, social psychologist, Amsterdam 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-1320 Monika Fuhrmann u schizophrenia therapy and rehab, Frankfurt 1983-07-17
A-1321 Dr. Massimo Pozza n lawyer, criminologist, Torino Italy 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-1322 Sw Prem Frans (Frans Tijsterman) s homeopath, Netherlands 1983-07-10 Handwritten.
A-1323 Ms. Simone France Waldman u unstated, NYC 1983-07-19
A-1324 Sw Veet Paksha (Eildert van Slooten) s psychology --> art, Groningen, Netherlands 1983-05-07 Handwritten.
A-1325 Ma Anuraga (Julia Reichelt) s newspaper retoucher --> social work, Mainz, Germany 1983-07-19
A-1326 Harald Glätzer s sociologist, Kiel, Germany 1983-07-17
A-1327 Ma Bodhi Pavitro (Camilla Tabbert) s teacher of German, history and politics, Waldkirch Germany 1983-07-19
A-1328 Rosemarie Petter u garden and landscape architect, Dusseldorf, Germany, mother of sannyasins 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-1329 Dr. Wilfried Bach u doctorate of law, finance, Vienna 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-1330 Bernd Stapf u psychologist, sub-fields education, development and child counseling, Freiburg Germany 1983-07-22
A-1331 Sw Anand Manfred (Dr. Manfred Haydn) s ophthamologist, Zwettl, Austrria 1983-07-20
A-1332 Sw Santosh Hafiz (Christian Gambke) s attorney, Heidelberg, Germany undated
A-1333 Dr. Jean-luc Boesch u general medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, Montpellier France undated Handwritten in French.
A-1334 Ma Anand Niraj s sign language interpreter, Louisville, CO undated Handwritten.
A-1335 Ma Anand Arupa (Bethiah C. Adams) s editing supervisor, Mcraw-Hill, Monterey CA 1983-07-29
A-1336 Ma Prem Astiko (Marsha Sendar) s biostatistics and epidemiology --> glassware distributor, Santa Cruz CA 1983-07-27
A-1337 Marie-Pierre Tattarachi u fashion-designer, Paris 1983-07-26
A-1338 Heiner Bremer s medical doctor, Germany 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-1339 Ma Dhyan Prashanti (Rosalee A. Peterson) s unspecified business executive 1983-07-29
A-1340 Gustavo A. Tual u writer, filmmaker, Las Cruces, Chile 1983-07-15 Handwritten.
A-1341 George W. Love n labor arbitrator, San Pedro CA 1983-07-28
A-1342 Bruce Denman n psychologist, Encino CA 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-1343 Michael Starks u president, Artificial Reality, Ross CA 1983-07-20
A-1344 Carol Martin n assistant professor, Dept. of Dance, Florida State University 1983-07-21
A-1345 Kristin L. Mackin n "a staunch Catholic", Hillsborough CA 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1346 Sw Satprakash (Sgarbossa Roberto) s artist, Cittadella Italy undated
A-1347 Ma Pankaj (Maria Bürbaum) s teacher, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-1348 Athol W. Bretnall n A.R.I.B.A., F.R.A.I.A., Brisbane Australia 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-1349 Mikio Ohgushi s biophysics, Yokohama, Japan 1983-07-19
A-1350 Marcia V. Bradby s lecturer in sociology, Knoxville TN 1983-08-27 Handwritten.
A-1351 Ma Dhyan Puja (Nancy Dobson) s psychologist, teacher, Bay area CA 1983-07-28
A-1352 Francisco J. Varela n professor of biology, University of Chile, Santiago 1983-07-14
A-1353 Leonor Palma Keller u Rolfing Movement Intergration teacher 1983-07-14
A-1354 Sw Anand Purana (Panzieri) s architecture, Florence, Italy undated Handwritten.
A-1355 Wrothwell G. Wall n attorney, Sydney Australia undated
A-1356 Diana Ziegler u unstated, Essex MA 1983-07-23
A-1357 Ma Anand Avabhasa s humanistic psychology, Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-1358 Ma Deva Sansargo (Freiderike Lehmann) s musician, teacher, Germany 1983-07-23
A-1359 Sw Shantideva s carpenter, Rajneeshpuram undated
A-1360 Sw Prem Hareesh s unstated, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-1361 Ma Yoga Mukta s secretary, Africa, London undated Handwritten.
A-1362 Sw Anand Kavi s stocks, advertising, management, London --> seminars 1983-07-24
A-1363 Sw Dhyandeva s dairy farm, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-23
A-1364 Sw Prem Ratnakar s silversmith --> mechanic, welder, carpenter, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-27
A-1365 Ma Anand Nartan (Fujiko N. Nakazawa) s architect, Kyoto 1983-07-27
A-1366 Ma Anand Valerie s Montessori teacher, waitress, Philadelphia PA undated
A-1367 Ma Prem Sargaji s fruit picker, tree planter, Keremeos BC, Canada 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-1368 Marilyn Monk PhD u biologist, geneticist, London 1983-08-07 Handwritten.
A-1369 Sw Achim s sales manager, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-1370 Hans Haring s farmer, Netherlands and California 1983-07-23
A-1371 Sw Deva Makarand (Hans Rendler) s psycho-body therapist, Munich 1983-07-24
A-1372 Ma Yoga Pragya s microbiologist, pathologist, India 1983-07-25
A-1373 Sw Satyaprem (Klaus Karst) s manager, busuiness owwner (restaurant and discotheque), Karlsruhe Germany 1983-07-26
A-1374 Sw Prem Dinesh s pharmacy, socio-ethnology, psychology, France 1983-07-xx Handwritten.
A-1375 Sw Anand Yogen (Rob Glick) s unstated, Burnsville NC 1983-07-28
A-1376 Dr. Christian Combescure n plastic surgeon, Montpelier, France 1983-07-25
A-1377 Joe Buzzelli n president of Gallery of Gifts, Santa Maria CA 1983-07-15
A-1378 Joyce Manning n chairman of the Board of Pacific Enterprises, LA 1983-07-19
A-1379 Mrs. M. N. Thakar u grieving mother and widow, Mombasa 1983-07-11 Handwritten.
A-1380 Dr. K. L. Ved n medical doctor, Mombasa 1983-07-15
A-1381 Kathy Gray u unstated undated Handwritten.
A-1382 Ma Anurag Paulana (?) (Paulana Duval (?)) s unstated undated Handwritten.
A-1383 Elin Hansen u psychologist, Odense, Denmark 1983-07-21
A-1384 Hans Jørgen Ibsen u psychic development and healing, Denmark 1983-07-20
A-1385 Niels Peter Juel Larsen u radio producer, Copenhagen 1983-07-22
A-1386 Björn Norbäck n automobile importer, Sweden; father of sannyasin undated Handwritten.
A-1387 Jobst Fiedler n Hamburg state government director for labor and immigration affairs 1983-07-15
A-1388 Elke Behnke u teacher for handicapped children, Heidelberg, Germany 1983-07-17
A-1389 Dr. Wolf Reuter n academic teacher, University of Stuttgart, Germany 1983-07-22
A-1390 Dr. Edith Kitzmantel n economist (policy), Vienna 1983-07-19
A-1391 Dr. Michael Hofmann n professor of business administration, Vienna, brother of sannyasin 1983-07-20
A-1392 Sw Prabhu Sharan (Tony Sheridan) s musician, entertainer (incl Beatles!), Germany 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1393 J McGrath (?) n artist, lecturer in architectonic morphology, Australia 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1394 Sw Chaitanyo Amantus (J. Neville Thompson) s engineering consultant, Cologne 1983-07-20
A-1395 Sw Dhyan Sakshi (Werner Breitmaier) s surveyor, construction, Berlin 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-1396 Sw Govind (Michel Dautricourt) s pharmaceutical wheeler-dealer, married a sannyasin, Belgian 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-1397 Martha Hampel s biochemical research undated Handwritten.
A-1398 Sw Deva Mohan s Brit naval officer --> German restaurateur undated Handwritten.
A-1399 Gertrud Borowiak s officec clerk, Cologne 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1400 Ma Dhyan Prema (Brigitte Hahn (?)) s English and History (Oxford), Psychology, Sociology, English and Arts (Frankfurt U) --> teacher, Russelsheim Germany 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-1401 Sw Ramananda s counselor for emotionally disturbed children --> carpenter and musician 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1402 Terry Fieldhouse u teacher (CA), forester (WA) 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1403 Ma Anand Gayan s ballet dancer and teacher, Munich 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1404 Sw Prem Abhinanda s carpentry, interior design, Co Kerry, Eire 1983-07-07 Handwritten.
A-1405 Sw Anand Chinamaya (Robert Cons) s artist, craftsman, sculpting, painting, music ... 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-1406 Sw Premgit (H Rösli ) s language and education, Switzerland 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1407 Sw Anand Naresh s high school English teacher, San Francisco 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1408 Ma Anand Rupda (T. A. Wilson) s nurse, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-1409 Ma Anand Shambala (Gabriele Unger) s teacher, Austria undated Handwritten.
A-1410 Ma Anand Peggy s graphic designer, illustrator, Boston 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1411 Sw Veet Pathen (Robert Lazeres) s philosophy, history, English --> psychology, biology, math, Canada, US 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1412 Ma Deva Prakash s child care, location unstated 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1413 Ma Veet Upachara (Hagine(?) Kalt) s physiotherapist, Berlin 1983-07-xx Handwritten.
A-1414 Sw Anand Pranesh s architect, professor, Stuttgart, Germany 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1415 Evi Huber u psychologist, lecturer, Zurich University 1983-07-23
A-1416 Ma Anupo (Ms. Anupo le Faucheur) s social work, Dept of Corrections, W Australia 1983-07-12
A-1417 Ma Deva Pragya s social work education, Germany undated
A-1418 Ma Sourabh (Lisa Viberg) s sociology undated Handwritten.
A-1419 Sw Deva Sugata (Wolf Schneider) s science, logic, philosophy, anthropology, Munich undated
A-1420 Sw Sangit Raju (Andreas Studle) s education, social work, Freiburg, Germany 1983-07-09
A-1421 Matthias Krenke u economics, accountant undated
A-1422 Sw Prem Islam (Andrew White) s math, computer programmer, London 1983-07-21
A-1423 Doris Dale PhD u biologist, Switzerland 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1424 Ma Anand Nirup s lover, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1425 Sw Jitendra Bharti (Jitendra Sarjani Bsc) s electronic engineer 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-1426 Sw Dhyananand s architecture, engineering, sculpture, construction, CA undated Handwritten.
A-1427 Sw Vimal Shakta (Kay Peter) s ambulance driver, gardener, Germany 1983-07-25 Handwritten.
A-1428 Axel Leopoldt u physician, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-1429 Ma Anand Suryo s art history, languages, teacher, traveler, USA 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1430 Sw Shanti Vadano (Dieter Garnjost) s surveying, engineering, Darmstadt, Germany 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1431 Ma Sujato s Jewish-American, math, seeker, Berkeley CA undated Handwritten.
A-1432 Ma Veet Dharmo (Allison Feldmann) s veterinary nurse, mother 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1433 Ma Anand Usha s unstated, Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-1434 Ma Devam Archa s biology, medicine, Hamburg 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1435 Ma Anand Durga s therapist, Amsterdam undated Handwritten.
A-1436 Sw Premartha s writer, journalist, BBC producer, UK 1983-07-26
A-1437 Dr. Montecucco Federica u medicine, psychology of medicine, Milan undated
A-1438 Ma Bodhi Sirpa (Sirpa Paakkonen) s practical nurse, Stockholm 1983-07-25
A-1439 Sw Anand Gerrit (Gerrit Boonstra) s classical musician, Netherlands 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-1440 Ma Marga Akasha (Laura Halsey Owens) s psychology, literature, traveler, teacher, Alabama 1983-07-19
A-1441 Ursel Platte-Melden u educational psychologist, Germany 1983-07-25
A-1442 Antonino Sucamelli u physical education, Rimini, Italy 1983-07-25
A-1443 Mano Lincoln u psychology, social work, art, art history, Laguna Beach CA undated
A-1444 Sw Prem Nirvan (Richard M. Santoro M Ed) s psychology, Boston 1983-07-23
A-1445 Ma Puja s mental retardation counsellor, Vancouver 1983-07-18
A-1446 Toby S. Lipman u psychology, bookstore owner, Princeton NJ 1983-07-24
A-1447 Glenn Francis u experimental psychology, London 1983-07-23
A-1448 Patricia Murphy u social work, Spokane WA 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-1449 Ma Lela s business, languages, psychology --> acting, art, Switzerland 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1450 Vicky D. Caudell u psychology, child development teacher, Bethany OK 1983-07-23
A-1451 Sw Thomas Stone s political science, Indiana 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1452 Ma Amrit Divya s languages, art, art therapy, Switzerland 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1453 Ma Dhyan So.... (name incomplete) s literature, philosophy, education, Paris 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-1454 Ma Anand Nirved (Sheila C. Siener) s social work, Edinburgh 1983-07-18
A-1455 Ma Anand Sundra s psychiatric nurse, London 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1456 Mitze Robin u unstated, Burbank CA 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-1457 Sw Satbuddha (John Gale) s sociology, Lancaster UK 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1458 Uta Scheiber u biology, ecology, Germany 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-1459 Sw Anand Premartha s artist, Amsterdam undated Handwritten.
A-1460 Sw Deva Sambuddha (Benjamin W. Stott) s psychology, philosophy, businessman, educator, counselor, vice-chair of charitable trust, USA 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1461 Brad A. Kowalski u elementary teacher, NY 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1462 Nicole Bordat u language and dance teacher, Paris --> cook, Zorba's, Portland undated Handwritten.
A-1463 Ma Deva Shanto s comparative religion, sociology, psychology, Colorado 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-1464 Sw Premgyan (Edgar a Marca) s pharmaceutical executive, Lugano, Switzerland 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1465 T. ter Haar u pharmaceutical manager, Netherlands / NYC 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1466 Prem Satmarga s humanities, California 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1467 Sw Prem Vardo s MFA, photography, Indiana 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1468 Ma Amrit Sadhana (Anne Goulston Gauci) s social worker, Australia --> Elizabeth NJ 1983-07-10
A-1469 Sw Deva Rajendra (Karten Stodte) s architect, townplanner and teacher undated
A-1470 Guenter Gehrke u engineer, lecturer, researcher, Berlin 1983-07-14
A-1471 Sw Bodhi Ajita (Manfred Rennschmid) s psychology, Waldkirch, Germany 1983-07-15
A-1472 Sw Premdhan (Wolter Hall) s international trade lawyer, Vienna 1983-07-14
A-1473 Ma Anand Shanti (Cynthia van Densen) s psychotherapist, social worker, NY, Rajneeshpuram undated
A-1474 Sw Deva Madyapa (Paul Francis Bedson) s philosophy, drama, NSW Australia --> Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-17
A-1475 Maria pia Giaccone u Sicilian aristocrat, art dealer, psychology, Palermo 1983-07-21
A-1476 Ma Prem Pipasa s teacher, rebirther, Paris --> NYC undated Handwritten.
A-1477 Sw Anand Dhyan s psychology, religion, philosophy, Santa Cruz CA 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1478 Rupert von Katzler s attorney at law, Munich 1983-07-19
A-1479 Sw Prem Madhav (Henry Bouchard (?)) s electrician undated Handwritten.
A-1480 Ma Aruna Bharti s Zorba the Buddha Restaurant, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1481 Ma Anutosh Vidya (Angelika Hamblocs) s German teacher, Cologne 1983-07-23
A-1482 Uwe Blüher u cafe, disco owner, Bremen, Germany 1983-07-20
A-1483 Arthur R. Tirman s business management, Baldin NY 1983-07-27
A-1484 Sw Anand Anutosh (Chris Brewer) s psychiatric nurse, Perth, Australia 1983-07-25
A-1485 Lea Anna Herschkopf s hospitality industry, Bremen, Germany 1983-07-27
A-1486 Ma Prem Lino s architecture, creativity, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-24
A-1487 Sw Chidananda s Italian aristocrat, musician, carpenter, gardener 1983-07-23
A-1488 Ma Sunder Astha (Graciela M. Bedson) s handicapped education, theater, health food store manager, bilingual counselor, youth camp director, legal secretary, etc undated
A-1489 Susan G. Roberts u psychology, South Australia 1983-07-22
A-1490 Ma Anand Regula (Regula Rickert) s artist, Bremen, Germany 1983-07-25
A-1491 Sw Hafiz (Charles N. Caldwell) s biochemistry, Peace Corps, construction, North Carolina 1983-07-18
A-1492 David Rhodehamel s psychotherapy, French translation, American undated Handwritten.
A-1493 David Downey u mechanical engineer, Australia --> instrument maker, Poona 1983-07-26
A-1494 Sw Dhyan Gyanam s ethnology, psychology, Heidelberg, Germany 1983-07-25
A-1495 Sw Upasaka (Robert Zborover) s hairdresser, cosmetologist, USA 1983-07-24
A-1496 Ma Prabhu Visarjan s social work, community development, Australia 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1497 Ms. Jane Wavell u artist, lecturer, London 1983-07-10
A-1498 Ma Anand Shudhir s Asian studies, Toronto 1983-07-27
A-1499 Peter M. Schmidt s graphic artist, painter, Berlin 1983-07-18
A-1500 Ma Prem Vasanto s anthropology, special ed teacher, US postie, community health, textile artist, etc 1983-07-21
A-1501 Sw Veet Chitten s English literature, Medina, UK 1983-07-24
A-1502 Sw Anand Sudharm (Robert Murphy) s social psychology, business admin, political economics, etc, Ireland 1983-07-18
A-1503 Sw Nityanando s philosophy, Hawaii 1983-07-23
A-1504 Ma Divyam Ushmo (Noriko Toyama) s Japanese literature, travel undated Handwritten.
A-1505 Sw Dhyan Robin s musician, Montessori teacher, UK and Germany 1983-07-22
A-1506 Christine M. Harmon u teacher, psychology, England, Tanzania, UAE undated Handwritten.
A-1507 Ma Deva Samarpita s interior design, Ohio --> LA 1983-07-22
A-1508 Ma Prem Laurel (Laurel A. Osborne) s librarian, California 1983-07-26
A-1509 Ma Prem Sindhu (Hilary A. Davis) s actress, USA 1983-07-22
A-1510 Ma Dhyan Sahaja (Linda J. Burk) s graphic design, art therapy, USA 1983-07-22
A-1511 Mukesh Sarda u insurance businessman 1983-07-22
A-1512 Ma Yoga Tara s born-again Christian, USA --> sannyas undated Handwritten.
A-1513 Fred. O. D. Meer s architect, building company director, Groningen, Netherlands undated
A-1514 Ma Prem Dheeresha (Mrs. L. Vaisey) s dance, movement undated
A-1515 Ekkehard Gérard n technical engineer, Bremen, Germany 1983-07-15
A-1516 Ma Anama (Marlies Frühling) s college professor, Hamburg 1983-07-21
A-1517 Me Deva Lynne (Lynne Abrahamson) s teacher, international 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1518 Ma Shanti Ruby s legal secretary, Seattle WA 1983-07-27
A-1519 Ma Anand Bhagawati s computer science undated
A-1520 Sw Deva Bodhena s discontented university graduate 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1521 Ma Zena s translator, hotel/restaurant manager and farmer 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1522 Sw Prem Vikas s attorney, NY undated
A-1523 Dennis A. Atwood u TV broadcast engineer, Lynnwood WA undated
A-1524 Rose Valenti u floral design, NY 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-1525 Ma Deva Surabhi s family all sannyasins, Oakland CA undated Handwritten.
