The Mystic Rose (music album)

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Booklet with the audio cassette. Click to download PDF.
This music was made for Mystic Rose Meditation, see there for much more information.
Osho asked Ma Prem Leela to design this meditation. She writes in Osho's Mystic Rose Meditative Therapy, p.89 :
"Early in the development of the Mystic Rose, Osho asked me to create a ‘cassette tape’ (as it was known then), for people planning to do a one hour per day Mystic Rose at home after they had completed the group. On one side was music for crying and on the other side was recorded laughter from the group. Unfortunately this is no longer available."
probably 1988
probably 1988

Tracks - full length

01 Side A 45:00
02 Side B 43:55


1988 ?

- -
Label (Distributor) :
OMA Catalog No : 00,425
Format : CD, probably made from Audio Tape cassette
Artwork : author unknown