The Last Testament (Vol 2) ~ 20

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event type interview
date & time 10 Sep 1985 pm
location Jesus Grove, Rajneeshpuram
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 35min. Quality: good.
Live music after the interview.
online audio
video Available, duration 1h 37min. Quality: good.
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shorttitle LAST220
Interview. Announcements by Ma Prem Savita : Hugh Schmidt from the West Australian (inaudible)
CD-ROM on this chapter: Interview with Hugh Schmidt, The Melbourne Herald Group, Melbourne, Australia.
Question 1
Is your retinue of sannyasins throughout the world growing in number or is it declining?
Question 2
Can you estimate how many you might have worldwide?
Question 3
How many say ten years ago would you think? Or when you left India how many do you think you had?
Question 4
And what do you think brings people to places like Rajneeshpuram? Do you think it's for the good life or do you think to find themselves, to find their inner selves or is it a combination of reasons that brings people here to live?
Question 5
In Western Australia there is quite a strong and healthy commune in fremantle, and they were trying to get established in Pemberton which caused quite a lot of concern amongst the local population. The Pemberton council has refused to issue them a permit -- does that worry you at all?
Question 6
You'll be fighting?
Question 7
So you'll be fighting it legally in...?
Question 8
You said some time ago that you'd like to visit Australia, particularly West....
Do you think you'll still go down there?
Question 9
Do you think the local townspeople in the small town of Pemberton should be worried about the Rajneeshees?
Question 10
Do you think you have a paradise on earth (inaaudible).
Question 11
Everyone seems to be smiling and happy.
Question 12
Have you ever had to ask any, anyone to leave Rajneeshpuram?
Question 13
You have a fairly active police force here -- do they get much work to do?
Question 14
How is your health these days, Bhagwan?
Question 15
Do you have to take medication?
Question 16
Are you a vegetarian?
Question 17
Bhagwan, why did you break your silence which lasted nearly three years?
Question 18
Well, your words tonight are going to be read by at least four million people, if they buy the paper.
Question 19
Getting onto another subject which I know is not taboo here....
Question 20
I believe for at least a year you have been aware of the danger of the AIDS problem and you have instilled careful precautions amongst your sannyasins -- is that correct?
Question 21
For how long have you been aware of this danger?
Question 22
Do you think it could destroy mankind or....?
Question 23
A newspaper I saw in Vancouver two days ago has a Rajneeshpuram dateline and it says, "AIDS has struck the Rajneeshees: Two followers of guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh have contracted the usual, usually fatal disease." Is it true?
Question 24
Are these two people related? Or are they living together now.
Question 25
So the sannyasins who live here are taught and encouraged to take every precaution -- they don't allow kissing or....?
Question 26
So you practice zero birth growth?
Question 27
But surely if the outside world adopted the same policy, it wouldn't take long for the third world countries, who would never practice zero birth control, to take over the world maybe.
Question 28
Are you politically-minded, Bhagwan?
Question 29
What do you think of President Reagan?
Question 30
You're a leader of a big group of people; people look up to you -- what have you got that President Reagan hasn't got?
Question 31
Are you having a birthday soon aren't you? Are you having a big celebration for your birthday?
Question 32
Are you really enjoying it?
Question 33
Do you spend much time of your day reading or writing?
Question 34
Do you read newspapers?
Question 35
Do you rise early in the morning or do you just get up when you feel like it?
Question 36
Do you meditate for many hours a day?
Question 37
Do you ever visit the public entertainment in Rajneeshpuram?
Question 38
I believe you did make a quick visit to the disco one night.
Question 39
But you don't mind your sannyasins enjoying themselves at these....?
Question 40
Do you deny yourself pleasures of the flesh?
Question 41
Do you enjoy a drink of alcohol? -- beer or wine.
Question 42
But you like your sannyasins to be moderate in um....
Question 43
What happens when the Bhagwan shuffles off this mortal coil? Will the Rajneeshees just fade away or do you think the movement will stay forever?
Question 44
You need a psychoanalyst here?
Question 45
Those books are written from your talks?
Question 46
Just like this might be used?
Question 47
Do you ever play back what you have said or do you, once you've said it, just forget about it?
Question 48
What do you think of material things? I've read various reports about you having seventy Rolls Royces and I notice you have a beautiful diamond watch on your hand -- do material things worry you at all or do they concern you?
Question 49
Does it keep good time?
Question 50
In these days of fear about AIDS, do you think your philosophy of free love is a viable philosophy? Surely the precautions that sannyasins have to take, must take a lot of the enjoyment out of love.
Question 51
Yes, I think a lot of world leaders are doing the ostrich and putting their head in the sand and pretending it will go away, or hoping it will go away, but it won't go away.
Question 52
Yes. It does sound a bit stupid. Do you condone homosexuality in Rajneeshpuram?
Question 53
That's not living for today, though. That's not enjoying life, is it?
Question 54
The people in my home state are very worried about the Rajneeshee group and have you any message for them -- can you allay their fears? Can you tell them something that might make them feel happier?
Question 55
I've had a look at your farming community here and the way you recycle things and it's very very good.
Question 56
I was told that I would see armed guards patrolling the streets -- I haven't seen any since I've been here. Do you still have armed guards?
Question 57
Preventive rather than...?
Question 58
But they are sannyasins -- the policemen are sannyasins?
Question 59
So you take all necessary steps to...?
Question 60
Do you think it... One day it might lead to bloodshed?
Question 61
Has the governor visited here at all? -- state governor.
Question 62
You welcome visitors, don't you?
Question 63
Sorry to go back to my home state, but would you like to establish a Rajneeshee community in...?
Question 64
So you'll be fighting the legal moves that will be made?


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