The Last Testament (Vol 2) ~ 22

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event type interview
date & time 12 Sep 1985 pm
location Jesus Grove, Rajneeshpuram
language English
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Live music after the interview.
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shorttitle LAST222
Interview. Announcements by Ma Prem Savita : (name inaudible)
CD-ROM on this chapter: Interview with Bunte, Offenburg, West Germany.
Question 1
Bhagwan, since when have you been aware of the dangers of AIDS?
Question 2
You said before that this was something that had to happen sooner or later.
Question 3
Why not in the fifties, why not in the sixties or seventies? Why right now?
Question 4
And do you feel that homosexuals were the first to suffer because their unnatural way would leave them most susceptible? Is that something that might naturally or logically follow?
Question 5
You said in discourse a few days ago that AIDS is not a disease, it is death, that the scientists say there will never be a cure -- don't you feel this is quite negative statement or accessment, just as a hundred years ago people said that man would never fly, let alone set foot on the moon?
Question 6
But couldn't you say the same thing about a cure for AIDS?
Question 7
I had heard that you had said this, mostly as it pertained to homosexuals, that there was a loss of polarity in their lives, but how about those who are unwittingly infected, from homosexuals, normal heterosexual people? I would hate to be infected from some kind of contact with a homosexual, but I would have that will to survive -- would my will to want to survive help me?
Question 8
So then this community, it seems, is the only one in the world that's going out of its way to to avoid it?
Question 9
So you are suggesting that the will of the world is in a sense looking to die?
Question 10
I was under the impression that you're encouraging marriage amongst people too.
Question 11
Especially in the light of the, the problem with AIDS and so forth, that people become closer and with one person? No.
Question 12
So it's a legal game?
Question 13
My feeling is that sannyasins don't fear death, so why fear AIDS and are you not...?
Question 14
How has it affected the quality of life here?... I have a feeling the quality of life is not quite the same, now, that there is this avoidance of death.
Question 15
I thought God didn't exist?
Question 16
Okay. You've also said in discourse that no children have been born here in four years. And that the world is now not a good place to bring a child into. Isn't the child an opportunity to reeducate, renew and replace the old ways.... In a commune such as this, where you are going to great lengths to filter out the sick through awareness, the greatest opportunity exists to bring in new generations of physically healthy and spiritually pure individuals.
Question 17
What about the possibility of using your sperm?
Question 18
Well, would there be the possibility of a higher likelihood that your offspring...?
Question 19
Well, what about then, just your intelligence? You have an intelligence level that is quite high....
Question 20
But you spoke before of, of having a new generation here, that you're planning for that, you speak of other great men, then again, why not your own?
Question 21
Do you think people will be disappointed?
Question 22
What kind of protective measures has the community instituted to curb the AIDS threat? And should the problem become larger, what future measures may be taken?
Question 23
Did you help make these decisions, to implement these measures?
Question 24
Or the medical people here only....?
Question 25
And did they consult with.... Because certainly these affect the quality of life here, these new measures, and I should think that's something that you would ultimately have a say over.
Question 26
Should I think that I am doing well because I have a big nose?
Question 27
Does it show?
Question 28
I've heard rumors that you're possibly planning a program similar to the share-a-home program, but with AIDS victims, and I'm wondering if there's any truth to those rumors.
Question 29
The magazine is under the impression that the Dutch sannyasin population is one of the largest, percentage-wise, in relation to the total population of the Netherlands. If that's so, what do you think could be a explanation for that?
Question 30
What about the Americans?
Question 31
How is that manifest most obviously?
Question 32
Is that a problem for you in that the Americans are chicken, and that you're not robbing America of its sons and daughters, which is always what people are assuming?
Question 33
Which would create more controversy, if more people were saying, "I'm losing my son and daughter to this commune," since that's usually the way the media reports it -- and that's the hysteria that's reported in many newspapers.
Question 34
Is it possible that this isn't so attractive to Americans possibly because they have such a superior attitude?
Question 35
Do you have fun with that?
Question 36
In the recent Der Spiegel interview you called Hitler a true and great leader -- do you stand by this or were perhaps you quoted out of context?
Question 37
I've been at the Ranch now seven times. The news peg or reason or headline for each of my visits would be something like this: the first visit -- India's sex guru comes to America; my second visit was India's sex guru swallows small town; my third visit, I came here for the first festival, welcoming sannyasins to the new ranch and the small, swallowed town; the fourth visit I made was for the second festival and photographing the progress of the new city; the fifth time was for guns, gambling and because a very wealthy German blue blood showed up here; the sixth time was for welcoming the homeless; and now I'm here doing a story on AIDS. What do you think might be the reason for my next visit?


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