The Last Testament (Vol 5) ~ 11

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event type interview
date & time 26 Dec 1985 om
location Span Resort, Manali (HP)
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 31min. Quality: not so good (under revision).
online audio
video Not available
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shorttitle LAST511
Interview. No announcement heard : Indian interviewer, man.
CD-ROM on this chapter: Interview with Sw Jay Prakash for Dainik Naw Prabhat, India.
Question 1
Bhagwan, after the failure of Rajneeshpuram commune, what do you think of the future of the communes?
Question 2
Bhagwan, what is your message for your Indian sannyasis and lovers who are worried about uncertainty of your staying in this country? What they can do or they should do?
Question 3
What are the major hindrances in inner growth of a meditator, and how he or she can overcome those obstacles on the way?
Question 4
How to balance the inner and outer worlds? How to become a charvaka?


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