The Original Man ~ 06

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event type discourse & meditation
date & time 21 Aug 1988 pm
location Gautam the Buddha Auditorium, Pune
language English
audio Available, duration 2h 16min. Quality: good.
Osho leading meditation from 2:05:00.
Live music after the discourse.
online audio
video Available, duration 2h 23min. Quality: good, but Osho arriving and leaving are not good (under revision).
online video
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shorttitle ORIG06
Reader of the sutras: Ma Deva Anando. Questions are being read by Osho himself.
After discourse Osho leads No-Mind Meditation.
The sutras
Manzan said:
The ultimate way is the one real great way. The mind of faith is the non-dualistic, inconceivable mind.
Mind and the way do not decrease when in illusion, nor increase when in enlightenment; everything is perfect reality, each particular is complete -- you can't grasp or reject anything.
However, even so, "If you do not practice it, it will not become manifest; if you do not realize it, you cannot attain it."
It is like having a jewel hidden in your pocket and suffering for want of food and clothing.
On another occasion Manzan said:
Great perfect awareness is the ocean of ultimate peace. Still and silent, myriad forms and images reflect therein. Yet suddenly, when the wind of objects arises, it turns into an ocean of birth and death, with waves of consciousness and feelings billowing day and night, where all sentient beings appear and disappear, with no end in sight. Although the two oceans seem different, really they come from the same source -- mind.
Originally, there is no sign of distinction in the mind source. Life and death and nirvana all revert to the essential nature of the source.
Therefore, when you realize the mind-source, the whole universe is a great, round, perfect ocean.
But how to realize the mind-source? You must liberate body and mind on the sitting cushion before you can do so.

Question 1
Our Beloved Master, does Manzan make it as a master?
He sounds good, except when he talks about the mind of faith.
Not being realized ourselves, is there anything other than intuition we can use to tell the difference between the teacher and the real thing?


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