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01m 30s
08m 09s Matthew discusses his journey with wife Carol
09m 17s arrived by rickshaw
43m 53s
46m 40s Joke books for the gag-writers
46m 43s His own team of gag-writers
54m 01s Matthew comes home to Carol and son Daniel
The Spiritual Terrorist - Australian Documentary, Poona, India. Quite an intelligent project, with lots of quotes of Osho's discourses relevant to the subject, the story of Osho's history, including Rajneeshpuram, what happened in America, the World Tour,
In the film, an Australian family is followed, where the husband, Matthew, has decided to go to Poona. The wife, Carol is 7 months pregnant and is against his going as "Bhagwan is very much against the nuclear family", and she needs her husband to be there.
"One of the attractions here is that spirituality can be fun."
Matthew is followed on the journey to Bombay and Poona, walking through the Commune, going to discourse, doing meditations. He is shown writing home, his wife is very worried that he will lose his head and will not come back.
Pictures of the building of Osho's new bedroom. Pictures of the library, Osho signing a book he read.
At the end, Matthew receives sannyas from Ma Prem Zareen, has a big laugh. And goes happily back to his wife and children. THE END.
56 min


(c) 1989 Cynthia Connop and Vision Quest Films. Australian Film Finance Corporation Pty Ltd.

Vision Quest Films, P.M.B. 109/60 Blair street, North Bondi, Australia 2025


Devageet, Rajneesh's Dentist
Samvado, Ex-CIA Agent
Turiya, Former Princess of Hanover
Anando, Rajneesh's Secretary
Sw Siddhartha (girlfriend Ma Salina, mother Ma Neerja)
17m 14s Shots of Osho's mother talking, with Sw Chaitanya Keerti translating
Ma Alima
Sw Prem Niren Rajneesh's Lawyer

Closing credits

Produced and Directed by Cnythia Connop
Cinematographer: Tony Wilson A.C.S.
Editor: David Lourie
Sound Recordist: Ian Wilson
Associate Producer / Narration Script: Jack Allen
Production Consultant: Gary Davis
Narrator: Ross Higgins
Production Manager: Jo Ann McGowan
Production Assistant: Wendy Chapman
Additional Research: Michael Murray
Stills Photographer: Michael Hemmings
Assistant Editor: Paula Lourie
Additional Sound: John Henry
Sound Mix: George Hart
Film Lawyer: Sally Hansen
Negative Matching: Chris Rowell Productions
Laboratory: Video Film Company

2nd Unit

Cinematographer: Steve Arnold
Sound Recordist: Leo Sullivan
Cynthia Connop, Vision Quest Films Production.
This film was made with the participation of the Australion Film Finance Corporation Pty Limited and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
©1989 Cynthia Connop, Vision Quest Films & Australian film Finance Corporation Pty Limited

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