A-1526 Ma Prema Bharti s packing, mail room, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-25
A-1527 Ma Veet Ahmo (Marie Cloutier) s social work with juvenile delinquents, Vancouver undated
A-1528 Ma Deva Susanne (Susanne Herrmann) s no career or background specified, Berlin 1983-07-24
A-1529 Ma Prem Sharda (Claudia Miller) s American mother 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-1530 Ma Prem Bela s HS teacher, Rufus OR undated Handwritten.
A-1531 Ma Deva Parjata s sociology, Berlin undated
A-1532 Ma Deva Kranto s truck farm co-ordinator, Rajneeshpuram undated
A-1533 Ma Veet Chintan (Christine Winkler) s hair stylist (19-yo), Vienna 1983-07-24
A-1534 Ma Anand Anne-Lise (Anne-Lise Turuvani (?)) s HS teacher, Lausanne, Switzerland undated Handwritten.
A-1535 Ma Prem Satsang (Elke Sautter) s translator, Oppenheim, Germany 1983-07-22
A-1536 Kristian Vilthoft s teacher, Copenhagen 1983-07-20
A-1537 Ma Santoshi (Deborah Stone) s teacher, Sydney, Australia undated
A-1538 Sw Anand Pashupati s philosophy, martial arts undated
A-1539 Walter Heer u dentist, Switzerland 1983-07-19
A-1540 Ma Jivan Abhinavo (BethAnn Bentzet (?)) s psychology, USA 1983-07-25
A-1541 Ma Sagarpriya (Sian Woolston) s teacher, art history, antiquarian, Victoria, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-1542 Sw Prem Agar (Javier Rice-Trujillo) s 14-yo, in school, programs computers, Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-1543 Ma Gyan Anala s an Osho lover, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-27
A-1544 Sw Anand Marshar s an Osho lover, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-23
A-1545 Sw Veet Nirado s business manager, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-23
A-1546 Ian Plain (?) u engineering --> sociology, Queensland Australia undated Handwritten.
A-1547 Christoper W. Déziel u physics teacher --> actor, Windsor ON, Canada 1983-07-25 Handwritten.
A-1548 Sw Parambodhi (Malcolm Olley) s cosmetologist, Australia --> Rajneespuram undated
A-1549 Sw Anurag Dhyanam (Jay Schlechter PhD) s psychology, UCLA --> Australia 1983-07-23
A-1550 Sw Veet Toshen s Danish --> American, navy --> psychology 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-1551 Luk de Bruyne u literature, theater, sculpture, Belgium 1983-07-22
A-1552 Ma Prem Vidhi (Alison Piggott) s sociology, psychology, international volunteer co-ordinator 1983-07-xx
A-1553 Sw Anand Nityam s Catholic youth leader -->psychology, teacher, Belgium 1983-07-21
A-1554 Ma Prem Amrita (Karen McMullin) s medical technologist, Hartford CT 1983-07-17
A-1555 Sw Anand Vidyarthi s German automobile dealership family --> RBG service manager 1983-07-20
A-1556 Sw Ramadham (Suissa Meir) s musician, artist, Israel undated
A-1557 Vasanto L. Crawford u University of BC, VGH instructor in nutrition, Vancouver 1983-07-19
A-1558 Ma Anand Gitena s retired teacher, Fresno CA undated
A-1559 Ma Dolma s American, sociology, teacher in Asia, Oceania undated
A-1560 Sw Prem Kavish s teacher, Australia 1983-07-25
A-1561 Sw Anand Raghuvira s a worker, no details, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-27
A-1562 Sw Deva Siddhena s American devotee, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-25
A-1563 Ma Hasibo s sociology, anthropology, religious studies, Milan 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1564 Lorenz Witt u architect, Freiburg, Germany undated
A-1565 Ma Deva Tharsita s psychiatric nurse, Venice 1983-07-20
A-1566 Ma Deva Amita (Elke Bayer) s psychology, Munich 1983-07-24
A-1567 Ma Shantam Pavan s teacher, Wellington NZ undated Handwritten.
A-1568 Kurt Liedtke u teacher, Berlin 1983-07-20
A-1569 Ma Anand Vasudha s a healing story, Vancouver 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1570 Ma Prem Apa s psychology, American 1983-07-23
A-1571 Ma Dhyan Paras s agriculture --> mathematics and engineering, Goteborg, Sewden undated Handwritten.
A-1572 Ma Prem Ambika (Donna Killems) s health worker, office manager, police dispatcher, Texas undated
A-1573 Ma Anand Navanita s teacher, movement therapist, Oakland CA 1983-07-25 Handwritten.
A-1574 Sw Veet Marco s musician, Rome 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1575 Ma Prem Udbodhi (Sandra M. Abeles) s theater, ceramics, painting, California 1983-07-22
A-1576 Ma Deva Renu s musician, potter, American undated Handwritten.
A-1577 Sw Prem Anam s architect --> therapist, London 1983-07-21
A-1578 Robert W. Beck u English, teaching, dream studies, etc, Vancouver 1983-07-17
A-1579 Sw Veetdharm (M. J. C. van den Elshout) s physiotherapy, acupressure, acupuncture, Amsterdam undated Handwritten.
A-1580 Sw Prem Bhadra s dancer 1983-07-25
A-1581 Sw Anand Dhyanam s sheet metal worker, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-22
A-1582 Sw Prem Vishwas (?) s no background stated, American 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1583 Sw Deva Prakasham (Eric Fuge) s sheet metal worker, Monterey CA undated
A-1584 Sw Yogesh (David Mahaffey) s tennis instructor --> backhoe operator, American 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1585 Sw Deva Gyanam (?) s environmental studies, California undated Handwritten.
A-1586 Sw Prem Vihanga (Bernd Ratza) s anthropology, Munich 1983-07-22
A-1587 Ma Yogo (W. J. A. van Gorp) s a happy seeker, Amsterdam 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1588 Ma Prem Madhu s unstated background, NYC undated Handwritten.
A-1589 Anna Spörri s secretary, Switzerland 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1590 Ma Marga Pujan (Alfreda M. Grue) s wife, mother, property owner, taxpayer, nurse, Hartford CT 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1591 Ma Anand Para s yoga teacher, Netherlands undated Handwritten.
A-1592 Ma Dhyan-Patsy s unstated background, USA undated Handwritten.
A-1593 Ma Prem Sadhya (Martha Carroll) s mathematics, computers, mother, NYC 1983-07-18
A-1594 Sw Deva Viraga (Jürgen W…) s dairy farming family --> mixed eclectic, Germany 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1595 Ma Bodhi Surabhi s unstated background, Italy undated Handwritten.
A-1596 Silvia Hipple s architect, actress, Milan 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1597 Sw Satyam Niravo s unstated background, Rajneeshpuram undated
A-1598 Sw Anand Kamlesh (?) (Raine R. Schinzel) s painter, sculptor, multimedia, Germany 1983-07-12 Handwritten.
A-1599 Ma Premrito s close family, England 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-1600 Ma Prem Nirvana s unstated background, USA 1983-07-23
A-1601 Sw Prem Shreyas s medical student, psychology, Germany --> manual labour, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1602 Haniette Mineau u dance teacher, Berkeley CA 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1603 Ma Prem Sarla s counseling and education, Massachusetts, USA 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1604 Ma Advaita Marie (Marie Tassé) s teacher for learning disabled, Ottawa undated Handwritten.
A-1605 Ma Anand Mamta (?) (Ann T...) s art history, Medina, UK 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1606 AdraAnne McCord (?) s waitress in San Diego --> waitress in Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-1607 Ma Anand Hamida (Jamiko Gushiken) s four years sannyasin, Osaka 1983-07-15 Handwritten.
A-1608 Susann Otto u child social worker, Hamburg undated Handwritten.
A-1609 Ma Kanchha (Cecilia van de Boom) s social worker, Netherlands 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-1610 Mrs. Pamela A. Green u housewife, businesswoman --> governess, writer, Salt Lake City UT undated Handwritten.
A-1611 Christian Piel s social sciences, Hamburg 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1612 Sw Anand Krishna s cross-cultural communication specialist 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1613 Ma Nishigandha (Kristine Roess) s unstated background, Germany, 1983-07-25 Handwritten.
A-1614 Ma Prem Gavaksha s French teacher, Berlin 1983-07-25 Handwritten.
A-1615 Mrs. Frances Hamilton Redewill Armstrong s designer, well-connected Republican family, California 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1616 Ma Prem Tosho (Cheryl Bailey) s unstated background, New York 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1617 Sw Prem Svarga s math, physical sciences, Australia 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1618 Sw Prem Am… s unstated background, American (?) 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1619 Sw Deva Uttara s unstated background, American (?) 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1620 Ma Deva Vachana (Jacqueline Brown) s nurse, soccial work, London undated Handwritten.
A-1621 Ma Prem Madap (?) s computer consultant 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1622 Jacqueline J Hider s teacher, weaver, American undated Handwritten.
A-1623 Ma Deva Gitika (Joan M. Vanelli (?)) s nurse, American 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1624 Sw Deva Abhinandan (Andrew Ktori) s tire fitter, jack of all trades, Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-1625 Sw Deva Yashen (David Inglis) s batik, woodwork, painting, leatherwork, cooking, massage, therapist, etc, --> construction, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1626 Ma Anand Suryo (Claire E. Shepard) s philosophy, psychology --> carpenter, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1627 Sw Anand Dhiren s classics, mythology, psychology, 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1628 Joerg Scharnhorst u finance, economics, Chevy Chase MD 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1629 Milly Sonneman u dance teacher, medical patient advocate, body alignment teacher, fruit picker, truck loader, factory worker, medical research assistant, fabric design, gourmet catering, etc, American undated Handwritten.
A-1630 Whitlock Lees u psychology, Asheville NC 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1631 Stefan Lauschner u children's theater --> carpentry, Santa Cruz CA 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1632 Sw Govind Shahid (Masahiro Oseko) s civil engineer, Japan undated Handwritten.
A-1633 Ma Dhyan Yogini s unstated background, Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-1634 Ma Prem Christine (Christine illegible-Estrada) s linguistics, philosophy --> fashion design, Oakland CA 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1635 I. Potter Bsc s psychology, Uxbridge UK undated Handwritten.
A-1636 Sw Anand Azim s consciousness and religious studies 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1637 Blake Randal Wood u options trader, acupuncture, store manager, fine carpentry, etc, American undated Handwritten.
A-1638 Sw Anand Satyena s navy, college -->tent crew co-ordinator Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1639 Ross P. Browning u academia --> pastry chef, Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-1640 Ma Chandnima s fine arts teacher, Australia 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1641 Pearl Tsao u waitress, Tai Chi Chuan teacher, fine arts, English teacher in Japan, cook, restaurant co-ordinator, Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-1642 Sw Devamana (?) (Mark Weiland) s unstated background, American 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1643 Robert H. Green u juvenile delinquent counselor, telephone crisis counselor, chef, landscaper, philosophy, etc undated Handwritten.
A-1644 Deirdre Wehrmann u senator's granddaughter, working in restaurants and salmon cannery, Alaska undated Handwritten.
A-1645 Cristina Villar Guanaes u kindergarten teacher, handicrafts undated Handwritten.
A-1646 Sw Prem Dinesh s unstated background, Hamburg 1983-07-x4 Handwritten.
A-1647 Ma Prem Anand s breath-therapy and meditation group leader, Germany 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1648 Ma Ananda Guha (Sandra Dart (?)) s social work, juvenile delinquents, family therapy, Australia 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1649 Ma Veet Asho (Hegmar Hausbrandt) s banker --> teaching, Cologne undated Handwritten.
A-1650 Sw Deva Varid (?) (Roger Arnold) s teacher, London 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-1651 Ma Dhyan Pritamo (Monika Dreischer) s teacher, Germany 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1652 Sw Anand Buddha (?) (Eric Pleace) s computer programmer, London 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1653 Ma Prem Sampado (Dr. Susanne Burkhard) s medical doctor, surgeon, etc, Berlin undated Handwritten.
A-1654 Mark Leather s philosophy, crafts, London 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-1655 Ma Deva Soma s Sunday school teacher, Madagascar undated Handwritten.
A-1656 Ma Deva Anandi (Judith Grieve) s nurse, Toronto 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1657 Sw Anand Anupam s woodworker, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-1658 Ma Prem Dhyano (Nancy Kuta) s teacher, mother, California undated Handwritten.
A-1659 Ma Chetan Pyaso (Simonetta Marongiu) s teacher, Italy 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1660 Ma Shanti Amrito s secretary, London, daughter of formerly Theosophical Society sannyasins 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1661 Ma Anand Suha (Virginia Anne Wright MA Ed) s teacher, New York 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-1662 Ma Anand Gopura s 21-year old, Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-1663 Ma Prem Bhadra s daughter of UNICEF diplomat, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-1664 Ma Prem Yachana s teacher, UK 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1665 Erik Rosell n computer system programmer, Copenhagen, Denmark 1983-07-18
A-1666 Ma Prem Kalpa (Suse Riechwald) s teacher, Munich undated Handwritten.
A-1667 Ma Sat Savya (Norma I. Hernandez) s teacher, Puerto Rico 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1668 Ma Nirupa s unstated background, except nine years of sannyas, Toronto 1983-07-27
A-1669 Ma Gyanpriya (Julie Ann Eidelman) s polarity massage, California 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1670 Sw Divyam Sabro s business administration, demolition contractor, Santa Barbara CA 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1671 Ma Prem Prabhat (L. I. Brasier) s nurse ("health visitor", = community health care nurse), UK 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1672 Ma Anand Kevala (Mary Jane Sullivan) s religious studies, psychology, Boston 1983-07-22
A-1673 Ma Dhyan Pritamo s business, finance, NYC 1983-07-14 Handwritten.
A-1674 George Finsrud s unstated background, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1675 Sw Anand Manjushri (Philip Guthrey) s commerce, finance, philosophy,Christchurch NZ 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-1676 Ma Anand Virag (Birgit Schmitt) s travel agent --> psychology, Hannover Germany 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1677 Sw Satya Pradip s management, ownership of several companies, USA 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1678 Ma Deva Yojana s psychology, sociology, education 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1679 Ma Prem Melissa s art teacher, Cleveland OH 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1680 Ma Deva Paramita (?) (Marilyn Lockhart) s psychiatric assistant --> Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1681 Ma Deva Pushpa s accountant, London 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-1682 Ma Sagar (Silvia Lanz) s unstated background, Berlin 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1683 Sw Prem Asimo s teacher, therapist, building contractor, farmer, Switzerland 1983-07-24
A-1684 Sw Prem Marifa (Emanuel R Benedetto (?)) s molecular biologist, Milano undated
A-1685 Sw Anand Suresh (…o Bassi) s psychoanalyst (Freudian, Kleinian, Lacanian and Daseinsanalysis), publishing house manager, editor, semiotics, logic, macrosociology, etc, Italy 1983-07-23
A-1686 Sw Deva Mandira (Matthias Schulze) s social work, Hamburg undated Handwritten.
A-1687 Jean Letourneau u psychologist, Quebec 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1688 Sw Santosh Navino (Emmo Boersma) s electrical mechanic, engineer, ship's engineer, sewage plant designer, Holland 1983-07-21
A-1689 Ma Anand Bijo s unstated background, Australia undated
A-1690 Anthony Pleace u electrical and electronic engineer, research anbd industry, UK 1983-07-13
A-1691 Ma Deva Rita (Rita Schmitt-Karhoff) s social worker, psychotherapist, Munich undated
A-1692 Maria Penzkofer s social worker, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-1693 Sw Premdip s musician-mathematician undated Handwritten.
A-1694 Guenter Gehrke s civil engineering, mathematics, theoretical physics, Berlin 1983-07-21
A-1695 Sw Prem Avaroha (J Hearson) s quantity surveyor, UK 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1696 Ma Deva Arpita s executive secretary and assistant, translator, shoe designer, dressmaker, etc 1983-07-xx Handwritten.
A-1697 Ma Prem Avinna (A. F. van Dobben) s social medicine, eg hospital, handicapped children, drug rehab, Geneva 1983-07-26 Handwritten in French.
A-1698 Ma Amrit Habiba (Elisabeth Kiel) s child care worker: hospital, kindergarten, birth clinic, etc, Germany undated
A-1699 Thomas W. Schmitz MD s medical doctor, Frankfurt undated Handwritten.
A-1700 Sw Anand Habib s philosophy, social science, psychology, UK 1983-08-06 Handwritten.
A-1701 Claudia Wenning u philosophy, Eiropean history, policial science, psychology, Munich undated Handwritten.
A-1702 Ma Anand Renuka s unstated background, UK undated Handwritten.
A-1703 Sw Ashish Cristoph (Cristoph Strich) s studio musician, Hamburg 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-1704 Ma Prem Yvan (?) s executive secretary, Netherlands 1983-07-25 Handwritten.
A-1705 Sw Anand Madan s civil engineer, carpenter, landscaper, Auckland 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-1706 Robert U. McArthur s botany, Wales 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1707 Graham Bird u head of Dept of Communication, Hawkesbury College, NSW Australia 1983-08-12
A-1708 Sw Deva Robert (Robert C. Kuhn PhD) s clinical psychologist, Waupun Correctional Insttitute, WI USA 1983-08-18
A-1709 Ekkehard Wunderle u psychotherapist, meditation instructor, author, Munich undated
A-1710 Josef A. DellaGrotte PhD u psychotherapist, educator, Watertown MA 1983-08-15
A-1711 William A. Palmer MD u general practitioner, Pahoa HI 1983-07-18
A-1712 Anne-Marie Wicknertz u psychology, education, law, University of Karlstad, Sweden undated Handwritten.
A-1713 Sw Abhudaya (Joachim Brandt) s educational program designer, Aachen, Germany 1983-07-01
A-1714 Ma Gyan Yuthika (Robin Ann Juniper) s media consultant and communication co-ordinator for the 1983 Congress of the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science, Western Australia 1983-07-27
A-1715 Joan Halifax n medical anthropologist, author, director of Ojai Foundation, Ojai CA 1983-07-22
