The Sword and the Lotus ~ 25

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event type discourse
date & time 14 Feb 1986 pm
location Oberoi Soaltee Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 57min. Quality: good.
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video Available, duration 1h 58min. Quality: inferior, a constant audio-noise (under revision).
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shorttitle SWORD25
Unpublished. This, the 25th discourse of this series, wasn't transcribed for the book The Sword and the Lotus, nor on the CD-ROM.
Reader of the questions: unidentified Indian or Nepali woman and man.
Question 1
Beloved Bwagwan, why are the people like Socrates poisoned to death? Why do people refuse their love and divine grace and believe so easily others untrue projections only, rather than refuting you? Why do people just worship the gods and the masters and forget the qualities for which they are worshiped?
Question 2
Why people cannot see my truth, my love, themselves? Why they go on believing in other peoples’ opinion and condemnation about me?
Question 3
Beloved Bwagwan, can there be a better wisdom than to see and feel your presence ?
Could anything be more wonderful and fine than to see the inexpressible warmth of love? ... (inaudible, 3 sentences)
Question 4
Dear Bhagwan, my ego is dependent on and derived from that which is my essence, in the same way that a dream is derived from the dreamer. How can my ego be praised, or blamed, or held responsible for it’s actions? And wouldn’t belief in the ego's ability to chose strengthen the dream?
Question 5
Bhagwan, I drink you. I eat you. I touch you. I am with you. I love you. I listen to you. I hear you. (inaudible). Why do you afternoon I slowly take, feed, friends. Suck you for your presence.

(source: a transcript)

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