The Last Testament (Vol 2) ~ 05

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event type interview
date & time 25 Aug 1985 pm
location Jesus Grove, Rajneeshpuram
language English
audio Available, duration 2h 30min. Quality: good.
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video Available, duration 2h 48min. Quality: good.
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shorttitle LAST205
Interview. Announcements by Ma Anand Sheela : Lars Mogensen, Norres Kane, Sweden.
CD-ROM on this chapter: Interview with Norres Kane, Hässleholm, Sweden.
Question 1
My name is Lawrence Morgenson(sic), and I work for a newspaper in Southern Sweden. It's a smaller newspaper. And I've got quite a lot of questions....
... So if you would be kind, kind of be as brief as possible in your answers.
Unfortunately I haven't read any of your books, and I know there's a lot of them. So maybe some of my questions, or all of them, are unnecessary in a sense. But still....
Question 2
A quote from one of your book covers is: "I teach a sensuous religion, beauty is far more valuable than truth. Beauty is God himself, truth is just an aspect of beauty." And I'd like to ask you three questions about those quotes.
Are you actually teaching a religion -- are your ideas a religion? I hear you mentioning God. Is there a God? Do you believe in God, or maybe you're even some kind of god to your disciples yourself.
And you're saying beauty is far more valuable than truth. Is that why -- from what I see -- most of the people here are young, good-looking people?
Question 3
But you don't know the meaning -- the goal of what....
Question 4
So the point is enjoying what you do at this moment....
Question 5
Yes, but you're working with (inaudible). You could call it a religion.
Question 6
Edited excerpt: 12min 23sec, questions 6-7 **
So do you -- would that sort of denounce people who are trying to make a better future for themselves as well as for their children and their children and so forth? I'm speaking of people that are active in trying to make a better environment, like Green Peace, peace movements, people that are working with trying to make a better future in different ways.
Question 7
People are getting very worried about the political situation with atomic threats, nuclear war threats, the environment, and pollution, things like that, which is not the same sacrifice from father to son that we're now talking about.
Question 8
It seems that they're ready to fight for your life, though.
Question 9
All right. I don't think that I can agree with you that it takes suffering sexual repression, maybe poverty and so forth, to make people go to war, because it doesn't take very many people to start a war because there's so much technology involved. People think that there should be something done now. That are you suggesting that everybody just enjoy themselves...
Question 10
So what do you think of your president Ronald Reagan personally?
Question 11
That takes away the whole idea of democracy, doesn't it?
Question 12
Question 13
Do you consider your commune, your town of Rajneeshpuram, a democracy?
Question 14
But all the different individuals here are all working together for the same purpose, creating or making your ideas and your thoughts of how you're supposed to live real.
Question 15
You keep telling them to doubt everything you say and make inquiries about everything. But it seems to me that the only thing they really don't doubt is you as a person. I mean they keep giving you gifts, cars, their work, their money.
Question 16
This morning you were sort of making fun of the Moslems have their Mecca and their Black rock there, the communists have their Kremlin, Christians have Jerusalem. But what's the difference between them and these Rajneeshees, the town here, the temples and you?
Question 17
But, isn't this still a place where people come from all over the world, sort of like pilgrims go to Jerusalem, or....
Question 18
That has been the wish of every religion so far, hasn't it?
Question 19
Why, then, do the Christians send out missionaries and the Moslems talk about holy war, and so forth?
Question 20
Is there any way to make a sin in this kind of society?
Question 21
If I steal one of your cars, or if I rape your wife?
Question 22
What if she's not?
Question 23
It sounds like a very macho and male way of looking at it.
Question 24
Why do you think that there are more women here than men -- because that's a fact, isn't it?
Question 25
Why is it so, do you think? Do you have an explanation?
Question 26
Reliable in what way?
Question 27
So instead he's interested in other men?
Question 28
What's the trouble with being interested in other men?
Question 29
So what about all the left-over women that don't have any men?
Question 30
Do you believe in that?
Question 31
How do you personally feel about living in luxury at the same time as millions of children are dying every day from starvation in this world. Aren't you a little concentrated just to yourself?
Question 32
When was that?
Question 33
The problem is that there are too many people, not that the resources are....
Question 34
What do you think will happen when the time comes that you die? Will these people that are now with you, continue your ideas and your thoughts? Is there anybody who's going to take over your position of the one that comes up ideas? I mean, your books are useless because they're all contradicting each other.
Question 35
Can you call it intelligensia to kill fifty percent of the population of India?
Question 36
So do you think it's better to have one-fourth of the earth's population living in luxury than having the total population living fairly well?
Question 37
I'm not sure about Ethiopia, but I'm sure out of lots of the countries that are now starving have come natural resources (inaudible).
Question 38
I've been told that you have made a lot of different statements about people from different nationalities, making fun of them in different ways. It would be interesting to hear what you've said about Swedish people, and maybe especially about the Swedish sannyasins that you've met.
Question 39
It is backward?
Question 40
I'm sure there are a lot of people that would like to meet you. In what sense is it backwards, as of being sannyasins?
Question 41
But what makes Sweden more backwards than Germany, for instance, where you have a lot of....
Question 42
Isn't that Karl Marx?
Question 43
Do you consider your own movement a revolution?
Question 44
So your movement could never turn Sweden around, so to speak?
Question 45
Don't you think you scare some of the German young people here when you're talking about it would be good for the world -- for India, for instance -- with an Adolf Hitler-type person to clean out -- to help the situation.
Question 46
This morning you said something about that believing is just carrying on knowledge from somebody else. But isn't that exactly what these sannyasins are doing?
Question 47
They're taking your knowledge to themselves.


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