A-1716 Ganesh Neumair u painter, art professor, Brunico, Italy 1983-07-08
A-1717 Sw Shunyam Arihanta s computer consultant and proprieter of Hometree Computer Consultants, Oakland CA 1983-07-19
A-1718 Edwin H. Elkin PhD u academic advisor, behavioral sciences, International College, LA 1983-07-18
A-1719 Brian M. Alman u psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, author, San Diego CA 1983-07-18
A-1720 Charles Fisher n associate professor sociology, Brandeis University, Waltham MA 1983-07-18
A-1721 Gunter Nitschke u architect, visiting professor, MIT, Cambridge MA 1983-04-14
A-1722 David J. Harris u co-founder of the National Center for the Exploration of Human Potential, Del Mar CA 1983-07-26
A-1723 George H. Litwin u management consultant, ex-Harvard professor, author, Boston 1983-07-19
A-1724 Lon Eakes u theater instructor, counselor, Berkeley CA 1983-07-17
A-1725 Dr. Cornelis A. S. Groen u educational counsellor and researcher, physicist and physics teacher, Amsterdam 1983-07-21
A-1726 Sw Anand Bijen (W. Zerkel (?)) s political economics, industrial management, sociology, Hamburg undated
A-1727 Dr. Wendy Heligman u professor of English & humanities, Empire State Ccollege, Long Island NY 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-1728 John Clarke u sub editor, the South Wales Echo newspaper, Cardiff UK 1983-07-17
A-1729 Jean Lyell u unstated background, London 1983-07-19
A-1730 Richard J. Myers u university teacher of the sitory and sociology of science, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA 1983-07-21
A-1731 David Charles Burr u professor of psychology, University of Weestern Australia 1983-07-18
A-1732 Robert A. Raines u artist, musician, actor, teacher of all these arts, Houston 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-1733 this exhibit number was not found so far in the raw pdfs supplied by OHS.
A-1734 Brian E. Colless Phd, ThD n professor religious studies, Massey College, Palmerston North NZ undated
A-1735 Bernard Levin n journalist (The Times et al), BBC TV presenter, London 1983-07-18
A-1736 Marcelle Wolfers u artist, writer, film-maker --> Gestalt therapist, London 1983-07-11
A-1737 John E. Whiteford Boyle n author on comparative religion, Washington DC undated
A-1738 Dr. Wolfgang Hochheimer n professor of psychology, the Free University, Berlin 1983-07-12
A-1739 Sw Sagar Sundar (Dr. Hartmut Kroll) s professor of education, the Free University, Berlin 1983-07-22
A-1740 Dr. P. Palla u professor of sociology, University of Cologne 1983-08-04
A-1741 Harold H. Bloomfield MD u psychiatrist, author, Del Mar CA 1983-07-18
A-1742 Dr. Guido Tassinari u president of Istituto di Bioenergetica "W. Reich", Milano 1983-07-20 Original in Italian.
A-1743 Bernard Gunther PhD u Esalen co-founder, author, San Diego CA 1983-07-19
A-1744 Ma Satya Bharti s writer 1983-07-18
A-1745 Sw Navaneet (Anand Bill Rose) s college administrator, upstate NY --> student services, Austin TX, author 1983-07-23
A-1746 Sw Satyananda (Gorg Andreas Elten) s Stern magazine journalist, author, Hamburg 1983-07-12
A-1747 Thomas C. Greening PhD n clinical psychologist, editor of Humanistic Psychology journal, USA 1983-07-19
A-1748 Kaj Håkanson u associate professor of sociology, Uppsala University, author, Sweden 1983-07-15
A-1749 Jan Foudraine s psychiatrist-psychoanalist, author, Netherlands 1983-07-12
A-1750 Sw Prem Nisimo s unstated background, Cologne 1983-07-20
A-1751 Sw Pantha Sundaro (Hans-Joachim Hartmann) s unstated background, Germany, 1983-07-25
A-1752 Sw Sahajanando (Adam Brooke) s new sannyasin, Rajneeshpuram 1983-08-07 Handwritten.
A-1753 Sw Sharanananda (George L. Helland) s literature, TM teacher and official, Washington bureaucrat, California real estate broker -->Osho lover, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-27
A-1754 Ma Anand Gatyo s poetry publisher, USA 1983-07-29
A-1755 Sw Maunimaya (?) (John F. Rosell) s US Army officer --> automobile dealership manager, Bremerton WA 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1756 Sw Advaita Parago (Jeffrey D. Jones) s law studies --> taxi driver, hotel clerk, San Francisco --> Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1757 Sw Satyam Jim (James H. Cogan) s environmental studies, psychology, Santa Cruz CA 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1758 Ma Prem Surati s unstated background, Buenos Aires, undated
A-1759 Sw Bodhi Arvind (Mark Dale) s electrician, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-1760 Ma Anurag Shahida ((illegible) Wood) s pharmacist, mother, Australia 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-1761 Sw Nirdosh Niren (Bruno Moosburger) s from a Catholic family, Vienna 1983-08-03
A-1762 Sw Dhyan Govind (R. Teppema) s reformed state-of-the-world complainer, Arnhem, Netherlands 1983-08-02
A-1763 Ma Antar Sampatti s unstated background, Vienna 1983-08-01
A-1764 Ma Sangit Mitta (Luzivone Damaceno Mendes) s bank clerk, musician, Brazil undated
A-1765 Ma Jivan Heera s unstated background, Australia 1983-08-08 Handwritten.
A-1766 Sw Devachitta (Mark Stephen Warren) s unstated background, Australia 1983-07-08 Handwritten.
A-1767 Susanna Dali (?) s teacher, Australia 1983-08-07 Handwritten.
A-1768 Ma Prem Urja s unstated background, Australia 1983-07-08 Handwritten.
A-1769 Ma Shanti Marga (Lyne Box) s Christian background, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-1770 Ma Sambodhi Socorro (Maria do Socorro Rodrigues Monteiro de Freitas) s psychology, Brazil 1983-08-08
A-1771 Ma Bodhipriya (Christiane Bannasch) s single mother, Australia 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-1772 Ma Shunyam Amara (Patricia Rogers) s unstated background, Australia 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-1773 Sw Devam John (John Dudley) s unstated background, Minneapolis MN undated Handwritten.
A-1774 Christopher R. Brown s teacher, counselor, Oakland CA 1983-08-05
A-1775 Sw Anand Narangu (Peter Grace) s unstated background, San Francisco CA 1983-08-01
A-1776 Sw Bodhi Prem (Paul Wyler) s unstated background, Australia 1983-08-02
A-1777 Sw Deva Veeresh (Jon Henning) s unstated background, Australia 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-1778 Ma Deva Sangitam s unstated background, unstated location undated Handwritten.
A-1779 Sw Antar Svaraj (Lawrence R. Smith) s unstated background, unstated location 1983-08-02
A-1780 Sw Deva Niravo s unstated background, Australia 1983-08-02
A-1781 Ma Dharma Kavisha (Paola Mazzella) s unstated background, Australia 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-1782 Sw Veet Sankalpo (Christopher Joel Wainwright) s human relations, management consultant, Australia 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-1783 Sw Gopal Venu (Charles Staples) s unstated background, Australia undated
A-1784 Sw Prem Prabhat (Peter Schulz) s unstated background, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-1785 Ma Veet Manu s unstated background, Australia 1983-08-02
A-1786 Ma Shivam Bhavan (Dianne Marshall) s unstated background, Australia 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-1787 Sw Advaita Jim s computer salesman, American living in Australia undated Handwritten.
A-1788 Sw Premendra (Max Benzie) s unstated background, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-1789 Sw Indradhanu (Shane William Overstone) s unstated background, Australia 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-1790 Ma Dhyan Vibhuti (Jennifer Benn) s unstated background, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-1791 Ma Veet Diti (Margaret Symes) s unstated background, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-1792 Catherine Hammond s special needs teacher (deaf kids), counselor, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-1793 Ma Prabodh Sarala s teacher, counselor, Netherlands undated Handwritten.
A-1794 Sw Shunyam Anando (Robert C. Alexander) s construction, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-25 Handwritten.
A-1795 Ma Satyam Theresa (Theresia Brechmann-Auer) s secretary, catering manager, Germany 1983-07-23 Handwritten in German.
A-1796 Sw Deva Panthi s unstated background, USA, 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1797 Ma Prem Madak s computer programmer and consultant, USA 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1798 Ma Deva Anandi (Judith Grieve) s obstetrical nurse, Toronto 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1799 Ma Deva Madhurya s artist, advertising account executive, NYC --> Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1800 Sw Prem Aranyo (Klaus Vogel) s kindergarten teacher, Germany 1983-07-27
A-1801 Ma Anand Gandharvo s dental hygenist, Canada undated Handwritten.
A-1802 Ma Prem Sargaji (Hélène Beaudoin) s unstated background, Canada, 1983-07-xx Handwritten.
A-1803 Ma Deva Chandrika (Margaret Teusher) s horticulture, Australia 1983-07-23
A-1804 Sw Anand Satin s 4-year veteran US Marines, fine arts, science, Pennsylvania --> Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-1805 Thomas Hermann-Hueber s chiropractor, homeopath, Germany 1983-07-11 Handwritten.
A-1806 Ma Devam Archa s unstated background, Hamburg 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1807 Sw Prabodh Johannes (Johannes Kraemer) s Catholic theology, Stuttgart, Germany 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1808 Ma Anurag Faith (Pamela Alvarez) s housewife, mother, landowner, taxpayer, lay therapist, teacher for disturbed blind children, California --> Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1809 Terry J. Pellegrin Jr. s stock clerk, phone lineman, salesman, musician, handyman, US Air Force, National Guard, husband, father, etc --> Rajnneshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-1810 Sw Antar Anshumali s unstated background, Nevada undated Handwritten.
A-1811 Patricia D'Aguanno s musician --> Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-1812 Ma Prem Maitreyi (Dianne Binn) s calligrapher, graphic designer, teacher, Santa Cruz CA 1983-07-29 Has enclosure.
A-1813 Sw Jivan Anugraho (Dr. George Poole) s psychology --> marketing --> chiropractic doctor, California 1983-07-25
A-1814 Ma Deva Adina (Ulrike Kurzthaler) s literature, philosophy, education, psychology, Salzburg, Austria 1983-07-24
A-1815 Sw Amrit Mandiro (Roberto Valquez) s artist, Puerto Rico undated
A-1816 Sw Anurag Cheshta (Reinhard Stock) s psychology, Berlin undated
A-1817 Ma Vimal Aditi (Charlotte Lück) s psychologist, Cologne 1983-07-22
A-1818 Sw Dhyan Yogesh (Hendrik Jan Pama) s attorney, Pretoria, South Africa 1983-07-16
A-1819 Ma Antar Pradeepa (Eva Tallquist) s social worker, Stockholm 1983-07-21
A-1820 Ma Gyan Rupda s English, sports, education --> body therapy, freiburg, germany 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1821 Ma Deva Aziza s sociology, languages, acupuncture, Scarsdale NY --> Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-25
A-1822 Dr. Elizabeth R. Miller s child development, gynecology, teaching, UK 1983-07-20
A-1823 Ma Shantam Sarito s public administration consultant, visiting professor at University of Puget Sound, Seattle WA 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1824 Sw Dhyan Mandir s unstated background, Madrid undated Handwritten.
A-1825 Sw Vedant Puratana (Steven K. White) s lecturer in communications, liberal studies and life skills, UK 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1826 Ma Prem Manou s psychology, California --> Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-24
A-1827 Maria van Orshoven s unstated background, Belgium 1983-07-19
A-1828 Sw Deva Asanga (Dominique Klein) s dance accompanist, California 1983-07-20
A-1829 Ma Prem Atandra (Susan Ananda Star) s psychology, social welfare administration, California, UK, teaching, consultant, counselor undated
A-1830 Sw Anam s electronics, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-26
A-1831 Sw Prem Lokateet s German literature, Ohio 1983-07-26
A-1832 Sw Dhyan Paul (Paul de Dijn) s Germanic languages teacher, Brussels undated
A-1833 Marilu Cicolella s secretary, Hilton Hotels dept head, American consulate in Stuttgart, Italian tour organizer, etc, Rome 1983-07-23
A-1834 Sw Anand Habib s psychology, UK 1983-07-23
A-1835 Sw Gyan Navajato (Jörg Strohbach) s biology, chemistry, ecology teacher, Berlin 1983-07-22
A-1836 Sw Antar Bert (Dr. Bert de Vries) s energy engineering and environmental policy, Groningen, Netherlands 1983-07-12
A-1837 Sw Shivam Vimarsh (Dr. Ulrich Fritsch) s dentist, Heidelberg, Germany 1983-07-15
A-1838 Gillyns Suzanne s death of brother, Brussels 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-1839 Sw Nirdosh Herbert (Herbert Rühl) s teacher, teacher-trainer, Frankfurt 1983-07-18
A-1840 Sw Deva Hasib (Hans-Joerg K. L. Jaenike) s psychologist, counselor, trainer, Hamburg 1983-07-18
A-1841 Sw Shunya Unmoda s unstated background, Rajneeshpuram undated
A-1842 Sw Prem Aranyo (Klaus Vogel) s student, Gottingen, Germany 1983-07-18
A-1843 Sw Prem Pragit (Markus Neumann) s chemistry student, Heidelberg, Germany 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1844 Ma Prem Dhira (Arlene B Curtus) s local TV talk hostess, management consultant, tourist guidebook publisher,advertising, Country & Western songwriter, mother of five, etc, Encinitas CA 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1845 Sw Antar Rituraj (Paul R. Anderson) s Mormon missionary, social work, architecture, child welfare, adoptions, family counselor, etc 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1846 Sw Gyan Mandir s artist, freestyle photographer, Germany 1983-07-28
A-1847 Sw Premesh (Alan Bassett) s high school and college teacher, university administrator, Alaska 1983-07-27
A-1848 Sw Vimal Abheer (Roland Zander) s unstated background, Berlin 1983-07-21
A-1849 Ma Gyan Sambava s high school teacher, mother, Germany 1983-07-23
A-1850 Ma Nirava Bhadrena (Christina Tschumi-Rhodes) s special education, youth psychology, teacher training, Bern 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1851 Sw Anand Saman (Frits van der Blom) s general practitioner, Amsterdam 1983-07-17
A-1852 Sw Nirdosh Roddy (Roddy Maude-Roxby) s actor, playwright, children's book author, comic 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-1853 Dr. Carla Cerrini u cytopathologist, Florence, Italy 1983-07-20 Original in Italian.
A-1854 Sw Shantam Nisimo (Roberto Manetti) s freelance textile designer, Prato, Italy 1983-07-20 Original in Italian.
A-1855 Ma Prem Bhadra (Rosa M. Paris Fraguada) s special education, Puerto Rico undated
A-1856 Sw Paritosh Maggo (Hans-Gerd Kringels) s teacher, Bonn, Germany 1983-07-30
A-1857 Ma Prem Leena s teacher, biofeedback therapist, Texas 1983-07-25
A-1858 Ma Prem Daya s unstated background, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-24
A-1859 Louis Mercurio u graphic designer, communications, USA 1983-08-10
A-1860 Sw Chitta Nirodha s custom furniture builder, Colorado 1983-07-25
A-1861 Ma Prem Satyama (Kimiko Haruna) s unstated background, Osaka, Japan 1983-07-25
A-1862 Sw Prem Ladi (Ladislaw Ehrentraud) s computer analyst, Vienna undated Handwritten.
A-1863 Ma Prem Pradeepa s left-wing politics --> meditation teacher, Poona 1983-07-23
A-1864 Sw Anand Punit (George Mirabella) s theater actor, trainer, New York City 1983-08-18 Handwritten.
A-1865 this letter has been removed. It is a precise duplicate of A-382, seems to have got photographed and filed twice
A-1866 A. F. Sheth n duty-free stores officer, Mombasa 1983-07-12
A-1867 William Winocur n engineering --> physiology, Berkeley CA 1983-07-14
A-1868 Florian Schlüter u lawyer, Germany 1983-07-19
A-1869 Sally North n attorney at law, Los Angeles CA 1983-07-xx
A-1870 Morton Schatzman n American medical doctor, psychiatrist, author based in London 1983-07-19
A-1871 J. M. Teire n business manager trainer 1983-07-18
A-1872 Michael Lunt u design consultant, Ireland 1983-07-15
A-1873 Michael Hain u journalist --> freelance writer, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-1874 Frank Bielig s physician, Germany 1983-07-10 Handwritten.
A-1875 Sw Gyan Prasadam (Lawrence N. Flores) s physics, engineering, Xerox, Santa Cruz CA 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1876 Belle Gardner u mother of a US Marine and a policewoman, Miami 1983-07-22
A-1877 Avril E. Anson PhD n lecturer in bacteriology, University of Exeter, UK 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-1878 Drs. A. F. J. Dijkstra u experimental psychology, Nijmegen, Netherlands 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-1879 Mike Nichols u technical director of Arkansas Repertory Theatre 1983-07-15
A-1880 Barbara S. Carpenter u social worker, Washington DC 1983-07-21
A-1881 Fausto Pagnamenta s pediatrician, Locarno Switzerland 1983-07-19 Original in Italian.
A-1882 Ma Veet Parad s arts and humanities, Florida 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1883 Sw Anand Bhavo s environmental designer, publications, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-xx Handwritten.
A-1884 Ma Prem Surati (Maria Vega) s art and social psychology teacher, Buenos Aires 1983-07-21 Handwritten in Spanish.
A-1885 Ma Prem Amito s American citizen, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-23
A-1886 Ma Prem Nidhi (Elizabeth Rice) s actress, Denmark 1983-07-23
A-1887 Ma Prem Madir s long-time UK seeker --> Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-23
A-1888 Sw Jivan Jerome s pipe-fitter foreman, American --> Rajneeshpuram 1983-08-10
A-1889 Ma Kavyaprem (Renate Biehl) s actress --> activist --> nurse, Hamburg undated
A-1890 Michel Bisson u electronics, computer specialist in psychological research, Universite du Quebec, Canada 1983-07-23
A-1891 this letter has been removed. It is a precise duplicate of A-674, seems to have got photographed and filed twice
A-1892 Ma Anand Laila s doctor, psychiatrist <--> homeopath, Geneva 1983-07-22
A-1893 Udo Vierck n architect, Munich 1983-07-18 Original in German.
A-1894 Ma Dhyana Kohila (Andrea Giese) s nurse, Hamburg undated Handwritten.
A-1895 Ma Prem Kendra s model, US and Australia 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1896 Sw Anand Subuddha (Alan R. Hooker) s hotel catering and management, UK --> ESL teacher training, Tokyo 1983-07-17
A-1897 this exhibit number was not found so far in the raw pdfs supplied by OHS.
A-1898 Fernando Martin Garcia u news photographer 1983-07-24 Handwritten in Spanish.
A-1899 Ma Deva Kai s cello player, Amsterdam undated Handwritten.
A-1900 Lloyd S. Whannell s farmer, solar entrepreneur, San Juan Islands, WA undated Handwritten.
A-1901 Ma Anand Nihariha s architect 1983-08-10
A-1902 Sw Anand Pankaj (Richard J. Bochniak) s mime, clown, California undated
A-1903 Milton Guis u unstated background, NYC 1983-08-09 Handwritten.
A-1904 Ma Satya Karin (Karin Bargheer) s potter and free-lance artist, Germany 1983-07-17 Handwritten in German.
A-1905 Sw Jivan Marc (Marc Lacasse) s carpenter, Laval PQ 1983-07-22
A-1906 Ma Prem Pantha s fine arts, languages, Germany undated
