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Osho Times International, Feb 1, 1990, supplement

On April 6 1989, Osho gave instructions for the setting up of a committee to be called "The Inner Circle." The aim of the committee, he said, was to reach unanimous decisions about the continued functioning and expansion of the commune and his work. "I am tired," he said, "and I want to retire."

Over the next few months Osho kept close watch on the workings of the committee members. Eventually he finalised the committee at 21 members, whom he said had been chosen to represent the commune departments and his work. He stressed that the inner workings of the committee were to remain a secret. He also said that the committee is not to be involved in spiritual considerations, but should look to the mundane work, the practical problems of the commune: "The Inner Circle" is not a club to discuss philosophy. It is a pragmatic and practical way to decide things."

Osho said that when any member dies a new member is to be chosen unanimously by the remaining members.

The original members were:

1 : Sw Anand Jayesh (*1) - chairman
2 : Sw Prem Amrito (*1) - vice-chairman
3 : Ma Deva Anando (*1) - secretary
4 : Sw Amitabh (*1)
5 : Ma Atmo Anasha (*1)
6 : Ma Shantam Avirbhava (*1)
7 : Sw Chitten (*1)
8 : Sw Devageet (*2)
9 : Ma Prem Garimo (*1)
10 : Ma Prem Hasya (*1)
11 : Sw Satya Bodhisattva (Jayantibhai) (*1)
12 : Ma Prem Kaveesha (*1)
13 : Ma Yoga Mukta (*1)
14 : Ma Yoga Neelam (*1)
15 : Ma Prem Nirvano (*3)
15 : Sw Plotinus (*3)
16 : Sw Prem Prasad (*1)
17 : Sw Anand Tathagat (*1)
18 : Ma Prem Turiya (*2)
19 : Sw Satya Vedant (*2)
20 : Sw Dhyan Yogi (*1)
21 : Ma Prem Zareen (*2)

Information from Osho: Intimate Glimpses, p.153:
(*1): At the time of the first meeting of the Inner Circle, there were only seventeen members
(*2): People Osho added later to make up the twenty-one
(*3): When Nirvano died in December 1989, Osho replaced her with Plotinus

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