The Osho Upanishad ~ 35

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event type discourse
date & time 23 Sep 1986 pm
location Sumila, Juhu, Bombay
language English
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shorttitle UPAN35
Reader of the questions: Ma Prem Maneesha.
Question 1 from Sw Govind Siddharth
Beloved Osho, is this a question, a realization, or a declaration?
Something beyond forces me to put this on paper; though I am writing this, the words are not mine.
It is past midnight, about five o'clock on the full moonlight night of the Indian month known as "Bhadra the Thursday," the Guruvar Master's day in Indian language.
I am in vipassana meditation. As my eyes open, a dazzling light brightens the room. I cannot keep my eyes open, as the light is too dazzling. After a few minutes, I can open my eyes and I become quite aware.
Two figures are standing before me: one is beloved Bhagwan with folded hands and that gentle, beautiful smile; and the other is Gautam Buddha in gyan mudra. It is Buddha's third body.
He looks at beloved Bhagwan, and after a few moments he touches the feet of Bhagwan and merges with his body, smilingly.
I hear him saying:
"I have fulfilled my promise. I was to come as Maitreya after two thousand five hundred years, and I have come. If you have eyes, you will see me; if you have ears you will hear me; if you have a heart you will feel and recognize me. My third body I had kept in existence to rebirth, to help whoever wanted my help.
With due respect and adoration, I have to state that I could have merged with Krishnamurtiji, but due to his insistence on being original I could not merge and help individuals through him. I was hopeful, as he was especially prepared for my appearance -- but he was adamant. His body suffered a lot due to his resistance to accepting me. He preferred and chose ceaseless pain and suffering for this.
My third body now cannot remain in existence if it is not accepted for rebirth or merging. The time I had decided for it is coming close to an end so I cannot wait any longer, and hence I am merging my third body with Bhagwan's energy without disturbing his individuality.
He is like an ocean; many small and big rivers merge with it, but still the ocean remains, unperturbed. Its identity remains as an ocean without any change.
In him, all enlightenments -- past, present and future -- have become alive and active; a unique event that has not happened before, nor will it happen again.
Bhagwan is total acceptance, total emptiness, total nothingness, and unbounded compassion. He is both purna and shunya incarnated.
From my third body, I address him as 'Bhagwan,' but from now onwards he will not be only 'Bhagwan Rajneesh,' he will be 'Bhagwan Rajneesh, the Buddha Lord Maitreya' -- a buddha, a true friend to all."
Thus saying, Buddha's third body merged with our beloved, beautiful Bhagwan.
Bhagwan's radiance was increasing and filled the whole universe.
I remember the prophecy of lama Karmapa, who had predicted this event, but had asked me not to talk about the event till it happened.
Now it has happened and flowers have showered.
So let it be known to all, let it be shouted from the rooftops that Bhagwan Rajneesh, the Buddha Lord Maitreya, is here; Buddha has fulfilled his promise.
The light was fading, the full moon was setting slowly in the West with its cool, silent fading light; and in the East the new sun was rising with a light orange glow, silently bringing a new day, and with it a new journey. Beloved, beautiful Bhagwan slowly slowly disappeared with a gentle smile and folded hands, leaving me in that gentle morning light with a heart full of gratitude and eyes full of tears.
Beloved Osho, I bow down to you, announcing to the world that Bhagwan Rajneesh, the Buddha Lord Maitreya, is here and the flowers have showered.
To date, masters have declared themselves, but today a disciple declares with gratitude that the master, the Buddha, a real friend, has come with a new radiance to help all.
Beloved Osho, I have nothing to offer -- not even a flower -- and yet I offer everything. Thus, something is given and something is taken.
Oh beloved sannyasins, devotees and friends who are present here, are the blessed ones to hear this declaration and witness this unique event.
Oh sannyasin, rejoice, celebrate and sing, "Buddham sharanam gachchhami; sangham sharanam gachchhami; dhammam sharanam gachchhami."
Beloved Osho, I was reluctant to write this to you, but something unknown forces me to write to you. I do not know whether this is right to do or not.
Will you please comment on the event?
Question 2
Beloved Osho, how can the master help the disciple to live religiousness without religion?
Question 3
Beloved Osho, the only trust I know which is indestructible is my trust in you.
Since having left the commune, I can see that I have withdrawn my trust from all others. I feel that I would rather spend a thousand lives traveling alone than ever to allow others to have any say in what I do or feel -- even if what they say is helpful.
At the same time, I feel your light within my heart calling me constantly, and I am too thick to understand what you are saying.
Please say a few words to me.


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