A-1907 Ma Deva Dakshina s practical nurse, NYC 1983-07-23
A-1908 Ma Prem Nityamo s domestic, farming, medicine, construction 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1909 Urs Meister s physician, Basel, Switzerland 1983-07-08
A-1910 Albert Vischherr s psychology, social work, married to Ruth V (A-1912), father, Zurich 1983-08-05
A-1911 Martin Klein MD, MPH n occupational health consultant to Swiss Congress of Industrial Organizations, Bern, Switzerland 1983-08-04
A-1912 Ruth Vischherr s teacher of nurses, mother, married to Albert V (A-1910), Zurich 1983-08-05
A-1913 David G Hendricks s Southern Baptist, Air Force, special education, renovation re-seller, etc, Texas 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1914 Ma Anand Geha (Cheryl Edwards) s secretary, dancer, teacher, businesswoman, mother, Australia undated
A-1915 Lesley Mowat s photographer, musician, NYC undated Handwritten.
A-1916 Antar Advaita (Ma, Sw?) s artist, photographer, Phoenix AZ(?) undated Handwritten.
A-1917 Ma Deva Pritama s unstated background, taxi driver, Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-1918 Ma Premdevi (Arlette E Barge) s American citizen, Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-1919 Ma Suresha s singer, martial arts, school psychologist, shiatsu, breath therapy 1983-07-23
A-1920 Sw Prabodh Nityo s motor vehicle import/export + components, UK / Atlanta GA 1983-07-25
A-1921 Ma Prem Dassano (Lynn Rohloff) s art teacher, New York 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1922 Carlo G. a Marca n art history, US, Switzerland 1983-07-22
A-1923 Sw Prem Madiro s geology, Ohio, surveying, Texas, Vietnam veteran --> Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1924 Claude-Elisabeth Cornier n unstated background, Zurich 1983-07-xx Handwritten in German.
A-1925 Geneviève Fallet n dancer, choreographer undated
A-1926 Sw Anand Islamo (Kurt Mani) s Greek and Latin teacher, Bern 1983-08-03
A-1927 Sw Dhyan Muktesh (Martin Basler) s goldsmith, special needs teacher, Switzerland 1983-07-04
A-1928 Ma Deva Yama (Fiorenza Bidoli) s graphic designer, clothing designer, Milan 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1929 Alessandra Gilli n teacher of literature, Italy 1983-07-26
A-1930 Ma Prem Anastasia (Miss Anastasia Miszczyszyn) s history and Italian literature teacher, musician and singer, Torino, Italy 1983-07-27 Handwritten, has enclosure.
A-1931 Dr. A. Raffaello Nardella n psychologist, Bologna, Italy 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1932 Dr. Francesco Faccioli n director of the surgical department of a regional hospital, Italy 1983-07-30
A-1933 B. M. Neering u physics teacher, Amsterdam 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-1934 Ma Indradhanu s radiology instructor, University Hospital of Berlin 1983-07-25
A-1935 Claudia Harper u clinical psychologist --> artist, Houston TX 1983-07-22
A-1936 Jigyasa Caron s sociology + many languages, teacher, humanistic psychology, Amsterdam undated
A-1937 Paz Ovalle u unstated background, Sacramento CA undated Handwritten.
A-1938 Ann McCarthy u mathematics, South Africa -->IBM systems engineer, London 1983-07-11
A-1939 Ma Prem Pragiti (... Salvador) s married to Sw Anand John, Medford NY 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-1940 Ma Deva Shariro (Ulla Kaufmann) s actress, Copenhagen undated
A-1941 Ma Sambodhi Lino (Ruth Schnidrig) s tourist service work, travel agency, Switzerland 1983-07-24
A-1942 Anna Leone s history, philosophy, painting, architecture, teaching, Palermo, Italy undated original, likely in Italian, is missing
A-1943 Marc Gonthier u musician, Vancouver 1983-07-25
A-1944 Claudia Maes u teacher at a secondary school, Berlin, Germany undated
A-1945 Sw Anand Prashanta s artist 1983-07-23
A-1946 Ma Prem Gyano s sociology undated Handwritten.
A-1947 Sw Anand Shantideva s dance, theater, yoga, tai chi, psychology, Berlin 1983-07-23
A-1948 Ma Prem Varsha (Ingrid Nelson Kelley) s musician and artist, Massachusetts 1983-07-23
A-1949 Ma Deva Ritama s dancer, Netherlads undated
A-1950 Sw Prem Dipamo s stained glass artist, Toronto undated
A-1951 Claude Chabot u visual arts teacher, Montreal undated
A-1952 Ma Anand Suniti s secretary -->Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-20
A-1953 Ma Deva Anandi (Susanne Wohlgemuth) s performing arts + painting, Cologne undated
A-1954 Sw Anand Anado s poet, NYC 1983-07-02
A-1955 Veena Goldzweig s architecture, born in Poona 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1956 Sw Premdharma s artist, designer undated Handwritten.
A-1957 Ma Prem Salama s pharmacist, Hamburg 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-1958 Gisèle Baché u runs perfume business, Marseille undated Handwritten.
A-1959 R. W. Sephton u mechanical engineer, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-1960 Sw Anand Anahad s long-time sannyasin --> Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1961 Sw Samarpan James s sandwich & donut chain owner, San Francisco undated Handwritten.
A-1962 Sw Anand Prasad s botany, 8 years sannyas 1983-07-24
A-1963 Georg Ziegler u art, music --> biology, chemistry, Cambridge MA undated Handwritten.
A-1964 Ma Natascha Anando s unstated background, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-1965 Ma Shital s unstated background, Sydney 1983-07-25
A-1966 Harold William Peltz u political science, public la, teacher, Washington DC undated Handwritten.
A-1967 Ma Deva Madhavi s retired elementary school teacher, American citizen 1983-07-30 Handwritten.
A-1968 Rüdiger Fey u doctor, Jamaica Plains MA 1983-07-25
A-1969 Ma Nirmala s middle management UK civil service, personal assistant for Hollyood film mogul undated
A-1970 Ma Premrani s eclectic religious background, psychology, Vermont undated Handwritten.
A-1971 Ma Anand Rasila s cashier, accounting, Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-1972 Ma Deva Leena s librarian, psychology, Copenhagen 1983-07-xx
A-1973 Jörgen Laue u home furnishins dealer, LA 1983-07-25 Handwritten.
A-1974 Palmira Tranquilli s airline pilot, restaurant owner, San Francisco 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1975 Beverley Anne Lahart s teacher, school director --> Gestalt therapist, San Francisco undated Handwritten.
A-1976 Sw Rama Prem s ten years sannyas, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-1977 Timothy Schit s construction, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-1978 Ma Dhyan Gandharvo (Christel Gloger) s social work, drug rehab, Germany 1983-07-16 Handwritten in German.
A-1979 Ma Premmadhu s unstated background, Milan undated
A-1980 Mr. R. C. Jackson u mechanic, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-1981 Ma Anand Atita s art education, Brussels 1983-07-25
A-1982 Helene Schofield u vocational eduation, fashion designer, Zurich 1983-07-19
A-1983 Dr. Kuno Bachbauer u doctor, drug rehab, Vienna 1983-07-18
A-1984 Ma Prem Suviro s construction supervisor, architecture consultant undated Handwritten.
A-1985 Kimberly S. Bingham s psychiatric hospital worker --> waiter at Zorba's 1983-07-24
A-1986 Sw Prabhudeva (Gregor Dolfus) s musician, Belgium 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-1987 Ma Hanneke s unstated background, Arnhem, Netherlands 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1988 Sw Satyam Prasad (Ray Dittman) s mechanical engineer, math and science teacher, Massachusetts, California 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1989 Ma Veet Pramad s freelance theater artist --> surveyor, Rajneesshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-1990 Ma Prem Prateeksha s eight years sannyas undated Handwritten.
A-1991 Sw Anand Sundardas s jnsurance guy, USA 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1992 Ma Anurage s artist undated Handwritten.
A-1993 Sw Prem Arvind s psychiatric therapist, busines man, California undated Handwritten.
A-1994 Maria-Magdalena Tholen u teacher, dancer, Cologne 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1995 Sw Anand Naresh s psychotherapist, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1996 Ma Prem Christina s film editor, production manager, UK & Australia 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-1997 Ma ... Prashanti s ambulance driver, London undated Handwritten.
A-1998 Brenda L. Munson s Christian missionary, teacher --> waitress, yoga teacher, mother, Illinois undated Handwritten.
A-1999 Ma Anand Sahajo (Ana Matten) s dancer --> Rajneeshpuram undated
A-2000 Ma Prem Kumud s sociology, philosophy, economics, London 1983-07-26
A-2001 Ma Prem Kavido s ceramics artist, teacher, Illinois, Oregon --> Antelope city council member 1983-07-28
A-2002 Gloria Malerba u journalist, magazine editor, poet --> waitress, NYC undated Handwritten.
A-2003 Karen Frantzis u counselor, group leader, director of natural healing school, NYC undated Handwritten.
A-2004 Daniel J. Rosenberg s elite prep school, Massachusetts --> liberal arts --> sannyas, massage, acupuncture undated Handwritten.
A-2005 Nissin N. Carpentier s gymnastics and dance coach -->waitress, Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-2006 Rebecca C. Tyroller u public relations, promotions, Florida undated Handwritten.
A-2007 Ma Chetan Anand (Gunilla Wallberg) s social work (disturbed children), education, psychology, drama, Uppsala, Sweden 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-2008 Ma Prem Aja (Marie-Luise Niskanen) s advertising, businesswoman, mother, Berlin 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-2009 Sw Vedant Dhirendra (Ingo Herbst) s psychology, Berlin 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-2010 Ma Prem Subodhi s diagnostic radiographer, Perth, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-2011 Ma Vimal Gyanda s political science, history, philosophy, languages, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-2012 Ma Anand Parinita s English teacher, language learning resesarcher, UK, Australia 1983-07-21
A-2013 Ma Anand Dharmo s addiction therapist, Michigan 1983-07-20
A-2014 Sw Anandgeet s massage, physiotherapy, psychology, social work, music, painting, Berlin 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-2015 Sw Buddhen (Dieter Gobel) s psychologist, Germany 1983-07-18
A-2016 Ma Veet Meera (P. T. Schimmel) s happy disciple, Haarlem, Netherlands 1983-07-24
A-2017 Ma Narayani (Ruth Litman) s ashram worker, Cologne undated
A-2018 Ma Prem Mallika s secretary, Chicago, sales rep, California undated
A-2019 Sw Prem Guy s musician, California 1983-07-24
A-2020 Sw Anand Samadhana s long-time seeker, baker and musician, USA 1983-07-25
A-2021 Sw Prem Dasen (illegible and/or pseudonymous) s bartender, Netherlands 1983-07-20
A-2022 Sw Samadhi Prem (Barry Topel) s psychology, California --> Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-2023 Dr. Wilhelm A. Röttger n psychotherapist, Germany 1983-07-17 Original in German.
A-2024 Sw Suryadas (Dan F. Oldenburg) s sociology, counseling psychology, upstate NY --> construction, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-25 Handwritten.
A-2025 Ma Amrit Priya s love, Rajneeshpuram undated
A-2026 Sw Anand Murti s lawyer, Perth, Australia 1983-08-04
A-2027 Ma Deva Purnam (Gabriele Grüss) s secretary, sociology, Bremen, Germany 1983-08-09 Handwritten.
A-2028 Sw Antar Hasya s pilot and flight instructor --> pilot Air Rajneesh 1983-07-19
A-2029 Ma Sugandha s sociologist, USA 1983-08-04
A-2030 Sw Amrit Mandiro s artist, Puerto Rico undated
A-2031 Ma Prem Ekta (Aline Nadeau) s social sciences, art, Quebec undated Handwritten in French.
A-2032 Sw Anand Chinmayo s eyes opened in groups, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-23
A-2033 H. J. L. Blanson Henkemans van Loben Sels u psychotherapist, Arnhem, Netherlands undated
A-2034 Ma Anand Divyo s cosmetologist, USA --> Rajneeshpuram undated
A-2035 Ma Deva Purnam (Gabriele Grüss) s social worker, Bremen, Germany 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-2036 Ma Dhyan Mada (Harriet Fisher) s teacher, NYC 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-2037 Elena Barbieri u medicine / surgery, Milan 1983-07-20 Original in Italian.
A-2038 Dr. Giulio Marsaglia u auditor, "commercial doctor", Milan 1983-07-20 Original in Italian.
A-2039 Sw Prem Paritosh (David L. Fish) s worshipper, Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-2040 Angela Fiege s children's nurse, Freiburg, Germany 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-2041 Joan Low u real estate, teacher, personal assistant, wife, mother, garden club, skier, pilot, etc undated Handwritten.
A-2042 Ma Veet Tanha (Helga Brückner) s teacher, housewife, mother, Bavaria undated Handwritten.
A-2043 Peter Louis Blackbeard u goldsmith, London 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-2044 Ma Deva Ritama s unstated background, location 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-2045 Sw Anand Hamid s doctor and acupuncturist, Paris undated Handwritten.
A-2046 Sw Anand Lazarus s finance, teaching, NYC, Atlanta USA 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-2047 Ma Anand Kali s fine arts, ceramics, Boston, Indiana 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-2048 D-illegible u artist, London undated Handwritten.
A-2049 Ma Deva Eileen s hairdresser, USA 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-2050 Thomas Esser u salesman, Boston 1983-07-23
A-2051 Christian Serve s chef, teacher, Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-2052 Martha E. Feustel s psychology, social work, farmer, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-2053 Dr. Nina E. C. Coltart n psychoanalyst, London 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-2054 Mary Winter u sociology, anthropology, education 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-2055 Ma Anand Surati s English teacher, Paris 1983-07-14 Handwritten.
A-2056 Sw Anand Kundan (James H. L. Ewan) s English literature, California --> construction co-ordinator, Rajneeeshpuram undated
A-2057 Christiane Neidhart-Stearns s unstated background, Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-2058 Charles Hewins u artist and art teacher, Philadelphia 1983-08-03
A-2059 George E. Goldring n health bar owner, NYC 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-2060 David I. Barrett u attorney at law, NYC undated
A-2061 Phulchand C. Bagmar u tax consultant, Pune 1983-07-21
A-2062 Sw Advaita Eizi (Dr. Eizi Yamaguchi) s clinical psychiatrist, Seiwa Hospital, Japan 1983-07-24
A-2063 Mrs. Alice E. Coleman u librarian, teacher, NYC 1983-07-25 Handwritten.
A-2064 Sw Nirava Prasado (Claudio Arruda Raposo) s engineering, business administration, computer science, teacher, textile factory manager, IBM systems analyst, multilingual, Rio de Janeiro 1983-07-25
A-2065 Joyce P. Black n family therapist, Charlotte NC 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-2066 Linda Schoenfeld u recreational therapist, NYC 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-2067 Gonzalo Perez Benavides n psychologist, Santiago, letter identical to below 1983-07-21
A-2068 Ana Marie Noe n psychologist, Santiago, letter identical to above 1983-07-21
A-2069 Ma Dhyan Nishkamo (Rosana Glat) s psychologist, Rio de Janeiro undated
A-2070 Sw Anand Satyam (Clifton W. Wolf) s clinical psychologist, Kansas City MO 1983-07-26
A-2071 Claire Warhaftig u psychotherapist, West Orange NJ 1983-07-29
A-2072 Susan Urquhart-Brown s a mother 1983-08-05
A-2073 Alex u a thanker 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2074 Ma Amrit Diane s no background, just an honest psychological process, California 1983-08-02
A-2075 Sw Amrit Paul (Paul Cotton) s art history, sculptor, another honest psychological process, Oakland CA undated
A-2076 Werner Mendel s financial consultant, Wall St, NYC 1983-08-01 Handwritten.
A-2077 Paul Halley s computer resource specialist, Bank of America undated
A-2078 Don Woolf n designer, Beverley Hills CA 1983-08-07
A-2079 Michael Menager s ESL teacher, Algeria, Europe, California 1983-08-08 Handwritten.
A-2080 Sw Prem Puneet (Tim. R. Mason) s civil engineer, UK 1983-07-25
A-2081 Ma Prem Amitabha s kinesiological sciences, Maryland 1983-07-20
A-2082 Doris M. Ballen u teacher, mother of sannyasin, NY 1983-08-01 Handwritten.
A-2083 Dilza Miguel Elias s accountant, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1983-08-03
A-2084 Ma Amrit Sagaro s no background stated 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-2085 Sw Anurag Jayen s no background stated undated
A-2086 Ron Wallach s consultant-teacher of Stress Management for schools, colleges, universities, businesses and various government agencies 1983-07-28
A-2087 George L. Collins n retired professor of communications, University of Houston TX, father of sannyasins 1983-07-20
A-2088 Dr. S. N. Shah u MD, Bombay 1983-07-23
A-2089 Nancy W. Strode RN u nurse, Honolulu HI 1983-07-29 Handwritten.
A-2090 Jill Davies s teacher --> middle management in manufacturing, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-2091 Ma Amrita Rose (Rose Dobson) s unhappy --> happy undated Handwritten.
A-2092 Ma Deva Darshan s no background stated 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-2093 Paul C. Mahoney s teacher, single parent, Australia 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-2094 Ma Anand Svarupa (E. M. Anderson) s no background stated, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-2095 Puja-Helene (Helene ) s no background stated undated Handwritten.
A-2096 D. P. Cronin u Propulsion Data Corporation executive, LA 1983-07-29
A-2097 Kathleen Francis s film producer, business woman, assoc with DP Cronin, above, LA 1983-07-28
A-2098 Sw Parambodhi (Robert Cullings) s colon therapist, LA 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-2099 Kathleen Fallard u no background stated, NY 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2100 Lydia Ravanis u no background stated, NY 1983-08-03
A-2101 Roger Ralphs u director, Cultural Center of La Jolla, CA 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2102 Sheila Scannell n product coordinator of CommuniCom, a US cable company 1983-08-03
A-2103 Ma Anand Nirmala (Patricia J. Fishman) s freelance writer, Iowa, Boston, NY 1983-07-22
A-2104 Ma Nirdosh Nicole (Nicole MacLeod) s music teacher, mother, Fremantle, Australia 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-2105 Mrs. Christine Gow s no background stated, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-2106 Maria Antonietta Egger u high school teacher, Milano, Italy 1983-07-23 Handwritten in Italian.
A-2107 Dr. Alvaro Rosas Henriquez u physician and surgeon, orthopedics, acupuncture, Santiago 1983-08-01
A-2108 Robert Colt s 23-yo cancer patient undated Handwritten.
A-2109 Sw Prem Calvino (Calun de Filippis) s retired dairy farmer, disabled US Army veteran, California 1983-08-01 Handwritten.
A-2110 Ma Anand Parijat (Louise Middleton) s no background stated, Perth, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-2111 Sw Anand Guru s really into silence, Fremantle, Australia 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-2112 Dr. L-illegible Schwarze s philosophy, history, sociology, mathematics, psychiatry, Erlangen, Germany undated
