The Last Testament (Vol 5) ~ 06

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event type interview
date & time 23 Dec 1985 pm
location Manali (HP)
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 32min. Quality: good, but a slight constant noise.
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video Not available
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shorttitle LAST506
Interview. No announcement heard : unidentified Indian interviewer, man.
CD-ROM on this chapter: Interview with Delhi Recorder.
Question 1
Could you tell us something about your routine over here?
Question 2
But you had stopped giving interviews in the last fifteen days. I believe we are very lucky to have got an interview today.
Question 3
But do you think there is a concerted movement to harass you?
Question 4
Well, who would you say would be behind this movement?
Question 5
The American government -- even here in India?
Question 6
Apart from this case, is there any other case in which you have been summoned?
Question 7
I see, from different place...
Question 8
But why should the American government be so interested in harassing you? Now? Here in India?
Question 9
So how did it function?
Question 10
So there will never be another Rajneeshpuram?
Question 11
Can you name them?
Question 12
Western governments?
Question 13
But are they European governments, or other Western governments?
Question 14
What about your plans for this place? You are already becoming quite an attraction here, and as you had said on television also that suppose the Indian government were to cooperate with you...
Question 15
We believe you have received offers of land donations from far and wide.
Question 16
But here there's another thing: Why is the government so hostile to you... I mean, any government anywhere they are always very hostile.
Question 17
Is it true that you had said that you are no longer Bhagwan?
Question 18
It has appeared everywhere.
Question 19
You ar still very much the same person you were?
Question 20
It's not that you disbanded your commune?
Question 21
What happened to those four thousand people or so who were living in Rajneeshpuram? I mean, they cannot be accommodated here... or are they being accommodated in your communes all over the world?
Question 22
What about those many people -- hundreds come to you here for darshan at this resort: Have you got any program for them? -- because they are coming to you with a need.
Question 23
Which part of the world?
Question 24
In the Mediterranean?
Question 25
And Canada?
Question 26
Towards the Pacific side or the Atlantic?
Question 27
And it will be on the same lines as the one in Oregon?
Question 28
Only bigger?
Question 29
And better, perhaps?
Question 30
Which Nobel prize winners?
Question 31
What's his name now; do you recall that?
Question 32
I see. Do you personally give them a name?
Question 33
It must have become very big now.
Question 34
So can you talk about this open university and what education means to you?
Question 35
But aren't plants also alive?
Question 36
This is what you plan to have on your island?
Question 37
In Rajneeshpuram?
Question 38
But has there been any response to your offer for a university that you had made on television?
Question 39
But how would this thing be helpful to the government and to the Indian nation in general? By making better people?
Question 40
Why do you say that?
Question 41
What about pandit Nehru?
Question 42
But wasn't that being a practical politician? To toe the line of Gandhi and keep your own ideas at the same time?
Question 43
And what about our present prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi? How do you rate him?
Question 44
You mean that will be the test?
Question 45
You will not change to please them?
Question 46
Don't you think all these experiences have brought about any change in your personal character?
Question 47
Why do you evoke such extreme reactions in people? -- either they are ready to kill for you or they are ready to kill you?
Question 48
Has power corrupted you?
Question 49
But you have; you wield tremendous power with your followers at least. It has brought no change in you?
Question 50
It's a way of looking at things?
Question 51
Even love has a lot of power.
Question 52
So you had all these newspapers writing about diamond-studded watches, and real gold cadillacs!
Question 53
Talking of love and the way you talk about love over here, do you have a special affinity for the sufi saint poets like Vardishah, Baba Free, or guru Nanak?
Question 54
But then didn't Gandhi also aspire to the same thing?
Question 55
Do you agree with the Gita and its philosophy?
Question 56
But isn't Krishna supposed to be God himself?
Question 57
This was in the time when Pakistan was going to attack Kashmir, just after?
Question 58
Could you now explain: What do you mean by 'sannyas'? What is the concept?
Question 59
No, but what sort of system does your university have?
Question 60
But how soon do you think you will be able to establish this sort of a university?
Question 61
So in one month, two months?
Question 62
But an approximate time-frame... How soon?
Question 63
Would you say that you are a free man?
Question 64
Are you a sannyasin?
Question 65
Would you explain this word? -- it intrigues me.
Question 66
I believe you started one of your first initiation camps in Manali?
Question 67
Is it a coincidence you are back here or what do you call it? -- destiny?
Question 68
How do you interpret it? Was this the will of god that you should be back here again?
Question 69
Does it have any significance, your coming back?
Question 70
No difficulties here, no inhibitions, no restrictions?
Question 71
You said that you were an absolutely free person: don't you feel hemmed in now by the sort of celebrity you have acquired?
Question 72
No, but there are so many people around you all the time.


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