The Last Testament (Vol 2) ~ 30

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event type interview
date & time 21 Sep 1985 pm
location Sanai Grove, Rajneeshpuram
language English
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shorttitle LAST230
Interview. Announcements by Ma Prem Hasya : (name inaudible) ABC national television Australia (questions 1-25); Dirk Masterson(?) from People Magazine, USA (q.26-44); Bert Rudman from KOMO-TV, Seattle (q.45-62).
CD-ROM on this chapter: Press Conference: ABC-TV Australia; People Magazine, San Francisco, Ca, USA; KOMO-TV, Seattle, WA, USA.
Question 1 : ABC-TV Australia
You know the constraints of television, so if we can keep your responses as short and succinct as possible it will mean that more of it will get to air at the other end. And you are talking to an Australian public, you know what they're like: very short comprehension period.
Question 2
Would you say you're an enlightened man?
Question 3
If you are an enlightened man, how could it be that for so long Sheela and her gang were able to carry on their business here?
Question 4
What do you say to those, that contend that Sheela and her gang really had your encouragement and that... at a certain period you cut them off from their convenience....
Question 5
What damage have they done?
Question 6
You have negative publicity in places like Australia for the Rajneeshees, primarily because of what Sheela was saying in Australia. What damage have they done through their business here to the Rajneeshee cause?
Question 7
But it hasn't happened -- just like that....
Question 8
I don't see it happening -- just like that now....
Question 9
But do you care what people say?
Question 10
What would you like to see happen to Sheela and her so-called gang?
Question 11
What changes can we expect to see now that Sheela and her gang have gone?
Question 12
It's not another journalist trick, let me tell you.
Question 13
But you are prepared to defend them under those circumstances against any FBI charges or....
Question 14
Is it to be assumed that she in fact wanted to replace you?
Question 15
What do you say to people, who because of this episode and because of past history particularly here in Oregon, have viewed the Rajneeshees with... if not suspicion, even perhaps, fear. What do you say to those people about you, about the Rajneeshee?
Question 16
You might go to Australia?
Question 17
But you're quite happy to remain in Oregon, to make Oregon your home?
Question 18
Do you have an ultimate dream for the Rajneeshee worldwide? If so, what is it?
Question 19
I think that you have a clean sense of humor. Is humor an important... How important an element is humor...?
Question 20
Would you describe yourself then perhaps even as a comic?
Question 21
I've heard you have little respect for people like the Pope, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and a host of others. Is there anyone that you can name...?
Question 22
You are now fifty....?
Question 23
What is your impression of Ronald Reagan?
Question 24
Journalists don't enter politics, as you pointed out earlier.
Question 25
Do you think your comments will help your efforts to get a green card?
Question 26 : People Magazine, San Francisco, Ca, USA
Do you...? You used to take very long long drives off the Ranch. Do you think that when things calm down around here a bit that you might go off the Ranch again?
Question 27
Is it something that relaxes you? You seem like a relaxed person as it is.
Question 28
Including press conferences?
Question 29
Do you remember your first infatuation with a woman?
Question 30
No. Let's go back to when you were thirteen years old or fourteen. Didn't you ever see an older woman who just knocked you out and...?
Question 31
There's sort of an old joke in this country about the spiritual seeker who climbs mountains and travels oceans to talk to an old bearded man about the meaning of life. When you were eighteen or nineteen, a young man, did you ever think that one day you would be that man and the people would come to you?
Question 32
Do you ever miss the fact that you didn't play ball and...?
Question 33
Don't you think it's better that a lot of those fans are living out their violence vicariously?
Question 34
What do you think about censorship? Shouldn't a man be free to express anything even if it is violent?
Question 35
Will you be selling this here?
Question 36
I understand that you have a discourse on the time you became enlightened. Are there other enlightened people walking on the earth?
Question 37
What would you say to that person if you met them?
Question 38
It's been reported that Sheela has called you one of the most corrupt human beings on earth. Given the American conception of corruption, do you think she has any reason to say that?
Question 39
This morning we were told that you would be meeting the police at about two o'clock today, and then it was canceled. What happened with that? And is it rescheduled?
Question 40
Are you going to keep your answer short for them?
Question 41
And you'll be willing to go to Portland to court if necessary?
Question 42
I understand you like Zorba the Greek. Is that right?
Question 43
Can you tell me some of your other favorite films?
Question 44
Have you met Anthony Quinn?
Question 45 : Bert Rudman, KOMO-TV, Seattle, WA, USA
You don't like journalists much, and I wondered....
Question 46
... I wonder why you keep having these press conferences.
Question 47
What is it that is wrong with the way in which we're reporting activities down here?
Question 48
We're trying to arrange with some of your sannyasins to hook up an interview with you by Satellite to people in Seattle. What impression do you think you would like to leave with them, given that medium?
Question 49
What would you like them to know about you?
Question 50
When you first started speaking you had a press conference and the first woman who asked you a question said, "Would you ever be able to get along with your neighbors?" and you said....
Question 51
The question was, from this woman, "Bhagwan, will you ever be able to get along with your neighbors?"
Question 52
I asked you at an earlier press conference about Sheela. I remember the look in your eyes, though, and it was a look of great glee and love and warmth, a lot of twinkle.
And Monday night when you had another press conference, that twinkle about her had gone. And I'm wondering, as a man, as a human being, do you miss her? Do you miss having her around?
Question 53
I know that you have invited them back to the Ranch and would like to help them through... some kind of university therapy. And yet, by calling in the local law enforcement agencies and giving them all kinds of evidence against Sheela and her gang, by bringing them back you're putting them in their hands..., so to speak, and if they are convicted of the charges which have been leveled against them they will be put in jail....
Question 54
In other words, you're turning them in, turning evidence in against them, and yet....
Question 55
Would you have the same position had Sheela been successful in killing your close aides and....?
Question 56
Why are you confident that this will never happen again in Rajneeshpuram?
Question 57
Have you come up with a joke about this whole situation with....
Question 58
So, it's cool in this room. Why do you keep it so cold?
Question 59
Do you have electric underwear or what?
Question 60
AIDS is a big subject with you. Why is it suddenly, this year, that you've been starting to talk about it?
Question 61
Kinda takes all the fun out of sex, doesn't it?
Question 62
You've tried it?


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