A-2113 Sw Shunyam Paras (Mag. Wolfgang Hämmerle) s sociology, Vienna 1983-07-21
A-2114 Dr. Paul Störck n chairman of the confederation of co-operatives of Austria 1983-07-20
A-2115 Willi Boelcke u massage and beauty shop manager, Hamburg undated
A-2116 Sw Nirdosh Munish (Peter Satzky) s lawyer, Germany 1983-07-19
A-2117 Kirsten Buhl u clinical psychologist, Aarhus, Denmark 1983-07-19
A-2118 Dr Med Eva Maria Haubenschild u medical doctor, Austria 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-2119 Sw Harideva Bharti (Hardev Singh Daine LLB) s advocate, Nairobi 1983-07-14
A-2120 Julie Abelsohn s Montessori teacher, rural Ontario 1983-07-12 Handwritten.
A-2121 Dr. A. Abelsohn u family physician, rural Ontario 1983-07-12 Handwritten.
A-2122 Sw A... Shakta (B. Kumar Frantzis) u black belt Tai Chi Chuan, fluent in Chinese and Japanese, Denver CO undated Handwritten.
A-2123 L. A. Forsberg n bookstore owner, Santa Cruz CA 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-2124 B. N. Vass n bookstore owner, Santa Cruz CA 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-2125 Ma Shunyam Baba (Baba (Margareta) Hallbäck) s travel guide, phys-ed teacher, medical student, Stockholm 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-2126 Marlyn Miller u real estate, property management, mother, American 1983-07-11
A-2127 Birgit Kube u physical therapist, Germany 1983-07-17
A-2128 Margrit Johansen u financial, sales, etc manager at Stern, Germany 1983-07-17
A-2129 Helen Fox u science teacher, Australia 1983-07-05
A-2130 Sw Paritosh (J. P. Hübner) s journalist, editor, Hannover, Germany undated
A-2131 Sw Anand Satyamo (Dr. Peter H. Wiedemann) s director, Institute for Body-Oriented Pshchotherapy, Hamburg 1983-07-20
A-2132 Patti Hood u caterer, musician, California 1983-07-xx Handwritten.
A-2133 Ashvin Bharti (Aswin Kothari) s accountant, Nairobi 1983-07-14
A-2134 Mrs. Jaswant Grewal u high school history head, Nairobi 1983-07-14 Handwritten.
A-2135 Helen Henderson n singer, songwriter, LA 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-2136 Ma Shanti Denise (Denise Holzman MS) s licenced psychological associate, rural North Carolina 1983-07-20
A-2137 Nancy Redden u occupational therapist, Oakland CA 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-2138 Ma Antar Yatra (M. M. Magalhäes von der Velden) s textile artist, Netherlands undated Handwritten.
A-2139 Sw Anand Lionel (Lionel Rockman) s farmer, company director, pilot, Australia undated
A-2140 Donna Lee Suskin u housewife, Mensa, bridge Life Master, Kansas City MO 1983-07-14 Handwritten.
A-2141 Ma Samagra Catherine (C. Mathieu) s sannyas 1979, Brussels 1983-07-19
A-2142 Manfred Volkmar u sociology, Frankfurt 1983-07-14
A-2143 Enrique García López u Dr of psychiatry, Madrid 1983-07-19
A-2144 this letter has been removed. It is a precise duplicate of A-576, seems to have got photographed and filed twice
A-2145 Dr. James Latto u general practitioner, Australia 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-2146 Annelore Wilkens u recovered schizophrenic, Germany 1983-07-17 Handwritten in German.
A-2147 Ma Anand Monique s physiotherapist, Brussels 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-2148 Aerts O. Marcel u builder, developer --> rebalancing, Antwerp, Belgium 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-2149 Dr. C. Rouneau u medical doctor, Antwerp, Belgium 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-2150 Christobel Munson u journalist, creative coordinator, Carlton Growth Centre, Australia 1983-07-18
A-2151 Sw Anand Satyarthi s psychotherapist, Brussels 1983-06-18 Handwritten.
A-2152 Sw Ananda Vishnu s psychology, Florida --> Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-23
A-2153 Robert Schleip u psychology, Rolfing, Munich 1983-07-17
A-2154 Ma Dhyan Anekant (Paula Aerts) s Catholic, psychology, Belgium undated
A-2155 D. Noél Barnard and John P. Barnard u married, psychology, counseling, parents, NSW, Australia 1983-07-17
A-2156 Shusha Guppy u writer, singer, songwriter, London undated
A-2157 Jeanne C. Connaghan u researcher, financial advisor, mother, Boulder CO 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-2158 Gudrun Lücke MA u education, politics, conflict research, German literature, Berlin 1983-07-14
A-2159 Juliette Herstraeten u bilingual secretary, Brussels 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-2160 Dr. H. H. Adatia u medical doctor, Mombasa undated Handwritten.
A-2161 Rodrigo Alamos Montero u appliance chain general manager, Santiago 1983-07-14
A-2162 Ma Prem Hariharno MSW s social worker, Larchmont NY 1983-07-18 Handwritten.
A-2163 A Francis (?) u multinational company executive, father of sannyasin, Hants, UK 1983-07-15 Handwritten.
A-2164 J. B. Manning u president, the Mermaid's Boutique, Los Angeles CA 1983-07-18
A-2165 Sadiq Ghalia n advocate, Mombasa, Kenya 1983-07-11
A-2166 Prof. Oreste Clamer u economics, high school teacher, Brescia, Italy 1983-07-19
A-2167 Thomas Sewell u property developer, Venice CA 1983-07-19
A-2168 Jo Ann W. Higgs u American expat in Edinburgh UK 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-2169 David Richo MFC u marriage, family and child therapist, CA 1983-07-19
A-2170 Mha Atma Singh Khalsa DC u chiropractor, father, LA 1983-07-14 Handwritten.
A-2171 G. C. van Gent MD u medical practitioner, professor, Haarlem, Netherlands 1983-07-07
A-2172 Helen Grady Cole u medical practitioner, NYC 1983-07-17 Handwritten.
A-2173 Axel Dietrich u publisher, photographer, activist, Laufenburg, Germany 1983-07-19
A-2174 Aegidius Otto Löffler n insurance broker, Innsbruck, Austria 1983-07-20
A-2175 Mr. Mansur Mukadam and Mrs. Mradula Mukadam n she: a dental surgeon; he: a mechanical engineer, Mombasa, Kenya 1983-07-12
A-2176 Miss Wairimu Mahihu n property management, Christian youth groups organizer, Mombasa 1983-07-14
A-2177 Dr. Rolf Zimmermann MD u psychotherapist, Berlin, West-Germany 1983-07-12
A-2178 Meredith Moon u occupational therapist, transpersonal psychology, mother, Hawaii 1983-07-16
A-2179 Sw Anand Sagar (Dewitte Jean-Pierre) s humanities, psychology, criminology, married, father, Belgium 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-2180 Ma Kalyani (An Matthé) s psychology, teacher training, mother, wife of Dewitte above 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-2181 Dr. Peter Carr MBBS u autogenics, hypnotherapy, dehypnotherapy, Inverness, Scotland 1983-07-17
A-2182 Dr. S. B. Maru u physician and surgeon, Mombasa 1983-07-12 Handwritten.
A-2183 Ma Anand Sureya s teacher, artist, Mombasa 1983-07-12 Handwritten.
A-2184 Alexander Kreger u president of Century Specialty Advertising, Los Angeles CA 1983-08-30
A-2185 Sw Anand Sandesh (André Vincent) s unstated background, Brussels undated Handwritten.
A-2186 Ma Deva Manzai (Manzai Banai) s travel agent, bank representative, own business, mother undated Handwritten.
A-2187 Ma Anand Mireille (Ms. Mireille Razimavicius) s advertising, teaching, Brussels 1983-07-09 Handwritten.
A-2188 Erik Götlind u psychotherapist and supervisor, Uppsala, Sweden 1983-07-14
A-2189 Malcolm Castle MA u math teacher, Birmingham UK 1983-07-14
A-2190 M. J. de Graaf s psychotherapist, Amsterdam, Holland 1983-07-15
A-2191 Miss Nouvellon Chantal u medical student, Montpellier, France 1983-07-06
A-2192 Ma Divyam Jutta (Jutta Bellwinkel-Ehrlich) s school teacher, Hamburg, West-Germany 1983-07-05
A-2193 Marjorie Humphreys n mother of sannyasin, Western Australia 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-2194 Charlotte Q. Rogers n retired elderly lady from mid-west US 1983-07-14 Handwritten.
A-2195 Waltraud Svoboda u insurance-consultant, Marina del Rey CA 1983-07-18
A-2196 Christina Carlwind u singer dancer and actress, Sweden undated
A-2197 Thierry Dubois u contact lens manufacturer, France 1983-07-18
A-2198 Martin H. Drummond PhD n research scientist in molecular biology, Brighton UK 1983-07-17
A-2199 Gisela Dietsche u social worker, Mannheim, Germany undated
A-2200 Ivan De Mot u pharmaceutical chemist, Belgium 1983-07-17
A-2201 Lasse Englund u musician, Sweden 1983-07-18
A-2202 Ted Gärdestad u song writer, musician, Sweden 1983-07-14
A-2203 Annette v. Mühlendahl u child and youth psychotherapist, Bonn, Germany 1983-07-16 Handwritten.
A-2204 Sw Anand Madhav (Jan Moller) s medical doctor, radiologist, Trondheim, Norway 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-2205 Ma Prem Loka (Katherine Nave) s American, grew up traveling a lot 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-2206 Emily Reno u fashion illustrator, San Fran, NYC, Detroit 1983-05-18 Handwritten.
A-2207 Laurence Savard u medical student, Montpellier, France 1983-07-21 Handwritten in French.
A-2208 Peter Strobel u printing and publications engineer, Germany 1983-07-11
A-2209 Philippe Kusnik u shiatsu, oriental medicine, health food business, Montpellier, France undated Handwritten in French.
A-2210 Evelyne Sainson-Tiepolo s Chinese traditional acupuncturist, Montpellier, France undated Handwritten in French.
A-2211 Ir. Drs. H. G. M. Oude Vrielink n mining engineer, psychotherapist, Utrecht, Netherlands 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-2212 M. Vergotte s heating and cooling systems, Netherlands 1983-07-18
A-2213 Geert Van hoogenbemt u engineer in electronics and informatics, solar, research, teaching, Gent, Netherlands 1983-07-19
A-2214 Frank Van hoogenbemt PhD u chemist, Belgium 1983-07-19
A-2215 Bonnie R. Neuman u lawyer, mediator, family law, LA 1983-07-18
A-2216 P. Gunnar Söderbaum u medical doctor, psychiatrist, Uppala, Sweden 1983-07-15
A-2217 Martha M Redi PhD u physicist, Princeton NJ 1983-07-12 Handwritten.
A-2218 Frits W A-illegible u teacher, Western Australia undated Handwritten.
A-2219 Dr. A. R. Kittermaster MB n consultant pathologist, UK 1983-07-18
A-2220 R. K. Pungaliya s knows Osho since 1964 .... 1983-07-15 Handwritten.
A-2221 Stephen J. Johnson n director of Center for Holistic Psychology and Education, Beverly Hills CA 1983-07-15 Handwritten.
A-2222 Anncha Briggs n business woman, owner of the Design Center, Inc., Little Rock AR undated
A-2223 Ezra T. Clark MD u medical doctor, Berkeley CA 1983-07-15 Handwritten.
A-2224 Daniel M. Connor u martial arts, Manchester UK 1983-07-18
A-2225 David Goldsmith u senior vice-president-television, Gaylord Productions, LA 1983-07-20
A-2226 Elise Ganz u teacher, LA 1983-07-xx Handwritten.
A-2227 Roy I. Strassman u physical therapist, California 1983-07-16
A-2228 Lois Earl u owner of Lois Earl Enterprises, Los Angeles CA (a publisher's representative company) 1983-07-14
A-2229 Binnie Dansby u birth consultant, psychology 1983-07-15 Handwritten.
A-2230 Kaela Austin u Art Director, Lois Earl above, LA 1983-07-11 Handwritten.
A-2231 Robyn S. Ziebert n administrator, Refugee Program 1983-07-17
A-2232 Lynn Frazier u acting general manager of the Arkansas Repertory Theatre, Little Rock AR 1983-07-15
A-2233 this exhibit number was not found so far in the raw pdfs supplied by OHS.
A-2234 Christopher T. Selvage MD u physician, psychiatrist, LA 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-2235 Asha Nicholson u jewlery designer, Malaga, Spain undated
A-2236 Sharon Black-Greene u special education teacher, sister of sannyasin 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-2237 Ma Amrita Laghima s book store worker, Germany 1983-07-21
A-2238 Sw Prem Aniruddha s worshipper, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-24
A-2239 Illegible - Florida u unstated background, Ft Lauderdale FL 1983-07-19 Handwritten.
A-2240 Maria Bignone u advertising agency owner, Torino, Italy 1983-07-20
A-2241 José Ignacio Samper u artistic painter, Madrid 1983-07-19
A-2242 Jorge Pardo u musician, Spain 1983-07-20
A-2243 Sw Veet Mano s PR, press, etc, LA 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-2244 Sw Sagar Chetan (Daniel Brecher PhD) s social worker, teacher, professor, special education, NY, Wisconsin, Florida, Quebec, France --> Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-23
A-2245 Sw Devendro (Thomas Matuszek) s freelance journalist, Stern, etc, Germany 1983-07-22
A-2246 Ma Sarjan s designer, editor, New Mode magazine, Germany undated
A-2247 Francesco Piovesan u businessman, Venezia, Italy undated Handwritten.
A-2248 S. Kortenhorst-Barge u banker's wife, Dutch elite, mother of seven, Wassenaar, Netherlands 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-2249 Birgit Litke s painter, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-2250 Sw Devam Sankalpa (Gerd Drexhage) s construction business, Cologne 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-2251 Ma Jivan Kavya s unstated background, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-2252 Ma Deva Taro (Regine Reinhardt) s biology, ecology, Bremen, Germany 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-2253 Ma Prem Sandhano (Fumiko Motobayashi) s unstated background, Dusselforf, Germany 1983-07-xx Handwritten.
A-2254 Sw Avinasho s electrical engineering, , undated
A-2255 Sw Anand Anupada s unstated background, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-29 Handwritten.
A-2256 Sw Anand Arjava (Frank Petter) s farmer, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-2257 Sw Deva Shravan s long experience, many methods and teachers of meditation prior to Osho 1983-07-23
A-2258 Ma Puja Kirtan (Ute Rothweiler) s fashion worker, Germany 1983-07-23
A-2259 Ma Deva Rikta s teacher, Texas and New Mexico, small business owner --> Pune undated Handwritten.
A-2260 Ma Anusati (Ruth Gelmis) s journalist, stock-broker, financial analyst, mother, Houston, NYC undated
A-2261 Ma Prem Devika (Hella Shakovitzley-Allen) s social worker, US 1983-07-26
A-2262 Sw Bodhiprem (Benjamin Shappiro) s psychiatric social worker 1983-07-23
A-2263 Sw Chidvilas and Ma Rita s health center, pranotherapy, Brescia, Italy undated
A-2264 Ma Anand Maria s education and psychology student 1983-07-23
A-2265 Ma Prem Samidha s social worker 1983-07-23
A-2266 Ma Prem Irmtraut (Irmtraut Carouba) s psychology, education, social work, Cologne 1983-07-23
A-2267 Sw Vishnu Chaitanya s unstated background, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-23
A-2268 Ma Dhyan Satpriti s psychotherapist, drug counselor, business admin, Berkeley CA 1983-07-23
A-2269 Sw Dhyan Michael s freelance graphic designer and photographer, Europe and California 1983-07-03 Handwritten.
A-2270 Ma Anand Roseanne s language, ESL teacher, translator, Philadelphias, Europe, Poona, Rajneeshpuram undated
A-2271 Ma Deva Vajra s unstated background, Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-2272 Ma Deva Raqiba s English literature, European travel, Japanese 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-2273 Ma Satyam Mridula s housewife, linguistics student 1983-08-01
A-2274 Ma Satnam s psychology, education, children's book author and illustrator, Europe + USA 1983-07-23
A-2275 Ma Prem Seemanta (Nancy Auerbach) s American citizen demanding action 1983-07-18
A-2276 Sw Deva Madhupran (Herbert K. Kaltner) s dental technician, Germany 1983-07-25
A-2277 Ma Devagita (Susanne Kotter) s lover of beauty, Stuttgart, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-2278 Ma Anand Pragita (Christina Gieltowski) s education student --> Pune --> Cologne commune worker undated Handwritten.
A-2279 Sw Prembodh (Hallemans Michel) s truck driver, house painter, Brussels undated Handwritten.
A-2280 Sw Anand Prashant s psychology 1983-07-20
A-2281 Sw Deva Gopala (Moraldo Régis) s farmer, France undated Handwritten.
A-2282 Sw Ananddip s electrician undated
A-2283 Dr. Heidi Derendinger u small animal veterinarian, humane psychology, Bern, Switzerland 1983-07-24
A-2284 Sw Anand Panthen (Robert Walter) s movement education, body awareness therapist, Berlin undated Handwritten.
A-2285 Ma Anand Vihar (Gerda Anand Vihar) s kindergarten teacher, Copenhagen undated Handwritten.
A-2286 Sw Niren s law student, Bremerhaven, Germany 1983-07-23
A-2287 Anand Preetam (Ma, Sw?) s acting, Essen, Germany 1983-07-22
A-2288 Sw Deva Vinod s unstated background, Michigan USA 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-2289 Sw Anand Govindo (John Schneider) s athletics, yoga, Rolfing, neo-Reichian therapy, San Diego 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-2290 Ma Prem Sugita s brothers died in car accident, Denmark undated Handwritten.
A-2291 Sw Deva Subodha (Roberto Scheibel) s musician, Florence undated Handwritten.
A-2292 Ma Satpriti (Adele Ferreira) s American citizen, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-2293 Ma Puja Rabiya (Bernadette Viviani) s secretary, mother, Switzerland 1983-07-29 Handwritten.
A-2294 Ma Prem Jalada s frequent Ranch visitor from California undated Handwritten.
A-2295 Sw Prem Anumoda s world traveler, New England undated
A-2296 Ma Prem Tosha s unstated background, Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-2297 Sw Prem Purohita s Old Testament issues --> The Mustard Seed 1983-07-24
A-2298 Ma Anando Emanuela s Italian wife of American sannyasin, Texas undated
A-2299 Sw Deva Tusar (Ronald G. Kohn) s Ranch visitor, New Jersey 1983-07-20
A-2300 Ma Anand Aurora s lawyer, Italy 1983-07-25
A-2301 Sw Satyam Ananto s geology student, Germany 1983-07-24
A-2302 Ma Anand Surja (Monika Junker) s medical student, Aachen, Germany 1983-07-25 Handwritten.
A-2303 Raffaele illegible s law, sociology, psychology, rehabilitation of troubled youth, Italy undated
A-2304 Ma Prem Sangita s physiotherapist, Santa Cruz CA 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-2305 Sw Anand Sagaro s printer, acrpenter, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-2306 Ma Prem Maria s nurse, Germany 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-2307 Sw Antar Satsango (Lutz Palo) s political science, Paris, Frankfurt 1983-07-23
A-2308 Ma Prem Namra s lawyer, Zurich undated Handwritten.
A-2309 Sw Svarupanand (Winfried Schmidt) s painter, graphic designer, sculptor, musician, Germany 1983-07-22
A-2310 Sw Deva Kavyo (Frans Herbst) s musician, Stuttgart, Germany undated
A-2311 Sw Paraprem s handyman 1983-07-27
A-2312 Sw Nirdosh Tim s truck driver, US, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-2313 Sw Prem Gyan s welder, metallurgical engineer, US, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-20 Handwritten.
A-2314 Ma Prem Tanmaya (Sharon F. Stoffel) s literature, film and TV production, engineering, dance, California 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-2315 Sw Deva Dweepam s biochemistry, research, management, US 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-2316 Ma Chetan Rupa s liberal arts, medical studies, art, music, philosophy, psychology, California 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-2317 Ma Veetnisha s confirmed atheist --> Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-23
A-2318 Ma Veet Asmi (Margarete Scherrmann) s Kindergarten, German and English teacher, Stuttgart 1983-07-25
