The Last Testament (Vol 4) ~ 21

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event type interview
date & time 1 Dec 1985 am
location Span Resort, Manali (HP)
language English
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shorttitle LAST421
CD-ROM on this chapter: Transcriber's note: There is some text missing during a tape change. Elisabeth Bumiller supplied, from her notes, the missing text. This is given at the end of this transcript. (In synopsis below they are q.11-20.)
CD-ROM on this chapter: Interview with Elizabeth Bumiller, Washington Post.
Question 1
Bhagwan, what do you plan to do with the rest of your life?
Question 2
Are you going to buy land here?
Question 3
Would you like to buy land here, in the Himalayas?
Question 4
Why did you select the alley of the gods?
Question 5
In what sense has it selected you?
Question 6
How do you look back on your experience in the United States?
Question 7
Well, after this period of recuperation, do you think your feelings about the United States will change?
Question 8
How do you think your experience in the United States changed you, if it did?
Question 9
How did the experience change you, yourself?
Question 10
The United States had no effect on you?
Question 11
Describing the experience of march 21, 1953.
Question 12
I asked where he was when it happened.
Question 13
How is your experience similar to Buddha's experience?
Question 14
"How many people are close to enlightenment among your disciples?"
Question 15
"When will that happen?"
Question 16
"Are there any disciples here who are very close, in this group?"
Question 17
I asked him to explain how his sexual philosophy was similar to tantric philosophy...
Question 18
But in tantric philosophy they don't believe in orgasm... If you have orgasm you have failed in the goal of ultimate union and spirituality.
Question 19
You have said that you have loved more than anyone else...
Question 20
Has there been anyone that you have loved more intensely?
Question 21
Have you loved more intensely anyone else?
Question 22
Is there one person in particular that you have been closest to?
Question 23
Everyone has been equal?
Question 24
But there isn't one special person that you have loved, more than anyone else?
Question 25
Well, have there been um, top five? Have there been special few?
Question 26
Could you please just comment on all the allegations of orgies, and sexual violence in your commune, among your disciples.
Question 27
What about Poona?
Question 28
Was she raped?
Question 29
Did you ever participate?
Question 30
Why did you stop these kinds of groups in Oregon?
Question 31
On another subject; can you explain briefly the connection between materialism and spirituality, as you see it?
Question 32
Well, I guess what I want you to talk about is, um, is your philosophy of affluence, and why do the press say that you dislike the poor.
Question 33
Well, what is your principal objection to Mother Teresa?
Question 34
What is your solution to world poverty?
Question 35
What do you want to do about all these poor people, five hundred million poor people?
Question 36
On another subject, on Sheela... What went wrong? Where it began to go wrong with Sheela and you, and what was the basis of it?
Question 37
On American television, you said that the reason... one of the reasons that there is a problem with Sheela was because she had always wanted to have sex with you, but you...
Question 38
None of that was true?
Question 39
Are you sorry you said that?
Question 40
You also compared her to Adolf Hitler and called her a bitch and everything.... Do you still feel that way about her?
Question 41
Why didn't you see this earlier?
Question 42
Right. She also alleged that there was a lot of drug use on the Ranch and that you were on drugs.
Question 43
Do you think she was in love with you? Or was she a man-hater as you said on the television?
Question 44
Male homosexuals...
Question 45
There was an article in a magazine called This week, an Indian magazine which said she had videotaped people at the Ranch in lovemaking and the other thing was that she had been spreading AIDS trying to spread AIDS.
Question 46
She took fifty million with her to Germany?
Question 47
What is the significance of the color red?
Question 48
Why do they all wear it?
Question 49
Do you feel badly about your disciples out at the Ranch in Oregon, that they're all leaving now?
Question 50
Well, do you feel bad that you have abandoned them?
Question 51
Do you feel like your religion, your philosophy is going to die out now because the Ranch has closed down?
Question 52
Do you feel that Jesus was enlightened?
Question 53
Why not?
Question 54
No... You have said before that you were a God and now you say you're not a God...
Question 55
Do you know how much money you have now? How much money is left?
Question 56
Yes, but there was money... Your organization did...
Question 57
So you know that Sheela took fifty million, but you don't know how much is left after what she took.
Question 58
Did you try to convert anybody or talk to anybody about...
Question 59
Why did they do that?
Question 60
So you accepted the immigration violations and the...
Question 61
So you pled guilty to all of them...


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