The Great Challenge

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The great challenge of Osho is not just a challenge, it is also an invitation to delve into the inner world. Within this series of discourses is the wisdom of a 20th-century buddha, made available through his response to questions from people who sense there is more to life than meets the eye. Osho covers it all - from God and faith to existence and consciousness, from the miracles of Jesus to the materializations of Sai Baba, from intellect and intelligence to the significance of the master- disciple connection. This introduction to Osho's work includes the secret aspects of spiritual traditions as well as talks on death, reincarnation and the scientific foundation of his revolutionary technique, Dynamic Meditation.
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Later published as part of Osho Books on CD-ROM.
"Spontaneous talks given to disciples and friends of Osho at Woodlands, Bombay"
For the source of each chapter, see the table of contents and discussion (The chapters 6, 8, 10-12, and Appendix have not been identified yet). Judging by ch.1 & 3 it seems that compilation parts are edited in this book.
Ch.9 previously published as ch.9 of The Silent Explosion.
time period of Osho's original talks/writings
At least from May 6, 1970 to Apr 6, 1972 : timeline
number of discourses/chapters
12 plus an Appendix   (see table of contents)


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The Great Challenge

A Rajneesh Reader

Year of publication : 1982
Publisher : Grove Press, Inc., New York, USA
ISBN 0-394-17934-X (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 211
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : P
Edition notes : First Evergreen edition 1982.
Author as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Editor: Hannelore Rosset
Cover design: Roy Colmer
Introduction: Sw Krishna Prem

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The Great Challenge

Year of publication : 1993
Publisher : Rebel Publishing House, India
ISBN 81-7261-007-6 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 210
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : H
Edition notes : Second Revised Edition. Copyright Osho International Foundation.
Size : 210 x 146 x 17 mm
Editing by Sw Anand Robin
Typesetting by Ma Anand Disha
Design by Ma Prem Shunyo
Photographs by Osho Photo Services
Production by Ma Dhyan Amiyo & Sw Prem Prabhu
Printed bij TATA Press Bombay
Introduction: Sw Krishna Prem

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The Great Challenge

Year of publication : 1998
Reprint : 2000, 2003, 2006
Publisher : Diamond Publication, New Delhi
ISBN 81-7182-438-2 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 206
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : P
Edition notes :
Introduction: Sw Krishna Prem

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The Great Challenge

Exploring the World Within

Year of publication : 2007
Publisher : HarperCollins
ISBN 9788172236847 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 250
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : P
Edition notes :

table of contents

For more on the sources of each chapter, see the discussion.

editions 1982, 2006-Diamond**
chapter titles
discourses & interviews
event location duration media
1 Flight of the Alone to the Alone 16 Aug 1970 pm Bombay unknown none
2 Dynamic Meditation (q.1 of chapter 2) 29 Jul 1970 pm Vadodara (Baroda), meditation camp unknown none
2 Dynamic Meditation
(rest questions of chapter 2)
6 May 1970 Bombay unknown none
3 Yoga: A Spontaneous Happening 27 Oct 1970 pm Bombay unknown none
4 LSD: A Shortcut to False Samadhi 25 Oct 1970 pm Bombay unknown none
5 The Vital Balance 6 Jan 1971
Woodlands, Bombay unknown none
6 Religion: The Last Luxury unknown unknown unknown none
7 Secrets of Discipleship** 26 Feb 1971 pm Bombay unknown none
8 God Is Existence Itself unknown unknown unknown none
9 The Unknown Life of Jesus 6 Apr 1972 Woodlands, Bombay unknown none
10 Out of Nothing ...** unknown unknown unknown none
11 Remaining Closed to the Lower:
A Technique for Transformation
unknown unknown unknown none
12 A Personal Seeking, an Individual Quest unknown unknown unknown none
Appendix: Between Death and Rebirth ... unknown unknown unknown none
** 2006 Diamond edition:
ch.7 = The Secrets of Discipleship;
ch.10 = Out of Nothing;
Appendix = Between Death & Rebirth.