A-2319 Sw Anand David (D. A. Stocker) s film director, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-2320 Regina Gaus u law, four languages, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-2321 Mrs. Rita Maggi s unstated background, Brescia, Italy 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-2322 Rosemary Eagle u British language teacher, psychology, education, Munich 1983-07-20
A-2323 John Dahlsen u artist, art education, Australia undated
A-2324 Sw Unmilo s car mechanic, Australia 1983-07-25
A-2325 Ma Deva Alice (V. A. Cooper) s multi-background teacher, N Zealand / California 1983-07-20
A-2326 Fabio Giollo s cook, Switzerland undated
A-2327 Annette Singh u social worker, Germany 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-2328 Sw Deva Amityo (?) s music, designer, farmer, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-2329 Deanna Hsu s ceramics, sculptor, UK / USA undated Handwritten.
A-2330 Denise Kim Gamble s medical diagnostic radiographer, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-2331 Ma Arpana Gabriele (Gabriele Wild-Fuchs) s unstated background, Germany 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-2332 Ma Prem Yatra s unstated background, New Zealand undated
A-2333 Ma Prem Lolita s fine arts, especially music, flute, Portland, NYC 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-2334 Ma Premgyan (Patricia L. Bassett) s business woman, catering, locksmith, etc, USA 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-2335 Sw Anand Anubhavo (Theodore Guralnik) s Argentine immigrant now US citizen, NYC 1983-07-23
A-2336 Ma Prem Mita (Marina Bacchetti) s editor, Milan 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-2337 Sw Satya Naresh s draftng, house construction, greenhouses, landscaping undated Handwritten.
A-2338 Ma Deva Bhumika s unstated background, Norway undated Handwritten.
A-2339 Piva Aldo s depressed --> Pune, Florence 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-2340 Ma Yoga Anurag s translator/editor, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-30
A-2341 Sw Shivam Mansoor (Roland Lang) s unstated background, Germany 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-2342 Ma Bodhichitta s all-American educated, respectable family --> aliveness 1983-07-25
A-2343 Sw Atmo Volker (Volker Nahshan (?)) s pharmacist, carpenter, economics, businessmanager, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-2344 Christopher Reeve BA u Oxford, language teacher, counselor, breath-therapist, EU and US 1983-07-17
A-2345 Sw Azad (Christopher L. Booker) s hospital orderly, sales representative, ESL teacher abroad, restaurant manager, restoring sailboats, etc, USA 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-2346 Ma Sat Savya (Norma I. Hernandez) s education, secretarial sciences, law student, Puerto Rico undated
A-2347 Sw Prabodh Nitam s physiotherapist, Rajneeshpuram undated
A-2348 Ma Prem Kailash s unstated background, California 1983-07-25
A-2349 Sw Veet Masaru (Masaru Kaneko) s marine development company manager, Tokyo 1983-07-24
A-2350 Ma Deva Gyan (Sylvia Blaschek (?)) s occupational therapist, Boston MA 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-2351 Sw Sagaresh s agronomy (Germany), soils science (Kansas) 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-2352 Sw Siegfried Deven s mason, general construction, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-26
A-2353 U. Zagray s social worker, Bremen, Germany undated
A-2354 Sw Anand Saten s environmental science, Australia 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-2355 Ma Anand Apurvo s unstated background, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-25 Handwritten.
A-2356 Dr. med. Fritjof Kraft u general medical practitioner, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-2357 Kathleen W. Kelly u assistant professor of nursing, Massachusetts 1983-07-14
A-2358 Sw Prem Kalli s builder, anthropology student undated Handwritten.
A-2359 Ma Deva Dharya (Marguerite Nardthofer (?)) s painter, sannyas 1975, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-2360 Ma Shantidevi (Sieglinde Dorsch) s art history, Oriental languages, poetry, psychology, Cologne undated Handwritten.
A-2361 Sw Anand Kavi s electrical engineer, Edinburgh 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-2362 Ma Anand Vani s Lufthansa flight crew supervisor and trainer undated Handwritten.
A-2363 Sheila J. Alex s waitress, secretary, telephone operator --> Rajneeshpuram undated Handwritten.
A-2364 Sw Anand Alok (Josef Dide) s carpenter, heavy machinery, cattleman, Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-2365 Marianne Bogumil u T'ai chi, martial arts teacher, Germany 1983-07-10 Handwritten.
A-2366 Mrs. Nancy C Mercurio u insurance co middle management, recreation director for retarded adults, freelance artist undated Handwritten.
A-2367 Jeffrey L. Heisel s traveler, odd jobs --> Pune, seven years sannyas undated Handwritten.
A-2368 Hartmut Kehl s mechanical engineer, patent law --> burnout, sannyas, Germany 1983-07-25 Handwritten.
A-2369 Gilbert Felli u house painter, Montana, Switzerland 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-2370 Sw Niraj (Richard O. Stott) s liberal arts, Kansas, employment counseling, construction 1983-07-25 Handwritten.
A-2371 Sw Deva Hasyo (John N. McBrayer Jr.) s restaurant worker --> Pune --> California --> Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-2372 Thomas Zolliher (?) u goldsmith, jeweler, Zurich 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-2373 Ma Raufa s "good girl", social sciences, marriage --> Rajneeshpuram 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-2374 Ma Gyanesha (Barbara Herr) s art teacher, Cologne undated Handwritten.
A-2375 Ma Anand Gina s unstated background, Kiel, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-2376 Ma Anand Nada (Hanna Matysek) s special needs teacher, Hannover, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-2377 Ma Anand Samudra (Elaine Bonin) s ceramics, Montreal undated Handwritten.
A-2378 Ma Prem Sampurna (Irmgard Strunz) s travel agent, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-2379 Ma Chetan Niti (Cornelia Tischner) s kindergarten teacher, social work, Germany 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-2380 Ma Prem Komala (Eva Christina Egginger) s unstated background, Germany 1983-07-21 Handwritten.
A-2381 Sw Shanti Pujans (Norbert Bednarek) s automotive engineer, Aachen, Germany undated
A-2382 Lorenzo Soria u journalist, writer, L'Espresso, Milan 1983-07-03
A-2383 Sw Satya Vedant s industrial engineer, UK undated
A-2384 Sw Venu Gopal s social service consultant, guidance counselor, Victoria, Canada 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-2385 Sw Nivedano s musician, Weather Report, etc 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-2386 Ernst Kücklich s lawyer, Munich 1983-07-25 Handwritten.
A-2387 Nicholas M. Parkyn Bsc u freelance engineer, travel, UK 1983-07-02
A-2388 Ma Yoga Punya (Helen Käufeler) s graphic designer, photography, editor, import-export, multilingual, Zurich 1983-07-22
A-2389 Sw Gyan Mitch (Mitchell Owen Dent) s unstated background, East Fremantle, Australia 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-2390 this letter has been removed. It is a precise duplicate of A-1760, seems to have got photographed and filed twice
A-2391 this letter has been removed. It is a precise duplicate of A-1759, seems to have got photographed and filed twice
A-2392 Ma Sambodhi Diana (Diana S. L-illegible) s sannyas 16 months, NSW, Australia 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2393 Sw Satyadeva (Philip Byrt) s sannyas nine months, NSW, Australia 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2394 Sw Anand Pragyano (L. V. Liddle (?)) s sannyas post-silence, NSW, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-2395 Ma Anand Pujan (Jo-Anne McGowan) s sannyas ~ one year, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-2396 Sw Anand Pravino (Geoffrey M. Robertson) s sannyas 18 months, Australia 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2397 Ma Devam Patangam (Paula Kelly) s sannyas ten months, NSW, Australia 1983-08-04 Handwrittten, stated year is 1984, corrected here
A-2398 Ma Prem Pragito (Martina Fangges (?)) s sannyas seven months, NSW, Australia 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2399 Sw Dhyan Sukho s sannyas 18 months, NSW, Australia 1983-08-07 Handwritten.
A-2400 Sw Dhyan Miten s sannyas four months, NSW, Australia 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2401 Ma Paritosh Avega s sannyas ~ one year, Australia 1983-08-08 Handwritten.
A-2402 Sw Anand Nirava s sannyas 17 months, NSW, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-2403 Ma Anand Salila s sannyas 16 months, SA, Australia undated
A-2404 this exhibit number was not found so far in the raw pdfs supplied by OHS.
A-2405 Ma Prem Swabodhi (Carolyn. M. Lowdon) s sannyas 18 months, WA, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-2406 Ma Prafulla (Felicity Brampton) s sannyas 17 months, WA, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-2407 Ma Shanti Puja (Melanie Fawcett) s sannyas 2 years, WA, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-2408 Sw Prem Sagarpati (Mark Harmon) s sannyas post-silence, NSW, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-2409 Sw Deva Jeffrey s teacher, Adelaide, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-2410 Sw Prabodh George (George O'Brien) s 42-yo sannyas post-silence, SA, Australia 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2411 Ma Dhyan Savitri s sannyas post-silence, SA, Australia undated Handwritten.
A-2412 Ma Prem Arpan (Babette Hastill) s unstated background, Adelaide, Australia 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2413 Ma Dhyan Charyo s sannyas post-silence in Pune, Adelaide, Australia 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2414 Sw Santosh Peter s cabinet-making and building, sannyasin employes and colleagues, sannyas three weeks, SA, Australia 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2415 Ma Prem Ushmo s sannyas 2 years, SA, Australia 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2416 Ma Jivan Koula s sannyas three months 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2417 Ma Bodhi Jwala s sannyas 19 months, Australia 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2418 Ma Deva Sudeep s social work, TV researcher-presenter, sannyas post-silence undated Handwritten.
A-2419 Sw Darshano s meets Osho in dreams undated Handwritten.
A-2420 Ma Prem Nayanu (Julie A. Roxburgh) s wants Osho's presence to be available undated Handwritten.
A-2421 Ma Veet Nisha (Rosanne Aletheia Parker) s amazed at INS attitude against silence, SA, Australia 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2422 Ma Amrit Veeto s sannyas 21 months, SA, Australia 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2423 Sw Advaita Keerti (L. R. Dalby) s sannyas post-silence, SA, Australia 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2424 Ma Shanti Rani (H. M. Coombes) s sannyas nine months, SA, Australia 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2425 Ma Dharma Arifo (Kathleen Aird) s sannyas eight months, SA, Australia 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2426 Ma Amrit Udita s sannyas eight months, NSW, Australia 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2427 this letter has been removed. It is a precise duplicate of A-1763, seems to have got photographed and filed twice
A-2428 this letter has been removed. It is a precise duplicate of A-1761, seems to have got photographed and filed twice
A-2429 Sw Anand Punyo s computers, Vienna 1983-08-03
A-2430 Ma Deva Nimitta (Christiane Ma…s (Markus?)) s geriatric occupational therapist, Vienna 1983-07-31
A-2431 Ma Anand Gerda (Gerda Rupp) s 23 years in radio and TV advertising, Vienna 1983-08-03
A-2432 Ma Nartana s 26-yo designer, Vienna 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-2433 Sw Deva Nedko s science/academic background, Vienna 1983-08-01
A-2434 Ma Anand Deepa s social worker, Vienna, Austria 1983-08-01
A-2435 Ma Divyam Shraddha (Telênia Maria de Fenna Hill) s psychology student, Rio 1983-08-04
A-2436 Ma Anand Sumitra (Maria Márcia Costa Maia) s sannyas nine months, Brazil 1983-09-10
A-2437 Ma Prem Kaveesha (Nuri Marques) s secretary, sannyas one year, Rio 1983-08-07 Handwritten.
A-2438 Sw Deva Svado s unstated background, Netherlands undated Handwritten.
A-2439 Ma Anand Vinod s unstated background, Heerde, Netherlands 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2440 Ma Dhyan Ritama s unstated background, Heerde, Netherlands 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2441 Ma Prajito s unstated background, Heerde, Netherlands undated Handwritten.
A-2442 Sw Anand Shardo (?) s unstated background, Heerde, Netherlands 1983-08-03 Handwritten. stated year is 1984, corrected here
A-2443 Ma Prem Akal s sannyas five years undated Handwritten.
A-2444 Ma and [sic] Seva s unstated background 1983-08-0x Handwritten, likely should be "Anand"
A-2445 Bärbel Wanderer n teacher, Germany undated
A-2446 Ma Anand Mouna s unstated background, Heerde, Netherlands 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2447 Ma Vinitam s unstated background, Heerde, Netherlands 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-2448 this exhibit number was not found so far in the raw pdfs supplied by OHS.
A-2449 Ma Jolcinde Premo (?) s sannyas 4.5 years, Heerde, Netherlands 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-2450 Sw Dhyan Saddhen s unstated background, Netherlands 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-2451 Sw Anand Bodhichitta s sannyas three years, Heerde, Netherlands 1983-08-01 Handwritten.
A-2452 Ma Prem Anando (M. L. Geenen) s sannyas 4.5 years 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-2453 Ma Deva Laksha s sannyas five years, Heerde, Netherlands 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2454 Ma Prem Amala s an approaching-sannyas story, Eindhoven, Netherlands 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2455 Ma Dhyan Anugito s commune/Buddhafield description, Netherlands 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-2456 Sw Premdas (J. J. van der Molen) s detailed commune/Buddhafield description, Heerde, Netherlands 1983-08-03
A-2457 Sw Anand Chandan (Michael Jurgens) s unstated background, Heerde, Netherlands 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2458 Ma Prem Tassita (Susanna van Baaren) s sannyas three years, Helmond, Netherlands 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2459 Paul Wortz u education student, Bielefeld, Germany 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-2460 Sw Anand Svabhavo (M. T. G. den [missing]) s teacher, sannyas four years, Heerde, Netherlands 1983-08-03 Handwritten, name seems incomplete
A-2461 Ma Mira Gyangita (Ina de Range) s psychiatric nurse, Heerde, Netherlands 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-2462 Sw Prem Satyo (Josephus H. Baalman) s unstated background, much about commune life, Amsterdam 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-2463 Sw Nirdosh Sadhu s unstated background, Netherlands undated Handwritten.
A-2464 Marie Lalander u dancer, choreographer, opera director, theater, Swedish in Copenhagen 1983-07-24 Handwritten.
A-2465 Sw Santosh Ananto s unstated background, Heerde, Netherlands 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-2466 Sw Veet Gyanam (B. R. Kruithof) s unstated background, Heerde, Netherlands 1983-08-xx Handwritten.
A-2467 Sw Anand Akbar (C. Simonse) s unstated background, Groningen, Netherlands 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2468 Sw Toshananda (Mr. Van den Camp ) s teacher, sannyas six years, Eindhoven, Netherlands 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2469 illegible s unstated background, Heerde, Netherlands undated Handwritten.
A-2470 Sw Prem Sudheer s sannyas six years, Heerde, Netherlands 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2471 Ma Shanti Videha (L. J. v. Gorkom) s cooking and cleaning, Heerde, Netherlands undated Handwritten.
A-2472 Illegible Sannyas Name (?) (N. E. C. M. Van Huijstee (?)) u unstated background, Netherlands 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2473 Nico van Dorsten s unstated background, Heerde, Netherlands 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2474 Sw Prem Champa (?) s unstated background / illegible, Heerde, Netherlands 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2475 Sw Devaprem s remedial teacher, Heerde, Netherlands 1983-08-xx Handwritten.
A-2476 Sw Paritosh Purnam s unstated background, all about love 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-2477 Sw Prem Anudas (Hein Baalman) s unstated background, Heerde, Netherlands undated Handwritten.
A-2478 Ma Anand Teera s unstated background 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2479 Ma Antar Darsho (Mrs. Gerdien Christie Hazewinkel) s sannyas three months 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2480 Ma Dhyan Anama s unstated background, den Haag, Netherlands 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2481 Sw Satyam Pim s newspaper work --> gardener, den Haag, Netherlands 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2482 Sw Anand Kavindra (R. C. Zwemmer) s hospital cafe worker, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2483 Sw Anand Amrit s insurance company printshop worker, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2484 Ma Deva Anurati (Sabine H. D. H. Bekkers) s jeweler, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2485 Ma Dhyan Bhavato (Sonja Port (?)) s sannyas two years, age 15, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2486 Sw Anand Virendra (Fred H. Giebel) s information technology, Pune, Amsterdam 1983-08-04
A-2487 Sw Chit Prem s carpenter, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2488 Sw Vimalgit (Rumel Delnooz (?)) s sannyas three years, Amsterdam 1983-09-07 Handwritten.
A-2489 Ma Veet Tantro (M. P. H. van Gool) s mother, teacher, Amsterdam 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2490 Sw Satyam Romeshwar (Louis M. Miltenburg) s sannyas 2.5 years, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2491 Ma Chetan Niti (T. M. Bouma) s kitchen worker, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2492 Ma Prem Sudeep (Linda M. Trueman) s work = worship, Amsterdam undated Handwritten.
A-2493 Sw Anand Svabhavo (Paul Rosenberg) s sannyas three years, England --> Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2494 Sw Prem Anuvida (A. F. A. Romeyn) s handyman, carpenter, painter, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2495 Anand Daya (J. E. Krajenbrink ) s sannyas three years, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2496 Ma Anand Shunyo (C. G. M. Spierenburg) s kitchen worker, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2497 Ma Prem Samarpito s social work, counseling, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2498 Sw Deva Narayano (M. C. Vrolijks ) s cooking, handyman, etc,. Amsterdam undated Handwritten.
