The Sword and the Lotus ~ 16

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event type discourse
date & time 5 Feb 1986 pm
location Oberoi Soaltee Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal
language English
audio Available, duration 2h 0min. Quality: good.
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video Available, duration 2h 1min. Quality: inferior, a constant audio-noise (under revision).
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shorttitle SWORD16
Reader of the questions: unidentified two men.
Question 1
Beloved master, why are people always ready to preach -- no matter to whom, no matter about what, and no matter whether anybody receives it or not?
Question 2
Beloved master, Buddha told his disciples that he would come back to this earth. Twenty-five centuries have passed, but he has not yet come back. It seems his disciples are still expecting him. Will you do the same thing to us?
Question 3
Beloved master, Sigmund Freud has explained self-deception by postulating separate parts of the psyche, each part autonomous and capable of pursuing different goals, and each part unknown to the other because they function according to different principles: one according to rationality, and one non-verbal. I also feel this inner schism. Is something like this responsible for my unawareness?
Question 4
Beloved master, may I ask you, what is darshan?


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