The Buddha The Emptiness of the Heart ~ 08

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event type discourse & meditation
date & time 15 Sep 1988 pm
location Gautam the Buddha Auditorium, Pune
language English
audio Available, duration 2h 21min. Quality: good.
Osho leading meditation from 2:06:45
Live music before and after the discourse.
online audio
video Available, duration 2h 21min. Quality: good.
online video
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shorttitle EMPTI08
Reader of the sutra: Ma Prem Maneesha. Questions are being read by Osho himself.
After discourse Osho leads No-Mind Meditation.
The sutra
Engo said:
The enlightened man enjoys perfect freedom in active life. He is like a dragon supported by deep waters, or like a tiger that commands its mountain retreat. The man who is not enlightened drifts about in the affairs of the world. He is like a ram that gets its horns caught in a fence, or like a man who waits for a hare to run against a tree stump and stun itself.
The enlightened man's words are sometimes like a lion crouched to spring, sometimes like the diamond king's treasure sword. Sometimes their effect is to shut the mouths of the world-famed ones, sometimes it is as if they simply follow the waves coming one after another.
When the enlightened man meets others who are enlightened, then friend meets friend. He values them, and they encourage each other. When he meets those who are adrift in the world, then master meets disciple. His way of dealing with such people is farsighted. He stands firm before them, like a thousand-fathom cliff.
Therefore it is said that the way of the absolute is manifest everywhere: It has no fixed rules and regulations. The master sometimes makes a blade of grass stand for the golden-faced buddha, sixteen feet high, and sometimes makes the golden-faced buddha, sixteen feet high, stand for a blade of grass.
On another occasion, Engo said:
The universe is not veiled; all its activities lie open. Whichever way he may go, the enlightened man meets no obstruction. At all times he behaves independently. His every word is devoid of egocentricity, yet still has the power to kill others.
Once the delusive way of thinking is cut off, a thousand eyes are suddenly opened. One word blocking the stream of thought, and all non-actions are controlled. Is there anyone who would undergo the experience of dying the same death and living the same life as the buddha? Truth is manifest everywhere.

Question 1
Our Beloved Master, I find it more difficult to disidentify from my feelings than from my thoughts. It seems that this is because my feelings are more rooted in my body.
Are feelings closer to the head, in fact, than to the empty heart?
Question 2
Beloved Master, recently, I said I felt aware of an emptiness inside, and how strange it was to relate to life feeling like that. You suggested I act all those things one has to do in everyday life.
When I don't remember to act, most of my communication with people -- to a greater or lesser extent -- feels something like Engo's ram with its horns entangled in a fence.
But, remembering to act, I feel disengaged from people; there is a distance from people, and so they don't affect me. Yet curiously, the better I act as if I am loving, the more loving I feel.
Can you explain this?


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