A-2499 Sw Antar Marc (Marc van der Leyden) s art, theater, environmental design, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2500 Ma Prem Milam (Henriette Menses-Karger) s artist, seamstress, cleaner, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2501 Ma Anand Anugita (Nourit Jaffe) s sannyas four years, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2502 Ma Prem Dassana (M. T. M. Terrahe) s mother, medical pathologist, physiatrist, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2503 Ma Preyas (N. W. M. Braakman) s sannyas three years, meditation center worker, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2504 Ma Veet Apeksha (A. M. Klompen) s social sciences, cook, factory work --> laundry, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2505 Denis Mahaffey s Irish, translator, psychotherapy --> Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2506 Sw Anand Sugit s sannyas four years, artist, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2507 Ma Prem Para s tourist service work, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 missing second page
A-2508 Ma Anand Shardo s bodywork, dance, aerobics, hospital worker, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2509 Ma Shantam Wirla (G. M. Koetse) s two years with living Master, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2510 Sw Anand Gé (Gé Croughs) s sannyas four years, Amsterdam 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2511 Sw Hariprem (H. T. J. van Bracht) s politics, philosophy, sociology teacher, Amsterdam --> Heerde 1983-08-xx
A-2512 Sw Paritosh Joop s technical R&D, Eindhoven, Netherlands 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2513 Ma Anutoshi (Shirley Vollnert (?)) s unstated background, Eindhoven, Netherlands 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2514 Ma Antar Shakti s sannyas two years undated Handwritten.
A-2515 Ma Dhyan Prem (Wilma Lenssen) s sannyas two years, Eindhoven, Netherlands 1983-08-xx Handwritten.
A-2516 Ma Gyan Gunageet s sannyas almost two years, Eindhoven, Netherlands undated Handwritten.
A-2517 Ma Prem Ajita s sannyas two years, love, Eindhoven, Netherlands 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2518 Ma Prem Archan (P. Mulder ) s sannyas one year, Eindhoven, Netherlands 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2519 Ma Paritosh Devagarbha s sannyas six months, Arnhem, Netherlands 1983-08-03
A-2520 Sw Anand Peter s unstated background undated Handwritten.
A-2521 Ma Veet Nisha s new sannyasin, Arnhem, Netherlands 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2522 Sw Anand Geho s nurse, sannyas three years, Arnhem, Netherlands undated Handwritten.
A-2523 Ma Prem Aditya s sannyas four years, Arnhem, Netherlands 1983-08-03 Handwritten.
A-2524 Ma Ajaya and Sw Deva Sugito s unstated background, Arnhem, Netherlands undated
A-2525 this exhibit number was not found so far in the raw pdfs supplied by OHS.
A-2526 Ma Arpana Barbara (Barbara Coenraad) s neurotic basket case --> back to life, Netherlands 1983-08-04
A-2527 Ma Prem Amito (Martina Schemmel-Widmer) s social worker, sannyas one year, started meditation center in Braunschweig, Germany 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2528 Ma Anand Sagar s various studies, psychoanalysis, moving, traveling, different jobs --> Miasto, Italy 1983-07-29
A-2529 Sw Gyanprem s responsible job --> the search --> Miasto, Italy undated
A-2530 Ma Prem Gyano (Silvia Koch) s unstated background, Switzerland undated
A-2531 Sw Chitta Nirodha (Antonio Bacchetta) s unstated background, Switzerland 1983-08-04
A-2532 Ma Prem Bindhu s daughter of sannyasin, driveby --> sannyas, Switzerland 1983-08-03
A-2533 Ma Shantam Nyati (Adriana Rahni) s "explosions" approaching Osho, Lugano, Switzerland 1983-08-01
A-2534 Ma Prem Chetna (Anissa Rahni) s lover, Switzerland 1983-08-01
A-2535 Bedeschi Silvano u car repair, Faenza, Italy 1983-07-27
A-2536 Andrea Villa s sannyas four years, Milan 1983-07-29 Handwritten.
A-2537 Ma Puja Nilima (Rita Ini) s celebrator, sannyas seven months, Bologna, Italy 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-2538 Ma Dhyan Marga (Silvia Pirriga (?)) s 19-yo education student, Italy 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-2539 Ma Prem Oma (Luciana Liverani) s 62-yo languages degree, Italy 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-2540 Sw Premdhyan (Carlo Sandrin ) s agronomy engineering student, Trieste, Italy 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-2541 Ma Chit Ageya s German research chemist --> Miasto, Italy 1983-07-29
A-2542 Ma Mirella (Mirella Chiaramello) s teacher --> office work, a plea, Milan 1983-07-31
A-2543 Dr. Carla Gorini u high-school teacher, Verona, Italy 1983-07-29
A-2544 Sw Akhil (Cocciolo Giancarlo) s plumber, Milan undated
A-2545 Ma Anand Mashuk (Sabrina Rahni) s 15-yo, sannyas five months, Lugano, Switzerland 1983-08-01
A-2546 Madeleine Zubler u loves RMCs, Switzerland 1983-07-30
A-2547 Fanny David u unstated background, Switzerland 1983-08-01
A-2548 Osswaldo Biffi n praises RMCs, Switzerland 1983-08-02
A-2549 Ma Prem Sundram (Elisabetta Barbulani) s a communer, Lugano, Switzerland 1983-08-03
A-2550 Angela Merloni n too lazy, Switzerland 1983-08-03
A-2551 Germana Monopoli u unstated background, Lugano, Switzerland 1983-08-01
A-2552 this exhibit number was not found so far in the raw pdfs supplied by OHS.
A-2553 Ma Viren s agent for Italian company, Genova, Italy 1983-08-01
A-2554 Ma Prem Keertan s sannyas five years, Milan 1983-08-01
A-2555 Sw Deva Saddhen (Walter Nale) s computer operator, Milan 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-2556 Sw Chitprem (Andrea Tonelli) s housepainter, Milan 1983-07-29 Handwritten.
A-2557 Sw Alok Punyatam (Rossello Roberto) s juvenile delinquent teacher, Milan 1983-07-30 Handwritten.
A-2558 Michela Caccia u unstated background, Switzerland 1983-08-04
A-2559 Margherita Malè u social worker, Lugano, Switzerland 1983-08-05
A-2560 Rosemarie Chiesa u unstated background, Lugano, Switzerland 1983-08-04
A-2561 Ma Viktoria s religiousness, Miasto 1983-07-29
A-2562 Sw Prem Matthias s sociology, therapy, Miasto 1983-07-27
A-2563 Sw Swagato s sociology researcher and lecturer, Miasto 1983-07-28
A-2564 Ma Deva Samvega s farm worker, Miasto undated
A-2565 Ma Anand Gayatri s gifts of the master, Miasto undated
A-2566 Ma Chetan Arya s sannyas one year, Siena, Italy 1983-07-29
A-2567 Ma Anand Els s stuck --> Pune, Miasto undated
A-2568 Ma Amito s philosophy --> Miasto undated
A-2569 Ma Divyam Anurati s student --> Pune, Miasto undated
A-2570 Sw Niraj s agriculture student --> Pune, Miasto undated
A-2571 Ma Nirdosh Sahajo s depressed student --> Miasto undated
A-2572 Sw Prabhakar s sannyas five years, Miasto undated
A-2573 Sw Anand Mahabodh s like a runner, Miasto 1983-07-27
A-2574 Ma Anand Annelisa s sannyas five years, Miasto 1983-07-29
A-2575 Sw Prem Michael s Pune, Miasto 1983-07-29
A-2576 Ma Anna s Miasto 1983-07-31
A-2577 Sw Devam Vanni s computers, beyond logic, Miasto 1983-07-28
A-2578 Ma Sarito s political activist, social pedagogist --> Pune, Miasto 1983-07-30
A-2579 Ma Satyam Prasuna s sharing good and bad, Miasto 1983-08-01
A-2580 Sw Amano Ivano s self-examination, Miasto 1983-07-30
A-2581 Ma Anand Ivanna s political activist, feminist --> Pune, Miasto 1983-07-31
A-2582 Sw Deva Manfredo s self-examination, Miasto undated
A-2583 Sw Anand Shantena s research scientist --> Pune, Miasto 1983-07-31
A-2584 this letter has been removed. It is a precise duplicate of A-1762, seems to have got photographed and filed twice
A-2585 Sw Anand Darvesh (Bontemps Silvano) s gas jockey, sannyas eight years, Bergamo, Italy 1983-07-29 Handwritten.
A-2586 Luigi Cristini u medical professor, Bologna, Italy 1983-07-27
A-2587 Giovanni Damiani u medical professor, Bologna, Italy 1983-07-27
A-2588 Guelfo Sani u friend of above, Bologna, Italy 1983-07-27
A-2589 Ma Deva Siddho (Marchesi Simona) s sannyas five years, buddhafield worker, Milan 1983-08-07
A-2590 Sw Dhyan Saverio (Saverio Penza) s consciously working, Milan undated
A-2591 Ma Deva Parinito (Erika Haerer-Penza) s dropped a great fear, Milan 1983-08-02
A-2592 Ma Gyan Pipasa (Santi Antonella) s stylist, waitress, Bergamo, Italy 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-2593 Ma Prem Mariangela (Lavetti Mariangela) s teacher, handicapped boys, Bergamo, Italy 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-2594 Sw Riccardo (Riccardo Laffranchi ) s handyman, Italy 1983-07-22 Handwritten.
A-2595 Ma Prem Kovida (Angelmaria Chiappini) s buddhafield, Milan 1983-08-02
A-2596 Ma Dhyan Modine (Lorenzi Michelin ) s hairdresser, Italy undated Handwritten.
A-2597 Ma Prem Daria (Daria illegible) s sannyas two years, Italy (?) undated Handwritten.
A-2598 Ma Deva Anila (Jole Pesenti) s sannyas six months, Italy undated Handwritten, may be missing pages
A-2599 Ma Sunder Loredana (Loredana Monti) s secretary, sannyas one year, Italy (?) undated Handwritten.
A-2600 Sw Advaita (Serafino Zama) s teacher, sociologist, management, Italy(?) undated Handwritten.
A-2601 Sw Antar Paribodh (Modelli Roberto) s slow entry new sannyasin, Italy (?) undated Handwritten.
A-2602 Ma Prem Dhirjo (Stefania Pollini) s secretary, sannyas one year, Italy (?) undated Handwritten.
A-2603 Ma Dhyan Amritam (Geri Antonella) s secretary, sannyas six months, Italy (?) undated Handwritten.
A-2604 Sw Anahato s fruit-factory worker, sannyas three years, Italy (?) undated Handwritten.
A-2605 Ma Prem Donatella (Melandri Donatella) s philosophy student, Italy undated Handwritten.
A-2606 Sw Anand Madhav (Kim Krumpf) s German, translator, Faenza, Italy undated Handwritten.
A-2607 Ma Dhyan Svaraya (Paola Francesconi) s rural worker near Ravenna. Italy undated Handwritten.
A-2608 Ma Deva Daso (Casadio Anna) s leather artisan, Ravenna. Italy undated Handwritten.
A-2609 Sw Prem Navanito (Andrea Pottino) s philosophy, temp work, sannyas two years, Italy undated Handwritten.
A-2610 Sw Dhyan Pravana (Manzoli Gastone) s 56-yo pensioner, Ferrara, Italy 1983-07-26
A-2611 Ma Kavyaprem (Elisabetta Tarantino) s nursery school helper, Ferrara, Italy 1983-07-26
A-2612 Sw Anand Gathen (Alessandro Grandi) s worker, Ferrara, Italy 1983-07-26
A-2613 Ma Amrita Paola (Migliori Paola) s clerk, Ferrara, Italy 1983-07-26
A-2614 Sw Gandhraj (Noli Luciano) s worker, Ferrara, Italy 1983-07-26
A-2615 Ma Anand Dhurva (Gabriella Grassley (?)) s sannyas 1.5 months, never had seen him 1983-08-08 Handwritten.
A-2616 Sw Dhyan Rubes (Poli Valerio) s teacher, Ferrara, Italy 1983-07-26
A-2617 Sw Deva Garbha (Bernardi Davide) s worker, Ferrara, Italy 1983-07-26
A-2618 Sw Chitta Nirodha (Tontini Luca) s law student, Ferrara, Italy 1983-07-26
A-2619 Ma Prem Anna Maria (Bergamini Anna Maria) s economics teacher, Ferrara, Italy 1983-07-26
A-2620 Mauro Bisi n psychology student, Ferrara, Italy 1983-07-26
A-2621 Ma Anand Svarupa (Gundula Ofs-Neuweiles (?)) s philosophy, literature, psychology --> Pune undated Handwritten.
A-2622 Sw Dhyan Nishikara (Tosi Maurizio) s waiter at Zorba's near Milan undated Handwritten.
A-2623 Ma Dhyanpriya (Susanne Amann) s kitchen worker at Zorba's near Milan undated Handwritten.
A-2624 Sw Gyan Anatto (Giuseppe Magno) s one of seven sannyasins running a Zorba's somewhere in Italy 1983-07-23 Handwritten.
A-2625 Sw Veet Marco (Marco Parenti ) s worker, Bologna, Italy 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-2626 Ma Deva Pragyano (Anna Deute (?)) s cook in some Zorba's somewhere 1983-07-26 Handwritten.
A-2627 Sw Prem Rishi (Sarto Giovanni ) s restaurant barman, Italy undated Handwritten.
A-2628 Ma Puja (Loura Montuschi Balsh (?)) s statistics worker, Italy 1983-07-28 Handwritten.
A-2629 Ma Puja Diana s celebration, Genoa, Italy undated
A-2630 Sw Anand Asimo (Calio Roberto) s Gachchhamis, Milan 1983-07-21
A-2631 Sw Parmananda s sannyas 1.5 years, Genoa, Italy undated
A-2632 Ma Advaita Sigrid (Sigrid David) s wife, mother, 45, Switzerland --> Rajneeshpuram 1983-08-04 Handwritten in Italian.
A-2633 Beatrice Béchir u Ranch visitor, Lugano, Switzerland 1983-08-03
A-2634 Magda Botta n RMC visitor, Lugano, Switzerland 1983-08-03
A-2635 Egon Schneebeli n RMC visitor, Lugano, Switzerland 1983-08-04
A-2636 Sw Prem Kawishwara s Ranch visitor, new sannyasin, Genoa, Italy 1983-08-01
A-2637 Ma Puja Priyen s a poem, T'ai Chi, Leiden, Netherlands 1983-08-0x Handwritten.
A-2638 Sw Bodhidharma (Shogo Kitada) s long time reader, sannyas post-silence, Saitama, Japan 1983-08-01
A-2639 Ma Marga Salama (Miss Kanae Okiyama) s sannyas two months, Saitama, Japan 1983-08-03
A-2640 Sw Shantam Athah (Drs. G. W. Hoes) s new sannyasin, social geograpy, Arnhem, Netherlands 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2641 Sw Satyam Ajita (Takahiko Kinoshita) s sannyas two years, Japan 1983-08-07 Handwritten.
A-2642 Sw Bodhi Nirjhara (Sagawa Yasuhiro) s Ranch visitor, new sannyasin, Japan 1983-08-10 Handwritten.
A-2643 Ma Prem Gitanjali s "don't expect him to preach" 1983-08-07 Handwritten.
A-2644 Ma Dhyan Puja (Naoko Miyazaki ) s sannyas one year, Japan 1983-08-02 Handwritten.
A-2645 Sw Dharma Shreya (Ryuichi Maruo) s new sannyasin, Fukuoka, Japan 1983-08-04
A-2646 Ma Prem Padmaja (Minako Koya) s silence, Fukuoka, Japan 1983-08-04
A-2647 Ma Anand Mashuk (Sachiko Takaki) s "words would be nonsense", Fukuoka, Japan 1983-08-04
A-2648 Sw Prem Batohi (Koichi Wada) s silence, Fukuoka, Japan 1983-08-04
A-2649 Sw Anurag Jiten (Kotaro Kamoda) s new sannyasin, Fukuoka, Japan 1983-08-04
A-2650 Sw Ashirwada (Kazuo Takahashi) s sannyas four months, Fukuoka, Japan 1983-08-04
A-2651 Sw Veet Sanskara (Takami Ikeda) s "become a drop of Bhagwan", Fukuoka, Japan 1983-08-04
A-2652 Sw Bodhi Devayana (Yoshihiro Miyagawa) s sannyas one year, Fukuoka, Japan 1983-08-04
A-2653 Ma Deva Kadambari (Yoko Yamaguchi) s sannyas three months, Fukuoka, Japan 1983-08-04
A-2654 Ma Deva Madhav (Reiko Yuasa) s "so glad to find Him", Fukuoka, Japan 1983-08-04
A-2655 Sw Gyan Puneet (Mr Sanpei Motoyoshi) s sannyas two years, Tokyo 1983-08-10
A-2656 Ma Prem Haritama (Miss Hiroko Mochizuki) s "now I am alive and kicking", Yamaguchi, Japan 1983-08-10
A-2657 Sw Anand Nirakaro (Mr. Yoshitaka Takagi) s sannyas post-silence, Kanagawa, Japan 1983-08-07
A-2658 Sw Sangit Premartha (Yoshiaki Shishikura) s law student, Tokyo 1983-08-07
A-2659 Ma Anand Madhura (Atsuko Iwakiri) s sannyas three months, Tokyo 1983-08-06
A-2660 Sw Bodhi Savyasachi (Mr. Yoshiaki Kikuchi) s sannyas 2.5 months, Iwate, Japan 1983-08-05
A-2661 Sw Deva Subodh (Mr. Hirobumi Hata) s sannyas one year, Tokyo 1983-08-05
A-2662 Ma Kranti Manjusha (Miss Takako Noguchi) s sannyas one year, Saitama, Japan 1983-08-05
A-2663 Ma Nirav Divyo (Miss Yuko Takagi) s sannyas three years, Saitama, Japan 1983-08-05
A-2664 Ma Veet Tanha (Miss Eriko Saito) s sannyas three years, Tokyo 1983-08-05
A-2665 Ma Veet Yamini (Miss Hiroko Kurosu) s sannyas early Ranch, Tokyo 1983-08-0x
A-2666 Ma Atit Jayo (Miss Ruriko Inumata) s sannyas ten months, Tokyo 1983-08-01
A-2667 Sw Pantha Vihari (Mr. Yoshihisa Kaneko) s sannyas nine months, Tokyo 1983-08-01
A-2668 Antonio Ruiz-Huerta Carbonell s medical doctor, Madrid 1983-07-15
A-2669 Elvira Rodriguez Alonso u school teacher, Madrid 1983-07-18
A-2670 Verena Waber u freelance interpreter, sannyasin-to-be?, Switzerland 1983-08-03
A-2671 this exhibit number was not found so far in the raw pdfs supplied by OHS.
A-2672 Ma Nirava Louise (Louise Purtell ) s sannyas one month, LA 1983-08-06 Handwritten.
A-2673 Ma Arpana Mary (Mary Ruth) s re silence, California 1983-08-xx Handwritten.
A-2674 Ma Prem Samarpito s re silence, LA 1983-08-08 Handwritten.
A-2675 Ma Amano Lisbeth (Lisbeth Hang) s re silence, California 1983-08-07 Handwritten.
A-2676 Judith Morais u ESL teacher, LA 1983-08-09 Handwritten.
A-2677 Sw Chetan Adarsha (Robert Spenceley) s sannyas five months, California 1983-08-08 Handwritten.
A-2678 Sw Prem Jal (Steven Jeffrey Feldman) s sannyas one year, silence 1983-08-08 Handwritten.
A-2679 Sw Nityananda s sannyas two years, silence 1983-08-07 Handwritten.
A-2680 Sw Anand Shunyam (Howard W. Smith) s sannyas six months, silence 1983-08-07 Handwritten.
A-2681 Sw Shantam Ashvaghosha (illegible H. Taub) s sannyas seven months 1983-08-07 Handwritten.
A-2682 Felisa Cole s sannyas one year, heart 1983-08-07 Handwritten.
A-2683 Ma Jivan Sucheta s sannyas 1.5 year, heart 1983-08-07 Handwritten.
A-2684 Ma Prem Purva (Ingrid Maier) s silence-vs-words undated Handwritten.
A-2685 Horst und Lydia Hektor u German, celebrating virtues of Akshaya RMC in Lugano, Switzerland 1983-08-02
A-2686 Ma Anand Divo s silence, Nurnberg, Germany undated
A-2687 Ma Amiyo (Petra Hoppe) s sannyas two years, silence, Berlin undated Handwritten.
A-2688 Ma Anurag Sindhu (Monika Brandl) s sannyas one month, Germany 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2689 Sw Sunder Günter (Günter Heimbrecht) s searcher, similar themes, handwriting and words as below 1983-08-xx Handwritten.
A-2690 Ma Jivan Gab-illegible s searcher, similar themes, handwriting and words as above 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2691 Ma Prem Alvina s searcher, energy experience, Berlin 1983-08-06 Handwritten.
A-2692 Ma Amitabha s re closing center to consolidate, Frankfurt 1983-08-06
A-2693 Sw Deva Rasika (Reinhard Huber) s opening heart, Germany 1983-08-04 Handwritten.
A-2694 Sw Dhyan Parijato (Thomas Heidelberg) s searching, Germany 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2695 Ma Prem Samvada (Doris Bebrudt) s physical therapist, depressive, Germany 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2696 Sw Chidananda (Peter Freyes) s social worker, therapist, Germany 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2697 Sw Shivam Yatren s Ranch visitor, Germany 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2698 Sw Prem Sagaro (Karlfriedrich Pauly) s minister's son --> Pune, Germany 1983-08-xx Handwritten.
A-2699 Ma Bodhi Sandan (Andrea Sluse (?)) s Ranch visitor, Germany 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2700 Elke Eggeling s sannyas two years, center worker one year, Germany 1983-08-05 Handwritten.
A-2701 Sw Navajato (Robert Fisher) s TV engineer, Germany undated Handwritten.
A-2702 Sw Prem Keshava (Bana Roberto) s tractor driver, solar technician undated Handwritten.
A-2703 Sw Samarpan Alessandro (Alessandro Bonetti) s handyman, sannyas eight months 1983-07-27 Handwritten.
A-2704 Sw Anand Mario (Colombo Mario) s handyman, sannyas four years 1983-07-29 Handwritten.
A-2705 Ma Devadasi (Moro Adria) s secretary, sannyas one year, 1983-07-29 Handwritten.
A-2706 Ma Anand Vira s a poem, Frankfurt 1983-08-06
A-2707 Ma Marga Neeraj (Doris Zenger-Mächter) s wife, mother, sannyas three months, still feeling it out, Basel, Switzerland 1983-08-05 Handwritten in German.
A-2708 Vincent D. McCullough n professor of physical education, Saddleback Community College, Mission Viejo CA 1983-08-22
A-2709 G. Dharmasiri u professor of comparative religion, Swarthmore and Haverford Colleges, PA 1982-02-22 Handwritten.


