The Poona Poems

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Some 170 poems from the period December 1973 to February 2004.
Last line of the author's introduction:
"Thank you Osho, for the best party in the world".
Prartho Sereno, Poet Laureate of Marin County CA 2015-2017 :
With its mysterious logic, vivid images, and sweeping space, only poetry could carry such a tale — this open-hearted devotee's journey through the Garden of the Master. Written in real time , Osho’s poetess - disciple Madhuri takes us from the ox carts and jungle trees of 70's India to the sagebrush and junipers of Oregon's Big Muddy Ranch, And beyond ... to “that field in some far time, when we all were gods." From the intimacies of the master/disciple relationship to familial and sexual love, in poems both earthy and otherworldly, we are invited guests to an improbable and luscious feast.
Some of these poems first appeared in Hanging Loose Magazine, New York, Sannyas Magazine, or More about the Moon.


The Poona Poems

Year of publication : 2017
Publisher :
ISBN 978-1-326-83653-5 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 235
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : P
Edition notes : First published in the UK in 2017. Copyright © Madhuri (Irene K. Ewing) 2017.
Size : 295 x 210 x 13 mm
Cover paintings by Madhuri (Irene K. Ewing)
Cover design by Peggy Sands
To all of You, and all of Us, and all of Him
Jungle, rain, marble, silk, light...
So lucky...
and a particular grateful thank you to Bhikkhu and Waduda Schober and New Earth Records.
Introduction by the author.
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