The Last Testament (Vol 2) ~ 03

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event type interview
date & time 23 Aug 1985 pm
location Jesus Grove, Rajneeshpuram
language English
audio Available, duration 2h 9min. Quality: good.
Live music after the interview.
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video Available, duration 2h 18min. Quality: good.
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shorttitle LAST203
Interview. Announcements by Ma Anand Sheela : Ted Viramont, Madras Pioneer, Madras, Oregon.
Question 1
What is an average day for Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh consist of?
Question 2
Do you have leisurely pursuits at all?
Question 3
Edited excerpt: 10min 00sec, questions 3-6 **
Do you believe in fighting injustice?
Question 4
Do you think that one should fight justice, injustice?
Question 5
How's this moment going for you?
Question 6
About a year and a half ago, I had a really dark time in my life and somebody suggested to get into meditation, and I bought your Orange book on meditation. And the one that changed what was happening for me was the laughter meditation. As soon as I knew I was awake, and I started laughing, the whole day went completely different than before. So I need to thank you for showing me this meditation.
Question 7
Edited excerpt: 5min 54sec, questions 7-8 **
Somebody told me that the only devils running around are the ones that are in our own hearts. Do you think that that's true?
Question 8
Why do you think that is?
Question 9
Edited excerpt: 11min 50sec, question 9 **
Does society have a responsibility to its disadvantaged people?
Question 10
Last year's program for the homeless, was that your idea?
Question 11
Were you happy with the results?
Question 12
What were your first impressions when you arrive here at Rajneeshpuram?
Question 13
Are we talking figuratively or...?
Question 14
What are your impressions of the city now? You were here and you had to make the adjustment with the desert. What's your impression?
Question 15
You told some reporter to tell the Australians you were coming down there. So do you have any plans in the immediate future to go...?
Question 16
How's your health?
Question 17
What happens to Rajneesh and Rajneeshpuram when you die? It continues on as it is?
Question 18
You must admit that you have something to do with the religion of Rajneeshism?
Question 19
Now you now advocate nonviolence....
Question 20
I'd been led to believe that for a while.
Question 21
You were in India at the time that India gained her independence from Britain. You were ten, between ten and twenty at that time; is that correct? What kind of an affect did that have on you after what was going on before... Living under the British rule, and then not to have them anymore. It must have been rather traumatic for most Indians. Was it?
Question 22
Is there anything that can be done to save India, do you think?
Question 23
Did the independence of India have any bearing on your outlook in life?
Question 24
It's a big job to try to bring the world together in one?
Question 25
Do you think that governments will keep escalating until they forget what war is like, and then blow 'em all up?
Question 26
Have you let them know?
Question 27
I heard last week they, they found AIDS viruses in tears also.
Question 28
The government is repressing that?
Question 29
They're not going to make love to their guns. They're going to make love to something else.
Question 30
Do you have any idea what that is?
Question 31
We obviously have a lot of work to do on our planet here.
Question 32
Do you think that we should continue to explore off of our planet?
Question 33
Doesn't that start with ourselves though? We have to start here?
Question 34
If it's possible for Oregon and California to be side by side and be part of one nation, is it not possible for sannyasins and the rest of Oregon to live side by side and be part of one nation?
Question 35
Are you putting the responsibility on them then?
Question 36
I've been out there. There are people to be afraid of. You should be afraid of some of those people out there.
Question 37
There's no immediate plans for that right now, is there? Great. Are there any plans in the future that would be similar to the street people invitation?
Question 38
I would be happy to hold it until next month if you wanted to tell me now?
Question 39
Edited excerpt: 10min 28sec, parts of questions 39-42 **
Do you think it's true that the more light you have the better you can see what is trivial and outmoded in your conditioning?
Question 40
(Unintelligible, Osho also talking)
Question 41
You said you felt sorry for the poor man because he ....
Question 42
How are you bored with Rolls Royces?


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