The Great Zen Master Ta Hui ~ 06

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event type discourse
date & time 17 Jul 1987 pm
location Chuang Tzu Auditorium, Pune
language English
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Live music after the discourse.
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shorttitle TAHUI06
Reader of the sutras: Ma Prem Maneesha.
The sutra
There is nothing to attain
Only if the person truly possesses the faculty of wisdom and will power will he consent to step back and reflect.
Yung Chia also said, "The real nature of ignorance is identical to the nature of enlightenment. Original inherent nature is the naturally real enlightened one." If you think like this, suddenly, in the place where thought cannot reach, you will see the body of reality in which there is not a single thing -- this is the place for you to get out of birth and death. What I said before, that one cannot seek the dharma, which has nothing to attain, with the attitude that there is something to attain, is just this principle.
Gentlemen of affairs make their living within the confines of thought and judgment their whole lives: As soon as they hear a man of knowledge speak of the dharma in which there is nothing to attain, in their hearts there is doubt and confusion, and they fear falling into emptiness.
As soon as you hear it said that you shouldn't think, immediately you are at a loss and can't find your grip. You're far from realizing that this very lack of anywhere to get a grip is the time for you to let go of your body and your life.
If correct mindfulness is present at all times, and the attitude of fear for birth and death doesn't waver, then, over long days and months, what was unfamiliar will naturally become familiar, and what was stale will naturally become fresh. But what is the stale? It's the brilliance and cleverness, that which thinks and judges. What is the unfamiliar? It's enlightenment, nirvana, true thusness, the Buddha-nature -- where there's no thought or discrimination, where figuring and calculating cannot reach, where there's no way for you to use your mental arrangements.
After the sutra is read, Osho talks about the dedication and totality of Maitreya, who has just left his body, and has been enlightened for the last three years.


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