The Manifesto for a New Man and a New Humanity (1991)

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A film-pamphlet about the collective madness of humanity, and about Osho's message for meditation. With many quotes of Osho talking in discourse and pictures of life in the Osho Commune.
Opening storyboard:
The world's military budget totals one trillion dollars.
450 million people --one tenth of mankind-- suffer from dire hunger or malnutrition.
Eleven million hectares of forest are destroyed annually.
One quarter of the world's population consumes three quarters of the world's primary energy.
The world population will increase by one billion people over the next ten years.
1.7 billion people lack access to clean water and 1.2 billion to adequate sanitation.
The explosive yield of the world's nuclear arsenal is equal to one million Hiroshima bombs.
Osho talking:
"Man is not yet civilized.
These nuclear weapons do not work by themselves. Behind them are human hands. A hand that knows the beauty of a rose-flower can not drop a bomb on Hiroshima. A hand that knows the beauty of love is not the hand to keep a gun loaded with death. "
56 min


Director: Sw Deva Mutribo
The Manifesto for a New Man and a New Humanity
Camera: Sw Anand Ashvaghosha , Sw Anand Harp , Sw Anand Karl , Sw Prem Maharaj , Sw Antar Mark , Sw Deva Mutribo , Sw Shunyam Niskriya , Sw Anand Premlok
Editing: Sw Anand Harp , Sw Prem Maharaj , Sw Deva Mutribo
Music: The Osho Institute of Music and Celebration, Sw Anand Amareesh , Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia , Sw Shynyam Kamal , Sw Anand Milarepa , Sw Anand Rupesh
Sound: Sw Jalal , Sw Amano Simon
Computer Graphics: Sw Anand Premlok
Research: Ma Prem Niraj , Ma Siddhi
Engineering: Sw Prem Amano , Sw Prem Krishna , Sw Anand Michel
Cover Design: Ma Prem Kalakeli , Sw Satyamurti , Ma Prem Shunyo
Special thanks to everone at Osho Commune, India, Sw Anand Bhikkhu , Sw Sahajanand , Ma Santoshi , Sw Satyadharma , Sw Anand Vimal
© Osho International Foundation

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