The Last Testament (Vol 4) ~ 03

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event type interview
date & time 23 Oct 1985 pm
location Sanai Grove, Rajneeshpuram
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 53min. Quality: good.
Live music after the interview.
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video Available, duration 1h 56min. Quality: good.
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shorttitle LAST403
Interview. Announcements by Ma Prem Hasya : Sw Anand Videha from (inaudible).
CD-ROM on this chapter: Interview with Sw Anand Videha, Private National Network, Channel 5, Italy.
Question 1
Bhagwan, this is the first time you come in television in Italy. Last month you overwin the Pope, as far as articles in newspaper are concerned.
You said you are not a prophet, you are not a leader, you are not a master and then I don't know if you can be considered a philosopher, and the question is: Who are you?
Question 2
You call this enlightenment?
Question 3
It's quite difficult, since the Italian government now is Christian, all of them.
Question 4
Do you think it can happen like this?
Question 5
What's your position as an enlightened being in the world, besides Italy. What's your position? What is your role?
Question 6
You put yourself against all the garbage of the past, and many people have done it in the past as well. What do you think, is new humanity that is ready for a radical change, as you say is needed?
Question 7
There is nothing to demolish. When you declare, "the religion Rajneeshism is dead," then you say that now there is this religio, many people in Italy say, "Well, it's the same." So the question I have, it's really dead, or what is now?
Question 8
What has grown around you has been presented by newspaper as a cult, as a sect, and I wonder if you can now explain what it is and what is the function of sannyasins in this movement.
Question 9
Edited excerpt: 13min 59sec, questions 9-11 **
Since this program will be for sure seen by the Pope, if you want to tell him something this is your chance.
Question 10
For the Pope. In Vatican.
Question 11
When people speak about you, there is this richness coming out about the Rolls Royce and whatsoever is connected with it. What do you want to prove with this, so many cars and so many richness around you?
Question 12
What Sheela has been for you and why she has behaved like that?


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