The Rebellious Spirit ~ 06

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event type discourse
date & time 13 Feb 1987, 8:00
location Chuang Tzu Auditorium, Pune
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 33min. Quality: good.
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video Available, duration 1h 45min. Quality: not so good, but a constant audio-noise (under revision).
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shorttitle SPIRIT06
Reader of the questions: Sw Anand Vimal.
Question 1 from Sw Devageet
Beloved Osho, last night I woke as a mosquito screamed in my ear. I looked at him and he had your face. I said, "My God!" and you replied, "That's right!" I said, "I must be dreaming." You said, "That's what I keep telling you."
I said, "Osho, this is going too far." You said, "That's true. With me, you only start the journey when you go too far."
And then you flew right through my mosquito net, laughing at my flimsy defenses. On the other side you stopped, looked at me again, and said, "I'm going to bug you until you wake up." And then you were gone.
Osho, did it really happen?
Question 2 from Ma Deva Gita
Beloved osho, this morning, again, as so often before, the questions were so much my questions that I applied your beautiful answers to myself. Why do I not ask them myself?
Question 3 from Ma Prem Turiya
Beloved Osho, last night I read this quote from Krishnamurti: "Analysis cannot lead to understanding or insight -- observation and not analysis!"
The first years running groups here in Poona, it was mainly problem-oriented. It felt like a big cleanup. In rancho Rajneesh somehow I knew therapy was really finished, yet I did not know how to bring meditation into the group room. I was still focusing on the dark side and too scared to really move into the unknown.
Being here now, for the first time I get a glimpse that through meditation, observing, and simplifying, everything that is in the way slowly dissolves by allowing the lightness to shine within. And without doing anything, suddenly the click happens. Everything is light and playful, and with it comes an incredible feeling of preciousness and gratitude that we can all be here with you at this time.
Question 4 from Turiya
Beloved Osho, when you come into the auditorium, your beauty, your grace and fragrance, are so overwhelming and beyond any words that I can find. Inside I feel such an intense fire and longing to be free, unbound to the mind, the body, the heart. I realize that this same intensity also creates a lot of tensions and is coming from a place of not trusting that this freedom, this liberation, will ever happen to me. Could you please comment?


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