The Eternal Quest ~ 15

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event type discourse
date & time 1973 ?
location unknown
language English
audio Not available
online audio
video Available, duration 0h 1min. Quality: good. Incomplete, only a few lines of the 1st and 3rd paragraphs of the response to Q6 (under revision).
The clip can be found in the film Guru - Bhagwan, His Secretary and His Bodyguard (2010) at 03min 57sec.
online video
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online text find the PDF of this discourse
shorttitle QUEST15
Reader of the questions: unknown (most of recording is missing).
Question 1
On every other street corner in India, it seems one sees beggars who claim to be sadhus, renunciates. Are they just parasites ant exploiters, or are they really authentic holy men?
Question 2
Then how can one tell if a sadhu is authentic or not?
Question 3
Why are Westerners becoming so interested in Indian religions?
Question 4
Isn't India religious?
Question 5
Is it a vicious circle?
Question 6
Can religion or meditation help one to be more economically well off? Can it make a poor country rich?
Question 7
What are your ideas on socialism?
Question 8
What about socialism not as a means of creating equality but only as a means of providing everyone with the basic necessities of life?


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