letter count

How do we love thee? Let us count the ways ..........

In the beginning of creating this page we declared that there were over 2700 letters. And perhaps there were, in a sense. The count from OHS / Noles goes up to 2709.

But ....

As the collection was indexed and the letters looked at more closely, it became apparent that there were rather fewer, depending on how you reckon these things. So we present here the different ways of reckoning. We can now say with some confidence that there were more than 2650, under any reasonable system of reckoning, while noting that some shared phrases and themes did occur.

2709 -- the original count
2694 -- that count with the "missing in action" exhibit numbers removed. Scrolling through the index, one encounters the phrase "this exhibit number was not found so far in the raw pdfs supplied by OHS" occasionally. There are 15 of them. Perhaps they once were letters held and counted by Noles or perhaps not, but it seems unlikely that we will ever be able to prove that these missing exhibits represented real letters at one time. We can just shrug.
2684 -- A further ten letters are found twice each in the various folders' pdfs. So another ten knocked off.

After this it gets to be more a question of what counts as a real, unique letter. Here we will list further anomalies that have been noticed. How should we count them?

Twenty-three authors have been identified as clearly the authors of two different letters. The letters ARE different, but the authors are not. Should these letters be counted as 23 or 46?
Another two names have been designated as POSSIBLY in this category. One cannot be certain the letters come from two people with the same name or just one person. Facts supplied do not point unambiguously either way. In one case, the signatures in the two letters are fairly similar but there are differences too. In the other case, sigs are totally different. Can we be sure in either case?
Then there are four cases of the same letter submitted twice but ostensibly signed by different people. In one of those cases, the text is not identical throughout but for large portions, and the handwriting is very similar. In another case, the text is identical except for identifying details, ie name and profession, with handwriting clearly different.
In a fifth case analogous to the above, there are two letters with similar themes but largely different phrasing and details but still some obvious partial duplication of phraseology, with even the same non-existent English word. There is obvious collaboration. How to count them?

Perhaps other anomalies will turn up, but even discounting the above 30 questionables, we still have 2654, so that for now can be our "at least" floor. Stay tuned!


Brief descriptions of each enclosure follow below. Aside from writers' CV's, or lists of their published articles in scholarly periodicals, which we do NOT include here, there do not appear to have been many. Images of all enclosures will appear with their letters on the individual letter pages, as well as searchable text versions if applicable.

Robert Ellwood's letter (#83) encloses two pages from a bio of Ramana Maharshi to illustrate the concept of teaching in silence.
Sw Prem Leeladhar's letter (#361) encloses copies of pages from The Revolution, Osho's answer to his question about being playful as a plastic surgeon.
Sw Anand Paul's letter (#566) encloses his article on the solar installations at the ranch in the Oregon solar trade's newsletter
Ma Veera's letter (#666) encloses her collection of rave reviews from many newspapers across the US, and not just big city papers
Ma Ananda Sarita's letter (#689) encloses quotes from Osho on dance, taken from Nirvana: The Last Nightmare, ch 4.
Joseph Eger's letter (#744) encloses his "My Turn" op-ed in Newsweek on treating Palestinian Arabs as real people with legitimate needs
Bob van Leer's letter (#754) encloses the article he wrote in his small county newspaper in coastal Oregon
Ma Prem Maitreyi's letter (#1812) encloses newspaper clippings about her calligraphy and stop-smoking employer
Ma Prem Anastasia's letter (#1930) encloses a poster for her band Prinsi Raimund

editors' picks

Since there are so many letters, how is a reader to know which ones might be the most worthy of their attention? This section will attempt to address that with a few recommendations. Our list is of course not going to please everyone, especially as so many of them are totally worthy in so many ways, so good luck ....

14: from a Catholic theologian, observing how traditional sexual morality can be neuroticizing
20: from a sannyasin who has "done it all" in her spiritual search, now with a living Master
37: from a Jesuit priest and teacher, explaining why our collective ideas about religious freedom are limited and therefore unconsciously biased
48: from a televangelist who understands the value of getting input from other intelligent points of view
102: from Sw Anand Maitreya, an awesome expression of being close to the master
115: from a severely handicapped, wheelchair-bound sannyasin given "special" treatment by Osho
162: from a conservative non-sannyasin who nevertheless calls Osho his "spiritual and psychic guide"
168: from a non-sannyasin freelance writer / former professional baseball player, very non-serious: relaxed, humorous deconstruction of common criticisms of Osho
184: from a psychologist, covers a lot of ground concisely re Osho's giant contribution to psychology
185: from a psychologist, Osho's contribution to psychology contrasted with ego- and mind-based Western models
213: from a US public health scientist, pro-health as opposed to anti-disease
231: from a scientist concerned about the proper use of science and its place in society
238: from a nurse / psychologist about communicating about death, the poverty of conventional wisdom
318: from the heart of a sannyasin teacher who had despaired of finding a possibility of helping kids to grow naturally to their highest potential
354: from someone, on the incredible phenomenon of so many people working in harmony while exploring their internal ego-based barriers to such harmony
372: from an artist, on relaxing into the inner emptiness whence all creativity arises
456: from a hospital administrator, explaining how self-transformation leads to job satisfaction, which leads to client satisfaction
463: from an Oxford man, on the synthesis of "objective science" and "introspective science"
466: from a doctor, on inner and outer medicine
472: from a reform school teacher, on transforming inner and outer alienation and oppression
500: from the head of a Chinese Medicine institute in California, on Osho's synthesis of east and west, especially his integration of Taoism
507: from an architect, on architecture for more than the developers' profits and architects' egos
508: from an engineer, on work not as drudgery but fulfillment
529: from a university librarian, on Osho's masterful command of the philosophy of religion
530: from a patent attorney, an explanation of "Let-Go", relating both to catharsis and seeking the divine
533: from Sw Christ Chaitanya, "Mr Meditation", a good general "all-about Bhagwan"
559: from an economist, on applying love and awareness to economics and business administration
564: from a construction co-ordinator, on the innovative building trades co-operation and design at the Ranch
582: from the father of a sannyasin, on seeing so much work done happily to build the city
590: from an urban planner, who lectures also on religion, defense planning, education and changing American values
668: from a musician and teacher, on the processes and magic in music played relaxedly and attuned to other musicians
679: from a TV producer-director, on finding the inner center to balance the creative and business sides in TV production
712: from an actress, a big-picture social critique, recognising a master while still living
718: from Sw Vinod Bharti, an articulate, pointed expression of someone familiar with the Indian spiritual tradition
751: from a heartful LA journalist who sees a lot
805: from a prayerful economist, on the benefits of integrating "work" and spiritual search
813: from an arts and science polymath, on all the environmental initiatives at the ranch: sewage, recycling, riparian reclamation, etc
817: from the Rajneeshpuram Fire Chief, on how co-operation in all things reduces competitiveness and waste
835: from a scientist, on how clarity of perception and insight, not knowledge or intellectual acumen, drive creativity in all fields
1002: from an independent film and TV producer, forthright and clear on "our government's" treatment of Osho
1015: from a Dutch artist, on how freedom and love are necessary to save us from global suicide
1043: from a singer, on work in the moment, not for end result, regards "performance" issues
1072: from a recording engineer, on the unique synthesis of western and eastern music
1191: from an actress, a long, intense psychological autobiography to illustrate her dramatic change with Osho
1196: from an addictions counselor, on how catharsis and surrender are essential tools in addiction cases
1223: from a journalist, on government acceptance of Osho's methods and people in Holland
1267: from an MD / group leader / author on radical aliveness
1276: from an agricultural eonomist, on seeing oneself better, and thereby understanding others better
1288: from a wilderness group facilitator, compares "problem kids" in his groups dropping their problems with Osho's experiments
1357: from a psychologist / educator on the competition and backbiting there versus the harmony and support of the Ranch
1368: from a research biologist, a deep look at science and awe, knowledge and curiosity
1512: an intensely personal pilgrimage from a born-again Christian to love-and-meditation per Osho
1569: about an unusual medical condition healed by her work on herself per Osho's advice
1651: from a teacher and mother, on the remarkable freedom and wholeness of kids in the Ranch school
1652: from a computer programmer, on work quality: not WHAT you do but HOW you do it and how you work with others on the team
1678: from a teacher, on the insights relevant to teaching she gained from Osho
1693: from a musician and mathematician (and meditator) on the merging of those three Ms
1836: from an energy engineer and environmental policy expert, on sustainable communities in the face of multiple doomsday scenarios
1886: from an actress, deep understanding of acting processes, plumbing inner depths, sharing creatively
1913: about a long journey from Southern Baptist, Air Force, etc to letting go
1948: from an artist and musician, on the artistry of the great dead guys, including Zen, then the ultimate artistry of the living master
1968: from a doctor, on the need for large-scale social experiments to heal widespread psychic divides
2074: an intensely honest journey into sannyas, including all the resistance
2076: from a NY financial whiz, amazed at the sharing and interest among co-workers and clients after taking sannyas
2260: from a financial administrator, a multi-dimensional tapestry of Osho and sannyas
2342: from an all-American family member contrasting it with the aliveness of what Osho offers
2468: a survey of one person's growth processes, what Osho offers, etc
2562: an exploration of the techniques of therapy vs love
2583: from a research scientist and seeker, about needing a real master to break through conditioning, open channels of love

more to come? .... .... submit your own choices


Some snappy quotes are here from the letters, just a sentence or a fragment, pointing to some essence. A few have been universalized by replacing a particular datum with an underlined space (_____________). Authors are not indicated except by their status as sannyasin / non / unknown. Some will not yet be findable by a text search, please be patient :-)

"All the more reason in a country devoted to religious freedom, to welcome a man and a city expressing and demonstrating what we all say we want: a community devoted to both the spirit and the earth, the psyche and the body". (S)
"His religion is every second, not an hour a week". (S)
"His silence is the most eloquent religious statement I have ever heard". (S)
"Do you at the INS wish to go down in history as Pontius Pilates?" (S)
"His teachings and his books have been a constant inspiration to me and have deeply affected both my personal life and my _______________. Since coming in contact with his teachings my ______________ has become happier and more relaxed and my interaction with _____________ has improved immensely". (U)
"I have never encountered a more clear case of an individual who qualifies as a person of 'exceptional ability' as does Bhawan Shree Rajneesh" (U)
"The energy brought to a job through creativity and play is infinitely greater than the exertion of effort through tension" (S)
"I don't think you will find so many open, loving, easy-going people per square mile anywhere else in the world" (S)
"I'm fulfilled here doing what hundreds of people are doing and feeling empty and bored" (S)
"I have never seen a place in the world with so many alive, creative, beautiful people" (U)
"His teachings and presence were a break-through to continue my work with an immense joy, love and attention" (S)
"A pioneer spirit, A desire to be self-sufficient, Resourcefulness, Good planning, Diligence and Hard work, Enthusiasm, Cooperation, Good Humor, Kindness, Trust, Warm-hearted hospitality, Tolerance" (U)
"Unique combination of freedom and discipline" (S)
"a totally new dimension to my work. This does not concern the techniques of _______ but the quality of the contact with the patients" (U)
"And this was the touch, the most exceptional and the most simple touch that was missing until now" (U)
"He got it, He reveals it inside each of us, and we reveal it inside the people we meet or work with" (U)
"There is no person alive (that I am aware of) who has a more profound, far-reaching and beneficial effect on psychiatry and psychology" (N)
"Helping me to stay calm and relaxed .... working all day with tense and apprehensive patients" (U)
"He can be a perfect scientist and, at the same time, a completely irrational poet" (S)
"Such magnificent work can only be accomplished by a community which lives and works in an authentic way" (N)
"Not an airy-fairy flower power scene but a grounded sincere experiment to explore all our potential given to us by existence" (S)
"As far as I can see, all psycho-therapists in the West have no guidance that can lead them beyond the limitations of the mind. So they try to help themselves and people but anybody remains confined to human limitations. On the other hand, almost all of the so-called spiritual leaders are in the same trap: their guidance comes from old scriptures or rules; there is no real Master able to put life into the scriptures." (U)
"For me, His presence is the essential thing, and it is this presence that keeps reminding me of what is -- of what meditation is, of what love is, of what this existence is." (S)
"He is totally contemporary, yet he has his roots in that eternal stream that lies at the heart of all Religion" (S)
"Teaching itself is an art apart from any particular medium, be it dance or drawing. The greatest musician might have no skill at transmitting the key to one's own creativity. This is the skill in which Bhagwan is a master" (S)
"To me, celebration means a way of thanking existence for the awareness to feel" (S)
" I realized that a vital part [of standard __________ training] was missing, that is: having a deep insight into yourself and your emotional patterns before you could satisfactorily communicate with other emotional beings" (S)
"As science inevitably moves towards the truth of meditation as the only undoubtable reality, Bhagwan allows meditation to encompass and use all the systems and technologies of science to make man as materially rich as meditation makes him spiritually" (S)
"He says it's the silence within that you must find -- go within and he shows us by being within, silent and not talking about it. He's real". (S)
"He is a religious leader. And who is more entitled to say so than his disciples? Who can say more about a love affair than the lover?" (S)
"Then he came and life became an adventure". (S)
"Albert Einstein stated that mediocre minds will not recognize great minds" (S)
"A kind of balance between order and chaos which comes with meditation" (U)
"Bhagwan communicates through silence a music, a harmony far beyond the capacity of words, even his words, to describe" (S)
"Tears of love run down my cheeks, belly laughs engulf me, love caresses me, and such a peace settles within my being" (S)
"What is unique about his teachings is that they emphasize that the inner path can be walked with dancing feet and a joy filled heart and enable one to do so" (U)
"When was the last time Jesus or Buddha or Krishna spoke to any of their followers?" (S)
"You will find no cigarette butts on the ground, it really shows that everybody becomes able to be aware about his space of living" (S)
"One only has to witness the flood of useless verbiage which constantly assails us in the media to realise there is some merit in the suggestion that Truth is Silence (S)
"When I had to go back to ________ I was not sad to leave [Rajneeshpuram]. I was so full of joy and gratitude" (S)
"I recognized Him the moment I opened one of His books reading some sentences about love. Suddenly He was here" (S)
"An individual has appeared who is not only willing, but able to show modern physicians how to heed the ancient exhortation: 'Heal Thyself'." (U)
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