The Perfect Master : The Silence of the Heart

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"Sufism is not an idea as such. It is a practical methodology, it is alchemy. If you understand its ways, it is going to transmute you from lowermetal to higher metal. It can take you to another reality. It can open doors to the ultimate. It is not interested in giving you great ideas. Its basic emphasis is how to give you a little more awareness. Even an ounce of awareness is far more valuable than the whole Himalayas of philosophy. An inch of becoming more conscious is far better than traveling thousands of miles in your dreams." - Osho
"Sufism is experimentation for a certain experience. It is not a path of belief but of knowing, experiencing. It is existential. Experience of what? Experience of oneself. It is not speculation for speculation's sake. It has a methodology which yields the most sublime experience of them all. It is the greatest experience in life. And without this experience, nobody ever feels any contentment, cannot feel any. We are meant to attain to this experience." - Osho.
Previously published as The Perfect Master, Vol 2
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The Perfect Master : The Silence of the Heart

Talks on Sufi Stories

Year of publication : 2007
Publisher : Full Circle Publications
ISBN 978-8121612500 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 264
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : P
Edition notes :